Joyner Lucas - Words With Friends Lyrics

(How 'bout swag?)
Fuck a swag or being wavy, my practice is being different
You lacking and need attention, I'm rapping in three dimensions
I killed the Seed of Chucky, he back just to seek a vengeance
I slash his Achilles tendons

(Yo what about cars?)
Mitsubishis, Hyundais and Kias
Range Rovers, Hyundais, a Lexus
Suzuki, Toyota Prius
Mercedes, Bugattis, Porsches
More shit I just can't afford, when I see you I'm taking yours
You don't open, I'm breaking doors and I broke 'em

The streets is tattle-telling, cats revealing
Half 'em killing, half 'em dealing
Strapped and peeling
Blaaat, Kill 'em
They trap us
Send the coppers at them niggas trapped in prison
Cause these bastards tell'em, that's a bad decision

They devious, beautiful, sexy
Intelligent, back-bone, sneaky
Deceitful, envy
Argumentative, territorial with lots of fetishes
Emotional creatures who like leathery baller benefits

(What about politics?)
Fucking whack, the U.S. is under attack
The whole nation is under scrutiny, psychological foolery
TV is filled with coonery, guess it's cool to be that
It's a shame the reason we voted Obama is cause he's black

Joyner Lucas, I'm spitting shit out the air
Kicking alphabetical schemes, and I smack the shit out of words
Slam you on the street, tell them you got hit by the curb
I can take the Hit out of ler, I can take your bitch out of her

(What about food?)
Fried chicken and roasted coyle, with fish smothered in oil
With onions and pass the foil
Some cabbage, candy yams
Smoked ribs and a fucking wrap, and two mikes
A female groupie and some actress as Angela Bassett

(What about your favorite rappers?)
Black thought, Slim Shady, K. Lamar
Joe Budden, J. Stylez, P, Nas
Plenty more, Lauryn Hill, Mos Def
Farrahman, Kweli, Kanye
Method Man, Jay-Z, Beanie Sieg, me

(What about kids?)
Innocent, rowdy plus curious
Rambunctious peer pressure
Funny ones, smart ones
Even some who lack guidance, act violent, troublesome
They need love, they need us, they need what, they need

(What about drugs?)
Ecstasy, coke, 2 acid tablets
Some reefer, that's THC for my speakers
I'm PCPing, some bleach and some DVDs
I buy shrooms and some oxycotins
Some crystal meth on this beat, got you smoking crack in your seat

Wordplay, play with words
Even if the words play
Tetris like a puzzle, puzzle stretching like I'm exercising
Exercising when I'm taxi driving, driving texting while I'm whiling texting
Til they pull me over give me breathalyzers
Tempers rising, textin bitches
Letters like I'm emphasizing, emphasizing by the size of envy put them em inside
Step aside, keep it in this verse put your friend aside
That's what I learned, never mind if ever I should tell a lie
Then tell a lie, when you see him
I've been seeing devil's eyes, eyes devil red and God told me that the devil died
Lamborghini diablo, Devil dare me to devil die
Right off the cliff, satanic strip until the genocide
Of Free Masons and ask Mason if he choose the Devil side
Illuminate the Illuminati, not even rep a lie
My repertoire get the pot of gold, kill the Leprachaun
In Lebanon with my sweater rhymes for the second time

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Joyner Lucas Words With Friends Comments
  1. Happy boi Koupier

    People: “he’s not that black”

    Joyner: “Hold my fried chicken”

  2. Christian Valencia

    Pushes blunt away but has a cigarette in ear

  3. Nowicki Jacob

    This shot is still fucking fire first vid I ever watched of this guy so glad he got big 🔥❤

  4. Paul Thompson

    I come back to this every time

  5. MrDnbfreak

    Concept taken from ab souls writers block song??!!hrrrmm lol very close

  6. 0 0

    I’ve been fucking with joyner since this video dropped i’m glad to see he’s as popular as he is now :)

  7. MrDnbfreak

    Joyner could of spit way more fire over this badass beat

  8. lifetodeath Bryson

    This video is epic

  9. KnownCharacterMan

    Thumbs down for what ?

  10. Dark ChillZ

    Damn he looked so different

  11. Earl Butler

    Back in the day, Joyner gold every look look suckers

  12. Michael Parenteau

    No one knows about this hidden gem feels bad

    0 0

    Michael Parenteau ikr lol

  13. McChEeZeGrAdEr

    Og fans

  14. Access Viewz

    Damn son!!

  15. Eddy Ramon

    Where are the real day one fans at seen this 4 years ago and most of his fans don’t even know about this


    Eddy Ramon fr seen this on Facebook a minute back

    Cody Shaw

    I remember showin people this and them bein blown away. Then joyner season came and got noticed not remembering how dope this dudes been for so long.

    David Chavez

    Came across this back when I was searching Apollo Brown beats and seen Future Joyner now look at Joyner, anyone listen to his Lps?

