Joyner Lucas - Forever Lyrics

I know you don't understand my words but you will eventually
You will eventually
Some day
One day

I know you don't understand my words but you will eventually
And when you get older I hope you don't hold this shit against me
I hope you understand I love you more than life itself
And this is nothin' but your daddy's thoughts when he was feelin' empty

And everything ain't always what it seems like on the outside
I fought so many tears so that you would never see the outcry
I never wanted kids until I lived and went through hard times
And became a man that fell in love with someone that my heart finds
But you know how that shit go
Young and reckless, different women part time
And I wasn't ready for that life yet, I was in my dark prime
Me and your moms ain't get along and she gave me a hard time
I really think that we just crossed paths at the wrong time
I wasn't happy when she said she was pregnant
Probably the worst news of my life, that shit was so depressing
I told her she should get an abortion and I really meant it
I'm sorry that I said that shit, yo I was trippin'

I know you don't understand my words but you will eventually
And when you get older I hope you don't hold this shit against me
I'm sorry, yo

And I never wanted a broken home to raise you from a distance
Yeah I'll admit it, I was scared of that type of commitment
Even hopes of a miscarriage, anything bad that could happen
That'd get me out of that situation, I was livid
I felt like shit about my thoughts, that wasn't me, I'm different
Plus I was dealing with some demons that I couldn't live with
I told her she should get an abortion and I really meant it

I know you don't understand my words but you will eventually
And when you get older I hope you don't hold this shit against me
Hope you don't hate me, I was selfish, I hope you forgive me
Hope you forgive me

And I still remember your baby shower like it was yesterday
And to your mom it was special, me, just another day
I wish that you could see the pictures, all the fake phony smilin'
Had to pretend that I was happy, deep down I was cryin'
Ma asked if I was okay, I turned around and looked away
I was dryin' all my tears, look back to say yeah
I was lyin', goddamn, how the hell I get here?
This is it, this supposed to be my life
This ain't how I pictured it
I never felt so damn alone, but it was more than often
One of the worst days of my life, and I ain't even lyin'
We argued when we came home, I blame myself for all this
I think that I was holding a grudge 'cause she ain't get an abortion
I'm sorry

And I know you can't understand my words but you will eventually
And when you get older I hope you don't hold this shit against me
I can't believe I tried to hurt you, I hope you forgive me
Please, please

And everything ain't always what it seems like on the outside
I fight so many tears so that you would never see the outcry
I sacrifice my life so you could live it
Peace, want to give you things my father couldn't give to, me
I think I was raised wrong, and that's just what it is to me
And if you ask him then his ass gon' probably disagree
But whatever, whatever
And nothing's ever made me cry as much as you, I swear
Your smile gives me motivation and some new ideas
My worst fear is always you not knowing who I am
'Cause I been on the road dreamchasing for you out here
I was the first thing that you opened your eyes to
And the last one that you said goodnight to
I went home and cried to
And I bawled my eyes out, and then watched you
Glad I got you, that's a blatant fact
And every negative thing I said I swear I take it back

I know you don't understand my words but you will eventually
And when you get older I hope you don't hold this shit against me
I hope you understand I love you more than I love myself
And this is nothin' but your daddy's thoughts when he was feelin' empty

I was feelin' empty
I been feelin' empty
I put my emotions in this music when I'm feelin' empty
I hope you forgive me
Please, please

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Joyner Lucas Forever Comments
  1. Uproar King

    Ppl who keep watching joyner lucas diffrent song videks cuz their 🔥

  2. Brittany Franks


  3. Pleo, The crap artist

    This song is the polar opposite to his song Happy Birthday

  4. Glooby The memester

    2020 gang where y’all at

  5. Valiant Lerroy


  6. Tristan Pope

    Who tf is disliking this shit and literally why, there is no reason to

  7. Chris Gamer.1

    i miss my kidness :(

  8. Thanos

    I fucking balled my eyes out to this

  9. Lil TicTac

    Is that 11 from stranger things when they playin operation?

  10. Vincent Sabatini

    This is how I felt with my daughter. But shes the best thing that ever happened to me. Shes the only thing I have worth living for.

