Journey - With Your Love Lyrics

On this day... To be standing here with you
There's no doubt: I know this love is true
See my tears... Only you can understand
A state of grace... I feel blessed to hold your hand
There's a room in my heart and you've unlocked
A door
That no one's ever opened before

With your love I'm not alone...
In your world: I'm never far away from home
A life I thought I'd never find...
In your eyes I see all that I am with your love
On my own... I searched for something more
In your arms... The kiss I've waited for
I was lost for words... To say what's in my heart
Just to be close... To the beauty that you are
If someone could see to the end of our lives
I know they'd find me there by your side


I've walked among the lonely...
Watching lovers come and go
Fate finds us here as one... You are salvation to
My soul


With your love
With your love

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Journey With Your Love Comments
  1. PickettMusic

    Augeri was a fantastic vocalist and frontman. Great songwriter as well. I'm not certain if he wrote this, but I've heard some of his solo stuff that's just fantastic...

  2. Barry Baker

    61 haters are idiots -)

  3. beitron500xD -_-

    I love this beautiful song, the sincere of a heart. The poetry in every words writed on a paper, Extracted from a thought to a fact.

  4. Tiffany Mohr

    For years all I could remember was the first 6 words to this song. It was a song my dad played and had me listen too. And then told me never settle for ANY THING LESS. Always told me if I can't see this in the eyes of the man looking back at me that he was not the one..... One of the best lessons he ever taught me.

  5. John Farrell

    Journey had only 2 great singers both of them named STEVE

  6. Kimberly Potts

    i have to agree this fella sounds alot vloser to steve but steve vould sing this better

  7. QuiGonFishing

    I know I'm about 9 years late to the party, but so happy to read all these comments giving Steve Augeri the respect he so richly deserved. There are SO many Steve Perry sycophants out there who trash him just because his last name isn't Perry. Don't get me wrong, there's only one Perry, and he will always be Journey defined, and probably my favorite pop rock vocalist of all time, but Mr. Augeri was simply great. And it takes nothing away from Steve Perry to appreciate and respect Augeri's awesome work with the band. Cheers!

    เาส า

    QuiGonFishing lch liede dicd♥

  8. Marina Fariña

    Steve Perry the best!!!

  9. Alexis Alfonso

    Oh , god , this único voice !

  10. José SG

    An excellent Album!

  11. UNbowed62

    Augeri sings this beautifully. Such an awesome musical compilation.

    Being a Steve Perry Fan Forever, I can only imagine Steve's ever so soulful, passionate delivery of this same song.

  12. Lucky Barber

    A grandiose performance. A beautiful song.

  13. Whitedovie

    It's a journey song I see, but the soul is gone...sorry, it is hard to hear words

  14. Nicole Xander

    Steve Perry was Journey. Arnel, is not Steve Perry. Journey, has not reached the charters in years. Oops, Steve went away.

  15. Henry Auxier

    I couldn't wait for Arrival to be released in U.S, so I got the Japanese release that came out 6mos early . I loved the album from day one!!!!

    Lori Ringley

    Augeri is a personal friend, he's the most humble person you could ever meet in any profession.   Thankfully at least early on with him they played a lot of the Arrival songs live, because this is one of the strongest albums they've ever done.  I'm finally getting remarried and I will be using this, as well as Kevin Chalfant's (another personal friend) and The Storm's To Have and To Hold....

  16. Alex Hawkes

    I wont even even entertain Journey with Arnel. I didnt want to with Augeri. But hell!! I was taken with him. Cant replace Perry but...

    Murdo Brown

    Ball bag

  17. Krash Magoo

    Bryan Adams is waiting for his residual check...

  18. Frank Sullivan

    what!? mr melodic of the century???

  19. David Lemery

    that was my wedding song😎


    It was mine as well.

  20. Martin Truther

    Wedding song with Bic lighter lit !

  21. Anthonio Degravio

    Arrival is a underrated Journey album and Steve Augeri did a  great job!With Your love is also a fine song!


    Anthonio Degravio Amen

  22. Lori Volkmer

    His hair always looks good. What a beautiful voice.

  23. Lori Volkmer

    My very first favorite of yours.

  24. Michael Wells

    Decent Journey CD would have been even better with Steve Perry

    Matt Geary

    no, this album was made for augeri, perry wouldnt have done as well, trust me i am the biggest journey fan and this album was taylored to augeri

    Michael Wells

    probably but Augeri was good on it at least it's not just Arnel copying Steve's work

    Matt Geary

    Michael Wells tru

  25. Lori Volkmer

    I love this song.

  26. Russell Purcell

    The first time I have ever heard "With Your Love". My thoughts tonight.

  27. Will Merz

    which song is like " AND IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" (no its not whitney houston) but i heard it last night in a restaurant and am trying to find it

    Matty E

    And I will love you, baby, always

    And I'll be there forever and a day, always

    I'll be there 'til the stars don't shine?

    if thats it then Bon Jovi - always

  28. Joni Tan

    Woow.. found one of great Journey song. Thanks 4 posting this. Amazing JuOrNey !!!

