Josh Ward - Between An Old Memory & Me Lyrics

Well I was sittin' at a table
At a little club downtown
Playin' songs on the jukebox
And pourin' whiskey down

When I heard a sweet voice sayin'
"Would you like some company?"
And I had to tell her
This is just between
An old memory and me

All my friends tell me
That I'm a fool for holding on
I know their trying to help me
But I've been a fool too long

And I don't wanna talk about it
So why can't they just let me be?
'Cause this is just between
An old memory and me

And I'm not hurtin' anybody
As far as I can see
I just need to be alone sometimes
While she goes walkin' through my mind

Oh, I'm not hurtin' anybody, yeah
As far as I can see
I just need to be alone sometimes
While she goes walkin' through my mind

And I don't want to talk about it
So why can't everybody see?
This is just between
An old memory and me

Oh, yeah, yeah

This is just between
Her memory and me

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Josh Ward Between An Old Memory & Me Comments
  1. 2DA GODS

    From Oldies, Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Hardcore/Undergroumd Rap, Outlaw & Country I listen too. This is what we need now. Not the Hiphop/Country.

  2. Steven Haberer

    Now that’s real country music!!!

  3. Dana Smith

    I am a huge Whitley fan and this is the best remake I’ve ever heard!!!! ❤️

  4. Michelle M

    Love love your voice.. can't wait to see you in san antonio or gruene...

  5. Rhett Fregia

    now that's country hell yeah!

  6. Conley Burns Conley

    Kieth Whitley, Travis Tritt already did this and they both did it better

  7. Conley Burns Conley

    Kieth Whitley, Travis Tritt already did this and they both did it better

  8. shane stout

    He ant no different from the rest of these new AUTOTUNE using shit country singers... Take his AUTOTUNE away and see the real voice he sucks!

  9. Bobby King

    @Crispy11B led me here

  10. lindalovesal

    Wow you nailed it Josh love your music thanks for sharing.Always love Keith’s music

  11. Billy Dean

    Let's bring Josh Ward to the top!! Great work brother !

  12. Sasha Cunningham

    This guy is the best!! Best cover of Keith for sure

  13. Amanda Combs

    Josh Ward you did an amazing job. Keep it up we need more of you to bring country back. Show these pretenders what a real man and real country is.

  14. barbara estes

    memory lane isnt bad or wrong Josh

  15. Dj Manyoso 2


  16. Kacen Lockwood

    Little bit of George strait in him

  17. Sheila Pollock

    Mr.Whitley is smiling😘😇

  18. Jennifer Dijames

    Josh, you sound great. But you sound so much like Travis Tritt.

  19. Katie Scott

    Dude you are amazing

  20. Erica Clay

    Jeeeezus....these songs💖

  21. Alisha Collins

    Well son let me tell you something she ain't worth the whiskey

  22. Patricia Arnold

    Country real country😎 THANK YOU🎶🎶🎶🎶🌎🙏

  23. rainwolf034

    Dangerous song to cover, but man you did it justice... Thank You.. you took me back, back to something that was just, between and old memory and me.

  24. fredfukkinbear kikkinnigass

    Put this song on and almost instantly slipped into old memories with my wife. It's been 15+ years since cancer got her, and I know it's a dead end road at the end of those memories, but I still take that left turn now and again.

    C.C.S stringer

    So sorry for your most important loss cancer took my pops and my good friend of 30 years got diagnosed stage four cancer sux


    Pretty good.

  26. Sensei Juan

    This man can sing

  27. Bongos and Lemonheads

    Beautiful voice and song ❤🤠 I'm thankful I came across your mix because its exactly what my heart needed. Much Love and Respect

  28. Mike Allen

    Hot damn now this is country Music to hell with todays radio. Nicely done Keith would be proud.

  29. Bobby Ledford Jr

    Dude I'm a old country man old being the operative word u do Keith and Travis awesome

  30. Josh Colton Glancy

    Great tune & great music Josh. Keep er coming to this Colorado sunrise.

  31. dina giolo

    IS HE SINGING IN SLOOOOOWW MOTION, SURE as hell sounds like it.

  32. kris mcwhirter

    Good Lord. If there ain't a man that's been through a bad divorce and this doesn't hit the feel goods I don't know what will

  33. Kenneth Khan

    Going to see you at Gruene hall tonight! Good luck brother!

  34. Brenda Billings

    Very good...We need to hear more from him...

