Jørgensen, Patrick - Million Questions Lyrics

You're tough Patrick
You're tough...
Follow your heart...

Mama I'mma never stop talking to you
Don't you ever stop talking back to me
I know you're tired, mama hold my hand
Hold on tight for as long as you can

I open my eyes, so that I can see
Open my mind, let my mind go free
Open my heart so that people can see
What kinda things have been bothering me
It's been one long ride, and I finally plea
It's my last resort you don't need to agree
Weights to much, I can barely breath
My knees are giving in this is what I need
It's been fifteen years, since my first care
I remember that shit, 'cause I was there
I dropped what I had in my hands didn't care
Left my teddy bear to approached mom
Without any hair on her head, what?
What you mean it disappeared?
Tears streaming down and it wetted her cheek
She had built the courage, she needed to speak
And the moment she had feared was suddenly there
She waved me over so I came over
She hugged me harder then I can remember anyone ever hugging me
But that was actually the point in time that it all became so clear
The two minute silence and the two minute stare
Something was wrong but how do you prepare
In a front row seat to the world premiere
Her burden unloaded, so she talking sincere
With a message for a kid that I didn't wanna hear
Take good care of the time left to share
Is no good news, it's a poisonous spear
Silence in the room but love in the air
Try to calmed me down but it went to my head
But this is what they told me, but this is what I said

Mama I'mma never stop talking to you
Don't you ever stop talking back to me
I know you're tired, mama hold my hand
Hold on tight for as long as you can
Mama I'mma never stop talking to you
Don't you ever stop talking back to me
I know you're tired, mama hold my hand
Hold on tight for as long as you, can

Close my eyes, don't need to see
What my mind keep showing me
Haunted dreams keep killing me
Collar on my neck God set me free
It's dark in this mist but I'm going on
It's got me to my knees but I'm holding on
My hands tied up, God damn this rope
I refuse to give up but I'm losing hope
'Cause when I go home this is what I meet
My mom on IV 'cause she can't eat
Nothing I can do but take a seat
Start a conversation and hear her speak
This might be the end, so when I go to leave
Hold on to her hand for one more beat
Look her in the eye and I kiss her on the cheek
Rub her on her neck and I tuck her feet
I bite my lip as I leave that room
It tears me up and it kills my mood
I'm a sensitive dude in the middle of a feud
Trying to stay in tune when I meet my platoon
But it's all to soon, for you to moon
I love you mom, give me one more noon
And in case you can't I'll still talk to you
Don't you ever stop talking back to me
See this is what I came to, my final thought
Bought you flowers, hoping time is what you got
Music is timeless, if only I could stop
Time for a second, tell you how much you rock
Doing your best always, easy or not
Always with a smile, and you're always there to talk
Now I'm all out of quarters and I almost forgot
Time is running out but my questions are not

Mama I'mma never stop talking to you
Don't you ever stop talking back to me
I know you're tired, mama hold my hand
Hold on tight for as long as you can
Mama I'mma never stop talking to you
Don't you ever stop talking back to me
I know you're tired, mama hold my hand
Hold on tight for as long as you, can

I hope that I have given you what you need to believe in yourself
And to keep going, and whatever your goals are
Work hard and you'll make it
It really means something to me that you have stuff that you're interested in
It makes me really happy for you and it's all a mom could want
You can just imagine me smiling
Anyway looking at you and...

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Jørgensen, Patrick Million Questions Comments
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    Who is here in February😢

  2. Just watch Them

    Why wasn’t he on act champions 😭

  3. АНГЕЛ Рай

    Молодец круто 🆒

  4. Adarsh Banyal

    Just listening to this song makes me feel like I've lost someone dear to me.

  5. panda micky


  6. Mike

    I love this song but wtf is this 4:25 sounds like playback because I hear 2 voices

  7. Uʀ ɢᴀʏシ XD

    This song reminds to spend more time with my mom

  8. Thanh Lucky

    Tuyệt vời

  9. LoatheOfficial

    2020 and I’m still crying

  10. Some Snacks

    He looks like conner from the game Detroit become human

  11. altin kaba


  12. Dhy Fur

    Who translated the song to vietnamese ?
    He/She just ruined the song

  13. easytoeat sv1 nro

    Tao mới coi hôm qua đây mà 4 năm òi

  14. Dakota Brown

    We got 3.1k likes if you disliked this you got a serious problem

  15. David Gois

    Quando a música transcende a língua, parabéns sei que o vídeo é antigo mas a emoção é presente.