  29. Edna Mutas

    I wnt love song by second favorite singer...hehe


  30. Michael Garbutt

    Journey's first two albums were made without Steve Perry. Greg Rollie was the original lead singer

    Yankee Poodle


    Shawn Falconer

    Of A Lifetime. In my top 5 faves from journey. Niel just killed it in there

    Gayle Miller Round

    And we see how that turned out👹👹👹

    Nicole Xander

    Yup, Journey was alive before Steve. However, did not reach the success they had with Steve Perry. Arnel cannot make them big again. Just, not the same.


    Nicole Xander , Yes Journey was born before Steve Perry, but we all know back then, that WHEN Steve came on board, Journey became ALIVE WORLD-WIDE & made HITS.

    Before Steve, the band could fill stadiums but had NO HITS.

    Plus Steve brought passion, astounding range of vocal talent & hot looks & sex appeal. ;-)

  31. Tyler Simmons

    In my opinion, Arrival was the last "good" Journey record. It had very good songs, good vocals, good guitar playing, you name it. The reason I say it was the last good one is mainly because it still carried their 70s-80s sound that they had. And in following albums, I noticed a more modern sound, which I am not much of a fan of. But This had that modern-ish feel while that 70s-80s heyday sound can be heard pretty clearly

    Trav Nasty

    +Tyler Simmons Revelation was excellent. Their latest; Eclipse had that more edgier sound. It was the direction Neal wanted to take the album as far as harder music was concerned and stepping out of that comfort zone.

  32. paul wojnilowicz

    would love to find the four song version with perry and ageree!!!

  33. Jeff Ryan

    One of my alltime favorite Journey songs.

  34. JoAnn McGregor

    Another great song!  Augeri sounds amazing!

  35. fabian elorza

    : ¨¨(

  36. Celia Hall-Thur

    I am a journey fan - do not care who is singing. It is the band I love and a band is a hell of a lot more than any one singer.

  37. Matthew J. Germain

    I would love to hear Steve Perry sing it!

  38. Matthew J. Germain

    a great wedding song

  39. StuBassPhilly

    This was my wedding song too!

  40. davor1873


    Lori Ringley

    well actually he did come on the scene sounding exactly like Perry, but unlike Perry that wasn't truly his natural range, and the strain of the constant touring they did in those years is what caused his health issues as someone else commented on.  He is completely healthy now, sounds fabulous, tours with his own band, and the last time I saw him he did When You Love A Woman....OMG.  I just melted.  That is his favorite Perry song and he nailed it.  NAILED IT.  His sudden inability to continue touring back then when they had a contracted sold out tour with Def Leppard, forced them to go to Jeff Scott Soto to fulfill the tour - which is who they should have stuck with.  Knowing why they went away from him pisses me off to this day.  If anyone has any doubts about JSS's ability just search YouTube for Jeff Scott Soto and a little tiny unsuccessful band called Trans Siberian Orchestra......

  41. MIke Wilson

    One of there best albums!

  42. Karin Van Dalen

    This is Steve Augieri. Beautiful song, awesome album.

  43. Karin Van Dalen

    This was my wedding song. One of the best Journey ever did. I so wish they'd do this one live!

  44. Josh McSwain

    This song is

  45. Heather McVey

    The whole album was sang by Steve Augery

  46. DarkSaint71240

    I know he is Augery...

  47. Love Peace and Bacon Grease

    this is not Steve Perry singing this song.

  48. Love Peace and Bacon Grease

    what in hell do you think he means, dumb-ass.

  49. Love Peace and Bacon Grease

    Balad???? LOL, maybe you should invest in the spell-check software

  50. Love Peace and Bacon Grease

    he meant he only wanted the music and back-up must be a special kind of stupid...

  51. spookjay

    Neal is the absolute BEST!!!

  52. Yuzuashi

    I love Journey But I don't know this song. Who is this singing song? This also think beautiful song.

  53. James lynch

    This Is not Steve Perry. Its Steve augeri.

  54. Melissa Blake

    One of my wedding songs three years ago this St Patrick's Day :))
    Nothing could be more beautiful.....

  55. DarkSaint71240

    when you listen the change of steve perry's voice, it really have changed dramatically, in frontiers, much more husky.
    it means, he overworked.
    too many tours and concerts drove the vocalist to the "edge of cliff".

  56. DarkSaint71240

    @wilx218x in some point, i don't agree you...FRONTIERS is one of the best album.......

  57. DarkSaint71240

    Augary's voice is good for balad, a little short for hard rock as Perry's voice was powerful and soft to express both hard rock style and balad...

  58. acacia kline

    0 dislikes :) journey has that power

  59. thecianinator

    @rbccdl Download Audacity. It has a vocal remover filter.

