Joywave - Destruction Lyrics

Will the soundtrack kindly produce a sound?

Go on, don't be nervous, go ahead, any sound

Heheh, well, that isn't quite what I had in mind


Oh my God, there's nobody who can set me right
I've been sent to torch the palace down in broad daylight

I-I wanna know who you told 'til they're all laying on the floor, frozen to the core
I-I wanna know who you told 'til it's nobody anymore, nobody anymore

Oh my God, I'm a giant with an appetite
Pushing people to the ground and running 'round the halls at night

I-I wanna know who you told 'til they're all laying on the floor, frozen to the core
I-I wanna know who you told 'til it's nobody anymore, nobody anymore

Creeping 'round I saw a little thing I didn't like
You tried to hide.
I've been creeping 'round I saw a little thing I didn't like
You tried to hide, from me

I-I wanna know who you told, there's nobody anymore

Nobody anymore [x2]

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Joywave Destruction Comments
  1. limerecipe


  2. CroGirlZg

    I discovered this song thanks to my local radio station... perfection, absolute perfection.

  3. XD_B4rt3k XYZ

    This song making fortnite trailer better. But game is shit

  4. cystic hobnob

    Game: take a drink everytime you see the word "fortnite" in the comments

  5. øUltraBusGamePlayZø

    The school bus when ur late

  6. The Gaming Plague Doctor

    Everyone is saying this song is from Fortnite, but What's Fortnite?

  7. Natani

    I don't even know if anyone here is going to care or not but I want to give what might be a hot take: *This is the song that should've been in the bar fight scene in the Sonic movie, not Boom by X Ambassadors.* Both are really good songs imo, but the context of the lyrics in Boom don't correlate at all with what is going on with the scene, and this just feels so much more fitting. Hell, they even have the *exact same BPM,* like SHIT MAN this was RIGHT THERE FOR THE TAKING and the editors didn't do it ( -_-)

  8. Purple pencil77

    I’m only here from Fortnite because of 2 years ago when the game was actually fun. But this song is low key good

  9. Cool Ducky

    I always feel a primal instinct that something is missing when I don’t hear that bus horn in the beginning

  10. Kim Jong Chungus

    Like if from fortnite trailer

  11. Trip

    everyone was talking about fortnite but this is genuinely a banger of a song

  12. Thaiara pessoa


  13. Celestial Pudding

    Me:*hits my elbow*
    My intire nervous system: (The thumbnail)



  15. Puggy

    y'all here from fortnite i'm here from madden 16

  16. Slim Shady217

    The Audio from Fantasia is a nice touch

  17. DestroyerNite


  18. Lolli Boyy

    Is it me or does this sound like something from gta 5 radio

  19. LovelyLevii

    Ok I'm ngl, this is pretty epic.

  20. Epic group Games and stuff

    My last 2 brain cells during a test: hey remember that really good song?

    My face:

    Purple pencil77

    My last 2 brain cells look your profile pic.

  21. Edgy Toucan

    I might be here from fortnite, but I don’t blindly hate the game nor do I worship it. It’s enjoyable, yet stop yelling at people for coming here because of it. You should be thankful it’s introducing them to this good fuckin music—

  22. Bob Sinnoy

    Ik it's not originally from it, but I'm here from madden 16

  23. Lucy Baskerville

    Okey but I actually came here because of Mob Psycho 100

  24. GIDskeleton

    This good fortnite :D

  25. Clone Trooper


    vini voadera

    The last one standyng wins

  26. Manny Rosales

    Everyone else : FORTNITE

    Me : Madden 16?

  27. Laughing Charizard Brothers

    Why would you torch a palace down in broad daylight

    Jackie Tearie

    Because the embers will look best at night.

    Laughing Charizard Brothers

    Ya for sure

  28. Henrique Triaca

    Wasn't a similar song in Need For Speed 2015?

  29. The Mr. Muffin

    I came from fortnite but I like this song

  30. kohendogg

    Underrated song for sure.

