Josie And The Pussycats - Spin Around Lyrics

Na na na
Na na na na
Na na na
Na na na na
Na na na, na na na
1, 2, 3, 4

Spin around
Come back home
You're running out on a line
Sometimes feel I'm
Going outta my mind
Stunned here waiting
For anyone to take the time
Spin around
We get further and further away
Smile and wave
Ain't got nothing to say
Stunned here, waiting for anyone
To take the time
To change my mind, this time

Well I've been staring at
The sun for some time
It gets dark inside
But I don't mind
And if you're gone it's
Like I'm going blind
I can't get by this time

Spin around, jump back
Take another look at yourself
You've been hiding
All along on a shelf
Frozen, waiting for
Anyone to change your mind
Spin around, come down now
'Cause it's all getting clear
Everything you ever wanted is here
You never needed anyone
To change your mind
Don't waste our time
We're fine

Well I've been staring at
The sun for some time
It gets dark inside
But I don't mind
And if you're gone it's
Like I'm going blind
I can't get by this time

Na na na
Na na na na
Na na na
Na na na na
Na na na, na na na

Na na na
Na na na na
Na na na
Na na na na
Na na na, na na na

Spin around and around
And around and around
Never wanna come back down
'Cause everything
You've lost I've found

Spin around and around
And around and around
Never wanna come back down
'Cause everything
You've lost I've found

Spin around and around and ah
Spin around and around and ah
Spin around and around and ah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

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Josie And The Pussycats Spin Around Comments
  1. Chelicee Clinton

    Miss this feeling of innocence

  2. MercuryVamp

    I am dressing as this for Halloween 🎃

  3. Geraldine Jones

    I Created a 1000 Song Playlist in my Personal Journal. This Song is #53 in the Playlist. Thank You for Posting this song on YouTube.

  4. haitam larbaoui

    I want some Gatorade

  5. Iris Genavine

    listening to this in 2019 ! fuck yeah hahahha

  6. James Hewitt

    It's the 2019,I'm 41 years old and I still love this movie as much as I did when it was first released. Kay Hanly from Letters to Cleo has an amazing voice.

  7. Alex Valdez

    This is such a fun song to play on drums. One of the first songs I learned how to play on drums.

  8. HubertJass

    Kay Hanley rocks!!

  9. Василий Фоминых

    Rachael "Josie" Leigh Cook - mmmmm ))))

  10. Beverlee Gean Silva

    Can we get these on Spotify please

    Renato Alves

    it's there already :)

  11. TBnMe2013

    This will stay a favorite movie of mine forever!

  12. Kayla Vlogs

    Love that movie ❤️

  13. Authentic_ Zee

    Low-key they had a little Paramore feel. They could've did something frfr


    It wasn't a real band.
    Kay Hanley from Letters To Cleo did the vocals.
    She co-wrote one song from the soundtrack (Shapeshifter).

    If you like this sound, check out the works by:
    - Letters To Cleo
    - Kay Hanley (solo stuff)
    - Palmdale (Kay's side work with Linus of Hollywood)
    - 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack


    @HubertJass Letters to Cleo is one of my favorite alt rock groups. My favorite songs by them are "Veda Very Shining" and "I Could Sleep". Haven't listened to them in over 20 yrs, but this week I can't seem to get enough. I didn't know Kay sang this song. I love it!

  14. dondi2261

    The real Josie and the Pussycats made only 1 album in 1964 and they wore leopard print swimsuits and looked just like the cartoon characters.

  15. vigilante tantrum

    Sweet song, also suddenly I want a pair of Orange puma suedes!

  16. Gr10adg Gr10adg

    like this song big time

  17. Nana Watkins

    I love this movie so much it's my favorite movie

  18. jordan secrist

    28 and still listening to this.

  19. jlstr

    I never guessed before that Kay Hanley is the voice of Josie, once you know it, it's kind of obvious!

  20. Beth black

    We lose our youth and then we age and die.

  21. Nana Watkins

    I love that song so much my number one favorite song

  22. Casey Pilarczyk

    My favorite songs take me this band

  23. craig dawson

    I love ac\dc iron maiden marillion, the gogos, the stranglers etc.....AND JOSIE ROCKS!!!

  24. Roxy Marie

    Still love this song!

