Jørgensen, Patrick - I'm Dreaming Lyrics

I know that you're dreaming
I'm dreaming like you
I'm dreaming, I'm screaming
I'm dreaming like you
I know that you're dreaming

Remember the time
I sat on a plane
I left my town in the pouring rain
My phone set on to airplane mode
A suitcase full, of folded clothes
Head filled up with corrupted thoughts
One big dream and a burning heart
Two Nike shoes, and enough to spark
My career to hit it out the park
Lights on me when it goes to black
Strains my mind, when I'm thinking back
Cause I packed my shit, but I left my stuff
Left my safe ground, left my city
Left my mom, never felt so guilty
No question now I was gonna get it
I went all in, I raised the stakes
Took the times it takes to make
One who made a few mistakes
Pissed off at the time it takes
To heal my wounds, cause my heart aches
I'm all bruised up in a mental state
That I can't get out, so I demonstrate
The strength it drains, to motivate
A person when he's down, in a falling state
I'm getting back up, hope it ain't too late

I know that you're dreaming
I'm dreaming like you
I'm dreaming, I'm screaming
I'm dreaming like you
I know that you're dreaming

Sometimes when I sit by myself on the couch
I catch myself in thought
Stuck inside a spot inside my head
It's a parking lot, it's a twisted plot
As I complicate the simplest things
And make these things to my darkest dreams
Know it seems, like I got no means
Let me skip the scenes and jump to things
That trip me out from time to time
You see I got this ticking clock
Ticking tick tack inside me
Always on the move, I got somewhere to be
Putting shit in motion, trying to succeed
And I want it as bad as, I wanna breath
I do what I know, and I know what I need
I know what I know cause I've been in the bay
I've been doing my best every frame of the day
Came back strong like Gandalf the gray
Leading the team, and I'm leading the way
If I'm not doing good I should do something great
And don't feel like going half way today
So imma follow my Santa Fe
See through my dream and make a name

I know that you're dreaming
I'm dreaming like you
I'm dreaming, I'm screaming
I'm dreaming like you
I know that you're dreaming

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Jørgensen, Patrick I'm Dreaming Comments
  1. Amaxx music

    Man I love your rap
    Your are not next Eminem
    You are PAtrick jorgensen!!!?!
    Love you man!!!

  2. Seitenblick

    I only love your rap😍

  3. Fozzy black.

    Ur my role model..... 😘😘

  4. Cobra Blade

    der sollte mal zu DSDS kommen würd gern mal Dieters gesicht sehn

  5. Dia Blo

    You’re tough Patrick
    You’re tough
    Follow your heart

  6. December Bender-Faucher

    Stop making me cry

  7. MC Love

    Patrick Jørgensen, you should rap with Akon some day,

    December Bender-Faucher

    MC Love that would be an amazing collab!

  8. Muhammad Asyraf

    Nice dude

  9. aqstnaa wr

    Ok hi guys 😂 who's watching this in 2019 ?

  10. Lil benzo

    Now this is rap

  11. Akeno Sama

    Waiting for new release in 2019

  12. Megan Phelps

    Hey Patrick j you are so awesome at rapping I love your music I would love to meet you someday 💕💕💕💕

  13. Daniel Corlett

    Your the next emenim

  14. 100,000 subs wit one video ‘

    I only really like his song million questions but how come this song and that song hasn’t blown up there better then most songs out

  15. im Earthian

    I just found a perfect inspiration

  16. Remy Boi Boi

    R.i.p jöergen

  17. Shitaljit Khangembam

    why patrick is not populr.better than Eminem i think

  18. melvin chan

    gangster si patrick!!iloveyou mama

  19. Francesca Di Angelo

    Me encanta, sigue esforzandote 😊

  20. Rawanta Karki

    Bro your song touched my heart
    2019 and still listening❤

  21. Hashimon GD

    My friend sang this for a talent show for tHis

  22. mihika shetty

    I just found you. And I just wanted to say, I love all your songs, you're amazing. The lyrics are great. Thank you for sharing this music with all of us.

  23. Lachlan Shaw

    You've probably got the best songs


    Patrick your music is amazing your million questions hit my heart man much love man amazing I seen your video live years ago I couldn't stop crying man I'll forever support you man keep moving

  25. Shiv Thatch

    This guy isn't famous yet ! Maybe World has eye sight !