  31. disabled cat

    This song is so good but the comments ruin it about it saying OmG ThIS IS FrOM ForTnItE but hey the song from the trailer made my more hype for fortnite..bit disappointing now it's just sweaty 12 year olds and blue haired people who get salty when they get killed

  32. Jackie Tearie

    Damn this is good. The melody is harmonic minor which makes this exotic and so damn awesome.

  33. tricky potato

    If Fortnite wasn't created this weren't have so many views

  34. Kurama

    I had no idea this song was in the fortnut trailer

  35. YEET boss of the century

    Madden 15 annyone

    No one 👌

  36. KiwiPuppy 123

    2020 anyone?

  37. Arcile

    tfw I'm not here because of Fortnite, but because I got suggested to Obsession went.... Joywave.... that sounds familiar. Let's listen to more. I was not disappointed :3

  38. Charlie02

    I think i am the only person who is here because of Need For Speed 2015 :')

    Patrick REEE

    Was it in 2015 I never heard it in there


    @Patrick REEE yeah in the hills when you do drifts

  39. acydic.

    Who cares where we got the song from, it's still a banger

  40. Harjot Randhawa

    This is only popular because it was used in the fortnite ad it’s first one for battle royale

    Patrick REEE

    Well a lot of people have heard it in madden apparently

  41. Yes

    Who's here from the Madden 16 soundtrack instead of fortnite?

    Alyssa Ramirez

    Yes Madden>>>Fortnite

  42. cystic hobnob

    This picture makes me mildly terrified

  43. The RoboDrax

    1:53 since did when did rock merge with christmas music

  44. Sk4Rz _yt

    When fortnite first released this song was in the trailer. I was listening to it for a while and I seen the game and I was like oh shit lol

    Patrick REEE

    This song was out before fornite

    Patrick REEE

    Fornite didn't make it

    Sk4Rz _yt

    Patrick REEE Uhhhh no shit

    Patrick REEE

    @Sk4Rz _yt sorry read ur comment wrong bc it says "whe fornite first released this song" and then stopped reading and just commented

    Sk4Rz _yt

    Patrick REEE oh it’s cool


    They once played this 9 times in a row at a show. i.e. the entire set was just this song played 9 times back to back to back. Madlads.

  46. Sonic is proud and accepts your decisions

    What genre is this, actually?

  47. evss

    99.9% of people complaining about people being from Fortnite (i play Fortnite don’t make fun on me)
    35% people saying who is here because of the Fortnite trailer
    0.1% low key good song

  48. blackoutboy

    Joywave has to be without a doubt the most underrated band of all time.

  49. Ben Hajioff

    This ugly c.nt makes great music!

  50. Garrett

    so weird not hearing the battle bus horn at the beginning

  51. Averagio

    why are people so mad about other people from fortnite? Let people enjoy a song, if they came from a game or not.

    Patrick REEE

    no the people that think that fornite made the song get hated on

  52. Sergio GoodGame


  53. Mauricio Da Menace

    Madden 16 brought me here

  54. carlo gambino


  55. Cody Nutkiss

    2:12, best part

  56. AB i

    not here from fortnite.

  57. Artomix6

    lol I went to see thirty seconds to mars and they were opening i nearly shit a brick cause I had no clue who they were at first XD

  58. Black Lungz

    Anyone else actually not here from fortnite

  59. Sнαdσω_Blxck

    The problem is that we all here cuz this song was from a fckng 1 pure nostalgic

  60. Cucumber

    Joywave are kings

  61. rebekah pace

    actually, a bowling alley brought me here

  62. Sir Yeet

    this is one of those songs that is a bit too edgy be like I LIKE THIS ONE to friends but is legitamly a frickin banger

  63. Biyonik Eğitim

    Yeah im playing fortnite and i like it but im not coming from fortnite trailer

    *Note*: song is insane

  64. David Acosta

    Can't stop listening to this

    Its soo good🔥( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)🔥

  65. Aleksandra Mituz

    Ok so I looked up destruction because I wanted to make sure I was spelling it right and I found this.... I’m not disappointed

  66. Diego Carrillo

    Wait, If Fortnite was created 2017 which was 2 years ago... Then how in the world was this song published 2018 and was in the trailer of Fortnite which was also in 2017...


