Joywave - It's A Trip! Lyrics

Creepy little sneaky little foreign places
Terrifying territories, I can't take it
It's a great big atlas, yeah
I'm feeling dumb

When you've gotten what you want
Maybe I should start over
There's nothing left to want
Up and at 'em again
You don't know what you want
Yeah, I'm thinking it over
Just tell me what to want

Floating little second hands laugh like jokers
Keepin' me from thinking straight, I've lost composure

When you've gotten what you want
Maybe I should start over
There's nothing left to want
Up and at 'em again
You don't know what you want
Yeah, I'm thinking it over
Just tell me what I...

When you've gotten what you want
Maybe I should start over
There's nothing left to want
Up and at 'em again
You don't know what you want
Yeah, I'm thinking it over
Just tell me what to want

This is a trip
This is a trip

When you've gotten what you want
There's nothing left to want
You don't know what you want
Yeah, I'm thinking it over
Just tell me what I..

When you've gotten what you want
Maybe I should start over
There's nothing left to want
Up and at 'em again
You don't know what you want
Yeah, I'm thinking it over
Just tell me what to want

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Joywave It's A Trip! Comments
  1. Binko Binko

    iMovie’s soundtracks brought me here lmao

  2. Talanat

    1:56 is this a Dangerous reference?

    It took me two years to realize that lol

  3. danky yanky


  4. Sonny G TV

    Look at 0:58

  5. Hevy Bessa


  6. duda jones

    2×4 riverdale ❤❤

  7. Grey Hairsoft

    This vid represents my life!

  8. Samantha Arias

    There's a song from Joywave that has a long guitar riff (all over the song) but I can't find it, does anyone knows its name?

  9. Maeh Tahlei A. Heavenlyshine

    Haha...I picked this song from iMovie to go with my squirrels being squirrels video...this video is weirder.

  10. Miranda A

    Peter Frampton called—he wants his guitar sound effects back 🤣

  11. gobek caffé

    honestly I thought there was gonna be a vintage idk like vibey mv--
    guess i was wrong . . .

  12. Lloyd Lucasan


  13. Nicolly Santana FF


  14. joseph perez

    Joywave's talent brought me here

  15. Boudiaf Célia

    Am i the only one who think he looks like Freddie ?

  16. Laura O.

    When he knocked over the hotdog, I straight up gasped over that precious lost food.

  17. 氵每夕卜

    Legend says they're still riding.

  18. Miranda marz

    Hes cute but not cute idk

  19. Ludilandia Historias de mis clicks

    Genial este temazo

  20. Alex Setchell

    Joywave expertly conveys the horrifying consequences of not wearing sunscreen in a three-minute-long video presentation


    Alex Setchell xD so tru

  21. Kenneth Tuazon

    Just found this sound in my iphone clip and its good

  22. Natália Santos

    1:14 Freddie Mercury , is that you?

  23. Chad Glidden

    when you've gotten what you want, there's nothing left to want.

  24. Jiblony

    2:30 when you've bought everything in GTA

  25. CPC __Zero

    Dan got hoeeessssssssss lol

  26. John Valdez

    So, chicks like that just suck the life out you? That explains why I look 54, but I'm really 19...what a way to go!

  27. Lacham

    I like the message from this song

  28. Memaymoo

    Anyone recommend more songs from them?

  29. Madison Has A Chair

    Hey wait, isn’t this in iMovie?

  30. webrokethepa

    I just heard this song on Riverdale

  31. Actually Aesthetic

    That girl looks like mrs. grundy from Riverdale lmao

  32. •Itz Stxr •

    dAt gUrl is HOT

  33. Arteshok MAX

    Прекрасная песня, мне очень нравится, но почему это я незнаю того что хочу?
    Upd: Русские вперед

  34. Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    Fucking Prime kept autoskipping this song at the end of Sneaky Pete. Thanks YouTube.

  35. .x

    Best song of all !

  36. Laynes Addiction

    The Codys brought me here !!

  37. Mekukato

    A one Hell of a ride

  38. Seth Flower

    I mean, the song is good but the vid is so weird and kinda disturbing

  39. Rose Archer

    I like how that girl is still dancing next to and touching the skeleton XD

  40. P A

    love their music..but the lead singer in this video reminds me of "Weird Al" Jr. -- No disrespect to either artist. I dig 'em both. Just making an observation.

  41. Adonis Fernández

    I just got a survey today from Youtube asking me about this video. 5*, life-changing, and educational, I said.

