Joyner Lucas - DNA. (Remix) Lyrics

I got, I got, I got, I got anger, hate and jealousy inside my DNA
I got envy and bad energy inside my DNA
I got snakes and Satan entities inside my DNA
I got demons, pain and enemies inside my DNA
I got passion, guts and action tucked inside my DNA
I got pints of Michael Jackson's blood inside my DNA
I got Captain Crunch and Magic Dust inside my DNA
I don't do massive drugs, don't gas me up
Look, I got, I got, I got, I got
Murder all on my conscious
I might take me a hostage
I fell asleep in Worcester, I just woke up in Compton
Shout out to LA, where your songs play niggas gon' put on my shit
Half of you niggas fake, heart full of clay
What's your last name? Thompson?
Even if you join a gang, that don't really change up the fact you the softest
Don't let the colors get to your head
Who the fuck you think you are, Rodman?
Who the fuck you think you are, Ron O'Neal?
I'mma murder everything, I don't chill
If you lucky, then I might let you eat the scraps off whatever's left I'll kill
Nigga, pull it and "bap bap"
Blow your brains over your crop top
Sick of niggas thinking they hot shots
Full of jokes, niggas get knock knocked
This is the chop shop
I know where they cooking the Crock-Pot
Semi-auto making them Hopscotch
All my life I've been cock blocked
I'm tired of being stuck in a blood clot
Talking that blah blah
I'm runnin', jumpin', duckin' them cops
Hop in the puddle while you jumping on FOX trucks
You can run all you want, we just gon' see how far you can get
If fans want me do features with their favorite rappers that'd be the best
Look, all them niggas know exactly who I am, but they don't give me no respect
'Cause the problem is they don't fuck with me, everybody see me as a threat
Yeah yeah, I know this sounds like some fresh air
If you don't hear me right use your left ear
I want to say that I'm the next up
I want it last year, they said next year
I want it this year, they say not yet
But I'ma take it from whoever got next
Twin deuce-deuces, I'm Clyde Drexler
What is competition, who gon' die next?
Get dissected in the lab with pliers, pencils, and a razor with my initials
Get stabbed by the guy who sent you
I'ma sign, send you the pollution, environmental
I'm a giant pistol, you're a kung fu guy
It's simple, you gon' lead by my example
I'm a flying missile that connected and fried your mental
DNA on the side your temple, nigga

Oh, shit...

Someone call 911, niggas gon' die when I'm finished
I'll probably get locked up for life, what the fuck you thinkin'?
My whole life I been too fuckin' patient
Give me respect before I fuckin' take it
I know you see me don't duck your faces
You see me mentioned on publications
Then you get sour and suck your face in
Pay for my dick since you love to taste it
Better swallow the shit, don't you fuckin' waste it
I'ma flood the nation, this is suffocation, this is deprivation
This is Satan's kitchen, that's your destination
I got heavyweightin' angels flyin', prayin'
Jesus entertainin', Marvin Gay singin'
Martin Luther dreamin', Pac and Biggie schemin'
Bob Marley smokin', Paul McCartney floatin'
Prodigy mobbin', Pun say I’m joking
JFK riddin' 'round like a loaded nigga
Shout out to Joe Budden
These niggas really don't know nothin'
I swear they came from the home office
I should just run up and *gunshot*
No one seen, nobody know nothin'
This shit is so touchin'
Shout out to Kevin Durant
This that underdog court that they throw us in
I blow your shoulders in
This that crack, this that shit that them hoes got they nose up in
Cinematic, movie shit I usually watch a little static
I crack you till you're leaking and then begin to panic
A DNA'll bleed a nigga
Livin' damaged and get jimmy jammers
And I never had too many manners
And you know my momma always told me I was heavy handed
Fuck it though 'cause I was fully loaded
Now the semi jammin', I'm already blammin'
Got the hammer and the minivan
And I'm a busy man but I got liquor
And she bad and boujee
All they got snitches is Ratatouille
Can't beat me up so they gotta shoot me
They don't like me now they gotta sue me
Killin' y'all softly, I got the Fuji
Don't touch me, all of y'all got the cooties
That's your bitch who sent me all the nudies
Get my dick sucked playin' Call of Duty
Nigga fuckin' shoot me
Nigga damn it they ought to know
Em shoulda' signed me a while ago
Cole shoulda' signed me a while ago
Dre shoulda' gave me a beat or two
Diddy shoulda' had me writin'for him in the crib for a week or two
I don't smoke weed but I needed to
This is a meter room
You gon' need a bag and a feet or two
I'm mad and I mean it too
It won't be the last I'll see you soon
Kiss my ass and I mean it too
A lotta drama
Bitch I'm Freddy Krueger mixed with Jeffrey Dahmer
I know you're probably mad 'cause you look very sour
I'd probably be in hell if I was any hotter
I'd probably be Usher if I ain't wear a condom
I've never been a fan of Gucci, Fendi, Prada
But my auntie got it and she never leave the crib without it
Some people say I'm crazy, that's the the thing about it
Whatchu think about it? Think about it, nigga

