Josh Wilson - No More Lyrics

Oh I know it all to well
Every inch inside this cell
I'm a prisoner of the choices I regret
The debts already paid
And the bails already made
So why do I keep coming back again?
God I'm done with holding on
To sins that you have saved me from
I'm ready to let go of who I've been

No more guilt, no more shame,
no more thinking I can't change
Who I was is dead and gone,
who I am is moving on
Saved by grace held by love
because of what your cross has done
You pulled away the prison doors
Hallelujah God
I am condemned no more
I am condemned no more

So I step out of the night into your burning light
Where my past and all its shadows disappear
You say that I am yours forever
You call me saint instead of sinner

No more guilt, no more shame,
no more thinking I can't change
Who I was is dead and gone,
who I am is moving on
You pulled away the prison doors
Hallelujah God
I am condemned no more
I am condemned no more

Melt the clouds of sin and sadness
Drive the dark doubt away
Melt the clouds of sin and sadness
Fill me with the light of day

No more guilt, no more shame,
no more thinking I can't change
Who I was is dead and gone,
who I am is moving on
You pulled away the prison doors
Hallelujah God
I am condemned no more
I am condemned no more

I am condemned no more
I am condemned no more

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Josh Wilson No More Comments
  1. Rhea Subba

    Please don't stop writing and singing! !

  2. Keith Starkweather

    Really cool idea! Love it!

  3. Cathy Lee

    The best music vid ever! God bless him, familey, friends, enimies! Love you all🥰❤️✝️✝️🎶

    Cathy Lee

    Yes I know right!!!!:) :,

  4. Queen Sylvia

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ

  5. Nathan Genesee

    The world doesn't say you are defined by sin, you do. Your religion does. "Sin" IS subjective as right and wrong are diluted by perspective and not truly knowable

  6. Zuerox

    you've helped me through multiple stages of my life with dream small and this song they helped me through depression satan gripped me using stupid things i've done in the past to slow me down and make me sad, but ive learned to fight against it and follow the path god save for me.

  7. Samuel Benjamin

    this song needs more recognition

  8. Shawn Burks

    I cry almost every time I hear this song.this song has an anointing that lift burdens and destroy yokes, God bless you Josh!

    B R

    Shawn Burks Same.

  9. Mary Strength

    No more !! Saved by grace❤ powerful!!

  10. SneakySolidSnake

    i heard this on the radio this morning on my way to work. lucky they took the time to put a name to the voice so i could find it.

  11. Keith Starkweather

    Very clever

  12. Matika .Mystique

    I love this video. Well done.

  13. Abbi Minett

    This. Wow. 🙌🏻🙌🏻😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. krissbloodstock

    Inspired - there's no other explanation for the brilliance of this video and message.

  15. thepenguin189

    all the signs say this:

    I'm a lost cause
    So don't try and tell me that
    i am a new creation
    look very closely
    it appears that i'm too far gone
    even if
    the bible says those in christ are forgiven
    that can't applt to me
    the world says i'm defined by my sin
    my anxiety, my addictions, my doubts
    my habits, my hangups, my failures
    my past
    god's grace
    i'm a hopeless case
    there's no way you can say
    I'm not a lost cause

  16. Adriane Branchi

    Amazing! Definitely this is the best video clip I've watched in my whole life.

  17. MIKE Thompson

    Very cool!!!

  18. Barbara Bookout

    Wow! Great Message!

  19. Ruth L

    I just saw this amazing man of God last night perform, in the middle of nowwhere in the Atlantic Ocean and he is an anointed singer his music is pure along side a generation of writers bringing us closer to Lord God.

  20. Michelle Luana

    amei ❤

  21. Praneeth Kollabathula

    Such a wonderful song!

  22. Jesse Husbands

    Josh wilson.

  23. Jan Core


  24. Justin Carter

    Amen! I am condemned no more!

