Joy Formidable, The - Cholla Lyrics

Cholla cholla
You kept us away
We'll come back tomorrow
And give you one day
The talent of time
That thief that delays
We'll come back tomorrow
And tear down your ways

Where are we going?
What are we doing?
You siphon a smile from the source
How do we move on
When nothing is growing
Your hands turned to daggers again

Non par
Non par nonpareil
You rush to the future and paint it yourself
Together we're lucky
Together we're set
When nothing comes easy
Only the finest are left

Where are we going?
What are we doing?
You siphon a smile from the source
How do we move on
When nothing is growing
Your hands turned to daggers again, my love.

This is the way it has played
But these are our riches to take
What came of, of goodness
Of fairness
Nothing proves otherwise

Where are we going
Where are we going
Where are we going
Where are we going
Where are we going
And what are we doing
Cholla, cholla, cholla

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Joy Formidable, The Cholla Comments
  1. miked4309

    ritzy's style reminds me of kim shattuck's...RIP kimmy... :{

  2. Som81

    man this music rocks so hard!! everytime i listen i get goosebumps... love it! <33

  3. msalperen1

    Ok this sounds like a very stupid and unnecessary comparison but I can't keep myself from mentioning this. The first part of this song is similar to a Turkish March "Hoşgelişler Ola":

  4. Leandro Soares 2


  5. meestafeesh

    Seven years and only just over half a million views. There's no justice.

  6. Piero5711

    I love you The Joy Formidable <3

  7. Ducati Drew


  8. Sir Arthur Frentzel

    Sir Arthur!!! In da house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Brenda Rosario

    I love this song!

  10. Piero5711

    I love The Joy Formidable <3

  11. Dark Swim

    why does the drum part sound so insane!!!!

    Paul Laing

    Matt Thomas is insane. Watch them live, you will see for yourseldf.

  12. Dark Swim

    this song is just plain fuckin awesome!!!!

  13. Travis H

    Wolf who ?

  14. axel mars

    I like so much the Joy Formidable Music, but i hate the long opening of their videos

  15. Adam Woltz

    super good band

  16. Paco Jones

    una obra maestra!!!

  17. starrfadeable

    cant wait to see them tomorrow with the kills at cd 102.5 day ♡♡♡♡♡

  18. spacedoginnebraska

    I'm new to this music, but I hear a lot of Grace Slick and Kim Deal, and I love it a lot!

  19. Moosh Monkey

    I love everything about this song except the weird noises that they make in the beginning and bridge. I just don't get them.

  20. Nicknamevanniks

    What a band

  21. Patrick Scott Whitson

    I can't stop crying

  22. Marina Capaldi

    Cholla mais.

    Gus Video-Game Antics

    Gargalhei aqui kk

    Rubens Mcdooger

    mel dels, não esperava por essa

  23. Live Nation Clubs and Theaters

    The Joy Formidable always a rad videos!

  24. Carolina A.

    Nowadays , there are many underrated bands, sad to say but, this band is one of them :/ They're amazing , I love their music so much...


    +Carolina A. Wouldn't really call The Joy Formidable as underrated. But they surely are great

    Daniel Gorbea

    And TJF is absolutely AWESOME live! I love this band!

    Paul Laing

    They should be much bigger than they are now. The fact that they aren't headlinng festivals is a disgrace


    they are really good live. ritzy is a hoot. she does curse an awful lot...LOL..

  25. ZachBail

    The thumbnail for this vid kinda looks like an uncle Sam poster from far away. Subliminal? Lol

    Pepto Abysmal

    Lol Illuminatti confirmed.

  26. krime

    Ritzy is freaking awesome

  27. whippersnapperr

    klip 3310'la çekilmiş.

  28. Sir Arthur Frentzel

    This song makes me want to gallop fast on a horse through an wide open field.

    Sir Arthur Frentzel

    With "the sword of peace in my right hand." Or at least the replica. LOL

    Sir Arthur Frentzel

    @Arthur Frentzel You gotsta b smart with swords ya know yo.

  29. Gumaro R. Villamil

    she's pretty

  30. jhenrry elmer

    asta ahora he escuhado 4 canciones de sta banda y me parece genial su musica

  31. jhenrry elmer

    q bonita es esa rubia

  32. Le Dan Theman Playlists


  33. Guerrero de Sangre

    De lo mejor que he escuchado este 2013!!!

  34. phattvids

    Thanks WLCA Godfrey,89.9fm!

  35. David Led

    Quiza muchos no le dan el credito que se merecen,pero The Joy Formidable va ser de las mejores en pocos años,Ritzy es una DIOSA sabe lo que hace y lo hace muy bien con estilo unico y original

  36. Raquel doll


  37. ManicStreetPegasi

    You mean you were growing up in the 80's

  38. ManicStreetPegasi

    Awolnation? They aren't really a fair comparison..

  39. Ángelo Pérez Bertoldi

    Mis más grandes respetos a esta banda y a sus seguidores... Es realmente algo distinto, algo nuevo y original...

  40. nljst1883

    Nope eighties produced a ton of crap, only nastalgia for 40 yr olds..... Srry...

    Crusnik Rage

    nljst1883 see you in 20 years to see the look on your face when the supposed cool kids say that about your coming of age music. Only this time they maybe right about this snowflake generation. Hell, you sissies can't even let go at concerts to truly feel the music. Afraid to even touch each other or compliment the opposite sex for fear of bullshit microagressions, whatever they are. But at least you'll have an exalted place in history as the weakest, emotionally disconnected, extremely thinned skinned, weak chinned, deathly afraid to be held to your own standards generation ever.