(Gimme some ganja)

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Joyner Lucas DNA. (Remix) Comments
  1. Milli Macro

    2020 is the year of Joyner

  2. Lachyn Amanova

    Who is better ?
    Like - Joyner Lucas
    Comment - Kendrick Lamar

  3. Joel Segner

    Why does it sound like he's behind the beat?

    Allect TV

    His flow is on point bro, what do u mean!

  4. Alfredo Garcia

    Put hopsin, tech9, merkules and Eminem

  5. Elf Brownie

    You can't hear me right use your left ear lol dude gots the word play down

  6. Proportionate D

    I hate that FUCKING BELL in the second half of the song. Joyner, that had to fuck with you in the studio.

  7. Ayrat Sharipov

    sorry , but orig was better

  8. Mahdiar J.M

    The visions of each remix is better than whle careers he is destroying

  9. Jared S .

    Joyner got greatness inside his DNA

  10. Nate Schmidt

    He said when his fans want him to do features with our favorite rappers that will be the best...
    Joyner Lucas- that means you do a feature with yourself ❤

  11. 21 ton

    The next level of mans not hot

  12. MinuteMade Animations

    Does this song belong to Kendrick or Joyner?

  13. DeathDude 27

    He just sounds so awkward. og DNA. >>>>>>>>>>>> This

  14. i9 Icy 9v Gaming

    Dope remix, nice flow as always, they can't stand massholes 💯💪👍

  15. Gadawal Ahparyam

    Crpt or cryptic wisdom or both

  16. Jraw

    I'mma say this once only, DNA is only for Kendrick!

  17. Chris Rickels

    Joyner and KYDD

  18. Chris Rickels

    Damn this is 🔥

  19. Chris Rickels

    Joyner and Tom MacDonald colab

  20. Chris Rickels

    Joyner and Lil dicky Colab

  21. Christopher Pope

    joyner joins venom in seattle 2018
    over and done son

  22. Mclaren P1

    Just heard the remix so decided to listen to the original

    Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe

    Mclaren P1 how have you not heard it in fact who the hell hasnt heard damn

  23. Mitchell Anderson

    Does anyone know what is sampled at 1:54 when the guy yells out like Leeroy Jenkins? I've listened to this a million times and it's killing me not knowing!