  16. master mad

    I'm actually mad at the ones who disliked this video

  17. Martin Grosshappel

    So good,so emotional audition.

  18. Peter Tarasenko

    Ok this is not fake but it's pretty good

  19. Georgian Highlights

    kesane miyvarxar <3 :DDDDDDDD

  20. Tanjot Singh

    23rd january it stills give me goosebumps 🥰🥰♥️♥️

  21. mr flame

    I still give a tear in 2020 January after I watched it so many times also I wonder did he win

  22. asainspy Lol

    So good and sad

  23. Tik Tok



    i allmost cried

  25. Nick Moscharski


  26. Lucy Yeptho

    This song is very emotional i love this song I am crying

  27. ScouseGTA YT

    Here listening in 2020 what a powerful song never take your parents for granted because you never know what's around the corner. Apsloutley amazing song 🤙

  28. Nostalgia Pack

    This gets me sad cause I know this is gonna happen to my mom in a few years and I want to be there and tell her I love you before she goes and tell her how much of a great mom she was and how she took care of us and I would want to everything she wanted to do on her bucket list so I can feel what it would to be like my mom so I can feel her once again

  29. Christiane Gruber

    Meine Mama hat heute Geburtstag 🎂.Ich liebe dieses Lied 💖😍,ich fang immer an zu weinen 😭

  30. kammuanlal vaiphei

    I want to cry more than 555

  31. Kid’s Land

    This made me cry because my mom is not here with me ,she is in another country and it been very hard since at the age of 15

  32. Angel_Of_Darkness__ dark

    Fühle mich jetzt endlich verstanden :/

  33. Hüseyin Taner

    if you disliked this video you dont have love to your mom :(
    ♥Don't break your love to your mom guys forever♥

  34. will man

    Such a sad song he is very strong and ngl it is an amazing song

  35. Vinay Divakar

    A very emotionally filled and powerful song straight from the heart. Love it <3

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    "2020 anyone"

  37. Angel_Of_Darkness__ dark


    Mum komm zurück zu mir 😢❤️

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    Big Respect to this Young singer, It's not easy to do something like this!

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    Respect for putting eminems “toy soldier” song on GOAT forever.

    daniel Patrick


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    Everytime I wanna cry I put this on full blast.

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    Amazing his mum would be so proud of him beautiful song

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    Der junge ist arm dran mein Mitleid

    Julius Grzybeck

    Ich auch

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    Whats the song at the end?

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    January 2020?

  49. eshan dark

    Anyone 2020 here

  50. Jacob Martens

    Omg i Love him its very nice😍

  51. MC Love

    I watch and listen this video and song every month

  52. Jamie cooper

    Anybody still watching this in 2020, one of the hardest hitting feels.

  53. Reloku


  54. Bisma Alyas

    He left his teddy for his mum God bless him no-one should have to go thru this but I went through it too

  55. Bisma Alyas

    I couldn't stop crying cos my mum is not with me right now

  56. Rawand W

    استغفر ربك استغفرالله

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    Who january 2020

  58. シHarry Styles fan

    How he didn't cry ?

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    Nice! For me it’s winner of NGT!!!!!!

  60. Mm N

    2020 still listening to this and get emotional 😭

    Caterina Cunnington

    Me too❤️😭

    Annabelle Hao

    I can relate.


    Me to cry over my girlfriend😭

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    Thank you God for my Mom

  62. Kamal Aya


  63. KIZZY D

    I almost lost my mom about two years ago due to a tumor on her lung. I didnt find out she had been hospitalized until after she got out. I lost my dad last year on my birthday. I could have lost both of them. Even though my dad wasnt very good to either of us it still hurts. I just hope I dont lose my mom until many years later at least.

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    Awesome you are genious bro

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    Sorry for lets OK you mum she rice in pics OK

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    4:25-4:30 FAKE. Im not hater

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    i love this song 😍😆😀

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    This one hit me i started to cry

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  73. Noah Wallace

    so sad actually no one should have to go through this😢😤

    M H

    Noah Wallace unfortunately we are all going to die

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    Please kasih tau gua apa sebenernya lirik dari rapper td

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    The part gets me the most is the final chorus where his voice breaks

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    This touched me I can feel the enotion in him hope he will be OK ❤️

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    True Love ❤️❤️

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