Josie And The Pussycats - You Don't See Me Lyrics

This is the place where I sit
This is the part where
I love you too much
Is this as hard as it gets?
'Cause I'm getting tired
Of pretending I'm tough
I'm here if you want me
I'm yours, you can hold me
I'm empty and aching and
Tumbling and breakin'
'Cause you don't see me
And you don't need me
And you don't love me
The way I wish you would
The way I know you could

I dream of worlds
Where you'd understand
And I dream a
Million sleepless nights
I dream of fire when
You're touching my hand
But it twists into smoke
When I turn on the light
I'm speechless and faded
It's too complicated
Is this how the book ends,
Nothing but good friends?

'Cause you don't see me
And you don't need me
And you don't love me
The way I wish you would

This is the place in my heart
This is the place where
I'm falling apart
Isn't this just where we met?
And is this the last chance
That I'll ever get?
I wish I was lonely
Instead of just only
Crystal and see-through
And not enough to you

'Cause you don't see me
And you don't need me
And you don't love me
The way I wish you would

'Cause you don't see me
And you don't need me
And you don't love me
The way I wish you would
The way I know you could

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Josie And The Pussycats You Don't See Me Comments
  1. Dai Led

    Im pretty sure my sister would dedicate this song to her cat who happens to dislike her xd

  2. Laurel Sprague

    Most of you are here because of percy Jackson... I'm here because I saw the movie josie and the pussycats when I was a kid and it came out lol this was my fave song from the movie. Now that I feel old af, carry on talking about percy 😂🤣😅

  3. Grace Cooper

    Trials of Apollo brought me here lmao

  4. nha nha

    Mais alguem veio por Apolo????

  5. William Holy

    The Percy Jackson Is fecking great we litteraly search up a song that was mentioned in the book 1 time in 1 sentence and then we get the top comments on it

  6. Caitlin W

    This song more so than any other sad song makes me feel so deeply and tragically emotional no matter when I listen to it over the years

    Caitlin W

    HEY it’s my comment anyway still sad hours 😔🤙

  7. Fleeting Colors

    Dedicated to Fraxus

  8. Humanoide #707

    Everyone here like with personal stories and me with fanfictions in my head, thinking about how this song fits to a current fiction that i will never write (im lazy)

  9. ThePeculiarSparrow

    Half of the ppl here because the great Lester Papadopoulos sang it. XD

  10. Thirza De Lange

    Everyone's here being sad and I'm here because of Percy Jackson/ trials of Apollo

  11. FluffyCats

    Oof I like my friend but he is dating my best friend and I need to be supportive of them, its hard. Sorry for anyone who has to deal with relationship/crush issues. Your beautiful and deserve so much love. I know it's hard, just remember one person who doesn't love you does not mean your not amazing! ❤❤❤❤💞💞💞

  12. Rachel Sellke

    She looked at the man she gave everything, the person she hoped she'd spend her life with. She watched as this man held another, his arms secure around her form, perfectly cradling her. And at this moment, she saw him smile, a sincere happy smile, and she realized how she'd never be that girl for him. And somewhere deep within her, she was ok with that. She saw the contentment that graced his features and knew that she lost him. And somewhere deep within her, she was ok with that. She knew that she'd only ever be his friend, his best friend, the friend that he'd talk about everything with, even that girl. And somewhere deep within her, she was ok with that. She understood that no one would ever make her life shine as brightly as he did, and that the empty space in her heart would never be filled. And somewhere deep within her, she was ok with that. She knew that he was happy. And if he was happy, then she was. No matter how hard it was to smile, and no matter how much it hurt. And somewhere.... somewhere deep, deep within her, she was ok with that.

    My friend and my crush are dating and I smile everyday, watching as she makes him the happiest man alive. And somewhere deep within me, I'm ok with that....

  13. Ichi

    When you have a crush on your BFF, and she doesn't return your feelings...

  14. Ndy Nindy

    I wish I was lonely, instead of just only 😭

  15. Althea Aquino

    Apollo apollo apollo

  16. Galliano Marr

    when you love somebody who doesn't even know you exist because he/she himself does not exist because Anime Character :..(

  17. Galliano Marr

    Who else knows this song because Apollo (Lester Papadopoulos) sings it to that creature to become invisible? XD

    Mackenzie Gladden

    He sung it to a maid so she wouldn't remember them..


    @Mackenzie Gladden what is that from?

    Banan Pool13

    Hi im here

  18. Olivia W

    This song always makes me cry because i love my best friend so much and doesn't see mine feels for him

  19. Ravenkitti

    dude isnt everyone listening to this relating?

