Josie And The Pussycats - Three Small Words Lyrics

I'm a punk rock prom queen
Brown paper magazine
Hotter than you've ever seen
Everywhere and between
I'm a ten ticket thrill ride
Don't you wanna come inside?
Five star triple threat
Hardest of the hard to get
No one's little red corvette
Ain't seen nothing like me yet

It took 6 whole hours
And 5 long days
For all your lies to come undone
And those three small words
Were way too late
'Cause you can't see that I'm the one

Friends first

I'm your late night head rush
Ace high royal flush
Red velvet orange crush
You just don't impress me much
A glossy, double cover spread
Opened up inside your head
A black cherry paradise
Half the sugar, twice the spice
I don't wanna treat you nice
Come on baby roll the dice!

It took 6 whole hours
And 5 long days
For all your lies to come undone
And those three small words
Were way too late
Can't see that I'm the one?

Josie, Josie, Josie, Josie, Josie
Is that Josie?

It took 6 whole hours
And 5 long days
4 all your lies to come undone
And those 3 small words
Were way 2 late
'Cause you can't see that I'm the 1

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Josie And The Pussycats Three Small Words Comments
  1. mwells219

    Goddamn I had such a crush on Rachael Leigh Cook

  2. Tee Bee

    6 whole hours
    5 long days
    4 all your lies to come undone
    3 small words were
    2 late, cuz you can't see that I'm the

  3. Stardust Baby

    Cracking tune

  4. Matthew Moran

    So Gabriel Mann was Alan M before he was Father Francis?

  5. tky


  6. Gene Sisko

    I remember watching this in tiny pieces with my sis whenever my mom went out to the store or something. My first PG-13 movie XD my sis was always getting me into trouble 😂

  7. Wings of Ashes

    I'm looking to start singing for a band and as I realize I'm serious about it, I think of how Josie and the Pussycats would totally approve

  8. MissStoryTelling

    I now know what influenced me to try and imitate the pop rock look. Tattoos, tank tops, countless bracelets, and the want to be girl rock band cool. I was 10 when the movie came out in 2001 and I was influenced by a film satirizing the brainwashing music industry. Well done, movie!

    Oh and it’s the film the birthed my love for pop rock music, so that’s up there too

  9. ohhoneytree 1336

    This movie is so underrated!

  10. Arturo Juárez Música es Vida

    Just too much hotties make me horny lol. I love that movie and this lovely Josie.

  11. Ashley Hummel

    "I'm your late night head rush
    Ace high royal flush
    Red velvet orange crush
    You just don't impress me much
    A glossy, double cover spread
    Opened up inside your head
    A black cherry paradise
    Half the sugar, twice the spice"

  12. zainab zolita

    2019 anybody?

  13. Christie Beck

    So I had a version of this song growing up that had people from the movie saying "Josie? Is that Josie?" and ending with a promo for the movie. It worked really well.

  14. Christie Beck

    Fucking banger!

  15. Mohamed Mahsoop

    I loved that movie

  16. Bikini ActiveWear History

    They should have played the live Jem and the holograms movie

  17. ...x

    Years later I found out TreTorns were shoes

  18. Zoe Robi

    I had the thiccccestttt crush on Josie

  19. Richard Schiffman

    Josie and the Pussycats came out during the hey day of the pop punk era which rode very strong between 1994-2003. But like most other fads, it died sadly.

  20. Danny Simion

    To all my punk rock prom queens and kings!!



  21. 70mustang302

    Punk rock prom queen? Lame

  22. My Crazy Fam

    My teenage years defined ..

  23. Garry M

    Rachel Leigh Cook's smile at the end slays me.

  24. Maryam

    I can't count how many times I watched this movie when I was a kid. I really loved this song.

  25. IRON MAN

    #HAHAHA!!! #LOVE!!! #LOVE!!! #LOVE!!!

  26. Jack Sandberg

    I can't believe this takes place in the same universe as Archie

  27. Oreon Peregrino

    2019, I still love this movie and I still love this song.

  28. Rich Woods

    I want a Big Mac

    james C

    but you're a vegetarian...

  29. Lord Flipper

    It's me Wally, White Ass Wally!

  30. Leslie Contreras

    My Lily my 🌟

  31. jordan secrist

    All I can see is Clair from daredevil playing bass


    Didn't realize that til now. Holy shit

  32. Moe B.

    When subliminals actually worked😎😎

  33. Nick Yakko


  34. The Young Property Developers

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  35. Mr and Mrs. Smith

    Why wasn’t there a sequel? Every movie has a sequel. Heck Rocky had what, 24?

