Josh Ritter - Lawrence, KS Lyrics

Dirt roads and dry land farming might be the death of me
But I can't leave this world behind
Debts are not like prison where there's hope of getting free
And I can't leave this world behind

I've been from here to Lawrence, Kansas
Trying to leave my state of mind
Trying to leave this awful sadness
But I can't leave this world behind

South of Delia there's a patch out back by the willow trees
And I can't leave this world behind
It's a fenced in piece of nothing where I hear voices on my knees
And I can't leave this world behind

Some prophecies are self-fulfilling
But I've had to work for all of mine
Better times will come to me, God willing
Cause I can't leave this world behind

This world must be frightening everybody's on the run
And I can't leave this world behind
And my house is a wooden one and its built on a wooden one
Seems I can't leave this world behind

Preacher says when the Master calls us
He's gonna give us wings to fly
But my wings are made of hay and corn husks
So I can't leave this world behind

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Josh Ritter Lawrence, KS Comments
  1. White Tigress

    Don't blame the dust on the dust.

  2. usagibry _

    Haskell Indian Nations University @ Lawrence, KS ✨✨✨

  3. G. J. M.

    I'm just a dirt land and dry land farmer

  4. El Último Soñador

    nice song. whats going on in this lawrence place? i first found it via the author william burroughs, who went there to ride out the last chapters of a very crazy life. now i look into the town a bit burther and i find out it was once a place of abolitionists orsomething in teh civil war, and now i come to find that it even actually has its own song! the hel is gonig on in lawrence kansas?

    El Último Soñador

    LOL! sounds good! it's a little ol place, i think i could make it tho lol .i just need a room with a view i can write in eh... Does it snow in kansas?

    williams 54

    Pink Kweenie I'm from lawrence kansas

    williams 54

    Pink Kweenie yas it snows

    Dale Worley

    LFK or Berkley on the Plains as we locals call it. Not your average town in flyover territory. Some believe that time warps for some residents leaving them with one foot in the present and the other in the 60's

  5. Brian Carroll

    Trying to figure out why two gave it the thumbs down.


    they couldn't leave it behind

  6. Fishhippiegirl

    this song should be on supernatural :-)

    Dibyashree Chakraborti

    +Fishhippiegirl ...agreed

    williams 54

    I'm actually from lawrence kansas and the way super natural makes it out to be is totally wrong lawrence is full of drugs and crimes not a good place to be

  7. rooseveltsbones

    The movie "Earthwork" brought me to this.
    Good stuff.

  8. Nathan

    it's a fenced piece of nothin"

  9. Nathan

    hell yea