  25. frankieboo702

    2018 and still love this movie!!!

  26. A.G. Jaxx

    "This song is jerking"

  27. Maloree

    This was a great movie and still is

  28. Shan Shan

    Their outfits were always so cute!

  29. Jamie Goddard

    Love this track three small words and you don't see me great tracks good film so why did it bomb at the cinema don't know go j&tp you rock

  30. Mutsor Tima

    The Pussycats sing this song at the end of the second episode of Riverdale, "Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil".

    Kimberly Tunkel

    Mutsor Tima actually I believe it was a remix of “you are my candy girl”

  31. Joseph E. Parker

    I love this movie and this song that sounds like ocean avenue from yellowcard a bit.

  32. mouffi01

    I wish myself all of the above!

  33. Dc Drof

    dujour, and the cats

  34. Carleigh Nielsen

    Forget Josie and the pussycats dujour is the real great band

    DeeJay Queen

    Carleigh Nielsen You guys....JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS IS THE NEW DUJOUR !!!



    Damon Williamson


  35. M Hughes

    I have the DVD with a lot of the special features on it. Rachel Leigh is hot.

    kimmy cuthbert

    M Hughes i never liked josie (abigail) with shawn on psych

    Da King Nothing

    Amen bruh!

  36. Johnny Hammersticks

    the girls sang backups, learned any songs they played on camera, there is a backing track but you can tell tara Reid and rosario dawson know how to play. singer is the girl from letters to cleo. love this movie because of this song and three things, tara reid was still hot, rosario dawson hot, and in this movie Rachel Leigh cook is scorching hot as a beautiful fire haired punk chick. those are few and far between.


    FrigginJohnny Hammerstickskehd No u

  37. S K Doyle

    Y'all will like Letters to Cleo (the 10 things I hate about you band)

  38. alberto cabrera

    the movie is currently on Crackle. Its free to watch as of july 2016 till October 2016 I think.

  39. Georgia Butt

    i saw the movie on netflix so its on there is you wanted to watch it

    Tylan Bell

    +Georgia Butt it is not on netflix :(

    Georgia Butt

    oh well it is in the uk

  40. MzBra66

    this & 3 small words are still a stress reliever kind of jam <3

  41. rs9111

    I love this song so much! This is the best song/scene in the entire movie! Alan M is hot!

    Carlos Solis

    The boy with no future

  42. kitty wlasenko

    thisis my favoret movie because my name is josie

  43. Nita Rosedale

    I wish they was a real group, they would be killing it today music.

    Terrea Riggs

    +Nita Carter The real group is called Letter to Cleo. ;)


    +Terrea Riggs heeeey I'm gonna have to check that out

    Ronda Jackson

    for sure !!!!!!

    Jamie Goddard

    Nita Carter totally agree Nita great tunes

  44. Jesse Dinderski

    So loved the movie and music been thinking about downloading this soundrack through Itunes for so long...both are just so great

  45. Haley Johnston

    today I am going to get the movie!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😀😀😀😁😀😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😀😀😊😋

    Aaron G. Randall

    +Haley Johnston It's a good one. There are a lot of little jokes that happen quick. Enjoy! :D

  46. Demo Gl0w

    Song goes fuckin hard nigga.....

    Demo Gl0w

    And I'm a 21 year old heterosexual African american male

  47. Rachel Vogt

    This is the anthem

  48. jaye1967

    Rachael Leigh Cook, Tara Reid and Rosario Dawson learned to play all the songs they do in the movie.  Yes, that's actually them playing.  Beyond that at, least at the time I don't believe they were musicians.  Just actors doing something required for their parts in the movie, as has been done in many a military movie, or Sandra Bulloc learning to drive a bus for the 1994 'Speed' movie.  Mind you they do a great job, and the tunes really rock.


    jaye1967 it's not them playing on the soundtrack, they only make some back vocals. They learned to play instruments only to look genuine on screen. Kay Henley sings and is accompanied by a pop-punk band which I cannot remember the name except there was the word "power" in it.

  49. Antonio Gramsci

    What a great punk song!

  50. Cindy

    If this was a real band i wouldn't mind listening to them :)


    @phoenix0282 I know. Hence 'musical overdubs'.

    LaTanya Wiggins

    @phoenix0282 love this movie watch it 10 times with my kids

    Jessica Beverage

    letters to cleo!!

