Joshua Radin - Everything Lyrics

Same old place as the last year,
Waiting for the morning.
How do we end up here,
Speaking the same story.
Half the world is sleeping,
Half the world is quiet.
Same old place as the last year,
Tomorrow we will try.

Cause there's the sun, don't go away
It isn't done, until we say
Everything we mean to do
All of it, we thought we knew
What are we supposed to do
We want everything

Promises were spoken,
All has been forgotten.
Plant the seeds you're holding
Another year to grow them.

Cause there's the sun, don't go away
It isn't done, until we say
Everything we mean to do
All of it, we thought we knew
What are we supposed to do
We want everything
We want everything
We want everything

It's not enough
The thing we wanted
Is not the same
It always changes
It always changes
Everything we mean to do
All of it, we thought we knew
What are we supposed to do
We want everything
We want everything
We want everything

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Joshua Radin Everything Comments
  1. Zipporah Karuga

    I love this song. It lifts me on those really dark days!

  2. lobnah79

    Oh god I love this song a lot❤️😍💕

  3. lobnah79

    Joshua Radin is the best singer for me❤️❤️❤️💕💕😩💗

  4. jack031700

    I come back to this song whenever I'm stressed out or can't sleep

  5. muffen jr

    I don't think it's that strange to think of time like that. Everyone has ways of sectioning off their lives; in years, or by where they live, or by what job they had a t the time. You have a smaller sectioning. There's nothing wrong with that. You should probably talk to your psychologist, but it might be more important to focus on why you think they're important. More specifically, the forward dreading. That sounds like a bit of your mind deciding that having a nice peaceful life is too much fun. But I know that it's worrying you. And that's whats really important. I hope your chapter moves on to the next peacefully. And that the chapter after that is good. And the one after that. And the one after that.  On through every chapter you live.

  6. David Ambe

    found him from scurbs


    Really? Where?

  7. Roas Campey

    Probably my favorite song by Joshua Radin. Brings me to tears almost, thinking about my ex

    Brandon Shwaub

    Eh, he's a jerk anyways. You're better off without him.

  8. niseione

    Similar?!? Lol.... :~D

  9. niseione

    After listening to this, go listen to THIS song, also on YouTube.
    Jason Mraz - "The Woman I Love"
    Shocking, eh?!?
    "The Woman I Love" came out first. What's up?!?!?
    Hmmmmm??? 8-|

    Dave W


    at first listen, they seem similar, but thousands of songs share similar qualities. both are 4/4 time, share similar verse chorus bridge structures, are acoustic guitar based. but there are a lot of differences other than lyrically... Mraz used different chords, with an augmented minor, radin stays in a basic major key. Mraz has a staccato rythym, and songs in a much higher register.

    I do agree they are similar, but not a case of stealing.

  10. imstillwakingup

    one of my all time favourite songs xD

  11. Jan Luft

    New musician to me. At first I thought it was Harper Simon, Paul Simon's son.
    I look forward to hearing more of his songs.

  12. Emily Ornduff

    this song has always been my happy song & I have a wonderful man in my life that I know I can call mine and hopefully will be able to do so for a long time :). I think about this song whenever times are hard and he's by my side :). he gives me reassurance that everything will be alright :).

  13. lisaanh

    This song makes me :)

  14. Annee Nguyen

    His voice is so calming. Josh Radin, love you 3

  15. LordgirsaFantasy

    Molto bella /It's so nice!

  16. ysa722

    This song will get me through the week!!! ;____; :-s

  17. Robert Justice


  18. breebaby6

    this is so fantastic

  19. Scott Johnson

    yes it is a great song !! very peaceful tone. .

  20. lemonice2700

    If you are a guy and a lesbian it means that you are a woman trapped in a man's body. Or perhaps you were a woman lesbian and you got hormone therapy to become a man, but you didn't get the accompanying surgery. Just so you know.

