Jørgensen, Patrick - Brother Lyrics

I really wanna to let you know, how you inspired me
Your journey growing up, how it empowered me
Lessons seem to follow me, and you taught me how I had to be
And the truth of the matter is I just had to be me
See, you was you and in your own way, pure pressure, you told em no way
But hey, do you remember that time, new years eve, when we showed up at the same party
And someone was picking on you, and I wouldn't have it
I snapped, I had to put my foot down, and it escalated
All because of a debated topic
Well, I'd do it again
Seven days a week, every day of the month
Even if it turned out the way it did
You know I'm weak in situations like it
What kinda brother would I be if I didn't
You didn't deserve it at all
You disagreed with me
You had your way of keeping peace and making hell at the same time
And often times silence can be the most powerful weapon of them all
But you're strong-hearted, strong minded
But with a weak spot for the same sex
But hey, you're my brother, you're hella strong
You always stood your ground and you came around when I needed you
And for that I'll forever be grateful

I would never stop to think that I could ever do
Greater things in life if it hadn't been for you
And if I had a reason, you told me I need two
Got my life on track and for that I needed you

I would never stop to think that I could ever do
Greater things in life if it hadn't been for you
And if I had a reason, you told me I need two
Got my life on track and for that I needed you

It's so many things I could think of to say, but I'm only gonna get one of them in today
In a way it's enough, and it sum it all up, and I say it because you always stood tough
Had to pick yourself up and you brushed yourself off
Fight for the win and you stood for your cause
And you taught me so much about standing alone
And you helped me to grow, to be able to stand on my own two feet
Keep breaking it through, made me today and I'm taking the things that I'm handed
And make it to something I needed to prove to myself that I could
If it's good then great if it ain't its okay
'Cause I came here to say that no man is the same as the other
And I would much rather encourage you all to come out from your cover and with that said, I love you, my brother

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Jørgensen, Patrick Brother Comments
  1. raesand

    srry but you have a sad life youre mum died and now youre brother i feel you

  2. ataya bolam

    I cried during this song.i love him so much lol...😀😥

  3. missyiscute09

    What 5 people would dislike

  4. Michael Smith

    for no other reason im giving then living, never cliam my way is the kam walking to a needle, because i know whats needed to go through, take all thats on it off for bending over and walk under, onley reason i have this cam is the storage it offers for holding my warter. a M are E and no i in team, call this reading between the lines for what really matters in my life!  11:54 AM 12/28/2018  living latters #23 2 conrinthains 3:1-11                                                                                  11:06 AM 12/28/2018
    #24 Galatians 3:26-4:7
    #25 john 1:1-18 instill in my heart, dear lord, a deep desire to know your word, i want to learn to hear your voice that i may make your will my choice. - D. DeHaanContentment is not getting what we want but being satisfied with what we have.

  5. x-lI_lI-_- mods

    Who ever disliked this video has no soul


    I'm so mad 5 dislikes 😠

  6. Ice Wolf

    This was a good song my dude

  7. mosesmomo

    On ly one dislike what's he so good tho

  8. rodney middleton

    Wow so emotionally charged and delivered ,beautiful words from a beautiful soul . I love this song thanks Patrick :-)

  9. Seahawks Fan

    Hey Patrick I listened to this it's me from facebook messenger

  10. Andrew Ramirez

    My brother was always with me and my sisters but we had a father that was not and this song reminds my brother being free now that he not with my dad and same with my oldest sister

  11. Pro Skill Gamer

    Silence could be the most powerful weapon of them all - By Patrick Jørgensen

  12. Abby Southern

    My oldest brother died a couple weeks ago and this song reminds me of him.

    Brynn Ranae

    I'm not aloud to speak or see my brother again

  13. Chey 12

    does anyone else think he kinda sounds like the lead singer in twenty one piolets.

    Kay F.

    A little bit, yes. His name is Tyler Joseph. And Josh Dunn is pretty much just the drummer.

    Dale Pardor

    C3hey 12 yes


    A little bit

  14. LuckyRose bud

    your music is so emotional, unlike most rappers you show your emotions you express them which makes these works of art that you wrote so much more...

    Trix Stars

    Just like Eminem

  15. Savannah Hacker

    His music gets me so into it and so emotional! I love it so much! He's a great rapper!

  16. Pro Skill Gamer

    second comment and I feel what u feel about your brother