JR JR - James Dean Lyrics

Staring at a cigarette
I tried to quit, but haven't yet
In the moonlight, in a freezing house
Put on the record you've been all about

Ah na na naaaaaa, it's all I wanna be
I've been acting a fool
I've been feeling like good times just don't last
Got me screaming out, "Ooh ooh, look at me now"
Ah na na naaaaaa, all I wanna be
Is to be cool like James Dean

I'm not dumb, but I've wasted time
A hundred projects; none of them were mine
Suitcase half unpacked
The Internet won't ever love you back

[Chorus x2]

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JR JR James Dean Comments
  1. Jonathan Gorr

    This is gay.

  2. Mariah & Josiah

    this is one of my favorite videos

  3. BonerTime

    pretty gay

  4. T T

    I am going to learn the choreography to this song and preform it when you guys come to Cheyenne.

  5. Garrett Watts

    I am trying to get work done today and I cannot stop watching this on a loop.

    Curse your incredible music JR JR and curse your flawless dance moves Adam Carpenter.

    Kadyn Lyn

    Garrett Watts GARRET


    Gotta love garret


    omg no way does Garrett like JR JR too, I am shook they are my fave!

  6. BlazeTrust

    but good song

  7. BlazeTrust

    why he air humping xD

  8. Bex

    Some Napoleon Dynamite moves there, nice!

  9. Carsynn E

    This is my fav song

  10. Tushar jain

    is he Macaulay Cullin.

  11. Jardel Edebran

    Love this song... this video is cool like James Dean!

  12. Sel D

    I love this song too much... The video even more. It is way too underrated ;-;

  13. Nick

    This song is better than 108,000 views imo

  14. lrishwristwatch

    This song ends way too soon!

  15. aerv91

    Awww there is a cat in the background at the end!

  16. EmiCrimsonLips


  17. Crustyclown88

    Word of advice. Speed it up. It sounds like a get your ass whooped sound track.

    Annel Alc

    +Crustyclown88 it's a chilly and relaxing song, try to enjoy it like that

  18. EveryDayJourney

    This song is so good

  19. Bailey Elrod

    It's now in my top. I'm a classic rock kinda guy, and this song, band really breaks my mold

  20. winhtet lu

    This song is so underrated :(

  21. thegeffanator

    My god that was fucking glorious.

  22. ralfimale1

    Gotdam!!! This is so good. Can't wait to see them at the metro

  23. Martin Armendariz

    you've been acting a fool not coming to El Paso

  24. Zachary Taha

    This is my backyard and pool. They paid me $800 to use it for 2 days.

    Chase Crawshaw

    That's awesome

    Ky Karu

    +Zachary Taha Is that also your white cat in the background of the last bit of the video, climbin' like a fool while he's trying to act all cool? - 2:40

    OrbitCityCards _


  25. Elias Swerte

    make more of this love the video so funny and music so relaxing

  26. Elias Swerte

    double thumbs up man, amazing song so relaxing and cool music video make some more this kind of music ..love to listen it, make more more

  27. NirnrootQueen

    His moves are delicious, and I love every single one of them.

  28. Dallas Marcone

    I was so dissapointed when this came out... I hated the auto tune and weird vibe and thought Revelation Blues was by far the better release. Now I can go about 45 minutes listening to this song on repeat.

  29. santiago vidal

    Loved this song! Good video

  30. Win Htet Lu

    Why this great song is not popular?!

  31. Reda Zaki

    Napoleon Dynamite at 00:40 !!

  32. esm Uriz

    i like it :)

  33. Annie Lin

    very mesmerizing in a way. haha

  34. Trigmot

    Loved the cat climbing the tree at the end of the video.

  35. Thejugglingbum

    Such a good song. Glad to see Napoleon Dynamite is doing okay.

    Chase Crawshaw

    I laughed real hard at that comment

  36. Kasey Sundermeier

    I saw a cat climbing up the tree in the background at the very end. Awesome video, btw. :)

  37. Andre Heizer

    Love this band and video

  38. Austin J

    "ah na na naaaaaaaaaa"


  39. Zethereos

    Awesome video for an awesome band. Can we expect to see one for Revelation Blues?

  40. ♡ lil gohan ♡

    more like james deen heheh