Joy Formidable, The - Cicada (Land On Your Back) Lyrics

Look in the eye and watch the door
The mountain is humble and it's yours
Three reds in the rock, their secrets ring
A cross in the sand will let you in

Darkness and light
Nothing to choose
Follow them all until it soothes
Land on your back and flap my wings
It's not for the sleeping that I sing

Be my witness
Be my witness

Hungry to see a clear road
Sweep us away into the flow
Handle the curse and be the what you want
Riding the storm, here comes the turn

Why do I cry
The wind it knows
That nature is law, no man it grows
So show me a way that I can leave
The journey begins when I believe

Be my witness
Be my witness
Be my witness

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Joy Formidable, The Cicada (Land On Your Back) Comments
  1. Sipho Mabaso

    I just cannot beeee...lieve the brilliance of Ritzy and the boys, magnificent folks.

  2. Luis Garza

    All songs in this album are extremely well crafted. Aaarth makes the listener appreciate the musicianship in this guys.

  3. Sipho Mabaso

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful song. Ritzy!

  4. Sipho Mabaso

    So, when will TJF perform in Johannesburg, South Africa? Don't let the year end without a performance in my country. Ritzy

  5. Pascale Heymans

    Ca fait longtemps que je vous suis et bravo la progression !!!! J'adore !!!!

    Francis Broka

    Re-mar-qua-ble album... Bientôt chez moi. ;-)

  6. Todd Starbuck

    This sounds like something that might appear on a gothic rock compilation.
    I love it.

  7. Chidiadi Nze


  8. dylanvine

    Brilliant as always.

  9. jornybear

    Está muy chingona

  10. Lorriedawn22

    Thanks for sharing! 😜✌👍💖💖💖💖

  11. jordsupp

    A very Eastern intro ... mesmerising.

  12. Michael Bautista

    This tune has a mystical vibe too it......I like it.

  13. Allen Helbig

    AAARTH!!!!!!! One of my favorite songs on the album and soooooo good live!! ❤🤘🐻