Journey - Nothin' Comes Close Lyrics

Without warning..without tryin', you walked in
From a New York night
Changed my world just in time, saved my soul
And this heart of mine
Are you real or illusion, I can't tell just say you'll stay
I've imagined someone like you, never thought
I would see the day
Someone could make me feel what I had lost so long
Unchain my desire you are where I belong

I've been around the world ain't much that I've missed
It don't get much better than this...oh baby
Nothing comes close to your kiss
I thought I've felt it all before, one taste and I want more...oh baby
Nothin comes close to your kiss

I've had fortune, I've had fame,
After you I'll never be the same
Never wander I'll be true, on a roll it's because of you
I've been blind now I see, in your eyes is what sets me free
You're the wander I have found, hope my feet never touch the ground
On your magic carpet ride we'll go from dusk till dawn
I know where I'm going now, you're where I belong

[Chorus 2x]

Nothing comes close to you
Nothing comes close to your kiss

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