  20. Sims 4 :/

    Thanks trials of apollo

  21. Ruby Pouliot

    I feel like I can really relate to this song cuz im going thru a tough breakup

  22. Ayse Ulutas

    Thanks rick riordan

  23. Majestic TRex

    Thanks Apollo *teardrop*

    sA x N1GHTM4REZ

    Majestic TRex scrolled down to see who else was sent here by Apollo 😂

    What Up bro

    This song made me realize how complicated Apollo’s love life really is.

    Cilicia Frank

    SAME 😂

    Amanda Townsend

    Majestic TRex hey I'm not the only one who came from the book

    Oopsie Daisies


  24. Fan Girl

    Lmao Trials of Apollo anyone? Maybe it's just me

    Süeda Akbas

    Looooool, same

    nha nha


    TaeTaeKookie STAN

    Oml MEEE I just finished the book. It was amazinggggg

  25. Gaming with KiTy

    Pussycats? really pussy and cats? really? -_-

  26. DragAndDrop

    When you love someone from afar yet right beside them, because they love someone else 💔

  27. Eleonora Zurru

    I'm just here because this song was mentioned in the book I'm reading.

    Süeda Akbas

    Wtf, same

    TaeTaeKookie STAN

    @What Up bro same here :)))))

    Banan Pool13

    Trials of apollo?

  28. Lily Iglesias ツ

    So depressive 😢😭

  29. Ro Lanslide

    boyf reinds
    anyone else?

  30. Anjara Soa

    You will never know...

  31. Wind Rose

    Omg did Nightcloud sing this!!??
    Sorry WCFan passing through.

  32. markduanediesta

    This song perfectly discribes my relationship status. F*ck this feeling it burns!

  33. Tatooed GurL

    Story of my life right now.:(
    Just broke up with my partner for 11yrs today.
    He's not the same man I loved before so i better let him go.
    Tired and sick of all the fighting,blaming,name callings.
    There's no use holding on to something when you know you're the only one making an effort to make it last..:(

    Cilicia Frank

    Tatooed GurL this is relatable.. I did the same thing, our relationship turned from the best to toxic and I couldn't put on a front anymore and I ended it, but when I did I was the bad guy.

  34. Maud Pie

    I told my crush I like them today. So proud o myself :)

    Bungus pigeous

    Maud Pie same

    TaeTaeKookie STAN

    well.... my friends told him that I like him for me... they also mentioned how obsessed I am with him smhh

  35. Itsyourboi Austin

    Everybody's failed to mention how awful it feels to love your girlfriend more then she loves you...

    Bungus pigeous

    Itsyourboi Austin I know that feel bro...


    Itsyourboi Austin it's bad when your bf loves someone else... but he thinks you dont know.. so you just ignore it pretending your love is real...

  36. Jo Jo

    i xam her from video of chanyoel and bekheun

  37. Patrick Grey

    my guilty pleasure

  38. donald alvary

    Uncle oboma the gove try to take me from soul mate cuz I'm sick they try to send me to prison for fight with jospeh I was suicidle at the time trying to kill myself because I thought no one love me cuz I bite Jesus in past I was still punishing myself because I couldn't forgive myself I feel like I deserve to be miserable because I'm not good enough for Dady Jesus bu t I'm trying my best I need therapy toget all broken hearted ness out of me if Ric King tut he's my addy but doesn't know I think he hates me I wish Somone would tell him I love your daddy amen

  39. donald alvary

    Val Ric is King tut

  40. donald alvary

    My momy and Dady tut and hominatra taught me to love without judging through daddy Jesus Christ almighty amen

  41. donald alvary

    My. Momy and daddy King tut and momy hominatra make deal with devil to make me kill Jesus they hurt everyone I sorry Jesus you don't have to save us it was lucifer the whole time they didn't know any better it was ,ycifer he forced us to hurt you we never wanted to the devil did it to us before you could save us please have mercy and save us and our people we love you very much daddy Jesus our holly Pharo and Shepard of all creation amen .

  42. donald alvary

    Uncle rick from Donnie I love you hugs and kisses to uncle ric I wish you pray for my joseph I've been distant because joseph sick I been mean to everyone cuz I don't want to lose my joseph I'm I love with him

  43. donald alvary

    Uncle oboma pease stop cheating on aunty Michele because she's heartbroken because of you

  44. donald alvary

    To mr oboma who helped me save Jesus than k you and Val for helping us save daddy Jesus we love you Donnie passed away but lobpves you as a heroe for helping bring daddy Jesus the Phoenix of love came back amen love you aunty Michele and oboma Godbless you all the love in creation amen

  45. donald alvary

    I'm broken hearted because my jospeh have bad heart only get to spend so much time to spend with him can't stop crusting I love my jospeh but he only got so much time here and I'm broken inside without him I can't cope emotionally Somone please pray for my soulmate jospeh Petra Guadalupe he's needs all the prayers in the world I would give him my heart just so he. Old live

  46. donald alvary

    I wish I could be on American idol for angels

  47. icypup

    This is totally Nightcloud and Crowfeather!


