Joywave - Like A Kennedy Lyrics

My head is swelling like a Kennedy
I won't be afraid, I won't be afraid
I'm spilling on my Jackie next to me
She hopes for the best, but I'm losing faith

Are they gonna bomb us all?
I don't know
Do you think they'll build the wall?
I don't know

My TV's talking to itself again
Do we shoot 'em all dead?
Or should we let 'em all in?
Reporter stops me in the street and says
They'd love to get a quote, it'll only take a sec

Are they gonna bomb us all?
I don't know
Do you think they'll build the wall?
I don't know
Do you think they'll take it all?
I don't know
I just want to be fat and old
And happy

Are they gonna bomb us all?
I don't know
Do you think they'll build the wall?
I don't know
Do you think they'll take it all?
I don't know
I just want to be fat and old
And happy

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Joywave Like A Kennedy Comments
  1. Stinger Bee

    Found this band by accident during an episode of V Wars. Every one of their songs is good. So rare.

  2. Dormasheen

    When you came from Destruction because of Fortnite but you take time to look at their other songs and now you're a fan.

  3. Social Hues

    I’m not even a joywave fan but I’m a diehard fan of this song!!

  4. Eric Bourassa

    Subscribed because I saw your ad on my X-Men Comics. Wanted to show my support since you guys are supporting my fave comics and because the ads themselves are great

  5. Carmela Guzman

    It's almost November 22nd

  6. flilguy

    I was born almost 6 years after the Kennedy assassination. I remember going "trick or treating" in the mid-1970s and people would have a picture of JFK in their living rooms. Sometimes his photo was among family members photos that served in Korea or Vietnam. Between the Kennedy assassination and Nixon leaving in a scandal, my parents were very critical of politics and what the truth even really was. It's been 56 years since the Kennedy assassination and I don't feel like there will ever be an absolute truth about who did it and why it happened. As much as I dislike Trump he must have really pissed the wrong people off to get them to take the impeachment route this far.

  7. Bag Min

    Okay, i know I’m coming a bit late to this, but this camerawork is straight up amazing

  8. Donatas Mockus

    Where there's more guns, there's less gun violence, am I right guys... right?

  9. Alfu Burbb


  10. Ridho Septiano

    Really love this song . Joywave is the best

  11. Tuấn Tú Lê

    Mng ơi
    Vô đây
    Thả haha hay tim vào nha
    Em cảm ơn nhiều lắm ạ

  12. Gregory Heinrich

    Only Joywave can bring joy to the tidal wave that is the present day.

  13. austin powers says trans rights

    didnt know what i expecting the first time but now im really glad i found this song. this is real art-- a music video, and song, that people will definitely remember years from now.

  14. Format-X

    Warum erinnert der mich immer an Freddie Mercury 🤣

  15. Cookie Playz Roblox


  16. ravencassidy

    Wow...just wow

  17. Dustin Beach

    this was phenomenal. keep it up guys!!

  18. Skyler Allen Smith

    This and Sturgil Simpson, 2019.

  19. flilguy

    I don't know if I like this video or even understand it.

  20. Teddi Papish

    “So UnDerGrOUnd”

  21. Tarif

    wht's wrong with him ? :/

  22. Lord Densel Michel

    That guitar solo on it's own is so iconic. Almost queen-esque

  23. Sterling Archer

    I've been a Joywave fan for a long time, and I've turned people onto the great music that Joywave makes. But this song/video are disrespectful and ill-conceived. Stay in your lane Joywave. Judging by this song, video, and the comment you left, I can tell that you are just virtue signalling to tell everyone: "Hey, we hate gun violence too!" Sorry, but this makes you guys seem like lame tools.


    I wonder if you'd call it virtue signaling if you agreed with them? Nope!

    Sterling Archer

    @fl0nk11A person can have an opinion without needing to virtue signal and grandstand. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but not everyone acts self-righteous about it. Virtue signalling is fake and obvious. People who do it are lame. I don't take the side of lame people or their even lamer opinions. Joywave makes good music, but they need to stick to what they do best, and stay away from political/social issues in their music. It only alienates fans, and the arguments surrounding the legality of firearms are so complex, and way beyond the scope of Joywave's music.


    @Sterling Archer As I said...