    Matt Brigham

    @David Chavez I've heard everything he has on the Internet all platforms all songs and features.

  16. Script Kiddy

    Duuuuuude what the fuck !!! That was soooo DOPE !!!

  17. ImpKing72

    Joyner is one of the best, if not the best, new school rappers.

  18. CJ Morales

    If it wasnt for facebook 4 years ago i probably wouldnt have heard of him

  19. JohnnyJchrome

    Reminds me of the freestyle with Paul Rosenberg giving words to Eminem, it was called First word freestyle from back in the day and Joyner used the role model instrumental on gone in 4 minutes. It was only logical for them to finally collaborate on "Lucky you".

  20. Michael Strong

    fucking fire

  21. jody



    King los did it first no beat so so ah OK😒😒

    Grace Peters

    STRAIERA SWIFT king los is an amazing rapper no doubt but joyner is incredible as well. mad respect to both ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  23. Kamren Murphy

    How tf have I not heard of this? How tf when I tell fools bout this they dont know what tf I'm talkin bout. Greatest rappers nowadays are the ones that are underrated asf. Hip-Hop is so fucking fake anymore bro.

  24. ashraf

    Idk if this is off the top or not.

    Andrew A

    It is. Check tory lanez and joyner 6 min freestyle. Both good and fast

  25. Myk illmatic Beatz 13

    "I can take the "hit" out of "ler" whoa....

  26. Kenny Rapata

    ohh shit dis is the shit ma homie

  27. jordan stark

    This song is like my little secret lmao


    Same. I still keep coming back, lol.

    Paul Thompson

    Bro forreal lol


    Yo, I'm still here. 😂

  28. Jacob Terkel

    Wordplay at 2:51 thank me later

  29. Jason Martinez

    FIRE!! Lyrical monster ...

  30. Paul Thompson

    This shit still my favorite

  31. Abdul Salaam

    YOGA 🔥🔥🔥

  32. Pablo Rodriguez

    Holy fuck this fire

  33. Duke6881

    I'm mad that this is so slept on..

  34. pain334982

    why does this not have a million views lol

    Camrin Swanson

    pain334982 Joyner is a modern legend💯

  35. pain334982

    why isn't this on joyners channel


    He deleted lots of old music videos.

    joyner lucas fan guillen

    This is when he was future Joyner

    Chris Wyatt

    Damn shame

  36. Vickitra Winzer

    Man joyer I need more music from you damn ur shir is banging keep it coming

  37. Stephen Maroon

    Two people hate music.

  38. VBA

    Hungry ass nigga said food lmao.. Joyner still spitted that fire.

  39. Maxx Forman

    I directed this video it had 600k+ views on my channel before it got taken down


    The original had 600k+ views before it was taken down


    Why did it get taken down? I notice a lot of old Joyner videos disappear

    guacamole nigga penis

    @ChibiMysticGohan say hello to adele wasnt that old and even that was taken down tf

  40. xengq55

    Straight 🔥 Real Hip Hop✊🏿

  41. joyner lucas fan guillen

    how do they choose logic over Joyner not hating on logic just Joyner lucas should get more attention than logic


    Bryson Waldron nah man joyners alright but he just doesnt give of the same vibe that made old logic so good

    lifetodeath Bryson

    @bliss go listen to that then quit your bitching lol

    joyner lucas fan guillen

    @bliss joyner alright you really dont know him like that than wake tf up and stop sleeping on him

    Bjorn Cedergreen

    joyner lucas fan guillen Facts


    @bliss have you not heard his supermarket album garbage dude could make good music 3 years ago

  42. vincent escalona

    Is a Fucking Monster in the rap game..........This Song is wicked as hell

  43. Hazeboy ?

    Hearing this now in my recommendations but 9,000 views while his new stuff over millions

  44. Chimaobi Ezeaghasi

    fuck mie!!!

  45. Carl van Heerden

    Any idea who produced this?

    Young GamingLife

    Carl van Heerden kelakovski - storm



  46. emeli anemone

    thank tha' lawd there are zero shitheads who have come across this yet. he's a fucking beast.

  47. Uchawi Beatz

    That beat though

  48. BerlinBourne

    Song Starts: 0:57

    How has this one not blown up?? It's so damn sick. I always come back to this one.

    John Roberts

    BerlinBourne You NEVER skip Joyner videos dude. Don't tell people that. Lol


    John Roberts 🤣🤣🤣

    MC Hammer daddy

    Fast forward to today he's featured on Eminems album and killing the game rn


    @MC Hammer daddy he's blown up man

    MC Hammer daddy

    @Bardock real shit. Im from Boston and he's doing Worchester proud

  49. Elijah Lear

    crazy, people been sleepin on em for too long

    Luis Rodriguez

    and now they act like they were always a fan people make me laugh

    Elijah Lear

    Luis Rodriguez fr