Journey - Lifetime Of Dreams Lyrics

From the first day... I envisioned myself with you
It's so hard to wait... But with you it was easy
To do
Somewhere in time...
I knew I would find you here with every
Passing moment
I see forever so clear
Part of me was lost without you
You are where I found my faith
Feels like love is here to stay...

When I look in your eyes baby
I see a lifetime of dreams come true
And I want you to say, that you feel the same
Way too
The stars in your eyes tell me
All my tomorrows will wait for you
You're all of my prayers answered
My one saving grace is you...

In another life... I believed that I loved you then,
If lightning strikes twice, we are destined
Together again
We don't have to make a promise, we were
Always meant to be
It's written in the way you look at me... I see


Love moves at the speed of light
Takes years to get it right
But we've got till the end of time...
I can see... I can see... You and me, forever
You're the one woman that can make me stay
My one and only saving grace


I can see... I can see
You and me, forever
I can see... I can see
You and me, forever

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Journey Lifetime Of Dreams Comments
  1. Just Timm

    The other Steve is no Joe Schmoe. Journey is Bad!!!!

  2. Anthony Hunt

    This song channels a lot of the Infinity/Evolution/Roy Thomas Baker vibe SO well..........

  3. Scott Roberts

    This song along with "All The Things" are the best tunes on the record.

  4. John Luiz, Sr

    Steve Perry has a awesome voice and delivery! Of this there is no doubt! But Augeri deserves his bows and appliause from his all. He stepped in to shoes impossible to fill and he did a better job than anyone of us ever expected!! Neil and Johnathan are flawless as always. Their choice of songs to transistion with are first class!! It just goes to show that Journey is a superstar group and has number 1 merit on their own!! With or without Steve Perry!!!

  5. Lem

    All of the songs in this album sound the same, but they're not necessarily bad.


    wonderful Song !

  7. Miz Tish

    Imagine, if you will... Steve Perry's Power and Presence in the delivery of "Lifetime Of Dreams." ~ As lovely as Augeri sings, there's that Special Spin that Perry imbues into every song he takes on.
    Magic is the result... Not just a song anymore, but a 'Classic' is born.

    Shawn Gregory

    True. he did a great job here, but this would have been a huge song with Perry

    leonardo guevara

    Perry can't sing anymore!

  8. Lori Volkmer

    Love this song.

  9. Brandonthewolverine

    Such a good falling inlove song !

  10. ac0423

    Excellent - one of the best ever Journey songs - vocals are strong and Neal Schon kills his guitar solo as usual - unbelievable talent !

  11. Mark Phelps

    Steve Augeri is no Steve Perry but I think this was a very good album.

  12. Fat Harold

    had steve been on this album it would have been a top ten but it just wasnt the same band and the mindless gibbering masses wanted steve Perry not this clown.


    Funny thing is, you mix "this clown" with Perry and you have Deen Castronovo, who outsung Perry on Still They Ride. Augeri was good, very good, in his heyday.  Give the man some respect.  I know I wouldn't want to be up there on stage with critics like you singing my lungs and heart out, trying to fill the shoes of The Unfillable.  This was and is no job for amateurs.  Every member of Journey to date has given their all and made it what it is: a topnotch survivor.


    @wannaba brit You said it right!!!!! 😀👍👍

  13. Matthew J. Germain

    such an good Anniversary/Wedding song

  14. Josh McSwain

    This song is dang good. Glad we haven't had a Perry/no Perry debate break out yet. I like Perry more than Augeri and Pineda, but all have good voices and I'm really happy Journey still makes great music.

  15. Jubal Tatoo

    Pocos temas realmente le puedo dedicar a mi mejor amiga, amada esposa y compañera de vida, esta es una de ellas

  16. DealioTV

    This is a number 1 Hit if released .

  17. Musicfan1020

    Hi! Just saw your post. The reason why Steve Augeri is no longer the singer is because he developed throat problems I believe in 2006 (from years of over touring and from basically being forced to sing the Steve Perry songs in, or near, their original octaves). Then Jeff Scott Soto had to finish the tour they were on when Augeri couldn't sing anymore. He was then announced as their singer until they left due to creative differences. Then Neal Schon finds Arnel on Youtube and here we are now.

  18. 2Falcons

    What a great song!..this dud was a good lead singer for them...what happened? why was he replaced by another singer...creative differences.....he sounds great in this song! ...too bad...

  19. Ellie Harrison

    @ellajanee u suck journey can do whatever because they rock this is why ever1 hates ur commnet

  20. Mike Ballinger

    This album was gr8 even without SP.

  21. MrSqueezefan

    i have now forfilled all my dreams. never forget 2009. xxx

  22. NanyMoon

    Beautiful song!!!! I like so much!!!! s2

  23. billleeboy

    Another kickass tune!


    Yes i agree!I thought perry couln't be replaced but this whole cd rocks!I do miss Perry but please don't take it wrong! Augeri will be missed!

  25. TimfromChicago

    Beautiful song,Arrival is filled with them.