Jørgensen, Patrick - What I Say Lyrics

What I say, what I see
Try to explain how it is being me
Get the picture, obviously
Take it in, I'm here to be
Consciously contracted me
Working at it tirelessly
Gave it all consistently
Just so I could let you in
On what I have been dealing with
Missing closure, needing it
Don't wanna make this bloated
Load it up go sad and deep and pit
No reason I got's adequate
For me to pack it up, and quit
Switch it out with the things I miss
One more track with a deadly kiss
To the things I love and the things I know
The things I discover along the road
What I have, what I do
With the things I got the things are huge
It's a simple plot, but it says a lot
Bout the things you are and the things you're not
What you were, is a simple fact
And the facts are true, but it doesn't do
The things I do, less impactful, does it do
Something inside of your chest I feel it moving
Guess it's just what I had to do in order just to
Get to the point I'm standing at would you look at that
I learned from life it taught me rap
Made me care, but right now this is all I hear

What I say, what I speak
Talk with a flow that's quite unique
What I feel and what I keep
Locked up in my chest has some appeal
Let me tell you what's the deal
My final quest, bout to let you in
Paint the picture, vividly
You can tell by the way I speak
Got a simple talk, but it goes in lact
With long as hike, to conquer hype
Sing for the moment time is ripe
Give my head the go ahead
Step it up, and pick the lock
Write it down and lock it out
Speak like we can laugh about it
Write it like it was a skit
Take a shot as shouts goes out
Open up what you talkin' bout
Didn't get to tell you, how I changed
Ask me about my previous ways
I wave it out with a pinch of rage
Spice it up with a lethal page
Cus time stood still as I engaged
In the blackout nights and the blindside rage
Classic teen with a wild outrage
Flip the topic, flip the page
That was me at a younger age
I took the step and prepped for stage
You can tell by the way I speak
Cus I blind the truth with a twisted tweak
I aim for the stars and I jump when I leap
I give you what I got, but what do I keep

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Jørgensen, Patrick What I Say Comments
  1. Huge Janus

    I finally found him again after forgetting I used to be true but I got a new phone and I forgot a lot of artist that I used to listen to that were and probably still are legends hopefully I can reunite with them

  2. Nangteiskhem Wahlang

    Heard it for the first time. Love it 🔥🔥, love the lyrics.

  3. Thediamondgamer2000

    I was fan since you performed to millions of people I love u bro

  4. Thobile Majwede

    I keep on saying no one is better than EMINEM but here is the young version of EMINEM,Keep growing up boy!!!

  5. Good better best

    The hidden star. World need a good telescope vision to see it.

  6. E K

    Hey Pat never stop what you're doing.

  7. Mayank Sharma

    I can feel the passion

  8. ameen faisal

    damn im gonna make u famouse

  9. ro_ abbus

    Great..... Be forward....God bless you.

  10. Lego Leiche

    Something like this beat will be nice for the future :D
    Yes i know, my english is realy bad.. but what can i do? Im just a german guy :-)
    I dont know you but i feel with u my friend!

  11. Taa raah

    Man this dude rocks

  12. Mario Hoh

    How the f*** can you only have 5000 liked on this track it is sooooo good please more of you

  13. Mario Hoh


  14. Puneet Mehta

    Can anyone tells me how did he created this heartbeat pulse audio spectrum? Please...

  15. Asad Salman

    64 dislikes dont know what to say

  16. Banana

    So many comments

  17. KidTheShadow55_Yt

    been here since the start

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Appreciate it :) 🙏🏼🙏🏼


    plus ur my idol thx for liking my comment

  18. EG_Pandaaa

    Been listening since he went famous on Facebook, WE NEED TO GET HIM RECONISED!!

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thank you for your supprt. Hope you will consider sharing it with a friend :)

  19. Ed Knoxwill

    I can not stop listening your fantastic songs !

  20. Raj Das

    Love your song bro... 😘😘😘

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Appreciate it :)

  21. Ed Knoxwill

    Mint lyrics, I love it, mate ! Greeting from UK
    Jeg elsker Norge og Bergen :-)

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Glad to hear it :) lovbe from Bergen!

  22. Harsh MISHRA

    Luckily YouTube landed me to something so worthy of listening. Just listened two of your songs at 3:00 am and I have been addicted to it. Hats off man ❤️. May you shine bright and achieve everything you want to.

    Patrick Jørgensen


  23. rodney middleton

    Pure raw emotion direct from his heart, Pure Brilliance how instantly one connects with him feeling each word and the emotions they deliver. Thanks Patrick for your awesome rap songs and you have excellent vocals for rap and other genre's . Regards from Australia.

    Patrick Jørgensen


  24. Juanita Balanza

    Fuck! Still so much passion it those words! They burst with fiery fire with all his desires and life’s lessons

    Patrick Jørgensen


  25. The One Above All

    For Patrick - Get this man some support.

    Raj Das

    The One Above All ya we need to support him

    The One Above All

    Raj Das yup

    Patrick Jørgensen


  26. brij kishor singh

    you'll be more famous as eminem....as your voice is so clear.....man man man you.....👏👏👏👏👐👐👐👐💖💖

  27. Dahrii Pao

    Your songs are awesome.... God bless u brother.

