Josh Garrels - Always Be Lyrics

And I will always be
And I will sing for thee
All my life
All my love
Day and night
All the way home

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Josh Garrels Always Be Comments
  1. Dad72

    Such beautiful Josh. Keep using your talents for God.

  2. Ar Lov

    Such a simple but beautiful song 🧡 Praise God!

  3. Makena B.

    For some reason, I feel like this could make a good ringtone....haha

  4. ArtworxChan

    The praises of God ring forever and ever!

  5. Jacob Isaac

    This carries me to a higher place.

  6. LoveisLifeJOBMUSt

    Jesus bless Josh Garrels. I love the lyrics and the way they're sung. It's peaceful. Blessed be the Prince of Peace, King Jesus

    Tina abraham