  24. greeny goop

    ya I say stop MUMBLE stop AUTOTUNE stop WITH CHEEP LYRICS stop LEAN AND DRUGS just stop

  25. Max Cormier

    this one is proof Kendrick is the goat. his flow on DNA was perfect. still Kendrick's song unlike the other beats joyner killed haha

  26. Zowie Rudegal

    love you xx

  27. Mario Linares

    New owner of this song

    Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe

    Mario Linares says no one kendrick is so much better

  28. unholybees

    Why does everyone want all these rappers to collab with Kendrick?? That dude is trash as fuck

    Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe

    unholybees im guessing you havent heard to pimp a butterfly idiot

    Dennis Lee

    @Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe obviously he hasn't heard Section.80

  29. TheRealEffluence

    Dope track mixing is kinda whack though for famous shit

  30. Malachi Penalver

    This beat went crazy good with his bars

  31. Steven Ralph

    Can you dis upchurch... He's a country ass white boy...but he got bars and I been waiting for some one good to step to him... He's mudered some scrubs... I wanna see a good battle yo

  32. Carlos Martines

    When Joyner said “full of jokes niggas get knock knocked”

    The joker felt that

  33. Corbin Wilson

    Joyner is definitely one of my top 5 now

    leonard dylan

    You probably have em in number 1 lmao.

    ze ddz

    1. Eminem
    2. Joyner lucas
    3. Logic

    Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe

    ze ddz lmao


    [email protected]

  35. Keanu Reeves

    For some reason I think Kendricks version is a little better. But all of joyners other songs are better

    Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe

    Jon Mark kendrick is easily a better rapper though

    Keanu Reeves

    Yeah I agree

  36. Talon Fusco

    This is good, but this song is still Kendrick's

  37. Djadulol

    _B E T T E R T H A N O R I G I N A L_


    near but not better

    ze ddz

    Kendric sings about loyalties and power in the intro. Joyner sings about jeulosy and hate. I think I can relate a lot more with joyner

  38. Meme Negroto Rios

    I like both Dana song

  39. Eddie Munoz

    Bro we now you can rap stop remixing, do your own shit lol

  40. Owen McVey

    3 words logic, Joyner, Eminem

    Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe

    4 words shut the fuck up

    Lyrical Killah Instinct

    @Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe hahaha

    FanRose FabRose Spencer

    That goona be trash lmao

    Owen McVey

    FanRose FabRose Spencer k

    Owen McVey

    Roasty 2 words oh kay

  41. nicholas whitehead

    I fuck with Joyner daily. Fast becoming my #1

  42. Perer Carey

    Sounds a bit like lunar c flow at the start lol just saying lol

    Perer Carey

    Still a goat joyner lucas

  43. Baraka Williams

    3:38 he did usher so dirty bro

  44. Chris William

    Ya but if I put my DNA to prove loser cuts Achilles tendon and Bleeds the fuck out because I know ware I STAND

  45. Mahmoud Ismail

    But kendrick better than u 🤣🤣

    Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe

    Mahmoud Ismail facts

  46. FineSliver

    There is no competition!

  47. black santa

    Ohhhh my God. Eminem and logic are fucking trash. White people are ruining hip hop so god damn bad.

    Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe

    Faxxxx soo true

    Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe

    FutureElement9 lmao no

    FanRose FabRose Spencer

    Logic fell of hard lmaoo

    black santa

    @FutureElement9 lol dont get your soul taken little boy.

    Dennis Lee

    You sound dumb asf lol

  48. MrDefaultyBoi

    2019 anyone

  49. Rohan S Kumar

    Im sorry but u can’t beat Kendrick’s version

  50. Chamara sampath

    beats ❤

  51. Andrae McLeod

    I just once again gone through all the remixes. Was this really necessary? What did any of these beats do to you?! They didn't deserve to be murdered like that! All they were trying to do was live their lives but you took that away from them. They'll never know what it feels like to get older and be appreciated for their contributions they've made to Hip Hop. Now I have to pour one out cause you had to be the man and show everyone that you were better than them! I hope you're happy. You've murdered Mumble Rap.