    U should RUN

    Dont u dare compare this fuck shit to the epic and legendary rocky saga


    because it lost like A LOT of money....


    There are 8 rocky's's's'se's's'e's's's

  36. Jacob Castillo

    This song is always gonna bop

    Genna Nuchereno

    Agreed! :)

  37. Hannah Lynn

    The lyrics make absolutely no sense, the same for a lot of these songs, but I still love it.

    JeNeSaisQuoi Jones

    The hook was just a ploy to count down from 6 to 1. 😉

    weird SAL

    @JeNeSaisQuoi Jones you fucking genius! Never occurred me.

    Violet Mwape

    @JeNeSaisQuoi Jones WHATT?!?!? HHAHAHAAA I never thought it that way. :D

  38. dadoctah

    Well, technically, it *is* a cat video, so...I'll allow it.

  39. whyjordie

    All the 90s babies knew this movie

    Suzuran Zimazo



    I didn't know it..

  40. Mutsor Tima

    In the second episode of Riverdale, Josie sings this song in a recording studio until Archie pulls her away for something related to the murder of Jason Blossom.

    Arnav Bhattacharjee

    No...this doesn't happen. At all.

  41. tuxedomark

    This is such a fun movie with an uplifting, kick-ass soundtrack. How did it ever bomb?!


    because the movie looks retarded but actually has deep satire and undertones. sucks because it's really a smart movie and the promotions made it look like some typical 90s crap flick.


    It was smarter than it deserved to be and was punished for it, lol.


    Tyler Kegger just like the plot of the movie. Duh.

    Danny Simion

    tuxedomark babyface produced this album! So that’s a cool fact. The movie is somewhat forgettable as it doesn’t have the classic tv show vibe

    Christina Masden

    It is my favorite movie i think

  42. Rider

    So much better than the band on "Riverdale"

    Jude Was Here

    If you watch Riverdale f*** Riverdale watch Sabrina

    Jude Was Here

    But I do agree with you


    @Jude Was Here I couldn't agree more.

    janelle barth

    Love both them


    @Jude Was Here theres an actual punk band called the riverdales and they do punk rock similar to the era. Modern pop punk with the touch of the vocals from the "riverdales" time.

  43. Maria Janine Herrera

    pepsi is the new coke! :>

  44. Carnage337

    This movie is totally Jerkin'!


    Carnage337 Ooh that's naughty

  45. Media

    @bajoink0 Oh =), i din't know that ...

  46. Donald L Clautice Jr.

    @Vortex93 Lead singer of Letters to Cleo

  47. Media

    @bajoink0 who's Kay Hanley ?

  48. Michelle Fan

    @CommandoMomo hehehe cute ;)

  49. WingyWonky00

    I still love the songs from this movie. I really wish I had kept the soundtrack :C

  50. iiDeuu

    @marzipin awesome! <3 :)

  51. marzipin

    @CommandoMomo Holly crap, SAME!

  52. iiDeuu

    When I was kid and I first saw this movie, I loved it so much I went and got my hair cut like Josie, But my mom wouldnt let me dye it red. Even though I love my long hair, and short hair usually looks bad on me, Im SO tempted to do it again. And this time I can do the red.

    Tiff Rodriguez

    You did it?

  53. iiDeuu

    @evilpinkbun1 NO ORANGE IS THE NEW PINK!

    Violet Mwape

    Pink is the new RED!!! :D

  54. timeiswhat

    I feel like they could have found a better person to play Alan M... He was such a babe in the comic books...

    janelle barth

    Agreed lol

  55. bohemianbeagle


  56. anna gustafson

    puppys turn into dogs, and die.
    <3 haha

  57. kramerkid93

    @Gitarkin01 I love you too dude, love you too.

  58. repoman2112

    Great music, amazing movie! Any movie that makes fun of the culture and the people most likely to be interested in it deserves our respect.

  59. kramerkid93

    @hannahfull90 actually she did sing, she didnt sing lead that was kay hanley but she sang back up in the songs along with Tara Reid and Rosario

  60. kramerkid93

    My name is rachel (actress that plays josie is rachael cook ^^) ... and Im happy to say... I play guitar... I sing.. and i have Josies hair. QUAD WHAMMY!!!!

  61. kramerkid93

    @the1andonlyMEGAJOSH :o ur friggen amazing I never noticed that

  62. the1andonlyMEGAJOSH

    It took 6 whole hours
    and 5 long days
    4 all your lies to come undone.
    And those 3 small words
    were way 2 late.
    You can't see that I'm the 1.