  11. Nathan Pullen

    It takes a real man to speak the truth

  12. Jordan Simmons


  13. 9okline Bitfh

    This shit so deep

  14. akaLee

    4:15 you see the camera in the reflection :o

  15. JJ thraud08

    Who else tried calling the number?

  16. Asian Ito

    amazing rapper man, super emotional, especially since it really happened. He really puts his true emotions in his music

  17. Kendrick Richmond-Haven

    Every time is like the first time i heard it hands down best song☝💙💯💯💯💯

  18. Feliper

    My real father left when I was being born 😂. All I got is my step dad, the man who stepped up to be there for me. Thanks dad 😀

  19. Jr Cummings

    Yo had a a baby girl late in my life was scared but 3 years later she is the love of my life kids don’t ask to b in this world shit happens live laugh an show love

  20. Ivelyss Gonzalez

    Is it just me or did anyone else watch one song and then just start watching every other song and look through the comments

    Just me ok...

    CeeJay JAG

    Ivelyss Gonzalez exactly what I’ve been doing😂

  21. ZaneMain

    So I'm not even 24 and I'm a father to a 3 year old little girl, my baby mama is older than I am and when she got pregnant I had no idea what to do, my life was over. I asked her if she would get an abortion and she said no, and i hated her for it but I didnt push it. That little girl is the best thing that has ever happened to me, I'm not with the baby mama anymore but I've since gotten a new, better job, gone back to school to finish my degree and have my daughter every week, I couldnt ask for a better little girl and she'll never know my first thought was to kill her, it hurts me everytime I see her smile that I wanted to do that to her, people its time to grow up and handle your business, it might be a lot better than you think, stop running away from your problems, face them, thank you for reading

  22. Jade Welch

    *I love how he pains the picture. I’ve never been pregnant or anything but I got emotional listening to this. I do to a few of his songs. It’s like he puts ME in HIS position. Even though we’ve come from different races and countries (I’m from England) he’s truly amazing!!*

  23. Kyle Arends

    This is deep...😔🎶

  24. Nathaniel Harris

    Only 14M views ? That's crazy

  25. That_white _burrito

    I thought the number was Joyner phone ;-;

  26. stowers kendrick

    I listen to this everyday goddamn
    Who out here in 2020?

  27. Amiyah Coleman

    that baby is sooo cute{leave a like if his babay is really cute}

  28. cheyenne and santana

    This shyt hit me .. smh I'll always be ur friend 11:17pm dec31 2019

  29. Billie The Kidd

    Joyner speaks for the Truth!!!!!!

  30. Ale Rea

    His mom is white?

    nikola zazzoslki

    He is mixed for sure but I doubt it

  31. ShotZ

    First time paying real attention and spotted the camera rig in the reflection at 4:16, unreal video and song though <3

  32. TooSus

    "And I know you can't understand my words but you will eventually
    And when you get older I hope you don't hold this shit against me
    I can't believe I tried to hurt you, I hope you forgive me
    Please, please" I am 17 years old and my son was born On Dec. 24 2019. I always choke up listening to this cause every word is true. I love my son cause without him I'll pry wont be here. Just looking at him gives me that sense of everything will be okay..

  33. Noah Lindley

    This song is great!!!!

  34. SJ Francis

    Damn how’d I miss this gem 💎

  35. F0 Twanky

    Your one of those artist who make humans better humans

  36. Callum61921

    So Joyner had a son that became a doctor and then he stopped the woman from getting the abortion because he could see she wasn't sure she wanted to go through with it

  37. Audi Sanchez

    I was 14 when I got pregnant and this is exactly how I felt. I was lost. I was stressed. Mental illness got the best of me...but the day my baby boy was born everything was different. As I saw him take his first breathe, laugh, crawl....I just couldn't do anything but love him....and all the horrible things I wanted to do i took it back. I saw what a beautiful soul I created and tooke everything back. I couldn't be a happier mother..

    Nowakowski Boys

    Audi Sanchez wait

    nikola zazzoslki

    @Nowakowski Boys That is what im saying jesus Christ

  38. Boka V

    Who else like before watching the video.