  35. Nicholas Doan

    The only person I'm hurting is me .

  36. Amber Hagerman

    Love this song

  37. Amber Tenney

    Dam good song.

  38. Babygurl Casper

    I absolutely love this song! Somedays I sit and play it over and over and over.. LoL

  39. Eddie Thompson

    I bet ole kING GEORGE STRAIT likes this young man keeping it real country not the BULL CRAP out of NASHVILLE

  40. All for diesels

    How is he not popular but Sam hunt is??

    Will Field

    Because people don't know real country

    K RDP

    i dont know how its possible comrade

    Derek Stewart

    Are you seriously not hearing the auto tune from this dude right now?

    K RDP

    @Derek Stewart i heard it but still



  42. Johnny Constance

    Damn that boys good I’m glad to see some of these young guys doing old style country

  43. Derek Sumner

    Sometimes we all need to be alone with our thoughts

  44. Mike Indian Guy

    Hard to beat the original but I gotta give the nod to the new guy on this one. Awesome in concert too! Class act and yes better than anything out of Nashville!!

  45. Cody Cooper

    This is as good as it gets these days! Hard to find good country music these days that aint,all watered down or beatup.Good listening here!!

  46. Carol Babineaux

    Love me some Dustin Sonnier.....

  47. Dee Harris

    Ya I like this song.

  48. Bad Driver

    Awesome! Great job on a great song! Keith is smiling down!!

  49. Clayton Ritchie

    And sounds like Tracey Lawarence.

  50. Joseph Ruff

    As a 19 year old kid growing up on classic country, I’m proud to say you did Mr. Whitley’s song justice, thank you sir 🙏🏻

    Cory Dodson

    I can tell you this much I've been close friends with Keith Whitley & Lori Morgan son for many yrs now Jesse Keith Whitley if your not Familiar check him out his new Album Drops in the next month he's a bad ass but he's cutting a Josh Ward tune on it which is Rad

  51. Larry Jackson

    I want to add that this song is timeless and covered by many artists. It was written by Keith Stegall and Charlie Craig for Keith Whitley -

  52. debbie j hensley

    yes it is

  53. Lisa Walters

    Both Kieth an Josh Just beautifulistic...both those voices... Soo my song my self my own own whiskeys an memories...

  54. James A Dauphinais

    Josh Ward just made this his song. Incredible indeed.

  55. Donnie King

    My Buddie  Charlie Craig wrote this with Mr Keith Stegall. RIP Charlie.

  56. Donnie King

    My Buddie  Charlie Craig wrote this with Mr Keith Stegall. RIP Charlie.

  57. Donnie King

    My Buddie  Charlie Craig wrote this with Mr Keith Stegall. RIP Charlie.

  58. Guy Smith

    I love this one right here!!! You did an amazing job covering a legend like mr whitley and im sure he would be proud cuz i sure know i am!!! Thank you brother and keep em coming for good ole boys like us!!!

    Jodie Barnes

    I saw Josh and his band members at the ranch in Fort Myers a couple of months back, I love love love his sound keep up the good work Stay Country and God bless you

  59. Homer Jarvis

    Great music Josh. Thank you for keeping it country, not a lot of pure country singers anymore and we just lost Daryle, so sad but you're one of greatest also and it's good to see young artists keeping the greatest music on earth alive

  60. Hunter Skurlock

    I don't care who ya are jack, you can't beat that ending

    Aarron Van Buren

    It gives me chills Everytime.

  61. Sheila Lutkenhaus

    Beautiful song! Hits home with me....

  62. Gail Coley

    This one makes me think bout my brother.He use to sing it.I miss him so bad.

  63. Justin Gohlke

    Damn good cover bub. Good job!

  64. Dawn Jenkins

    I herd Travis Trent do this song long time did a really great job.

  65. George Degraw

    WOW !!!!  been there a lot  of times ..........

  66. Countryboy_91

    I am so glad I bought this album it is phenomenal start to finish

  67. Teresa Farr

    Awesome song !! very good !! you have this !! keeping it Country !!!!

  68. Teresa Farr

    this is true , real country music !! keeping it Country !! thank you !! Love your voice !! a wonderful song !! Keeping it country

    Matthew Burns

    Teresa Farr you got it right girl

    Eddie Thompson


  69. Wilson Coyle

    Well Josh Ward I absolutely love you! This has always been a favorite of mine and. Keith Whitley was the only person who could sing it but buddy your on the way to becoming the next ol Keith Whitley!! Good luck

  70. Casen Faulkner

    Your the best cousin

  71. Billy Ellis

    This dude needs radio play!! Damn he's good!!