  63. timeiswhat


    Yeah...Mind you, all they're playing is power chords, which is essentially one very basic chord shape moved up and down the neck. And they didn't actually use their vocals. Still. Better than when you watch a movie and they obviously have no idea what they're doing.

    weird SAL

    They provided the background vocals.

  64. timeiswhat


    Metallica just has some songs with very common chord progressions is why.

  65. MThrow

    Rachel Leigh Cook is hot, 'nuff said.

  66. Totally Bubbles

    ROSARIO DAWSON FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Narola

    @Reaper2k lol! why Metallica? >XD strange indeed...

  68. Reaper2k

    @Narola Could be a coincidence. Or somebody may have heard a song, buried it in their subconscious, and later used it without realizing...I've done that. Mostly with Metallica melodies, strangely. -.-

  69. Narola

    @Reaper2k ahh~ yea~ but doesn't Gackt prepare his songs 6 months prior? O: I want to believe it's not the way I think it is o.o

  70. andres Zenteno

    Foxxy love from DRAWN TOGETHER

  71. Reaper2k

    @localhero101 Funny you should mention that- the Gackt song Another World always reminded me of this one. I always assumed Three Small Words was a ripoff of it, but I just now looked it up and found out this song came out a few months before Another World. So...I learned something today.

  72. localhero101

    There's a Christian band called Everyday Sunday who has completely ripped off this song note-for-note-for-note. All they did was change the vocals.

  73. WizardSleeve

    I must be getting soft in my old age
    cant help but smile to this song
    and the fact that they recorded all the songs themselves....

  74. humBERTO 00

    0:40 best part of the video...rachael leigh cook with a black flag shirt

  75. amarz1910

    Who's the rock starrrrrrrrr!!!!

  76. blisterpacman

    woah these chix rock fuckin' hard, im inpressed, this is real punk

  77. joyariffic

    val is played by rosario dawson, she also plays mimi in RENT

  78. joyariffic

    im embarrassed at how much i love this

  79. Some Random Girl

    I love love love love this movie.

  80. SammyKitty92

    When I was in 4th grade I was obsessed with this song (I still am) and I would sing this song all the time, lol! I would evn hum it during tests and stuffs lol! :D

  81. SammyKitty92

    @igottagodisco that's only because thsi movie was made before actors could really sing, if it was made now then they would've casted someone who could sng.

  82. Simon Jones

    I love the soundtrack to this film so frackin' much. And Rachael Leigh Cook is hot as always...but playing guitar and in a band? Be still, my beating penis.

  83. Confusion696

    @SuperRocking2009 Is the shit you make up spontaneous or do you have to think about it?

  84. Jamie Ramone

    @97Korn or: "it's not u..."

  85. Melissa Duncan

    @ModestMelissa I don't care!

  86. Melissa Duncan

    I wish someone would do a drum cover of this!

  87. meowthecatsaid83

    "If I wasn't a key player in this whole conspiracy to brainwash the youth of America with rock music, we could totally date!" Watched This Like A 1,000 Times It Was Me And My Best Friends Fave

  88. JessyBee1313

    @Rawk4Life Well technically it's Kay from LTC, Bif Naked and Matthew Sweet, but yeah :)

  89. Major Mockery

    it was summer... my cousin and i are movie geeks, as well as my brother... so we watch movies all day during summer... we got addicted witth josie

  90. Rawk4Life

    You must mean Letters to Cleo because they're the band playing the Josie and the Pussycats songs.

  91. Rawk4Life

    20 times in 3 days, did you have nothing else to do?

  92. Major Mockery

    "puppies, turn into dogs, who get old and DIES"

  93. Major Mockery

    seen this movie more than 20 times in three days back in the summer of 2003...
    ow the memories...
    "Diet Coke's the new Pepsi One"

  94. Travel with DJ Burlene

    they are so much better compared to the Jonas Brothers

  95. NinjaRaiden2005

    Got this movie as part of a three pack from Wal-Mart and it's by far the best of the bunch. I agree that it's humor is lost on some people because they simply won't give it a chance.

  96. Alec Damiano

    I'm not ashamed of liking this movie or soundtrack. As a matter of fact, I think Josie and the Pussycats rock a lot harder than most of today's mainstream artists. :)

  97. Alec Damiano

    @marimbarat Amen!

  98. Alec Damiano

    @xRainbowCareBearx Me too! I had the soundtrack and would hear it on repeat for days! xD Shame it got stolen. :'(

  99. katie grace

    this is one of my favorite movies, ever. (:
    i first saw this movie when i was like, 7 or 8.
    i've been obsessed with it ever siince. (:

  100. Michael Puckett