  26. Carlos Alberto Ruiz Brito

    is the excelents music, all the tems, you´re the best, im lising from mexico

  27. ricardo da stico


  28. Andreas Gilbert

    I feel so bad for you patrik 😭😭😭

  29. silverfang hsb

    Patrick.... Big respect to you.. You. Had the same past as i do... Those songs of your heal my heart an lil thanks alot😔🤗

  30. Rofi Rofi

    Indonesia here

  31. Jd Buis

    My dream is to meet you

  32. Jd Buis

    Your mom would be proud

  33. Jd Buis

    Hey I want to be just like you my mom died and I would love to sing about how much I love her

  34. Yared Kassahun Year 08

    The best rap I have ever listen

  35. Stephanie Bilancieri

    Patrick he so cool

  36. TreasureCraft - Minecraft and more

    Your mom would be proud

  37. Heath Mitchell

    That made me cry

  38. steven rankin

    No matter what he sings, he always makes me cry. Its not a bad thing. I Just have memories of my mom who passed away 14 years ago.

  39. depressed _patato

    U need a big hug

  40. Joel Cheney

    Every time I hear this guy, I get goosebumps. Real rap right here, none of this BS that's going on today.

  41. SIAM BOI

    Nice song............ 👍

  42. Ashish Ekka

    How this man can get only few subs ???????
    He deserves more ....... Who all things

  43. mathew mbodza

    you are just amazing keep the fire burning

  44. Michael Haddock

    I always come back to this song and a million questions ever since I saw you on NGT we need more like you pls make more music

  45. Shangmei Konyak

    PATRICK JØRGENSON is one of my favourite rapper. M listening his every songs

  46. Rosalinda Marvel

    ❤❤what about new song?


    Who else Thought Patrick clothes in thumbnail as Doctor strange

  48. Fun Fun toy show

    This is a great rapping

  49. Oskars Ludvigs

    omg bro !!! you are pro for rep 😍 i realy like thet song !!!!

  50. Ashish Ekka

    How you sing man?
    It's damm good or best......

  51. VerTix

    Have you merch?🙏🏻🔥

  52. Stackz Vevo

    Brilliant song from a rapper myself , keep up the good work ☆

  53. thangriliana13 thyhlooom

    I love this song nice patrick

  54. Kiruthika ___attheglobalcitizen

    u r my hero and my 1st favourite among singers .... MY BOSS MY thalaivaa

  55. Kiruthika ___attheglobalcitizen

    thalaivaa awesome! awesome. ..... loved it ...

  56. Asad Khan

    This guy deserves so many more views.. argh. It's so annoying seeing those mumble rappers rack up millions and millions of views while some real talent like this goes unnoticed.

  57. pyroboydrt

    again tears on my eyes

  58. BILLION dreAms

    You're a kind of Eminem rap

  59. KingKobraJoe

    Imagine if Patrick collaborated with NF??

  60. Shewynesh Biset

    You are the best i like you.you are best than the other popular rappers and u are popular aswell nice one. You are the best 👍😁

  61. Teng Ming khoon

    best song ever

    RIP partricks mom :(

  62. JackMenesesValdez

    Hey PJ Im your big fan from Philippines

  63. Titto Gains

    I’m from Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩your rap is good.

  64. User_of_gmail

    Eminem, Nf, logic, patrick, mike shinoda ...(they hit you emotionally)


    Your songs has a connection to me Patrick . I lost my mom to breast bone skin cancer . Each song connects to me your such a blessing to alot of people thank you .....

  66. Alen Kidrič

    You the Best and you know that

  67. AbeYoongz

    Patrick i hope you feel better after you made A Million Questions im sorry for your loss

  68. Soumyabroto Majumder


  69. Felix Valle

    cool songs

  70. Chietie Shiu

    My Favourite Song😍 I wish I am your best friend..!

  71. Jewel Napartuk

    I love raping like you and it’s my favourite part of my life♥️

  72. Raphael the gangstalked

    Get over it. Now yer just the guy whos wom died of cancer and he cant stop whinging about it, profiting off her death but also being a boy, not a man shit happens. Firat songs fer you and healing demons. The rest should be marketing fer a career. .. man up bitch and stop fucking around. Ya get one life, more tham I can say fer moms, so stop focusing on whingeing and actually use yer talent. Yal just be another douce otherwise. Truths truth so whatever to any hater. Atleast im not an actor who says what ya want to hear. I speaks the reals sheeet.


    Its sooooo amzing that he doesn’t speak English and yet he is such a great rapper !

  74. bob nileski

    I just stumbled on to you. What an inspiration. On a personal note my Mom is currently fighting brain cancer. You made me cry but lifted me up at the same time. Thank you.

  75. Lillyan Lunsford 2022

    i love this song

  76. Victor Velasquez

    when will he perform in la?

  77. Felix Valle


  78. Emmy Tkach

    Amazing create more music!

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  81. Jini Young Prince

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  82. Иван Алексиев

    Dude, you are inspiring. I wish you all the best and thank you for the moments I shared with your music.

  83. HYPER X

    I love this song and your jacket

  84. jasmin tomyam

    Respect, i always supprt u bro

  85. Sujal Rayamajhi


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    If I see him ima give him a present love u patrick

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    Always support you PJ

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    I'm dreaming like you😊