  39. Zacharie St-Pierre

    while its a nice song and message, i think abortion is good. too many children hurting in world because the parents arent ready, able to support them or even hate and resent them. abortion is better then suffering which leads to more suffering and over-population. teen pregnancies and rape-babies should be aborted unless the mother has amazing resolve.

  40. UHH PvP

    This is a struggle for man and woman not just men. Abortion is mind boggling numbers right now because many feel hopless men and woman. Keep ur heads ur not hopeless kids are a blessing. Keep it up joyner lucas real mc

  41. Joshua mari De duque

    been a fan of him since 2015 joyner is unique

  42. vypex

    this man isnt Tupac for all ..

  43. scouse420

    Up in mans feelins listenin to this my little bros favourite rapper may he rest in peace n my ex aborted my kid without me knowin wish she never did 😥

  44. BobertRK

    Is that the same girl from witt lowry Move On please let me know

  45. T mac

    I'm currently going though something similar thank you so much ur music helps me in so many ways bless up

  46. Rick Sanchez

    Is that number for like scuiscid??

  47. Sara S

    Da lil baby so cute 😍♥️

  48. PUBGMobi Jr

    My mam doesn't even ask if I'm okay for me to clear the tears and say yeah she just ignores me and let's me cry

  49. Danielle Reeder

    Was that his real son in beginning???

  50. Gage Velasquez

    right in the fucking feels, cant explain how much i relate to this jam

  51. Kim Grüter

    Hey camera guy 4:15

  52. ROME Moore

    His sons so cute

    nikola zazzoslki

    I don't think that is his son


    Did drake sample this? Sounds like do not disturb

  54. Kamari Lowell

    Honestly in my opinion Joyner, is one of the most talented rappers of this new generation and if he dies anytime soon I feel as though music would be pointless. To me, I think there are only around 20 Great artists, and Joyner is Prolly top, if not a close second, it's so amazing to see that my favorite rapper that is so sadly deceased, XXXTENTACION, and Joyner has made a song together. It fills me with so much joy because, If he was still alive I believe that they would have made millions.

  55. theforce iscalling

    This song hit me hard as fuck the first time I heard it. Word for word this was me 8 yrs ago. Every god damn word. I’m glad my daughter was never aborted. I can’t picture life without her.

  56. Sinocio

    Say hello to the cameraman at 4:14 :)

  57. xMastoWx

    My momma got pregnant at 16 and didn't abort the child. She was forced to drop outta high school to provide for him. The man who got her pregnant ended up leaving her, or she left him, I don't really know. Either way they split. That kid's life was tough as hell. He would spend days away from home, he was a troubled kid. My momma would still check in on him, because of just how much she loved him. Today, he's got a 5 year old niece that he's fighting for custody over, but he busts his ass to provide for the ones he loves. That kid is my older brother. He's 20 years older than me, and I'm 16 writin this. Up until this song I didn't think twice about abortions, but this made me realize how different my life would be if everyone thought like I used to. I'm thankful for him, thankful for my mom, and thankful for Joyner who helped me realize my hypocrisy.

  58. teni olayinka

    Quick question why does he always put that number in his title?

  59. Justin Trueheart

    We need you Fam.

  60. Lavell Goodwin

    Can somebody please share this message to drake for the sake of His born son

  61. willie hoof

    That's adorable

  62. Bozz Montant

    Trully I don’t understand why someone would hate a song like this.WTF

    Logan Jacobs

    because it makes them cry

  63. 《Lushen Axeed》 The Cooler King

    I still don't see the big deal with abortion...its a life but many fail to understand the physical, mental, and financial stress of a child and who the fuck wants to have a kid they aren't ready for only to give it away or be a shitty parent? Like yeah, keep your legs close or keep it in your pants but humans are very fickle beings and such an ideal isn't in everyone's mind. Probably gonna get disliked for this but if Joyner was still struggling off some real shit, who are you or anyone to judge his wish for an abortion he just ain't ready chief.

