Joywave - Shutdown Lyrics

Take in a deep breath
Get in a little rest
Yeah, you're safer here than you were out there

So feel those feelings that you used to have
Feel those feelings again or at least pretend

Shut it down
Get carried away
Solid ground
Is here to stay

Think for a moment
Just don't analyze
Yeah, the smartest folks are the saddest I know

So feel those feelings that you used to have
Feel those feelings again or at least pretend

Shut it down
Get carried away
Solid ground
Is here to stay

Shut it down
Get carried away
Solid ground
Is here to stay

Yeah, the smartest folks are the saddest I know

Shut it down
Get carried away
Solid ground
Is here to stay

Shut it down
Get carried away
Solid ground
Is here to stay

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Joywave Shutdown Comments
  1. Tim Bea

    I rather listen to this all day rather than that rap crap, which doesn't even rhyme. Music is poetry and it's suppose to rhyme.

  2. crazyfeline

    Don’t give two shits about the lyrics
    This is a magical sounding song

  3. Missbro Burrito

    This whole video is when you try to move something 1 pixel in Microsoft word

  4. Fbi

    I just added most of these songs and called it
    "Airport playlist"

    Vladimir Ryan

    i feel like im walking through an airport or train station when i listen to Golden state by them

  5. Rick Brown

    Love this song!

  6. Snuggletummy

    Oh hell yes!

  7. D'Andre Lewis

    Almost sounds like two door Cinema club.

  8. emma vdlg

    damn this song is amazing

  9. Entente Games

    I prefer this music then brazillian music ❤️

  10. Jeremy Bond

    People have no fucking ideal what there missing

  11. Jeremy Bond

    I need the ablum to listen to this song because i love this song

  12. Miguel Castro

    Just fantastic

  13. Chris Mele

    Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like coming of age by Foster the People? Love both bands just wondering if it’s just me


    Chris Mele yes it does

  14. chelsdontcare

    I get a major Paul McCartney vibe, love it!

  15. Trystan Neville

    Oy vey shut it down

  16. Corpus Dominion

    The loud obnoxious ringing of one's ego going on about this and that, the repeating mind movies, borrowing worry, projecting mind movies about the future. BYE BYE EGO, we are evolving out of a heinous period of our human experience. How do you silence the ego.  SHUT IT DOWN! Stay present. TY gentlemen!

  17. Fat Yoshi

    Sounds like coming of age

  18. Dan3o3

    See you guys in November @Anthology!!! Can't wait

  19. NeverBeBored08

    "The smartest folks are the saddest I know" is a very powerful lyric

    Carter Diez

    as soon as I saw this, that part of the song played

  20. Los Negros Cabeza

    PES 2018!

  21. Carlos Mercedes Meran

    This song says things I couldn't describe I felt.

  22. Kody Newton

    This genuinely makes me feel pure happiness.

  23. Mad Mac

    Gay. Doesn't have the same catchy vibe as they're only 2 good songs. Seems like a band that's going to have maybe 1 or 2 good songs an album.

    midnite4fun awful

    Mad Mac lol people are still using gay as an insult

  24. Mónica Cruz

    Me encanta esta canción!

    Miguel Castro

    Valkiria OMG, alguien que habla español :v

  25. thewaywardpoet

    Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the fact that this has zero dislikes? That's what I'm talking about!

  26. kuruptsoul

    the feels I get from this track, is fucking relaxing

  27. j_wavehills

    Beautiful music, add bright colors to this summer!!!!

  28. requiem51

    Oh man, this is my favorite so far and it's really really really good !! I was excited before but now I'm fucking jacked!

  29. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Shutdown" debuted at #20 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week:

  30. SomeRandomGuy369

    I totally relate to this song. Digging up the past and analyzing everything from then and now is depressing. It's smart to analyze but too much will take your life away. Live life with thinking but take risks and forget the losses. There is no reason to look back. Your going forward from this point on. If it happens agian or you loose agian then just keep moving on. Think about it a little but don't just stop.

    Raven Soto


    Ghost Pilot

    i will take theses words to heart, and to the future

    Cate IsTonic

    Word! Going through some challenges right now. I will come and leave as a champ. Thanks!

  31. Leonardo Gomes

    Your music takes me out of depression.

  32. Jymmi loyola zevallos

    Cool Music!
    from La Oroya Perú.

  33. Oscar Mari

    This is such a beautiful song... I am telling you people. This going to be a hit soon

  34. Javiera Hernandez

    aww yisss

  35. scout lee

    cant wait for july 28!! its gonna be fire!


    blaineboii I know. I'm gonna go to the store be super happy and the people at the store are gonna be like who's Joywave? I'm gonna buy them copys and ask them how do you feel now? There will be nothing left to want. Untill we'll be at it agian. Wanting more.

  36. İlker Doğan

    I Love Joywave..

  37. SuperUglys

    I love you guys and cant wait for the new album. I hope one day you guys do a show in Bogota Colombia. I wouldn't miss it for the world!

  38. Diamond Poppa


  39. Taylor Sparks

    I hear the new Alt-J album and this song on the same day, hallelujah 🙌🏻

  40. tuley r

    love it

  41. Maximus Escanlar

    smells like an album

  42. IkeWitt

    New Joywave is a wonderful thing!

  43. The Infamous I.Ortiz

    shut it down

  44. Colin Evans

    This album... there are no words to describe how good it's gonna be

  45. Russell Manning

    absolutely outstanding fellas

  46. Ducky

    I am so looking forward to this new album!

  47. SomeRandomGuy369

    Out of your new songs I really liked Life In a Bubble I Blew but now Shut it Down is just the Content I needed. After all It's a Trip! we can all enjoy Now.

    Red Trey




    @JoywaveVEVO this is saucy

  49. Amber Lane

    I can't wait for the entire album to drop along with our hearts. 😱

  50. Brookwood

    Woah this song is great

  51. matty

    hope this goes viral too

  52. Alexis368

    Sounds great!

  53. JesterFoxxx

    Possibly on Need For Speed 2017?

  54. Is Meap not mip

    omg, i love it <3

  55. alexia valle


  56. Katya Rivas

    This makes me wanna write and produce some kinda awesome movie just to put this song in. I love it so much! You all are awesome!

  57. Renzo Flores

    Joywave is love

    Deven Swiergiel

    Joywave is life.

    Carter Diez

    Joywave is everything

    Tim Bea

    Love is a joywave

  58. Sarah King

    I was so excited when I saw this out!! I love this band and they are fantastic live! I hope to see you guys again with young the giant! Can't wait for the new album, best of luck! :)

  59. CloverToon

    All I can say is "YES YES YES YES YES YES YES"!!!! You guys just cannot do wrong!!!

  60. Gibus Gang

    Oh hell yes

  61. bich.thy

    fuck yeh joybois

  62. goblin queen

    you guys make my heart feel so good and I love you all so much and y'all deserve the world and AAAAAAAA KEEP DOIN WHAT Y'ALL ARE DOING 👌👌👌

  63. catlamp

    oh my god YES!!!

  64. Aiur

    New York stand up!

  65. Ozzymandias


    Alan YaKnow

    I like the way you think

  66. skye

    love u guys !!!!