  41. Sean Bartel

    Except eighties music is the best ever, so your argument is invalid.

  42. Toms Pelcers

    I olove the energy that comes from their music.
    Dissapointed though that they weren't in Positivus '13. :(

  43. nljst1883

    They're ok, dime a dozen band tho... Society in general is to upbeat and carefree despite the economy for good music to come out, ala the eighties... Give it 5-8 years for everyone to tire of the neon colors and keyboards..... Then the new rock wave will takeover

    Chris Gadd

    Well, it's been 5 years. Which "New Rock Wave" bands do you recommend from the inevitable bumper crop that we've got now? ;-)

  44. smiddog123

    Only The Finest Are Left

  45. Menini Marco

    cholla springs!

  46. Gabriel Rutherford

    This is kinda like the thing with the Radiohead song Just... everyone is debating about the title.

  47. PlaylistHQ

    Great video! Have you guys ever considered posting the guitar tab for this song online?

  48. ruquik

    Anyone else hear some CKY in there?

  49. usedfuzzbox

    Cracking tune as usual....

  50. Jaeger Craven

    You don't need to be Mexican to name a song a certain title. It's called creativity.

  51. chris moreland

    Just saw them in Columbud Ohio, fucking rocked, second time seeing them. I hope to witness this many more times!!!!

  52. Dalai Lama

    Seriously though, you're so right, they are such a great fusion of SP and Cranberries

  53. Jason Braun

    Best band in years. don't debate me...........Ihp

  54. cm1064123

    why is this song named "Cholla"?.. they're not Mexican lol

  55. Michelle Zaffino from In the

    Love the HG Wells quote. I'm writing a new young adult time travel novel and listen to this on repeat. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Also love this quote:
    "Nothing comes easy. Only the finest are left."

  56. daniel hilton

    so happy..portland maine tickets for 18 june....holy shit am i happy its only 500 people....they recorced the album near a lake from here and since they had to cancel years ago, a kick-ass show should be on hand.

  57. taroak t

    She sounds like Siouxsie The Band has a tinge of Placebo about them.

  58. KUTroy

    That's why they call him the expert

  59. Recyclops

    I discovered these fellas by accident the other day and I think I'm gonna see them live next week. =D

  60. starphaser

    woah, amazing

  61. Arsenefaithful

    JeZUZ christ this is amazing

  62. KokoPrice1

    looks like zombie

  63. wolfalex 99

    really,thats awesome

  64. ouo

    she looks like my homerome teacher

  65. Koaster

    Saw them live in Denver, spectacular show. They are fucking rockstars.

  66. nljst1883

    best band out there right now, alongwith awoll nation... smashing pumpkins meets cranberriesfor the next generation.... keep the guitar roaring

  67. Christopher Mills

    google search - joy formidable cholla vimeo

  68. krista joyce

    I can't get enough of this song. Saw them two nights ago and have been singing this ever since. Long live rock.

  69. David Sloan

    Keep coming back to this video, and this song. Just AMAZING.

  70. owa_ffs

    Is anyone else reminded of Blondie when they watch The Joy Formidable perform?

  71. red0means0go

    I wish I paid more attention to them when they played in Edmonton, Alberta. But instead I was in the beer gardens. Still a great show.

  72. ESMR

    I think this song is referring to Cholla, a mustang which can paint. The lyrics "You rush to the future and paint it yourself" are probably referencing this horse. Also the horse was born in Nevada, and the music video is set in a desert.

  73. Bonesoda

    More like smashing pumpkins "mushed" with
    Liz Phair.

  74. terrabun

    4/4 with heavy use of triplets, innit?

  75. Rob DS

    ty for reply, ithought whirring was too, but i think it may be 4/4

  76. Mitchell Sutton

    sounds like it. Yes

  77. Rob DS

    3/4 time sign?

  78. Rich Piltingsrud

    Reminds me of Lush or Cocteau Twins. Nice.

  79. matdog2x4

    That is MY favorite too :)

  80. Tyler Menon

    That riff is fantastic.

  81. IntraSule

    "When nothing comes easy, only the finest are left." For some odd reason, this could be said about music: good ones don't come by so easily, but when you search for them, you do get the finest.

  82. Space Antelope

    Inspired by their trip to AZ? Wish I could have joined them for a beer when they traveled here!

  83. jeepee2

    I had the same feeling when I heard them!

  84. MinivanMegafun100

    Wow, I just heard of the Joy Formidable and I rather like them! Sort of reminds me of Mellon-Collie-era Smashing Pumpkins for some reason (I mean that in a good way).

  85. Jordan Bivens

    her eyes hypnotized me....

  86. silversunned

    My ears are almost Gasm'ng here! I only say Almost because it not appropriate for one to gasm at the ears in public places...

  87. Hyper


  88. Polyfusia

    Great riff.

  89. Anthony Capozzi

    just found this album today...PRICELESS. great riffs, great lyrics, great sound, great song, great band.

  90. shaunthebrown2

    Just got their new album a few days ago and I can't stop listening to it. This band is greatness!

  91. Jo Deh

    she looks like uncle Sam in the picture of this video

  92. NamiraWilhelm

    Anyone else hear donald duck in the beginning