    There's a video of them with this song playing


    @Spottedheart 207 I saw it.


    +Black Lab 101 That's good its a awesome video

    Grace Warren


  48. BeautyBoss

    This reminds me of the solas x lavellan romance

  49. Foxy Girl9504

    Huh I thought of john cena and not notice me senpai

  50. emmy

    when you love somebody who doesn't even know you exist


    Apraq AJ yep, you feel it all, but you're just too dam scared to day anything in case they don't feel the same way.

    戀•Black Panther•戀ツ

    that's true

    human *

    Apraq AJ aha it's hard to face reality sometimes 😢😭😖

    Hermione Malfoy

    I second that

  51. AverageGwyn

    That moment when you realize you're still in love with your ex.

    Billie Lincoln

    I gave my ex 3 chances. He would always tell me he loved me then a week or so would pass and he'd break up with me. Him and I dont even talk any more and I hate it. y can't ex's be friends?


    even worst, my ex is with my sister and he hates me, more than his father.

    not here

    i feel you

    Piet Pieters

    Even worse, I have no ex😅

    not here

    @Piet Pieters consider yourself lucky

  52. Aada Verajankorva

    Nightcloud x Crowfeather is the best ship :3

    Bungus pigeous

    Mint face I ship it but I prefer Feathertail x crow

    Grace Warren


    give me your muffin

    I know you posted this two years ago but Crowfeather never even loved Nightcloud 👀

  53. Grace Kidder

    i feel the same way with a guy named savian muro sorry to his girlfriend if she sees this

  54. Alex Gonzales

    Sent this song to the girl i love.. i loved her achingly for 9months.. after sending this song i left with a word nor goodbye..there isn't much to say.. she can't be with me, she's inlove with someone else. Stayed with her for 9 months through all her ups and down with no promise of tomorrow.. i need to do this one last thing.. finally let her go.

    Grace Kidder

    +Alex Gonzales do not let her go im probably to late but do not let her go us girls want to be wanted tell her how you feel maybe add in a hug then wait a while she will come i promise i want to let go of someone to im 99.9% sure he wont get with me but that 1% keeps me going

    Aada Verajankorva

    +Alex Gonzales ;-;



  55. ivysaurus

    Well, now i am crying because this my theme song atm

    Olivia W

    ivysaurus mine too

  56. Kayla G.

    im here if you want me
    im yours, you can hold me

  57. Trevor

    I Am An Opossum. This Is My Song.. To Trash :,V <3

  58. Cassandra Walker

    Get over it he's penis was probably not that big anyways

    Nikkiac Starr


  59. Asher Karr

    How do make an anima and put it in YouTube

  60. Asher Karr

    Why Waterspirit Thunderfall

  61. Scarlet Fox

    It'd be great if the creator of this video gave the vocalist credit.  She's an INCREDIBLE talent - Kay Hanley.  Lead singer of former band Letters to Cleo (featured in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You w/Heath Ledger).

  62. Asher Karr

    How I feel.😭

  63. Bianca Roberts

    This is the story of my relationship with this guy....

  64. Jayden Cooper

    Idk why but I thought of oak heart upset about bluefur

    Angie Danner

    @Flora The Fox oh yeah! Maybe you could find a male cover.


    @Angie Danner yeah lol

    Foxy Girl9504

    +Angie Danner yeah I did too and also because I saw night clouds storyboard


    More like thrushpelt

    《 Night 》

    Wow 3 years...huh...well, I thought of Ashfur, and yea, he was not that good of a guy, but still! If he was alone and sad while without Squirrelfight, I could see him sining this.

  65. Stealthtail

    This song reminds me of Cinderpelt when she was in love with Firestar but she couldn't be his mate because she was a medicine cat.. and it reminds me of Nightcloud, her mate was Crowfeather but he still loved 2 other cats, Feathertail and  Leafpool.... Any other Warriors readers agree?


    Icy Paws YESSS!!

    _ Desiraindrops _

    Yes, I actually kind of like Nightcloud her story’s pretty sad

    human *

    You should watch the tail or story I guess of Nightcloud because this is the song that is basically being played and if you already watched it then I totally agree because I also recommend watching what hurts the most that shows the story of Cinderpelt and her unspoken love for Fireheart omg this is a long comment Imma stop typing now but I hope you already watched those videos if not you should

    lily m

    It reminds me of Bumblestripe to Dovewing lmao

  66. Hafsah Jihan

    Buat seseorang yg jauh disana, masih ingatkah dia pada ku

  67. KSJ

    This song fits me. There's a guy who i love, however to him, i'm nothing special. I'm actually afraid that he already has a girlfriend, or loves someone other. It's only in my dreams where he actually sees me.

    Bianca Roberts

    Same here,sister......
    A lot of girls like him..... And we were good friends... And we're drifting apart... Cuz he knows.....