  25. Nonny Mous

    Brilliant, very clever. Thank God for you :)

  26. xhuggels

    Josh, you will never know how awesome this video is. Turns your mind all around and stuff. Replaces lies with the truth, where truth was tossed away and willingly replaced with lies.
    you wont know, but another one of your songs God used to take me out of a very dark place where i felt like God completely abandoned me, and that perhaps i deserve it. But you reminded me that faith really has nothing to do with feelings. This was about 3 years ago. walked into a christian bookstore one day, when i was at the end of myself. So sick of just...everything. i couldnt believe cause i couldnt feel. thought that i might just not care about anything anymore. your album was playing, and well, i guess i heard a song that i liked, asked the shop employees if it was okay if i just sat there. finished listening to it and walked out with a little bit of hope, enough to keep me going.

  27. Azzouz IBN EL MOUATA

    God's Grace

  28. Azzouz IBN EL MOUATA

    no more hate
    no more persecution

  29. Hannah

    I am a 14-year-old kid and it can often feel like life is hopeless, I am a lost cause, I have done to much, no one could ever love me, there is no point, I could never be good enough.... But this song helps me to remember that all of that isn't true. Even if no one else loves me or thinks I am good enough God will always love me and be there for me.


    No matter who you are or where you come from God is always there right there with you every step of the way.

    look up

    Amenn.. He will always LOVE you.. Always and just know he will never leave or forsaken you, and i want to tell you to be ready to meet your MAKER, KING OF KING, JESUS CHRIST OUR REDEMER.👑🎆🎉🎉.. His COMING.. Be READY

    Keith Starkweather

    I love you

    Jonathan Rufus Alexander

    Hannah - Do what you can to hang onto that positive outlook, because the stress and hardships you face in life only get worse after you become an adult. Speaking from experience.

  30. gary257

    My past sins don't define me, Jesus defines me now and into the future...Praise you LORD.

  31. Zach Hugs


  32. Shelby Adams

    One of the most beautiful, powerful and creative videos I have ever seen! Amazing.

  33. Colleen Viter

    This was fabulous!

  34. LM Oughterson

    Awesome video! Tje visual context was genius and God's perfect message. God is good!

  35. The Very Lonely Girl

    More people should know about you and see this! <3

  36. Patty Distler

    THIS IS CRAZY AWESOME. You reversed it and made a whole different message out of it.

  37. powergirl559 powergirl559

    I think my jaw hit the floor

  38. Clark Miller

    The greatest music video I've seen lately.

  39. Frogler King

    Just WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As it reversed I literally started to cry!!!!!

  40. Keith Starkweather

    Very clever how they did that! God really touched my heart with this song and music video. Thank you😊

  41. Heather Burnett

    Wow! This is the first time I've stumbled across this song, and it's just what I was needing today -- I literally texted a good friend of mine this morning asking for prayer because I keep feeling like God's grace isn't enough... just what I needed.

  42. Leasha B

    I love this song! Not sure if you will even read this.. Lol but would you consider making a teaching video of how to play the guitar part of the song No More?

  43. Dominique Thomas

    What an amazing video! Wow! Thank you for the reminder that, "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus." Romans 8:1

  44. R Loyola

    For you Michael 🙏🏻 for you always

    Smilee Smiles

    R Loyola who's Michael

  45. Jerz Chula

    had to find this song. heard it a couple days ago and then again today.

    look up

    Your are loved daughter💗 the holy spirit told me... Also be ready to meet your GOD, MAKER, JESUS CHRIST THE KING OF KING AND LORD OF LORDS... Am coming he says and i love you more than you know daughter...☺💗💕.. Be READY

  46. Pew

    Mind BLOWN

  47. Maryana O

    got to love it God bless you and your family :)

  48. Dagon Fhtgan

    I don't want to say some cheesy overused thank you but, I want you to know your song helped me through something I didn't think I could overcome. Thanks.

