Joyner Lucas - Happy Birthday Lyrics

Don't you stare me down
You know I'm rude
Why the fuck you looking at me like you so confused?
You really make me sick my nigga if you only knew
I swear to God I wish you wasn't born and it wasn't no excuse
Cause I don't want to raise you
I really fucking hate you
I wish I ain't have to take you
I ain't trying to educate you
Yo, this really fucking sucks
And your mothers fucking nuts
I had my whole life figured out
Leave it to you to fuck it up
Man shut the fuck up!
What you crying for?
Looking at me like you love me
What you lying for?
Why you want to try me for?
Blow your fucking candles out
Enjoy that cake I got you, for your stupid little birthday that everyone's so exited for
Except me
Shit I dare you to disrespect me when you grow up
That's gonna be the last time you ever swell up
Fuck you thought
Everything was perfect
Now its fucking lost
And its all your fault
Happy Birthday Nigga

(Happy Birthday to you)
(Happy Birthday to you)
(Happy Birthday to you)

Sometimes I wanna kill myself so I don't have to deal wit' you
I know it sounds harsh but I'm just being real wit' you
And I ain't looking forward to none of that father shit
I ain't got time for that type of shit
And your mom ain't gonna like this
But we ain't
Shooting no hoops
Flying kites
We ain't riding bikes
I hope you get your ass beat
I ain't teaching you how to fight
I ain't here to kiss you goodnight
I don't care to give you advice about girls
I hope you get your heart broken for dear life
I fucking hate you!...
And I know that its wrong
Sometimes I wanna explain but I don't know where to start
Cause you won't understand even if I told you my thoughts
Cause even when its light
I feel like I'm alone and its dark
My mind keeps racing fast
I can't bear with this pain I have
I can't stand you
And I hate the fact that you just a mistake
And that's just what the fuck you was
Everything was perfect
Now its fucking lost
And its all your fault
Happy Birthday Nigga


Shit I wanted to be a father so bad, I would give it all
Just to have my baby sit in my arms while I'm holding on
And to feel that beautiful feeling of love for my first born
Even play you the first song, that you hear when you first come
I loved your fucking mother so much I would give my heart
To be down to death do us part
Till I drown in a fucking pond
Till I burn in a blazing building
Apartment fire with bombs
Till I crash a Mercedes car, by a drunk drive on broad
With seven heaters on me
And then she fucking cheated on me
Drinking with her friends
And they didn't wanna leave the party
Got drunk and had sex
I ain't even see it coming
And then we find out she was pregnant
And she keeping secrets from me
This don't make sense
And I felt my fucking heart cave in
The baby not mine
The paternity test came in
And the love is gone
Everything was perfect
Now its fucking lost
And its all your fault
Happy Birthday Motherfucker

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Joyner Lucas Happy Birthday Comments
  1. King James

    This is still 1 of my Favorite Songs, Joyner is a legend at his craft. You believe everything he is saying and there is nobody else like him. 100% 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. anonymousgamer

    this song hit me in the feels

  3. Lewis Garner

    Every time I watch this video it breaks my fucking heart 💔

  4. Narkita Scruggs


  5. Milancutiepie World

    This video was so sad it was just a baby what a shame

  6. _That One Person_

    Holy shit that god damn twist got me

  7. Mani Hill

    This song is fucked up!

  8. mercury

    bro heart broken for life:(


    that's deep

  9. Cringe 69420

    Haha Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself

  10. Yvng Cartel

    This was made on my moms birthday

  11. Alfred Etienne

    Why u are a rude father I know it’s a viedo but u can’t say bad words to ur child that’s very rude and u can’t said these nasty word that are not for kids that’s very rude to hit a child or a baby like if u haved this now the father wanna be nice rude parents

    Savage J _[•The Benevolent One•]_

    Could you shut your dumb ass up? Thanks

  12. КEVIN ÐÑ

    moder fuck

  13. Christopher Walls

    I like how I can relate to this just from last year. Fuck my life

  14. Daniel hates life rn

    Same thing my dad said basically hate that muther fucker

  15. game's freak

    damn..this song gives me the chills

  16. Jacob Diz

    Preach 👌👌

  17. slikfcgk

    I like this song but it would be better if It didn’t have that crying baby part tbh lol

  18. Anthony Ocampo

    is this real

    Anthony Ocampo

    I'm crying

  19. Ceonni Besteder


  20. Ceonni Besteder

    That's sad and mean

  21. Amr _2TH1

    i feel bad for baby

  22. Wreathlings // Jenny Dow

    This song is a metaphor for over indulging on pizza.

