Josh Garrels - The Light Came Down Lyrics

There is a light
Bright star shining
In the dark night
Old tales come true

All of our fears
Hopes and prayers
He has heard
And answered us

The light came down
Cast the darkness away
He appeared
A helpless child
The light of God came down

There is a light
A new day dawning
Old things pass
All things made new

Prophets have spoken
All He would accomplish
When the light of God
Would dwell with men

The light came down
Cast the darkness away
He appeared
A helpless child
The light of God came to save us
To the world that He made us
O' Lord and savior

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Josh Garrels The Light Came Down Comments
  1. MsGroovalicious

    Oh, HOLY grooviness!!!!!!!! 15:06 Wha?!? It's so groovalicious! GOD BE PRAISED!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH...

  2. the one son of God

    Thank you my brother. You sure know how to keep me going! Dont stop angel i need you like we need the father. Remeber we are for him and he is for us. So lest get real. Hold to their ears, what comes from them, if it is not the grace and feeling you put in their souls is worthless, what you do and all of them priceless. God bless! Rise them up with you the closer to the Father the better and we know he is right inside man.

  3. Joshua Dover

    Great stuff...thankyou

  4. MsGroovalicious

    This music is miraculous. I'm so glad that Jesus is groovalicious. Thanks so much, Josh. The art involved on the album covers and videos are equally spectacular. Shalom!

  5. Keri Ostergaard

    Whenever I'm truly feeling down and hopeless Josh helps turn my head towards the Sun/Son. I walked all 500 miles of the Colorado Trail listening to him on my little mp3 player. I prayed for a miracle and walked and sang. The rest is history.

    Margaret Jenkins

    What was your miracle ,Keri ?

    Meck Bee Buzz

    @Margaret Jenkins the next breath. Same as any miracle. <3

  6. Winta Assefa

    'there is a _liggggght_ ; bright star _shiiining_
    In the dark night, old tales come true'


    This is TRUELY Amazing Songs. God Bless You

  8. Winta Assefa

    Sunday afternoon, Googling the lyrics, singing along with a high pitch, moist face. What a day. Thank you Josh. Thank You, our Father in heaven, for music

  9. Tiisetso Leteane

    Only two minutes in and I am touched

  10. Winta Assefa

    Josh, I love your haunting sound. I love the little pictures of your home town and children and the train track you grew up in. You really raise the bars for human worship for me, a fellow creature who's just gripped by His Love. We will probably never say what we really want to say about this Creator we're so intimately tied with, but it's even more unspeakable to leave this compelling reality unspoken of. Thank you for freely sharing your efforts at speaking about Beauty. Bless you

  11. Janett OHara


  12. Loughborough Lake Holiday Park

    Found a link to a white owl... timely stuff. Discovered a remarkable artist in the process.

  13. hotelier id

    This is a beautiful album. And I really like your voice ! God bless you Josh :)

  14. J. Tudor

    "...And joy shall be their crown."

  15. Mary Goebel

    Your music is making a difference and encouraging others to follow Jesus.

  16. TGudde

    It is a masterpiece of music.... sheer Genius>>>

  17. Michelle Owens

    It’s two years later here and I am listening in Nov and Thanksgiving hasn’t past yet.😁

  18. Sandra Skyland

    Listening to this in August 2018. lol...Hot summer day ... celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior. Thank you Lord for Blessing Josh with his amazing talent. God Bless you Josh and your lovely wife and children.

  19. Everett Crawford

    I encourage you Brother in CHRIST. May you stay humbly at the feet of JESUS. To any who are marveling at how Josh is anointed, it's not about what we do as we have been taught in the false deceptive religiousness of the majority of American pulpit's and many other countries. True Christianity is GOD reaching down and redeeming an undeserving people. It's not about you people! As we realize HIS WONDERING LOVE, MERCY and GRACE, HE will become alive in us, as we make HIM above everything. Lay the pride of yourself, striving to attain righteousness aside and just Trust and believe THE WORD! We come to CHRIST humbled by our sin and in awe of HIS LOVE. We must need to stay at that same place and let HIS LOVE continually wash over us to HIS Glory. May we stop trying to figure out how to be, and hear THE WORD as HE wonderfully tells us that we are!! HE is all in all. We are children of GOD because of the work of CHRIST, Glory Hallelujah!! May we walk in that WONDERFUL PROMISE. It is finished!! We are redeemed. All Thanks to the FATHER and HIS SON.

  20. Ystopnow

    One and a half thousand against 30 people so far like this. 30 people like 30 pieces of silver.

  21. megalopolis2015

    Breathtaking. Is there any spiritual heartstring Josh Garrels cannot pull?

  22. mamamialove

    Thank you for saying yes to the music...pray for me to keep going thru the rain to have courage to keep writing!

  23. Ailin Stacy


  24. Kaèl Kin

    Wonderfully perfect!

  25. Josh Gregory

    Still one of my favorite Christmas Albums. Thank you!!

  26. Sam Kendrick

    Thank you so much, Josh! AMDG That opening track... Wow!

