Journey - Live And Breathe Lyrics

I've been waiting for the sky to clear, to get me
Out of here,
Get me on my way and go
I've been waiting for a sign to appear,
To show me the way to a place I've never known
All I have are my dreams... Your love and blind faith
There: in the sky spins a wheel, it's givin' me
The feelin' that my dream
Came true today

There's a place: where we two can be together
Once the clouds are gone we'll both move on in search of all we've dreamed
There'll come a day: Blue skies endless
And forever
Well, that time has come
I've found the sun in you, I live and breathe

From the moment that I close my eyes, feel the
Sun it rise, hear it echo through my soul
For the first time in this young man's life, makes
Me feel alive,
Fills my heart and makes me stronger
All I have are my dreams... Your love and blind faith
There in the sky spins a wheel, it's givin' me the feelin' that my dream came true today


Someplace closer to both our hearts
Somewhere further than where we are
Just as long as there's hope enough
Long as I live and breathe


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah....
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

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Journey Live And Breathe Comments
  1. Pete Weinman

    AWESOME. This and "Wheel in the sky" are my two favourite Journey songs.

  2. DarkAn9el05

    The bassline in this song is amazing

  3. 123limelight

    who is singing

    Sharon Lewis

    123limelight Steve augeri

  4. Mick Cooper

    Best song they without ,The Voice " after 'walking away from the edge'. Augeri was so good, miss him. He should apart of this years Journey thru time... Keep rockin' Stevie A. Your not forgotten. Faith in the heartland. Remember me. This whole album. Red 13. Generations. Really he helped Jrny do 2 and a e.p. of really good, solid material with such little fanfare. The timing was all wrong. Shame. Their ticket to being huge again had not yet taken off again with DSB on fall guy and sopranos. Hence; s whole new generation of two of streetlight younger and new fans around the whole world again. Arnel got that break and the hype. Cheerz to them all. Jrny on forever!!🎤🎸🎵🎶🎼📻

  5. Stephen Linacre

    Good solo neal

  6. Mick Cooper

    Such an underappreciated album.

  7. Paul H

    Best Journey song since Perry was in the band. I am in awe over how awesome this song is!!!! NEVER gets old!!

  8. Mike Meusz

    This is how u play music.

  9. Daniel Strickland

    Great lyrics

  10. Mister Rock

    Que delicia de tema!! medio tiempo!!

  11. Phil Ware

    Great song love the heavy riff, Neal should've stuck with it

  12. Claude DUCHENE

    Belle, belle chanson !

  13. Tom Clark

    Mind numbingly good...