  28. Xander Scar

    Amazing bruh keep it up

  29. Joshie Pogie

    all the way from philippines
    i love your music

  30. Pedi Gaci

    Yea u should do more song like this, could u do a song about bullying cuz it really happening alot this days

  31. Fox Scarlet

    Dear Patrick,
    I'm your fans and I love you. keep it up!!😉💪

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thank you! Glad to have you on my team!! Cant wit to show you the next video!

  32. Pedi Gaci

    This is my favertio song

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Glad you like it Pedi :)

  33. badrealam shaikh

    Common patrick...we love u...we want to see more of ur works...keep grinding....you’re great

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Its coming! :)

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thanks!! More coming. Did you have a chance to hear my last single?
    Check it out ! www.thisisPJ.com

  34. Ninefingers79

    This reminds me of eminem and NF


    This the legend of me I love it 😍 ❤ he is the person who give me hope in my life 😚😚

  36. Benjamin Anderson


  37. Gordon Swelin

    Such a great artist some amazing songs. Legend in the making for sure. Love to see a song with his and Eminem. To of my favorite rappers.

  38. Umang Desai

    You are the best rapper in this world

  39. Scarlette Chan

    amazing rapper, amazing singer

  40. chitrapl76

    Challenges Ed Sheeran songs.. trust me..

  41. Mahoni Faitau

    nice lyrics dude

  42. Clash Gamer

    Who is here before a Million💯🔥

  43. Robert Christensen

    Been following since the beginning every song moves me


    Your my favourite singer ❤

  45. Mohammed Jassim

    Mmm who was Eminem

  46. Ethan Douglas

    Dude your amazin

  47. Christian Lane

    My most favorite rapper :D

  48. Dante orange22

    his songs are so great

  49. Kleb

    Really creative beat with that orchestra dude, I love your music

  50. Infernal Kent

    When I Come to your channel and See your music.. I think of my parents.. and I almost cry

  51. _zKindaY _

    Nice music <3 <3

  52. XvX

    kiduveeee..... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  53. Thomas Biondi

    Good Song. I know about you by a friend of mine. God bless her! You are the best!

  54. nicq

    Wow i love this song and im here before 1b views

  55. adamovic 128

    love it

  56. adamovic 128

    nice man

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    Stop making us cry

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    love it its totally new too raping style........

  59. Joe Angie

    320 comment 10k view

  60. No Name

    This guy should be more popular

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    Wauw the power in his voice! I LOVE IT SO MUCH !!

  62. dragon killer

    Amazing song PJ! love ur songs and one more thing how do u get the lyrics (how do u make lyrics?)

  63. N1ght44

    The beginning melody sounds like Eminem's Space Bound
    But Patrick has a distinct rapping style just like eminem

    New eminem confirmed xD

  64. iloak druvi

    I'm not a rapper but meaning is really touching .god bless you .

  65. Abel Fernandes

    New enimen😲😲😍😍😍

  66. DTMP Montages

    Woah, another awesome song. I really love it! Well done!

  67. CR24 mitsos

    i love tou patrick

  68. LikeAn IanShieh

    This guy is so underated

  69. te_O games

    Your lirics are brilliant and your songs are amazing

  70. Andy Nix

    Why isn't this guy famous . He is the best rapper i have heard.

  71. Roman Pearl

    That was great the tune seemed sad gl with the music video.

  72. Patrice Khoufache

    God is in your voice wow perfect this song thx for you new hobby 😍

  73. leho ,

    THIS BEST SINGER HAVE TO get cookie!!!

  74. Swiss __

    nice song and keep that up patrick

  75. Football 007

    The best

  76. Antonia Dragongirl

    Man... your rap brought me to tears. YOU GO MAN. YOU ARE SO STRONG SO BRAVE. I also train to become a rapper. You won the rap game.

  77. Praful Patil

    Love from India

  78. Peeran Kurdi

    Patrick man you are amazinggggggggg ilysmmmmmmmm

  79. Achraf Jarri

    Amazing 🙂

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thank you :)

  80. Madison Jackson

    Respect 👌🏻

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Thank you Madison!


    One Day We Gonna Do a Sing together.And Ima Let the world Know that You have been such inspiration to me n so many others.
    Much love brother

    Patrick Jørgensen

    Appreciate you saying that!! Cant wait!

  82. lars johannessen

    The timing of this new album is so perfect, ive been having such big depresion stuggles lately! Patrick's song have helped me before and it hopefully will again! Thanks for such awesome music! :)

  83. UniverseJay

    i love you voice, i love you lyrics and i love your caractre

  84. Aiming Zone

    Dude this is what we want.. Awsome man, this will cross million questions

  85. GamaX S3nix

    Great Song❤
    I'll buying me this Song

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    Love his content since day 1 i heard million questions

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    Future eminem!!! <3

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    What a guy!

  89. ORION & SCORPIO Channel

    Dear Patrick, I'm fan a off you. I like your songs since they are emotional and expressing also my feeling. I would like to no weather do you have play to have e concert in Budapest / Hungary kind regards, Aron Veress . :)

  90. F2P to P2P

    Keep doing song PT

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    The Legend said: After The legend of Chester Benginton in linkin park group has past Now it time for a new legend PT

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    I'm here before 1m❤️😍

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    Keep it going bro, you will be one of the biggest artist one day.
    you're going to inspire kids, how to get through the hard parts of life with music like this man.
    i think a lot of people believe in you, show them what you got!

    best of luck making it big from the netherlands!

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    Why do I love your music?

    Because it's so fucking relatable.

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