    Because when songs are wrote then dont just go strait to youtube and publish it

  67. TheLegendary_Bros1

    I know this is from the fortnite release trailer but it’s different


    This was not made by fortnite

  68. suradulsas.

    Thx chapter 1!

  69. Jordan Ayling

    Honestly that Fortnite trailer didn't make me any more interested in playing the game buy DAMN if this track isn't a certified bop!

  70. wilfredo gamboa

    Epic has always been using joywave songs on their trailer like the season 5 song... Blastofff

  71. SimplyNova

    I watched 15 seconds of a Fortnite trailer, searched the song, and now have come to really like the artist....for once I am thankful of Fortnite.

  72. jσr dч

    I didnt even know this was in a trailer? Lmao- I've known this song since before I even knew fortnite like this is so good

  73. Marvel Fanatic22

    This is actually how I feel as a freaking guy.

  74. Real Life 093-2

    Lowkey this is a good song.

    - a black hole that destroyed fortnite


    Your avatar is my lock screen wallpaper

  75. Marvel Fanatic22

    Love this so much! My super favourite band! I'm so glad that I found this band through Marvel.

  76. Dr1Ftz SFM

    Jeez I forgot this was a joywave song. I’m low key diggin it.

  77. purger5001 1

    That face tho

  78. Grizz

    *FoRtÑuT bAtTlE RoYaLe*

  79. spongebob square pants

    poopy caca

  80. Shari Ranic

    Best song ever!!! I love it. 😃👍

  81. Mr AutismO

    Back when fortnite was actually good

    Ben Turtles

    Bruh it’s Still good just play it.
    I’m not one of those salty fortnite kids I just say give it a chance

    Mr AutismO

    Ben Turtles its not

    Ben Turtles

    Mr AutismO ok whatever you say

  82. ツHidTheBush

    Frozen to the core. Season X confirmed

  83. かずみkazumi

    This is such a good song.

  84. denis lheureux

    Yes we have to get the dogs 🐶 I wanna day is a great 👍🏻 morning for a great 👍🏻 was your chance of rain 🌧 I D last time was a little too early in this week but it wasn’t too late but it’s not a bad idea 💡 I wanna I want you and you know I have to get you guys and you have done ✅ the time we have done ✅ it right and you can do better but you know I have to say yes but it’s a little hard but it’s so fun I spammed outdo text buttons on the right

  85. Alyssa Ramirez

    Such good memories of hearing this song while playing Madden 16

  86. No Name

    If you are here from Fortnite, don’t like this comment.

    S11 Snowflake

    Kic Vazuto 2 no one cares where you came from, do you think the creators do

    No Name

    S11 Snowflake stop being rude, a comment is not even a big deal.

    S11 Snowflake

    Kic Vazuto 2 well I’m not from Fortnite anyways, I saw blastoff and then got recommended this

  87. SDBadIK

    Teacher: Test is not that hard.

  88. Toy Jeremy

    Song from fortnite battle Royale release trailer


    This wasnt made by fortnite


    SHUT. UP.

  89. lupan

    i'll be honest , when i heard this on the fortnite trailer i immediately liked this song . it fits so well with the trailer aswell


    lupan stfu


    Bodacious_jev no u

  90. ronin ronan

    Use me as a "Found this fantastic piece on spotify randomly, and not from garbage ass fortnite" button.

  91. Angelyn Wiley

    Is the GREATEST song.



  92. Bodacious_jev

    This makes me rage like lazarbeam does how people go *FOrTnItE foRtNIte forTNitE* but it’s origins were madden and yet it gets popular from the dumb game idk it just bothers me

  93. SnoFox

    Yeah fortnite brought me here but it is a good song don’t lie

  94. Emilio Mackie

    Great song 😊