  23. splashgod100

    This 2 this day is still his best song in my opinion

  24. Amiyah Coleman

    guys why does that look like gabriel fernandez from the abusive parents {im so sorry gabriel for this}

  25. Morgan Dawson

    Um if its not his kid why isn't the kid white

  26. Livana Ras


  27. Bad Koala

    Am I the only one that finds the beat disturbing? It really sets the mood for the song.

  28. quee layah hawkins

    Is this real

  29. Aidan Vinson

    I cried my eyes out at this I hate seeing innocent people being hurt

  30. Kameron Blackfox

    Part 2?

  31. Rahlee Price

    This was sad

  32. kaliyah green

    Why make this wtf joyner

    Chris Priolo

    kaliyah green he was a bloke who loved his wife, and thought he got her pregnant and was exited for this kid. Realised it’s not his kid, she cheated on him and everything he wanted and had crashed. He then took em both in and raised the kid.

    The song has a meaning it don’t mean everything he says in the song he means though.

    Try and understand it before accusing

  33. Alex Warnke

    And Nick Cannon really thinks he's the new Pac.

  34. Teresa Brown

    This is so scary i hope. He realy love his kids

  35. Camargo Rodriguez Dillan

    I'm crying at 4:22😭😭😭😭😭

  36. china collins

    Joyner Lucas looks like Chris Brown and drake mix together

  37. china collins

    You look like Chris brown

  38. Someone Random

    At first I was laughing cause he litteraly Told a child
    “Happy birthday Nigga”
    I don’t know why but I laughed at that shit
    But at the End my Emotional Dumbass Was trying time hold back tears and my eyes were burning😹😹😹😹🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Isiah Ochoa JR

    What the fuck he’s a fucking baby

  40. anna withers

    You already know that nigga dead when he see who answers the door


    this song has so much more meaning behind it than the lyrics.

  42. Sky Cloudt86

    Feel like this is how my step father felt about me most our life together....

    Ally Jiggetts

    only the first part is how my step dad feels

  43. Noah Morrison

    This man is dissing on a baby

  44. Pascal Meijboom

    Still masterpiece in Storytellin.

  45. dustins fish tanks

    I absolutely understand this song but the demeanor of it as tours a child that did nothing wrong

  46. Charles Sturdivant

    Feel every word

  47. Terz

    bro could you imagine being 11, searching your dad's name on the internet and seeing this shit from 2015? god damn

  48. DatBoiMichael 13

    I got five on it?

  49. U4RIA - Coolguy8623

    reminds me of someone i used to know...

  50. samaria baby love Robison chans

    At the last one new your nice and sorry

  51. samaria baby love Robison chans

    Cute Baby

  52. samaria baby love Robison chans

    Your So mean I'm so nice

  53. Tonya Hall

    He's mean I hate him

  54. jania,s world

    The part where he was sitting on the bed the baby is eyes were burning because of the candles 😣😿😿😭😭😭😫😭😿

  55. Marianny Peguero

    If this is your kid I fell bad then cause that kid don’t deserve that type of love or behavior I don’t care if it’s just for the video when the kids sees this video he gonna wish he never met you

    Nickolas Fujii

    But that's most likely not his kid. And you are misunderstanding the message of the song.

  56. Kids Tunes

    That's tuff

  57. Fancy Colt

    As a former baby. I take offense to this.

  58. BunBun subliminals

    Is this true God!!! I could never do that to a baby😨😨😢

  59. H Yellow

    Baby: *cries*

    Joyner: I’m boutta end this mans whole career

  60. jania,s world

    That is wrong

  61. Layla Abdi


  62. Layla Abdi


  63. Dragon_Mind125

    I hope his actual kid doesnt see this lmao

  64. samaria baby love Robison chans

    Caz its a video😈👿😱😵😡😠😳😰😢😭😦😧😨😩😬🤧☹️😖🤧☹️🙁🤧☹️🙁😖🤧☹️🙁😖😞😟😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😵😳😱😰😢😭

  65. samaria baby love Robison chans

    Wall I won't to but I can't.