  21. Zjthomasog027

    I'm a lesbo and I'm a guy I hope my girlfriend is ok with that! :/

  22. Alexandra Moraru

    He is a boy, he can't be a lesbian. And you're really mature, by the way.

  23. Alexandra Moraru

    isn't there a damn song on this damn website where someone doesn't involve Justin in their comment? what did you expect? getting 1000 thumbs up because you dissed him?

  24. JCG

    First time I heard this song today, instant classic. Whoever this Josh Radin is, he's got talent

  25. Miles Cameron

    I will never go on Yahoo Answers ever again

  26. sirpown

    Being told that this song makes the one you love remind them of you is an amazing feeling.

  27. slkr99

    @yunonamesleft haha it's comments like this that make me come back to youtube

  28. Kyler Holowaty

    @SacredSobek I am :)

  29. SacredSobek

    @parkin122 It's comment's like this that make YouTube worthwhile. Congratulations, dude. Stay happy :)

  30. petzjak

    @wangstabridget this is why i thank god for scrubs (:

  31. Jef Carter

    @wangstabridget i found him on bayside radio lol

  32. Casey Schilling

    its funny how one song can brighten your day ^-^

  33. YaNaYIshIrOKaZe

    Oh, Josh Radin … how much I love you. <3

    This song reminds me of a person I used to love a lot, and though I would have done almost everything for her, it didn't work out. I was heartbroken, sometimes still am, but this song made me realize that this perfectly okay. It's human, people have been at that point before and survived it. Everything'll be alright, and world's still beautiful and always will be.

    Damn, this song sure means lot to me, haha.

  34. lilith551

    Everyone needs to stop arguing over stupid things. It does not matter if parkin122 is faking his story or not. The point is we all love this song for one reason or another. so it does not matter :)

  35. Kyler Holowaty

    @yunonamesleft lol, alright /b/ro, you got me, im so pathetic, xD, cuz I like to post stuff about my girlfriend on the internet, cuz im proud to call her mine. lol.

  36. Kyler Holowaty

    @HayleeLuuvzYou14 Thanks hun :) I love you. <3

  37. Kyler Holowaty

    Last night, my girlfriend and I were in a fight. it was my fault. i could never forgive myself, today, i was so down. i couldn;t even talk to anyone. I even got hurt in football, because i couldn't concentrate, all i could think about was her. And how i wanted to take everything i said back. i Kept apologizing to her all day. hoping that she would forgive me. Then when i got back home, I saw my facebook, saw this song that she posted on my wall, and now i know, it will be alright. <3

  38. ziggysfix


  39. Keoni Jones

    2 people are very stupid, this is amazing :D

  40. Ruwan Fernando

    @renske106246 not yet, but waiting very eagerly till it appears here. Pls do post back some comments if you get it before me :D xx

  41. renske106246

    @RuwanX Yes, i wait hopefull ! Do you buy it? I think I do it, I go to work for it ;)


  42. Ruwan Fernando

    @renske106246 really glad that you know him now. waiting for his new album The Rock and Tide :D

  43. renske106246

    Deze zanger kende ik helemaal niet , gisteren.
    maar dat is nu echt GISTEREN!
    Want ik vind hem echt goed, en luister constant naar hem.
    Ik zit op een speciale school,
    en ik mag muziek luisteren tijdens mijn lessen,
    en de hele dag heb ik naar liedjes van Joshua geluisterd!

    maar ze blijven we echt in je hoofd zitten,
    Ik zing zelf ook,
    en ik ga deze zeker opnemen in me studio!

    Renske ter Horst.

  44. dave hallas

    The rain in New Orleans, forgot to end
    But the mouths of the people are dry
    And we watch and wait
    And do nothing but sigh
    perfectly written, i cant get enough of it. makes me wanna write.

  45. aly093HUN

    1 dislike? how is this possible? :S it's a beautiful song

  46. Kelly Rae Smith

    Gorgeous melody and lyrics. I love this song...

  47. Whipalchemy

    Love this song!!!

  48. tootall1999

    love this song