Joywave - Why Lyrics

[Reversed Vocals]

Oh my God, there's nobody who can set me right
I've been sent to torch the palace down in broad daylight

I wanna know who you told to the one laying on the floor
Frozen to the core
I wanna know who you told there's nobody anymore
Nobody anymore

Oh my God, I'm a giant with an appetite
Pushing people to the ground, running round the halls at night

I wanna know who you told to the one laying on the floor
Frozen to the core
I wanna know who you told, there's nobody anymore
Nobody anymore

I've been creepin' round and saw a little thing I didn't like you tried to hide
I've been creepin' round and saw a little thing I didn't like you tried to hide, from me

I wanna know who you took, there's nobody any...
Nobody anymore
Nobody anymore

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Joywave Why Comments
  1. ImHyper -_-


  2. SLIT Tyguymvp

    Here for fortnite nostalgia

  3. Ryan Radford

    All the songs on this album sound the same

  4. NTF Phantom

    Anyone here from Fortnite?

  5. Arezer LUL

    2019 anyone??

  6. 90s

    Fortnite (Season 1)

  7. Home alone boy


  8. Riverjr125

    We want the good ol days of fortnite : (


    Yes i do


    We don’t want fortnite at all

    ImHyper -_-

    I don't blame you at all I need the fortnite

  9. Cacho Dolcera

    Facts about Fortnite BR:

    - This music is amazing, for a cartoony battle royale trailer.

  10. RayanAlsGamer 321

    In the begin sounds f×cking creepy

  11. kakashi Matrix

    Fortnite saison 1

  12. Thunder Bear

    Beautiful track

  13. Frank

    why is this basicly the same song as Joywave - Incredible?

  14. Liam Grubb

    Fortnite is m' life

  15. Alex RoWu

    Einfach nur cool

  16. •DxnnyBeenPetty •

    Fortnite vibezz🎮🎧

  17. 55er TrashTV

    Fortnite Trailer music

  18. WolfVa


  19. Diet Bleach

    I Shazam the Fortnite Ad and it brought me here.

  20. Gunther KN

    how could you let this into the fortnight fandom dude

  21. Anisa Mazaki

    It's official. I hate your song Destruction. Congrats -.-

  22. Sharp Vibez

    Great music😆

  23. Ecjur

    Fortnie (-:


    Yes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Liam Grubb




    Fortnite? More like Fortdie. Please... when will the Ali-A videos end...


    Ecjur yes Fortnie

  24. Eldar Babakov

    Fortnite brought me here

  25. kyky PGM

    it is the music of the trailler of fortnite battle royal!!


    kyky PGM oh my god really?!


    bro fuck off you can't even spell Fortnite correctly

  26. Malina Cantemir

    Joywave is so extra, I swear to god *still listens to entire Swish album*

  27. Mariusz Mariusz

    It's just the same as destruction

  28. Yudik Rizky Ridwanul Alim

    Why Audio Only?.. I dont Know.hahaha...

  29. James Burney

    I would say its a troll. 1. Why 2. Be 3. Credible 4. When 5. You 6. Can 7. Be (part 2) 8. Incredible. Get the joke? 9. Life in a Bubble I Blew. <-- only song not Destruction. I would say its pretty funny.

    Colm Gilmore

    James Burney hahaha oh my god I went from laughing at them to laughing with them. A lot of effort for a shitty joke I love it.

  30. getnose

    The name says it all.

  31. Croshing

    Is this just a destruction remix?

  32. FifaLover

    It sounds like the intro is the ending of destruction but in reverse

  33. Daryna Olifer


  34. Sarah K

    I liked the old beginning better, with the fantasia sound track...

  35. Moira Healy





    +KyoMato Agreed

  36. Freddy Roberts

    Where the last four just one big song?