  66. samaria baby love Robison chans

    Just kidding,.😑😶🙄🙄🙄🙄

  67. samaria baby love Robison chans

    🤫🤭🥺😥😓😨😩😬😱😰😢😭😭😭😭😭😱😭😱😭😱😭😱😭cant hit babies.I'm calling 911

  68. samaria baby love Robison chans

    The other man is talking good care to the BABY BUT YOUR NOT

    xxxlh 52

    Eyyyy i found that one dumbass that did not understand the song and thinks the video is real.

  69. samaria baby love Robison chans

    I have a little BABY AND I TALK CAR ABOUT HER

  70. samaria baby love Robison chans

    I can take her.🤬🤬🤬

  71. Nykisha Leonard

    Is this rill or not cus it look like you do not like him

  72. lølø Gãçhã

    This is petty😢 I fill so bad

  73. samaria baby love Robison chans

    So mean I love Babys

  74. samaria baby love Robison chans

    Aww shes cut I HATE YOU THATS MY BABY


    amazing story

  76. Anjelina Salgado

    Mane is dec 17,2019 finna b 2020 n im still rockin to dis shi n yk what watching all his videos still make me cry even if i seen em 102827272839382938 times.

  77. SkullGamer 102

    Truth hurts

  78. Kyonna

    This made me cry.

  79. Jamal Huntley

    Yo that shit is heartbreakin bro 🤦🏿‍♂️ im in a situation like this im goin to get the test done soon

  80. Jacquise Sheppard

    I swear he needs a part 2 to this video.🤧

  81. Jq Quinn

    What’s it about??

  82. thabo gaoathole

    you real bro..i feel u day and night.

  83. Nikki Kelley

    No one should ever tell their kids that .... all kids deserve to be treated with love and bond

  84. Nikki Kelley

    Wow next time if no one wants a child then keep ur legs closed


    It’s not his kid 😂

  85. Near Omen

    My depression/anxiety/self-consciousness talking to the part of me that's just trying to make it through the day

  86. Shanice Simpson


  87. Damian Perez

    Respect the little kid Joyner!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Yo_stewiee Jr

    What is this song about

  89. Feather White

    It's child abuse

  90. Lyric Kid

    We need a pt2

  91. alex lopez

    That is harsh

  92. Jaden Minter

    I don’t listen to rap much anymore.. I love the Lord and am putting away worldly ways.. but I love what your doing..your different ,you say something that matters , I just watched your abortion video.. I’m not sure how I feel about the beginning of it.. but I loved the rest bc it was honest and raw and I’m pro life and that’s a huge thing for me, I’m Christian, ive also had abortion in my youth.. but God has used my sin for me to share with others so they can see another side.. I want to stop the murdering of our babies...that’s what you didn’t act like it was ok and you knew it was messed up.. Thank God, bc the youth today don’t even think anything is wrong with killing their babies.. that kills me, when I did it almost killed me, the guilt shame and regret almost ate me alive.. the regret.. it’s something you can never ever take back...but this generation is the most selfish generation.. so desensitized to sin, they talk about abortion like it’s nothing.. the devil has blinded their minds.. the world has turned on Jesus and broken the first commandment.. IDOLATRY.. creating a God in their minds that suits them.. that allows them to do whatever they please.. this new age religion mess, as long as you love it teaches, as long as you love.. it doesn’t matter what you believe ... that is a lie..the devil is very tricky and underestimated.. Jesus said when asked, what is the most important of the commandments that #1.. is to love the Lord God with all your heart and soul and your mind.. (Jesus is Lord )( Jesus is God John 1...) the second is to love thy neighbor as thy self.. that’s the second not the first commandment.. I love what you did with racism, abortion, Use your platform and bring the youth back to Jesus.. they need him baddd.. ( I’m on my daughters YouTube)❤️✝️🙏I probably should of put the comment on the abortion video I just watched

    xxxlh 52

    I cba to read that shit but i think you Are thinking right. I dont like abortion either which i think was the message of this comment?

  93. Light Sub

    It feels , Eminem's story tbh

  94. Nathan Strang

    only 165k likes? wtf guys bring it up

  95. Montasia Richmond

    Do he mean it if you do I if bad for that baby