Journey - World Gone Wild Lyrics

See the signs, madness all around us
Somewhere I hear sirens wailing thru the night
Read The Times, starts to make me wonder is there
More to life than black and white

I'd never thought I'd question (thought I'd question)
The doubt I'm seeing everywhere (doubt I'm seeing everywhere)
Standing here beside me you're the answer (you're the answer)
When I lose my faith you're there

Face the fire, in a world gone wild
You're the fortress in my life
See the world through a child's eyes
They can't fool me now
I don't believe it's all a world gone wild

It's a lie, the more you get the more you want, it leads to nowhere
Should have learned by now
What is life without someone to share
The mountains that you climb to reach the sky
With everyone uncertain (everyone uncertain)
The future's never really clear (never really clear)
Standing here beside me you're the reason
I found my faith again with you here


They can't bring me down
I don't believe it's all a world gone wild

Now you can count on me to keep you safe
I'll be your shelter from the storm
Come lay down with me, and let our spirits melt us into one


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Journey World Gone Wild Comments

    We Like!

  2. Steve Eddy

    No Perry on lead vocals, no Journey.

    La Twisted Toast

    Steve Eddy wow...

  3. legasiguy

    A very underrated song by Journey! This is one of hardest rockin tunes!

  4. Old School Keyboarder

    This is Journey's most ToTo sounding song - nice

    Ulysses N.

    Both fantastic groups!

  5. Michelle Silies

    I believe this song goes along with what is happening around the world.

  6. Michael Moon

    Good tune! feels good..