  42. Red Trey


  43. Inno

    0:00 Joywave
    1:13 Portugal the Man

  44. 1 1

    Wtf? Witch, sucking soul, are you guys serious? Chick is not a witch, its just a random hoe, plenty of them actually, but same. Like socks, you just change it time to time. Girl grow older = you dont want her anymore and just get another.
    If you have something viable there is always couple of hoes around you, they dont give a shit about your age. And of course they all same as one, even bodies and personality almost same everytime (+they change style for your liking, your taste remains same - your hoes remains same).

  45. Daydreaming


  46. Arthur Maxson

    Why does he look like bill Murray?

  47. Chuck Painter

    Heard this on Animal Kingdom that show has good music songs I've heard but forgot about and ones i never heard such as this good show w good music if you haven't watched it i recommend it.

  48. A I

    Finally a nice indie-rock wibe

  49. PurpleSkilz

    I want you to want that I get a new skateboard PLZ

  50. Lady Luck Films Entertainment

    How can I get in touch with the band??? The IG page is not active at all...

  51. Alisa Watson

    The best

  52. Ichigo Kurosaki

    2019 ? 🤟

  53. britney young

    who's from fortnite advertisement??

  54. RENO 4

    I don't like the singer but ..clip's idea 👍👍👍

  55. Michael

    0:56 you're welcome.

  56. Wynne p

    Anyone else shocked to hear this on Riverdale

  57. HCR 34

    I guess that's normal.... for them...

  58. AnTiFa _NXZ

    fuck, where i could hear that?! asfkjalkshfalkhfas

  59. sliverfreak9

    I miss Sean :(

  60. Psychedelica _

    He would be a better Freddy Mercury than the current actor

  61. КроличьиТорт

    the beginning of the song sounds familiar.. where is it from?!!


    could be clint eastwood by Gorillaz, maybe?


    @Emo_Extasy Yeah that too but.... i swear i've heard it from somewhere else too o.o

  62. Nadia Shihabi

    I love this song. It makes me happy

  63. Diana A

    will this song get me copyrighted?

  64. Funtime_Swagbear

    Deadpool sent me here

  65. honey and sugar


  66. Charz - Fortnite

    0:10 thicc

  67. SwedlePOP

    What’s the babe’s name 😏

  68. marri.aa

    Omg this shit is so good

  69. Екатерина Ледина

    Крутая песня, фанат с Украины)

  70. Rane Pyter

    Id hit that

  71. Apollo, Bringer of Light

    Classic Kenny Powers move

  72. 10Slayer01

    Sneaky Pete!

  73. NAXYS

    I do not know much about English, but I'm surprised that they have so few subscribers and their songs are so BEAUTIFUL: 'D

  74. Γιαννης Λιαρ

    The singer looks like pennywise

    Γιαννης Λιαρ

    @Lazy Cat :D his teeth... and the whole face... i dont know... maybe im the only one who sees that...

    Lazy Cat :D

    @Γιαννης Λιαρ ok


    I’m scared

  76. Steelz

    did anyone come from fortnite

  77. amanda yvonete

    I can't decide what's best: the video or the song!It's awsome!!

  78. Arihant singwal

    Make sure follow [email protected]

  79. the only ads i will ever click on

  80. BlackHippe

    Don't watch this stoned


    Boo plays fortnite

  82. Maya Is Here

    YESSS! This is one of the soundtracks on clips and I found it😍

  83. Gabbe GG

    Og fortnite here? No?

  84. V1kte

    What a catchy song, I can't get enough of it for several days now :)

  85. SS ϟϟ

    animal kingdom

  86. Wesley Silva

    2018 :v

  87. Ian Aguilar

    Animal Kingdom anyone?

    Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    Sneaky Pete. S2 Ep. 5

  88. Bronana99/// ///BronanaArmy

    Holy jesus. They went from skullface in Metal Gear to friggin Skyrim Skeletons.

  89. dead_star GAMEING

    0:58 dat booty

  90. Dilara Gürel

    Came here from Riverdale 🤚🏻

  91. Loreli Cifuentes

    This song is such a BOP!

  92. P-48 Thunder

    Am I the only one who saw the logo, immediately thought of "Hotline Miami", and had a sneaking suspicion wasn't going to remain a fun bit of jet skiing for long?

  93. Ann Yask

    Ребята, очень круто .
    Услышала трек в Animal Kingdom.

  94. Zero Six

    *The ending though*

  95. mrAnothernumber

    Her ass is delicious

  96. Awesomeat

    Yes, Animal Kingdom S03E06 for me, too.

  97. TheGreenFreak


  98. X23

    animal kingdom

    SS ϟϟ

    best show ever

  99. Chantel

    I hope Nicky bleeds out, her character is so annoying. Cool song, btw.