    Sterling Archer

    @fl0nk11 Did you even read what I said? It's not the opinion itself that I have a problem with, it's the lame and obvious virtue signalling. If my best friend was virtue signalling I would still call him out, and tell him he's being lame. It has nothing to do with opinions. It's how one presents them.

  24. Lumine Kisaragi

    Everywhere we go we still hear people talk about the same hypocrisy about changing for the better, but really we don't do anything to help so it becomes nothing but lip service. I am in that same category I just seem to procrastinate a lot and never help for the better, so I shouldn't really call out all the hypocrisy but I'm just putting this out there that we need to change.

  25. Space Kek

    too soon

  26. nazareth barker

    Its about all the typical american bs, political arguments over immigration, the whole ww3 scare, building the wall in mexico, all the way to salesmen stoping him on the street asking him for a free quote. He doesnt care he just wants to be fat, old and happy

  27. Quinc

    this honestly deserves millions of views

  28. Charlie Martin

    shoutout to the focus puller on this shoot

  29. Brian Solly

    holy shit what is this soy boy alpha male shit?

  30. mostlikelycaleb

    man, this really sucks "are they gonna build the walllllllll" like are u kidding me dude? it would have been doper if you got shot but kept reanimating rather than replaced, instead it's just some fucking "durrr the government is 1984 durrr" - it's inhumane to not have a wall fuckface, everyone thinks they know everything without knowing anything about what they're talking about, only how they feel about it based on propaganda. what a waste of creative energy.

    Zakary Foley

    Nice bait

  31. Matt Yoss

    Why does this guy look like Anthony Fantano with hair. 😂

    Cewa Paiget

    I have yet to see Fantano or ARTV do a review on these guys ☹️

    Matt Yoss

    Cewa Paiget ARTV did a quick review of their album Content on “albums you may have missed” in 2017. Gave it a 3.5 I believe!

    Cewa Paiget

    Matt Yoss nooooooo frickin’ way.. I commented on a few of his videos telling asking him to review HDYFN and never got anything 😭

  32. Surago

    Will someone please just tell me if Daniel is a girl or boy?

    JoJo Michel Du 59

    ok wtf 😂

  33. Astro67

    almost cried. theres a meaning to the story but i wont type it in this comment theres prolly like 200 already

    nice job joywave as always

  34. Yrt

    Thumbs down for the lame attempt to be provocative as well as that ridiculously stupid pornstache.

  35. Teddi Papish

    cant wait till these guys blow up!

  36. Alan Vázquez

    Im from Mexico and i have 13 years old and i understand everything and I love joywave

    JoJo Michel Du 59

    You wanna sound like you're unique because you're 13 and you understand political messages and you don't listen to rap ?
    I'm 13 too, and I don't brag about how different I am from the other 13 year olds.

    Alan Vázquez

    @JoJo Michel Du 59 in Mexico don't learn much about Kennedy

  37. miseryschewtoy

    MAGA- Manipulating America’s Gullible Assholes

  38. John Nihil

    I love Skating Polly, but they have horrible taste in pop and post punk.

  39. TheCelsGamer_PvP

    Alchile esta banda encesita ser más conocida

  40. Mary Lee

    Most 2019 video of 2019

  41. xXScribble DragonXx

    This has a serious "the world is ending but let's jam" vibe


    xXScribble DragonXx Definitely putting this on when I see the mushroom clouds


    xXScribble DragonXx Definitely putting this on when I see the mushroom clouds

  42. Ray Slavenburg

    vocal melodies remind me of kent, love it.

  43. Amplifyde

    He needs to shave that ugly ass mustache. Q

    JoJo Michel Du 59

    not cool but I agree 😂

  44. NightHauntings Yugioh

    I thought he was saying "i dont wanna know."

  45. John H. Rivera

    Nice band, got to see them when they were on tour with thirty seconds to mars. Lead singer comes out with a bathrobe and a mug and starts singing 😄, from the first song he sang he got me, love you Joywave🙌

  46. Shawty Wallgreens

    The historical inaccuracies in this music video are killing me but the song is a total banger so it’s cool

  47. Bigt Whitley

    This is serene as fuck

  48. Kim Detore

    i hope they use this in umbrella academyyyy


    All I hear is “fuck like a Kennedy”from nananananana

  50. Nkorey Hall

    Subscribe to my YouTube channel N’Korey Hall please

  51. pandaland1

    That was cringe....

