Josh Abbott Band - If I See You Tonight Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You walked in with all your friends,
caught eyes with me and then turned your head.
Reluctantly started my way, probably thinking of what to say
and you sat down.

Smiled at me and said hello.
Five minutes later it was time to go.
Before you head on out that door, a scene I’ve seen before
there’s something you should know.

If I see you tonight don’t you pretend that look in your eyes.
And don’t you tell me things you don’t mean like how you think of me
if I see you tonight.
And if I see you tonight I won’t be holding back tears in my eyes.
I’ll mean everything I say like girl I miss you today
if I see you tonight.

[Verse 2]
Six weeks later you called,
cried you made a mistake and would like to see
if maybe we could try again, maybe do things like when
we were both happy.

But I got bad news for you,
girl its your turn to feel lonely too.
You waited way to long, someone better came along
but here’s some words for you.

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