    Sienna Appleton

    The real song is called spin around

    Mia Harmon

    Letters to cleo!

  51. SunnySunshine

    Wow somebody finally knew who actually sings these songs lol

  52. Markie H

    I used to LOVE this movie, and came back here to remember what the songs were and immediately remembered all of the lyrics! Haha

  53. moreblack

    Outstanding tune. Rocks.

  54. I can't think of a good username

    Is this from that Disney Movie where a boy created a virtual girl and then fell in love with her?

    KaiM F

    I thought it was a woman who had a mind control thing and she used bands to "hyponotize" the world or something like that in the movie... I don't know, mitt been FOREVER since I watched the movie.

    Brianna Loertscher

    You are thinking of pixel perfect


    @G PurpleDiamond you're getting confused with pixel perfect

    Joseph Evans II

    The movie you're talking is called Pixel Perfect, which is a Disney Channel movie. This movie is completely different. In this movie, the villain tries to take over by using subliminal messaging in music.

    Haley Johnston

    no a girl made a robot boy and it is called How To Build A Better Boy

  55. Foreignmonkey

    I love Kay Hanley!!!

  56. Foreignmonkey


  57. OraGe_ C

    enormissime ce film

  58. lauren crystal


    LJ S

    ah ha ah ha

  59. josie lee

    My name is Josie!! Lol

  60. wiitarded51

    Haha i remember when me and my sister and our friend would choose what person best fit us lol

  61. Andy Taft

    It's like a female Foo Fighters song


    it was written by adam duritz of counting crows

  62. Michael

    Spin Around is the new black!

  63. XxBᴜʀɴɪɴɢRᴇᴅRᴏsᴇxX

    Too bad it did bomb at the theater though.I thought it was awesome.I'd watch it all the time when I was a kid

  64. Rachel Faciana

    this movie was the bomb

  65. BritSuggs

    Letters to Cleo was so amazeballs.

  66. Layla Loch

    this song is soooooooooooo old

  67. kaylas life xo

    i love this song! seen the movie before and this song is like it wa made in 2013! MY FAV SONG!!!!

  68. Kaci Murray

    2013-- i am 25 years old and jammin to this song. reminds me of high school

  69. edward smith

    brings back happy memories :)

  70. kickassmage

    i remember i downloaded this on Napster when Napster was the new thing

  71. Heather Moniquee


  72. WallisFilm

    spin around!

  73. Barbie MiMo

    which one?

  74. WallisFilm

    oh my god this song was my life.

  75. AntWorld

    big mac.

  76. vannehxx

    favorite movie ever. fuck yeah.

  77. Isaias Parra

    Actually, I´m watching it in 2033. Woops, I have to go, we are fighting against the machines.

  78. JudyGarlandRulez152

    I remember this song! ^_^

  79. ShaneisImperium

    Watched this movie last night. Good movie good tunes

  80. purplepenguinpolice


  81. SilverLiningsPlaybook

    Gosh I watch this movie almost everyday Growing up!! i'm Ordering it on Amazon Lol:D

  82. lingling lan

    0:00 - that part, wish the whole song was like that

  83. TheSpoonKing

    I noticed some people saying that Du Jour means friendship, but I speak french, and it actually means "of the day".

  84. Cam Alft


    Dvinyls,right,ha ha ha ha ha ha,that's my evil laugh!

  85. Obsidian Echo

    I just watched this movie again. Blast from my past and I still love this music as an adult hehe

  86. Nicole Valley

    2013 now, wee

  87. Pratik Dutta

    its '13

  88. Biohazard WARNING

    nice song

  89. giveitsomepizazz

    Just discovered this is the Letters to Cleo woman singing. Love her.

  90. Bayllarina3

    If your watching this is 2013 like!!

  91. Lulu Hernandez

    Damn I miss pretending I was a rockstar when I watched this movie

  92. sarcasmSux100

    Oh god.. I recollect childhood memories!

  93. Acard89

    90's kids Reunion!!!!

  94. Lilly Giggie

    you could just download the youtube mp3 converter and convert it into an mp3

  95. purplepumpkin

    Movie was funny

  96. galaxyships

    I used to want to be Josie so badly! I love this movie it was my childhood!