Joseph Vincent - Love Someone Lyrics

There are days
I wake up and I pinch myself
You're with me, not someone else
And I am scared, yeah, I'm still scared
That it's all a dream

'Cause you still look perfect as days go by
Even the worst ones, you make me smile
I'd stop the world if it gave us time

'Cause when you love someone
You open up your heart
When you love someone
You make room
If you love someone
And you're not afraid to lose 'em
You probably never loved someone like I do
You probably never loved someone like I do

When you say
You love the way I make you feel
Everything becomes so real
Don't be scared, no, don't be scared
'Cause you're all I need

And you still look perfect as days go by
Even the worst ones, you make me smile
I'd stop the world if it gave us time

'Cause when you love someone
You open up your heart
When you love someone
You make room
If you love someone
And you're not afraid to lose 'em
You probably never loved someone like I do
You probably never loved someone like I do

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  1. 마늘쫑과참깨라면

    your voice is so holy ... amazing talent 😂😂😂

  2. Danest

    Fact ; there's something wrong with your covers why so consoling than originals ?

  3. 보연

    때껄룩 보고 온사람 손들어 ㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋㄱ


    Adeeeem ❤

  5. fj hm

    Omg I love this cover . 🥰🥰🥰

  6. ShisuiUchiha

    Bruh stop acting like a fckboy

  7. 김정란

    It matches the voice of the character I made. Can I edit it in the video? I'll be sure to tell you where it came from. I didn't know English well so I used a translator.

  8. Ikmal Daud

    Wht a smooth voice. I honestly like it 😍.

  9. Memoryjoy Padora

    Your voice is so beautiful. It gives me chill. Feels like lying in the cloud 😅

  10. Olivia ivana

    the handsome one 😍

  11. Agis Guniawan

    I don't know why??? this is so defferent feel,, i loss my feeling in this yours cover song.. you just SING not use the feeling into this song,.

    I Think is to low key or is to high to same key as LUCAS🙏🙏🙏

  12. Julia

    His voice>>>>>>>>

  13. rajiv

    That was amazing... I have both musician and hair envy at the moment, but that's ok

  14. 민레리

    ❤ 때껄룩...?

  15. Diego Diaz

    Which chords is he using in this version, does anyone know?

  16. ᄒᄒᄒᄒ

    너무 좋아ㅜㅠ 목소리 ㄹㅇ 미쳤다ㅠㅠ❤️🤭

  17. Sumi Stha

    Can u 1 D songs

  18. Cherry Ann

    Beautiful Voice 😍
    Can you please cover " To loved someone" by Lewis Capaldi. Thank you! 😊

    Ambrosius Revi

    Did you mean 'Someone you loved'?

  19. Queen Alexandra Jamero

    Love your voice so muuuuch💖

  20. Omni_God _Zayn

    Please 'd show us the guitar chords ☺️

  21. Paty Oliveira

    Beautiful voice, natural talent 😍👏💞

  22. Reflexzz Bik

    thiam bak

  23. Miftachul Hidayah

    Love from indonesia

  24. Ovia Ntlia

    Tolong dong g kuat mendengra suaranya:") bagus sekaliii

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    Can someone teach me the chords? Plsss

  26. Jhosua Verry

    What tone are you playing? Please answer anyone who knows....thanks

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    love this version

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    Yoww idol

  29. vinze vlogs 2


  30. _ YanzCoustic

    Love ur voice

  31. Lhudz De chavez

    Galing galing mo😘😘

  32. irene javier

    eto yung boses na gusto ko lagi marinig !😊 ang galinggg mo talaga idollll👊

  33. Rustum Valdez

    You're too soft bruh. Lifeless

  34. Mandy Miranda

    Kaboses mo po si ed my opinion....ehehehe

  35. Rafael Monzales

    Is there any chords for that??

  36. Adrianne Smith

    I just fell in love.

  37. ED WARD

    Damn. This cover is too damn amazing. 💯

  38. Nur Aulia Annisa

    Always amazed at your covers & original songs!! 😍
    Love from Indonesia❤

  39. Mason Gardner

    So easy to tell this is pre recorded. Not a fan.

    Jadon Williams

    Idk bro, seems like hes just singing softly

  40. Aqilah Azzahrah

    Request comethru - jeremy zucker

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    I love your voice <3

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    Please do painkiller by ruel🧡🧡

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    I’m in love with him voice😍😍😍

  44. Ivy Sultan

    Hello, Joseppp. Jokoy did this to me. Lol

  45. Charles Chavez

    What chords do you use ?

  46. Zab Mallow

    This is just so 😍😢

  47. Randy Koesnandar

    Request one ok rock - notes and word pleas

  48. Jeremy James

    This is so good! The softness in your voice on this song is awesome, very intimate and sincere 😊 I just uploaded a live vocal cover of this song, would love to get your feedback!

  49. PascML

    Pinoy ba to

  50. yingying ye

    Is the better comparing than another 💥

  51. Kate Morgan

    OMG your voice is so sweet and super cool. I really love your songs👏👏👏👏👏

  52. reine grim

    Is he a filipino?

    reine grim

    @Quench Gamer TV thanks

  53. Joshua_Duting

    what are the chords because i really want to play this

  54. Pre Man

    Please do a cover of blue ain’t your color 🙏🏻 🙏🏻

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    I am wondering if you are Filipino, then I searched you in instagram not realizing I was following you already. My ears don't disappoint me. I love your singing. I also love your version of Remember Me. It made me cry.

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    Da Glorious Potato

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