    If Joyner make a remix of your song your song gets copyrighted

    Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe

    SHORTY YT no

  53. ill wisky megamind



    COLD ‼️❄️

  55. Tripple jkd

    Imagine joyner and j Cole

  56. D- DOT

    One year later still listening and it's still JOYNER SEASON💯💪

  57. Caleb Tanguli

    kendrick,joyner,eminem and j cole colab😱😱😱

  58. Gator G.O.A.T

    Awesome rap but the second beat sucks ass because of the dude in the backround

  59. Amit Boro

    Jus good at dissing other on their own beats..don't u dare diss kdot bro..he is a living legend

  60. Nicholas Grass

    When I listened to the original DNA, it sounded like a remix of Joyner's version.

    leonard dylan

    Because youre a casual bitch ass

    Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe

    Kdot>>joyner tpab easily better than ANY other rap album

    Allect TV

    @Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe no lol

  61. dead meme lover

    I showed this to a bird it's now a pheonix

  62. Jt Higgins

    I love the aggressive flow. Like he hates the world. Love jamming this all day everyday. Fuck the world!

  63. [LD]SoulEAT

    Em Joyner Kendrick and J Cole. Four greatest rappers right now

    Silly Samuel The Destroyer of The Universe

    [LD]SoulEAT no kendrick goat cole good joyner was good em fell so hard

  64. Alex Fart

    Why the dislikes??? This is amazing🙂

  65. Black Panther

    Kendrick lamar dna better than this

  66. Alesia Post


  67. dt_killer -snipez

    Who else called the number at the end

  68. Armando Toledo

    Imagine Kendrick vs Joyner

  69. Wael Memes

    2019 <3

  70. huliahoop702

    He said, here go my dick since you love to taste it lmfao. Bruh

  71. Bako Tv

    Two Years Today and still Fire

  72. Robert Narvaiz

    joyner is the goat

  73. daa texans

    This. Fuckin. Dude. Makin. Every. Banger

  74. David Paik

    Shoutout to kevin durant

  75. David Paik

    Everyone = Joyner and ________ collab!!!!
    Me = hmm idc

  76. Cameron Lenarz

    My phone just melted in my hands... straight 🔥🔥🔥

  77. Travis Keyton

    #floridaflow #cantwait #joynercomingtojax

  78. Valentino Esparza

    Where’s the Joyner and hopsin collab?

  79. Freeze Crazed

    ill choose ken but this fire

  80. Umakariharu

    Dude is literally the black Eminem.

    Allect TV

    Him and hopsin are up there


    @Allect TV Very very true

    Allect TV

    @Umakariharu check out my music bro! I rap just like eminem 😎😎😎

  81. Alex Silvious


  82. John


  83. LIL NONO

    Imagine a kendrick, Eminem jonyar, j.cole song
    Best new school rap song
    The 3 best new school rappers
    And one rap God

  84. masika shaw

    listening in Jamaica every day

  85. vinay _arthaat_sober

    Get goosebumps while listening 🔥🔥🔥

  86. Wesley Anderson

    "Half u niggas FAKE. Heart full of CLAY. Whats ya last name, Thompson?" 😄

  87. Milli Macro

    This song is banned in hell for being too hot

  88. shahid mirza

    Joyner - 99
    Kendrick - it's Lamar entrance biatch

  89. TJ Neri

    There’s 3,500+ bathtub babies here

  90. Olivea Marzolf

    he kill DNA

  91. The Void

    Am I the only one who prefers Kendrick’s original?


    Yeah joyner is one of the goat off this generation but Kendrick still better

  92. Name'sJoeli

    Joyner making all these rappers look trash XD cmon, joyner and Kendrick colab les go

  93. Crystal Riley

    I'd be lying if I said Joyner didn't absolutely murder Kendrick

    What about you?

    Mr. Jax

    @Crystal Riley

    You're lying

    Crystal Riley

    @Mr. Jax lol

  94. Mc' Reaper

    Cinematic, movie shit I usually watch a little static
    I crack you till you're leaking and then begin to panic
    A DNA'll bleed a nigga
    Livin' damaged and get jimmy jammers
    And I never had too many manners
    And you know my momma always told me I was heavy handed
    Fuck it though 'cause I was fully loaded
    Now the semi jammin', I'm already blammin'
    Got the hammer and the minivan
    And I'm a busy man but I got liquor
    And she bad and boujee
    All they got snitches is Ratatouille