Joseph Vincent - I Love You 3000 Lyrics

Baby, take my hand
I wanna be your husband
'Cause I'm your Iron Man
And I love you 3000
Baby, take a chance
I want this to be something
Straight out of a Hollywood movie

See me standing there
In my Hulk underwear
And all you can think
Is where is the ring
'Cause we know I wanna ask
Scared the moment will pass
I can see it in your eyes
Let me take you by surprise

All your friends they tell me they see
I'm planning to get on one knee
But I want it to be out of the blue
Imma make sure you have no clues
When I ask please say I do

Baby, take my hand
I wanna be your husband
'Cause I'm your Iron Man
And I love you 3000
Baby, take a chance
I want this to be something
Straight out of a Hollywood movie

Now we're having dinner
And baby you're my winner
I see the way you smile
You're thinking about the aisle
I reach into my pocket
Emotions unlocking
Before I could ask
You answer too fast, now

All your friends they tell me they see
I'm planning to get on one knee
So now I can't stop thinking about you
You figured out all the clues
When I ask please say I do

Baby, take my hand
I wanna be your husband
'Cause I'm your Iron Man
And I love you 3000
Baby, take a chance
I want this to be something
Straight out of a Hollywood movie

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  1. Yalenii m.


  2. bAnGtAnS bEaCH

    My cheeks are burning so hard 👏

  3. OREO ’s

    Omg i love your voice😭 soooo sweet🥰 What’s the ending song title? It’s very cool

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    Dia orng mana si ???


    Please please please cover NIKI song call " LALA LOST YOU , It will so cool!!

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    Hi guys! I've made a cover of this song hope u guys can check it out 😊

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    Underwear or hulk outwear??? 😂

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    Joseph request unawere - ellen stone,can't wait your version

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    Subscribe Acoustic Channel saya

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    finally there is a cover version of the male 🤟🏻
    who agree to like...???

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    Love you when you sing.

  17. Troublemaker 1234

    Why can I see Peter Parker (Tom Holland) singing this to MJ?

  18. Leanard Lebios

    Ahhh😍😍😍 so in love and relaxing as well😍😍😍
    Love you 3000 Joseph Vincent from PH🇵🇭❤😘

  19. Elvis Tam

    Does this song have any connection to avengers endgame when Tony Stark says this to his daughter?

    Annisa Nur Aeni

    It just adopted the sentence, not really relate at all

  20. Abednego Reynold

    Woy ini orang indonesia bukan ???

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    lagunya sampe kedengeran pinoy

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    Realmente me gusta Indonesia, amo Indonesia, España ama Indonesia❤️

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    How deep is your love by Bee Gees . please cover thanks

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    You gave this song another feeling... and it's really good!! I made a cover of this song too! 🥰

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    Please do Easy by Mac Ayres 🙏❤️🤘

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    From vietnam🇻🇳 with love. Love all your songs :))) can you cover 'fly to the moon' please 😝

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    Really like your music, wish the best for you bro :D

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    Iloveyou one million times 😘

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    Saw the title
    Me: Auto click


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    nice cover 👍

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    Dione/Thanos : Je suis quelque chose qui ne peut évidemment pas être évité
    Anthony Edward Stark/Iron Man : "Et" je suis IRON MAN

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    Joseph can you sing 2002

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    I wanna learn the chords you used! This is soo goo!

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    hey just know that I ALWAYS LISTEN TO ALL OF YOUR SONGS ON SPOTIFY EVERYDAY please add " Best I Ever Had" on the list I need more song please love yahh! 💓

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    dis is my most favorite cover of ily 3000 ♡

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