  49. Tracey Cole

    Why we celebrate Easter..from heaven to earth, from earth to the cross, from the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky...LORD I LIFT YOUR NAME ON HIGH!
    God made a Way for us by sending His son, Jesus! No more under the old law, no guilt & shame, no condemnation! I am made into a new creature! (2 Cor 5:17)

    look up

    Amennn... Praise his beautiful and powerful name🎆🎉👑🙌🙏... And i just want to tell you HIS IN CLOUDS can you see. Be READY child for am coming to get you repent always for am at the door he says.. Repent repent for AM COMING..👑👑🎉🎆

  50. Bruce McBride

    Powerful song - what a message !!!

  51. Matthew Casey

    This video is amazing! Thanks, Josh Wilson!!

  52. Mel Lamborn

    An incredibly moving message. I only heard your song for the first time this evening, on the radio while driving home. I was deeply moved by its message that I had to look it up when I got home. And wow, the message in this film clip just takes it to another level. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, and reminding us of how truly blessed by grace we are. May our God bless you xo

  53. Shiku Ngigi

    WOW! Didn't see that coming! Awesome.

    Cathy Lee

    Shiku Ngigi same !!!!😱

  54. Palomitas

    ¡Me encanta esta canción! Josh Wilson Dios te bendiga <3

  55. Ken Wright

    Hey Josh I absolutely love this song it is so powerful and was wondering if you could make a tutorial for this song I would love to learn how to play this....

  56. anoldgoat2

    Please, no more skinny jeans! They are very distracting from your message in this video.

  57. Joshua Custer

    WOW amazing work. This hit me.

  58. DwellerInHisShadow

    Wow! What an awesome video! God completely reverses everything that we and the world tell us about ourselves, and this was such a powerful way to show that.

  59. Snappyshell Photography

    amazing love your stuff

  60. Liesbeth E

    BRILLIANT CLIP, what thinking!!!! :))))

  61. jacekfany

    Wooow. This is really touching me, wonderful video, full of hope, full of gospel. :) Bless the Lord!

  62. jeannette courtney

    'AWESOME',,,'BRAVO',, may GOD bless you in his 'PERFECT', timing!,

  63. Ben Parks

    Great song!

  64. RH MEDIA

    Just WOW! This is amazingly done.

  65. Ptetnt

    Great stuff!! So much #truth!

  66. Ptetnt

    Well done! The first time I heard this you were at Southcrest here in town, one month later I went to a walk to Emmaus-those two experiences changed my life! Thank you again so much for what y'all do!

  67. Grace Kumolontang

    The words are very carefully picked and it goes very well with the song lyrics. Thank you for a wonderful music video. A job well done :)

  68. Kate van der Hoeven

    That was totally excellent!!!

  69. Sandra Gonzalez

    Wow I love what you did!!!!! (": I am a huge fan of your music and truly can see God in you even though I don't know you. I know God is within you and your music has truly been a blessing to my life. Glory to God!!! :)



  71. OCDJoshua

    Great song! Brilliant video! I'm so glad I have this album! Way to go Josh and all who contributed to this song and video! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  72. M James Carte


  73. 01traveler01

    Love this! So creative!!!

  74. Josh Layng

    This is so beautiful! I'm going to share this with EVERYONE I know.

  75. Jon Lam

    This is so good!

  76. KyleNoelMusic

    great song even greater music video. great job, Josh!

  77. Manna Robertson

    That was amazing! I think this is one of the best music videos I have ever seen!

  78. Shaneikiya Z


  79. TheToweler

    Wonderfully done!

  80. Alan Douglas Stgamann

    wonderful video Josh, everyone should see it! :)

  81. Joshua Luther

    This is one of the best videos I've seen in a long time. I love the lyrics.

  82. Lorinde

    This is amazing! Great job!

  83. Mike Pogmore

    Brilliant. Thankyou.

  84. Laura Glass