    Stacy Flatt

    You Damn straight he should be on the radio.

  72. George Degraw

    Wow, every time I hear that I get pumped up !!

  73. Kyle Roe

    This guy is twice the country singer that Sam hunt is and that just proves that it doesn't take talent to be a singer all it takes is money..if you got money they'll put you in a booth and make sure you sound good and that's ridiculous I bet Sam hunt doesn't know the first thing about being county

  74. ron smith

    Josh ward can make any song ever written Number one ! Great singer/ great Texan/ great showman/ Fantastic Band !!!!! Ron smith little Rock

  75. tuff nut

    Keith and George is and was the best of the best music ever made. Josh does a hell of a job on this song and I like it...ALOT.. Keep Mr. Whitley's Music Alive, he deserves that much..RIP.

  76. Martine & Mary Hernandez

    That's all you'll ever have are these hacked cry me a river DELUSIONAL, i wish videos NOTHING BUT A FUCKING HACKER IN EVERYBODY'S ACCOUNTS DON'T TRUST THIS BITCH

  77. George Degraw

    WOW all I can say  !!!!

  78. Kathy Coffey

    Love it!!

  79. Joseph Zillmer

    Ahhh....Kylie....just between me and you.

  80. George Degraw

    top shelf stuff .... for sure !!!!!!

  81. carla miller

    Why haven't I heard this on the radio!! Much better than some of the NEW county that's out! Amazing voice!

    Wesley Doughman

    I just found him by mistake. #RealCountry

    Joseph Johnroe

    It was..... 30 years ago when Keith Whitley put it out.

    Wesley Doughman

    @Joseph Johnroe I was talking about this version.

  82. Tyler Parrish

    This is a really grate SONG😀😃

  83. realist 4life

    Listen to whitleys original the emotion is off the charts

  84. realist 4life

    If you like this song you owe it to yourself to listen to the man who sang the original the great KEITH WHITLEY! IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD IT YOU WON'T BE SORRY!!

    Jeff Reed

    Whitley was the original artist to record this one, but he did not, in fact, write it.

    realist 4life

    Jeff Reed That's a fact he did not write it but if you know the tragic story of kieths life, he definently lived it, I'm sure that's why he recorded it, and Josh wards version is great! Don't get me wrong great country voice!

    Jeff Reed

    Ken, I'm a huge Whitley fan, and I do know the tragic story of his life. Definitely gone way too soon.

    realist 4life

    Jeff Reed Right on Jeff I love whitley so much!

    Alan Bradley

    Ken Ward we as country music fans,will continue to listen to his music,always,it's so good

  85. realist 4life

    # Real Contry

  86. Mary ann Guillotte

    Yes he does and he is an amazing person ... lol just the song i needed at the time got to love them memories

    Anita Batten

    Mary ann Guillotte yes my son put me on this song and he has been done wrong so many times . just wish the right woman would come along for him .

  87. Bobby Hall

    Great song great job.

  88. Toyota 88

    Really good josh Ward. likes from fl.

  89. Bridgitte Yerkey

    I totally get the old memories, but sometimes it's better to let go.


    Amzing your good singer

  91. James Bailey

    Where have you been??? awesome sound! Keith Whitley would be proud!

  92. jacob Godfrey

    excellent job I honestly can't choose which ones better

  93. Curtis Boggs

    Sounds awesome my fav version besides the original

  94. sasha trabert

    Great song. They do t make em like they used to. Nowadays singers suck. It ain't country anymore. Bring back the real stuff

  95. Alan Bradley

    Wow,this man can sing,need more of him on the radio,he will get there,bad ass

  96. Nicolas Robinson

    Wow blew my mind love his music and he sings from the heart something someone like myself can relate to especially this song with the recent life events I've had and this songs kept me going through everything thank you josh!

  97. Ashley Anderson

    His voice reminds me of a lil bit Tracy Lawrence and Randy Travis.

  98. Sheldon Morrison

    damn good cover almost better than the org good job buddy

    Todd Henriksen

    Huge Josh ward fan but nobody and I mean nobody can cover a Keith Whitley song no one can but the real emotion in a song like Keith. Josh Ward has become my favorite and I really haven't had one since Keith died.