  27. Elise Renshaw

    how cool is this!

  28. Christina Clinton

    This album is incredible. Thank you for so wonderfully celebrating the birth of our Savior with your songs :)

  29. Kevin Beal

    Just so profound and Beautiful,, Thanks for sharing,, Carinho,,always ,,C

  30. slvrearview

    Gloria is my new favorite Christmas song. Has a little bit of the soultown beat/feel with Josh's haunting voice that pierces the heart. Love!

  31. Dafiny Silva

    É lindo. Deus te abençoe infinitamente <3 Praise to God

  32. Caleb Humphries

    Thank you Jesus amen God bless josh

  33. Cristina Gloria Grandon Jaramillo

    muy bello

  34. Melinda Alexander

    I love your new album! So peaceful and beautiful..

  35. - J -

    Only just found you, Im only a few songs in there magical :)

  36. Joseph Harmon


  37. Bruno Gaoli

    That is a MASTERPiece

  38. Niharika Prinsloo

    I have so much respect for you and your music Josh. Everything you are reflects in your music. So anointed and so inspiring.
    My husband calls you a modern day Mozart!

    Keep being a light. God Bless!

  39. Darryl Goben

    wont hear this on our dumb ass sc christian radio

  40. Micah Snow

    Seeing this guy play live tonight! Really excited!!😁

  41. Pamela-Tejai McGee

    I would drive my kids nuts because I would play a CD over and over, that the Lord's Spirit would connect with mine, until it saturated my entire being. Then I would move on...returning to it like an old friend. This will be such a CD.

  42. Cristina Gloria Grandon Jaramillo


  43. Ramon Vermij

    Oh gosh Josh, welcome back! So good to hear your new sound with that familiar warmth you bring into the world. Bless you~

  44. Catherine Burns

    So blessed to have a voice like Josh to amplify Jesus Christ

  45. Kalecgos

    Thank you so much for uploading this whole album. Sure you hear this allot, but wow! SO GOOD! I am buying this right now with my iTunes gift card and love supporting gifts from God. you sir, are a gift from God. Shalom, brother.

  46. Elliott Snider

    Saw Josh in Lawrence. I experienced God and worship there more deeply than in any church service i've ever attended! God has blessed us with you Mr. Garrels!!

  47. Anita Wallace

    Well done Josh and company...this album brought much comfort through a very difficult Christmas season.

  48. EricZMann

    His show in Lawrence Kansas was well worth attending, he's better live than in the studio(not that I don't like the studio album's)

  49. Pascale Belony

    The best Christmas album I've heard this year! Such a creatively talented artist.

  50. The Way

    I'm just here for the music.

  51. Timz Grant

    i love Josh Garrel's like it is so different to the table.

  52. Laura C


  53. CannabiStaff

    INCREDIBLE !!!!! INCREDIBLE !!!!!! Highly advise trying some cannabis and relaxing to this over the winter break.

  54. John Smith

    Just Beautiful! Pure Love of Christ in your songs...

    X F

    John Smith Jesus is the Light in us!

  55. Funkadelicacy

    1 The Light Came Down . . . . . . . . . . . . 0:00

    2 What Child is This . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4:20

    3 The Virgin Mary Had One Son . . . . . . 8:14

    4 O Come O Come Emmanuel . . . . . . . 11:25

    5 Gloria . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15:03

    6 O Holy Night . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20:06

    7 Shepherd's Night . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24:03

    8 Hosanna . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27:30

    9 The Boar's Head . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33:00

    10 Merriment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35:28

    11 Silent Night . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36:41

    12 Journey to Bethlehem . . . . . . . . . . . 41:24

    13 May You Find a Light . . . . . . . . . . . . 43:19

    14 O Day of Peace . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47:10

    15 Come to Him . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49:38

    Much love josh

    James Enloe

    Funkadelicacy thank you that is really helpful.



    Stephen Garrett

    You're amazing for posting this!

    Nico van Kreuningen

    What a great album. Really loving it!

  56. Joe Silver

    Josh, wonderful music! Im 67 and bought this cd. it is wonderful to exalt the WONDER OF WONDERS! Thank you be encouraged, stick to the Book! (Psalm119:31). Merry CHRISTmas!

  57. Priscilla Du Preez

    Any plans for a Western Canada tour? Our Christian college, Prairie College, would love to have you!

  58. Sasha White

    Grace and Peace in the name of Yeshua. I can't wait for your concert coming up in boulder next week! I went to resound it was amazing! But sadly did not get to stay after to say hello. Maybe this time =)

  59. Edouard de Lesquen

    Best songs to build Christmas crib! Thank you so much! and ty for every songs you've done, i'm such a fan.
    God bless, from France!

  60. Sarah Fretwell

    Looking forward to your Denver show! :)

  61. Wannah G.

    The first song brings such emotion.. the beauty behind it, the happiness.. it gives me a glimpse of that joy again. You are amazing and I love your music so much. Thank you.

  62. Shaye Shephard

    Josh, your an amazing artist! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your beautiful music. Today I got awful news concerning my family and your sweet album music is lifting my spirits. May our dear Lord richly bless you and your family!