  52. Crazyguy_123

    This song is damn good.

  53. Tim Bowley

    I dont know what to say?😔

  54. Jackson Pruett


    JoJo Michel Du 59

    You're garbage.

  55. Dominic Vega

    If you gotta make your video an ad so people can watch it you automatically suck. And for the people who like it clean the shit outta your ears. Your fuckin deaf. Pretty lame. Grow some balls. Go shoot a gun. Kill someone. I mean fuck do something. Kennedy got half his head blown slightly off. This music video wasn't even close to it. The music is for very lame cunts too. The fucks a matter with people. Where are your balls. You got no guts listening to this shitty fagget sad drama music. Fuckin idiots.


    Dominic Vega
    Lol you’re telling other people to grow balls yet here you are getting upset and angry over a fucking song. You’re an embarrassment

    JoJo Michel Du 59

    You're fucking childish get outta here.

  56. Chad Barclay

    This is stupid

    JoJo Michel Du 59

    You're stupid.

  57. Brie Williams

    I remember talking to them on Instagram and sharing their music when they had like 200 followers 😭 look at them now

  58. goodcult

    wtf I just found this by accident. changed my life. might fuck around and become obsessed.

  59. Samuel K

    Report this video for terrorism to get it taken off youtube

  60. Samuel K

    I hope JFKs ghost is haunting this shitty band for disrespecting him #Joywaveisshit

  61. Samuel K

    Gun control is for pussys it just concentrates the guns into the hands of people who shouldnt have them but you retards wont focus on the real problem of the ARAB SLAVE TRADE that is still occuring in the middle east i hate libtards like this kys with a gun lead singer of shitwave

  62. GuessWHATkarma

    great song for a youtube ad

  63. Osama-bin Ladder


  64. Kain Bell

    Y’all are makin some soundtrack jams. ❤️

  65. Lance Mungia

    I’ve been waiting for this without realizing it. I instantly love these artists. I have been asking myself where are all the great artists that in previous times of national debate made real commentary and could take the temperature of an era? Where is our Bob Dylan? Our Neil Young?

    In Iraq and Afghanistan, where we have now been at war for nearly an entire generation and the newest veterans of conflict will soon to be not yet born at the time of 9/11, vets of those conflicts I have met told me they often listened to 60’s and 70’s music whilst deployed as it spoke to them and what they were feeling more directly than the mindless corporatized lyrics of today which, albeit full of sound and fury, too often signify nothing.

    I just stumbled across this video, I found the spirit of it both a little disturbing and uniquely appropriate to the times we find ourselves in need of rising to. Thanks to Joywave and to their distributor for finally producing some damn art for a change.


    My head is swelling like a Kennedy
    I won’t be afraid, I won’t be afraid
    I’m spilling on my Jackie next to me
    She hopes for the best, but I’m losing faith

    Are they gonna bomb us all?
    I don’t know
    Do you think they’ll build the wall?
    I don’t know

    My TV’s talking to itself again
    Do we shoot ‘em all dead?
    Or should we let ‘em all in?
    Reporter stops me in the street and says
    They’d love to get a quote, it’ll only take a sec

    Are they gonna bomb us all?
    I don’t know
    Do you think they’ll build the wall?
    I don’t know
    Do you think they’ll take it all?
    I don’t know
    I just want to be fat and old
    And happy

  66. AnAmericanAsian X

    Reminds of Bohemian Raphsody

  67. samir300zx

    Looks lame without the shot effect

  68. Panic! At The My Chemical Fall Out Piiots

    Fuck like a Kennedy. Honestly I'd rather be burning your information. Na na na na na na na na na na.
    - Gerard Way

  69. Snow white

    Dont know If anyone has figured it out but here you go

    It's showing you how the "system" works- Kennedy was shot and the government comes in and cleans up the "mess" and the people in the car (which is representing the public) doesn't pay attention or even notice. They are then showing you that the same thing happens over and over yet nobody notices. Then the agent in the front stands up and plays the guitar showing you that he was part of the song or plan the entire time. Then in the end everyone dies to cover up what happened yet the vehicle (the group behind the plot) keeps driving on.