  60. letsgetrocked89

    what a solo... Neal Schon the only guitarist i know that has heart, sole and technique all rolled into one one of a kind!

  61. DjTowotDjWania

    POLSKA kocha

  62. GreenRad2012

    @540allison: the fact that they "redid" the huge hits they made *with Perry* with Pineda vocals speaks to this also.. it's as if when they found Pineda, they sought to erase their past and obliterate all who came before ..yet they can't, because the =past=, including Rolie, Perry and Augeri, makes them who they are today! It's small-minded and overtly greedy (it feels to me, anyway) that would do this to the singers who MADE them. I love Journey in all forms, just wish THEY would too..!

  63. IndyCar Serious Productions

    Sounds more like Bryan Adams!

  64. Karin Van Dalen

    This was my wedding song. So beautiful!


    Super Obra d Arte Inconmensurable!!

  66. the vigilante

    they dont even acknowledge augeris presence from 1998 to 2006.they act like it took ten years to find the right guy,when all they had to do is let augeri rest his a journey fan all the way but i hate how that was handled!they toured him to death.anel is a good singer but NoT for journey!he carries the note wayy too long and is more of an imitator.they grew with augeri.

  67. ruetheweddinglady

    you are an idiot

  68. Nightheart

    @PEDROCLASSIC Augeri is i believe doing solo work

  69. Nightheart

    @edbigtruck Idk i dont really like Arnell much.. Augeri is a great singer and i think hes better then most of the sound alikes Journey has had.

    1. Perry (Always will be my favorite)
    2. Augeri
    3. Arnell
    4. Soto (Never really heard soto)

  70. Saved By Grace

    where is augeri now?

  71. Ed bigtruck

    @phillipians Augeri left because he had thraot problems and they broght in JEfF Soto that didn't work So Neal found Arnell and he is still with them.

  72. Karin Van Dalen

    This was my wedding song. I saw them with Augieri 4 times and he was amazing every time. I had the honor of meeting the whole band after a show one time and they are all very humble and nice. They truly love their fans.

  73. razorhd

    MichelleMaBell....where did you ever hear/ see any proof that "Neal did not like Augeri" or "Neal didn't care for Steve's personality...Huh? Your comment is the FIRST time I've EVER heard that so please enlighten us to your source/evidence....or is that simply what YOU think in which case you should state that so as to not make peeps here think it's true? As explained, Augeri developed throat issues.

  74. calligal55

    Steve Augeri was soooo good!! I really wish they had kept him. Big mistake!!!

  75. Saved By Grace

    i thought i saw augeri at starbucks ....

  76. Saved By Grace

    that i agree. augeri sings it with deep emotions.

  77. Marc Johnson

    It's not that Neal disliked Augeri, but SA was unable to continue singing because of health issues. He is fully recovered, recording again, and has a solo album scheduled to come out in 2010.

  78. Marflin Chu

    Maybe we are just missing the point. How can they stay together if neal doesnt like him? and besides, neal made him sign up the position of a vocalist in the band..

  79. billleeboy

    Augeri will be missed! What a good guy!

  80. billleeboy

    i second that!

  81. Saved By Grace

    WHAT the hell happened to augeri anyway? you're right he doesn't entertain much. but he's a vocalists' vocalist. i prefer him over arnel


    They pretty much toured to death and Steve completely ruined his voice. He even had to undergo surgery. It's sad. He was perfect for Journey. :-)

  82. Mick Hare

    this album contained some of journeys best songs..and this is one of them..brilliant..and like the guy down the page a bit said..its sacrelidge they dont play em live

  83. cindybuskes

    i like this song zo damn'd much.

  84. bigchickenfu

    Perfect wedding song

  85. scott Ireland

    btw it was my aunts wedding not mine

  86. scott Ireland

    i went to a wedding on saturday and we played this song while we walked down the the aisle it was a perfect song

  87. Jonas Gomes


  88. TimfromChicago

    One of my all time favorite CDs its filled with great music.Once thought Journey was over until Augeri came in,still sorry to see him gone he had a way about him and he will be forever missed.

  89. bigchickenfu

    John Cain = awesome lyricist

  90. Michael Roth

    This song almost seems like a companion piece to "Loved By You". Beautiful.

  91. rockofhysteria

    This is my all time favorite Journey Song I just got my hands on The Tyketto Album Shine where steve augeri did lead vocals and I also got a copy of the first Tall Stories album Im gonna post them on youtube in the future

  92. anthony cunningham

    this was going to be mine and my soulmates wedding song, she's gone now but everytime i here it i think of her and remember what might have been.

  93. Ed bigtruck

    I have to agree that Augeri did a great job trying to keep the journey we all love going I will miss him I saw them live 4 times with Augeri and he never let me down. He will be missed.

  94. billleeboy

    Yes! One of my fav's
    Thankyou for this song!