  63. Morrow

    When are you playing in Missouri

    Arin Burgess

    Don't know what part of MO you're in, but he's playing in Lawrence, KS on December 16th.

  64. Benjamin Fuehrer

    Thank you for sharing this for free. I preordered the CD and have been anxiously awaiting its arrival. On track to arrive tomorrow. This will be playing in our house all month, and on Christmas morning!

  65. Patrick Symonds


    would you ever consider coming to Germany? We would love to host your music here!

  66. kristi michael

    How about Norfolk/Virginia Beach! We play you on Currentfm

  67. Patricia Gohde

    Awesome music. please come to Wisconsin again. I would love to praise our Lord with you!

  68. Tokaholi Chishi

    thank you Josh for your generosity.. love from India 💓

  69. Marcelo Cedeño

    Love music, God bless you.

  70. TestTheSpirits IfTheyAreOfYAH

    Hey Josh I wanted to get the  live concert DVD from you[your site]  Seven Stars or something like that called but couldn't find it,..was it stoped?..'d still love to have it. Grace &Peace.

  71. Sherona

    Great music as usual, thank you!!

  72. Tony Losekamp

    DUDE! Please come to Columbus, OH or let me know where your next closet concert is. This is some of the most meaningful music I have heard in a while.

    Tony Losekamp

    What time are you getting into Cincinnati? It would be awesome to grab some lunch or dinner and hear about your coming to know Jesus. If you don't think this sounds super creepy shoot me a text 513-569-2782.


    I hope the whole world doesn't text you. Leaving your # on Youtube isn't the brightest idea in the world.

    Tony Losekamp

    That's what I was thinking haha big risk big reward!!! Josh, do you respect the boldness? haha

    Chris Harris

    Tony Losekamp i

    שת בנ־אברהם

    I was really excited for a few moments until I clicked on the link and saw it was last December. If you make it through Cincinnati again, I would love to see you play.

  73. Shawnna Lofland

    ❤️Your music has blessed my family!! Keep of your good work!! Marry Christmas and God bless!!!!❤️

  74. joão Henrique

    alguém do brazil..

  75. Claire Hendee

    Anyone know the inspiration for Hosanna? From the Catholic Mass?

  76. serah garza

    love this thank u

  77. Josh Gregory

    So good!  Thank you for always sharing your music with us!  Your music is so heartfelt and moving!  And, you definitely need to come back to Nashville for another show.

  78. Rafael Cardoso

    When this album will be available in Spotfy? Great!

  79. Sophie W

    At 1:20 I was already loving this. thank you so much!!

  80. Alexandria Davis

    Beautiful work as always

  81. TGudde


  82. Bruce Levitan

    Another sublime album from Josh.

  83. Katiana Diniz

    somenone knows the name of each song ?

    Rafael Cardoso

    Track Listing:

    1. Come to Him
    2. Gloria
    3. Hosanna
    4. Journey to Bethlehem
    5. May You Find a Light
    6. Merriment
    7. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
    8. O Day of Peace
    9. O Holy Night
    10. Shepard's Song
    11. Silent Night
    12. The Boar's Head
    13. The Light Came Down
    14. The Virgin Mary Had One Son
    15. What Child is This



  84. Kevin Ryckman

    I've been a josh Garrels follower for a couple of years now....and does he deliver. Thanks Josh god bless you and your family! ❤

  85. Sofia Ath

    at last!!!!!so excited :) well done josh!!!greetings for greece !

  86. seashell i

    awesome, awesome, awesome album!!

  87. Alice Guimarães

    greetings, beauty

  88. Jorge Quiros

    amazing, increible Josh, pura vida!!!

  89. Gustavo Nascimento

    Muito bom!!

  90. Simon Jarrett

    Could anyone tell me where the tune for the second song is from?

    Simon Jarrett

    Ah, it's greensleeves


    Simon Jarrett Apparently Greensleeves hails from the 15th century.

    Mike Paasch

  91. Gabriela Duarte

    we're singing this one in my choir! wooooooooo love it i just got so excited haha

    Gabriela Duarte

    oops i meant Oh Holy Night!

  92. Luke McAllister

    Beautiful! :)

  93. isabel azul

    thank you from Colombia. love your voice and your music. God bless you

  94. Thiago Messias - English Hacking

    Thank youuuu!!! Already bought my digital copy. God bless you.
    Cheers from Brazil.

  95. Tamás Fábián

    This is officially my fav Christmas album now, it was hard to take over Sufjan Stevens, but you did it :)

    Benjamin Kurz

    check out sleeping at last's if you haven't yet. also great

    Laura April Mattingly

    Yes to all of these comments!!!

    Luke West

    Tamás Fábián has

  96. Samuel Santos

    Brazil !

    Obrigado Josh !

  97. Will Taylor

    this is incredible

  98. Cin Lou

    Awesome gift to those who love the Lord and your music! So excited to see these this morning. Thank you for sharing your new album!
    Bless you Brother