    Snow white

    @Dominic Vega Your brain sounds like it’s just as big as your cute.


    @Dominic Vega Rude much

    Snow white

    @UnwantedStranger I love trolls. Hoping he will respond. I saw him commenting a lot. Bring it! Hahaha

    Cesar H

    You must watch blacklist lol

    Krysten Sexton

    Great explanation!

  70. Taylor Tazer

    U realize the the band "Fun" would murder this till it was so good everybody dies

  71. Michael Jordan

    not funny
    you posted cringe


    Michael Jordan there are a lot of people who would disagree with you clearly

    Michael Jordan

    respect my opinion

  72. Majestic Sky

    Keep it comin boys

  73. Joe Haynes

    Joywave. Rules.

  74. ProjectLifeCommand

    BUILD THE WALL!!! The border wall was never completed and it needs to be completed to keep out the drug cartels that keep bringing in drugs. They also smuggle people over, so think about that. Why would people be trying to come to America illegally, undetected? Many children being smuggled over the border are for sex trafficking by gangs.

    On Friday, July 26th, the Supreme Court decided to allow president Trump to transfer $2.5 billion of Defense Department funds to defend the southern border by building hundreds of miles of wall to replace existing fencing.

    Citizens from anywhere in the world can also help by going to WeBuildTheWall (dot) Us

  75. 보라색심장

    You're doing amazing sweetie 👏

  76. rifire1

    Should have had the driver stop, turn and shoot him like the original

  77. Offbrand

    Do you think when he says “I just want to be fat and old and happy.” It means that he died to early and couldn’t experience that luxury?

  78. Lewd Mobster

    I guess the new question about the wall is do you think they will finish it

    Bill Jones

    Lewd Mobster not 1 inch is the “promised” wall..........America has been scammed by the world’s best known con man.......

  79. David Fullam

    That was absolutely disgusting.

  80. oromara viva

    Weshetam tvghen seteseber eko hultgha lateneta meslone never dukatam.....Ena ahun yemetawersee yemenanengh meslgh endante dukatamichu kalhoju besteker......hoooo menew yemitamenew bakachu Hulu weshetam yeyoutube santem lekamiwoch.

  81. Jormagan

    нихуя не понял, но очень интересно. Вы крутые!

  82. NathexCaliber

    What game or movie trailer will *this* masterpiece be used for???

    Austin Reed

    No masterpiece just bad taste.

  83. Elizabeth Boyle

    Gives me Macy's Day Parade (Green Day) vibes

  84. John Doe

    Wtf is this

  85. Mayola Mayola

    Oh god! Why? Why do you people usurp and take for granted everything! Be like AUTHENTIC! However! You can not for you are an anglosaxon and they have no virtue worth mentioning! Look at the history take in consideration the black leyend and rationalize with the cosmopolitan mind or open mind all considerations of course and speak spanish!


    Mayola Mayola what the everloving fuck are you on about?

  86. Dameon Thornes

    If only he knew the 5 main yoga stretches

  87. Scott Ryan

    Amazing 🔆 #Illuminati

  88. edgy kid

    I thought this was mr beast

  89. radioakt

    things like this are exactly why liberal politics have lost all trust in the broader public. they can't recognize the crass vanity of their messaging over the seduction of stroking their own egos. vile hubris at its utmost.

  90. radioakt

    this is totally tasteless. guitar soloing over a pantomime of an actual historical event where a woman's husband had his brains blown out next to her beyond cheap shock. what a flimsy and disgusting way to drum up clicks.



  91. Joe Castillo

    New game: Every time someone dies in this video, take a shot

  92. Dozerson2

    I think the line should be, "Are we gonna bomb us all, I don't know"

  93. Steven McFly

    Came here thinking it was a sythwave type song. Was not disappointed. Completely wrong but now highly appreciative of what I found.

  94. Flexican

    Kinda disrespectful


    I agree

    Sadler Arcade

    @TheNinjaPicker its to spread a message.

  95. Jeffrey Sengebusch

    E the eoe meui.w ke

  96. Alex Brownstone

    So that’s what Not-Gay-Jared is up to these days