  64. Helsor 666

    I hate people that are like oh abortions are murder. ITS NOT LIKE ITS THE GIRLS FAULT. THEY ALSO COULD OF GOT RAPED AND DIDN'T WANT KID BC OF IT. jesus christ people

  65. Jason Pittman

    vote pro life

  66. Person Human

    I hate to say I feel like this for my 8 month little brother, I am the one stuck with him and my mom didnt want to be responsible father is gone so now I'm the fucking father

  67. Irvin Perez

    Nahhh this song was it

  68. mowmibaryl

    I wish i could have dad... cancer took him from me


    So sorry 😞

  69. Kayde00lol

    I cried in some of the parts...

  70. Anil Sharma

    RESPECT MAN! 🙏🙏🙏❤

  71. ronnie ybarra

    Be yourself and he will be himself

  72. BH73PL

    I LOVE this song. I genuinely don’t understand the end of the video though. What happened???

  73. Collin Milam

    Some of his songs make me tear up

  74. Ryden Savage

    Fuck this song hits me in some of the deepest places of my soul Especially 3:21 Holy shit

  75. Ali WayTV

    Will women ever appreciate men like us, we not bad people but we do got issues I felt this! sincerely -Real Man 💯

  76. shakeel losper

    started crying hen i heard this, happy tears , i have son , another one on the way, with the female drama on the side , thanks joyner sorry for only listening to this now , thank you

  77. Mollar Lastborn

    His skill is 2 tite he can rap about politics love and getto lifestyle

  78. Randy McDade

    I randomly found this song maybe a month ago and it stuck with me. Anyways. I have been with this girl for about 7 months. She recently told me she was pregnant. And i told her get an abortion. I had so many dark thoughts abt how i want the pregnancy to mess up. It makes me so sick that i thought those things. I have the privilege to experience what life is truly about: New Life. I am so sorry to you my child. Daddy is gonna make sure you will have the greatest quality of life. I promise.. I hope you forgive for what i thought. I love you so much💜💜💜💜💜. May 2020 can't get here fast enough

  79. Tenesha Gatson

    He always make good music very impactful and heartfelt

  80. Trademark. x


  81. Truex beats

    I love this song because when I have a son I want him and me be like this

  82. SuperCam 2105

    I relate to this song. when i found out my girl was pregnant i told her to get an abortion and i dont even believe in abortions. Ive regret that those words ever came out of my mouth my baby girl has been one of the greatest blessings in my life.

  83. Lets Talk About It

    Waist man tune this is

  84. Serenity Violet

    My daughters dad told me not to keep her because we weren’t happy.. 3 years later she’s right by my side day in & day out without her dads help... but wants to claim “worlds best dad” 😔😔😔 hasn’t even tried to see her or ask about for 2 years! I wish he would listen to this song & realize!!

  85. Austin Orcutt

    It’s been a minute since I’ve heard this. It gave me chills. I love you Joyner. Thank you.

  86. Real Raw and Random

    I had a abortion in October 99. It haunts me, to this day. I say forgive me daily. Respect Joyner. It's a hard decision, it's not like you wanna kill your child. I was raped, and young. I have a tattoo and a name for him, they wouldn't tell me the sex, so I named him river, I feel it was a boy. River. I hope when I go to the other side, i hope he loves me and forgives me. I have 2 beautiful girls now, I try to make up to him when spoil the hell out of my girls. I hope he forgives me. My girls know they have a brother in heaven. If you judge me, for my decision, keep it to yourself, you can't say anything worse than I have said to my self. 💙

  87. Kokora Kouame nestor

    Drake should make one of those songs for his son. That kid might get mad at him if he does not.

  88. I J

    That storytelling rap
    Rap like this could be a legend

  89. killo

    i cried during this

  90. Kaprisha Widen

    I lost a small pregnancy recently and this makes me sad

  91. Rasky XV

    Man, I relate to this song. Got one on the way now and I'm lowkey feeling this stuff.

  92. Frank matakala

    Thanx for this joyner....

  93. Victor Edward Motlhanka Botswana Youtuber

    this song saved my older brother... my all tym favourite

  94. Da Real 1

    This guy so underrated