    Asher Karr

    I know how you feel


    KSJ same.

    Furrizona Aj

    I Know how u feel

  68. Isabel Hernández

    La peor forma de extrañar a alguien es estar sentado a su lado y saber que nunca lo podrás tener.
    (Gabriel García Márquez)

    Freshly Baked Dankness

    eso si es la peor forma

  69. Reilley M

    Dat description 😂

    lindsay neher

    U use ur phone to comment? 😄😃😊😀☺😉😺😸👽💀🙈🙉🙊👗👘🎽👖👙👓👗🐶🐭🐹🐻🐨🐻🐽🐷🐻🐘🐮🐹🐨🐨🐑🐮🐗🐜🐌🐭🐱🐽🐤🐜🐌🐍🐞🐳🐙🐍🐝🐬🐁🐇🐕🐪🐎🐇🐫🐊🐇🐀🐓🌱🍁🌷🍄🍄🌿🌴🍂🌾🌻🌷🍁🍁🌳🌋🌚🌒🌎🌕🌚🌓🌓🌖🌘🌌🌎🌚🌁⛅☔

  70. Sasha Snow


  71. chellbell2233

    my all time favorite movie

  72. bluecrayon232

    I can relate to this

  73. Amanda Roth

    I feel like this could connect to "Someday" by Nina but I could be just awkwardly assuming things.

  74. Commander Aspen Cupcakke

    This song is speaking for me what I can't say myself.   :')

  75. Felana Rafenomanana

    Can totally relate right now ...

  76. Shoughnessey Gonzales

    i just know this song while im reading pocketbook.I forgot the title of the book..but it got featured i check it out if its a good song.And i dont regret checking it..I can relate to the song..Ive been there too..a big thumbs up to the singer and the writer.

    lindsay neher

    i relate to it to much besides the fact that he boy doesnt love me 

  77. PitchDaffy

    I don't think anyone truly understands just how good this movie's soundtrack really is. When I suggest to my friends to watch this movie they usually say "I don't want to hear the dumb "Josie and the pussy cats" theme every 2 seconds". or " No thanks, no offense but it's probably not that great.."

    No.. Okay? I thought the same thing but knowing that they ACTUALLY made songs for them to sing is more than amazing. They act as a normal band instead of the originally created band that only seems to sing one song.. This move is very, VERY underrated.

  78. Violeta Montes

    I was reading one of the best Ianthony FanFictions ever!! This song was on eof the songs that Ian sang and I looked it up. When I found it, I though that this was an amazing song!!!! <3

  79. Rowan Jacobs

    Unanswered is the most painfull thing.EVER

  80. wellyck

    I'm so... So sorry, darling...

  81. CassieDraws

    This is the best sad song EVER!!!!

  82. hippiemysta

    It will be okay everybody.....I know it will.... :)

  83. Erica Rose free no bullshit either

  84. hmcupelli123

    This song reminds me of what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. A guy in my class asked to me homecoming and i was excited so i said yes and i had recently moved so i was so happy. Then he told me we were boyfriend and girlfriend so i went with it. Then i week later he sends me text saying he can't be in a relationship and breaks up with me. Now we don't even talk and im so sad :( and i don't even know if were even friends anymore.

  85. UnpureHonesty

    You're Welcome.

  86. UnpureHonesty

    I'd try to be your friend. :) No one deserves not to be noticed or loved. ^^

  87. CoolPuss707

    yea it sucks i hate it

  88. Natwara Bhi

    same story.. except it's my grandparents that didn't love me, because the two of my little cousins

  89. CoolPuss707

    I was loved by my big brother, but when my little brother came i became nothing...i hope he loves me back soon

  90. CoolPuss707

    I wish I could but I'm 15 so under age....I want my life to end but too much of a chicken

  91. CoolPuss707

    same here, to tell ya the true, this really the 1st conversation in a while anyone answers back to me and everynight i cut myself, hoping i will bleed to death in the mornning, but im still here, sadly.

  92. Fandoms and Animals, Love

    i really do, right now my lifes a hell and i just want it all to end

  93. CoolPuss707

    it good that someone unstands finally

  94. Fandoms and Animals, Love

    try me i know how you feel, ive been pushed out of my group of 'friends' at school. My teachers pick on me, knowing that i dont know the answer just to piss me off/embarsses me. My parents love is all for my little brother. And no one loves or even likes me

  95. CoolPuss707

    my life, only the guy in this is everyone in my life (no one see me, including my teacher) i have no friends anymore, family love my big brother and little brother, but no loves that middle girl a.k.a me! who's loves me, who care!!!!!!!!!

  96. Eraisuithiel Saerwen

    this song goes to the guy from alaska i fell inlove to.. and this song just sang what i really feel about you :(

  97. Bonnie Sitton

    *waves* Hello life. :(