Joseph Vincent - Earth Angel Lyrics

Earth angel, earth angel
Will you be mine
My darling dear, love you all the time
I'm just a fool, a fool in love with you

Earth angel, earth angel
The one I adore
Love you forever, and ever more
I'm just a fool, a fool in love with you

I fell for you and I knew
The vision of your love, loveliness
I hope and I pray that someday
I'll be the vision, the vision of your hap-, happiness

Oh earth angel, earth angel
Please be mine
My darling dear, love you all the time
I'm just a fool, a fool in love with you

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Joseph Vincent Earth Angel Comments
  1. Marco Marangon

    Great song great Interpretation... Good job boy... Bravo voce spettacolare 👍👏😎😉

  2. Fender Strat

    Dope cover

  3. cnel11


  4. DevMevlol

    Great Scott!!!

  5. Jamie Ralph

    Was thinking of learning this as I love BTTF so did a quick search on here first and found your vid. Nice cover. 👍🏻

  6. Allanay lano-The unloved

    💚🙋 beautiful...been your fan for a long time. Keep doing what you're doing...

  7. Darth Beyar

    Gnarly dude

  8. Kale Chips

    Can you do a cover of "Memories of El Monte"?

  9. Thomas Villarruel

    You inspire me dude what is the strumming pattern on this. g em C and G but are you just string the top two at first?

  10. Bismark Avie

    I no longer listen to other artist anymore. I really love your angelic voice. It warms my heart ❤ Can you please cover GIRL by Immaculate, its an older OPM song. Thanks

  11. mee mee

    Ain't no sunshine by bill withers please💓

  12. Yam Jazon


  13. candy crush ph

    👏👏👏 lovely voice...

  14. thuy duong

    your glass, so cute =))))

  15. Oscar A. Herrera

    Sing tell laura i love her please!!!

  16. Alosmolimin Robert

    this cover is the reason I discovered abt The Penguins. such a great uhh what's that uhhhhh band? I guess

  17. Ballistika Games

    hell yeah bro now this guys got soul!

  18. Eldymas Pradana

    why are you not super famous right now??im cryiing your voice is so damn fine omg

  19. namuk mongokot

    So much 👍👍 *Like* 👍👍 From_Borneo.sabah!

  20. azlina sein

    Earth angel, earth angel
    Will you be mine?
    My darling dear
    Love you all the time
    I'm just a fool
    A fool in love with you

    Earth angel, earth angel
    The one I adore
    Love you forever and ever more
    I'm just a fool
    A fool in love with you

    I fell for you and I knew
    The vision of your love-loveliness
    I hoped and I pray that someday
    I'll be the vision of your hap-happiness oh, oh, oh, oh!

    Earth angel, earth angel
    Please be mine
    My darling dear
    Love you all the time
    I'm just a fool
    A fool in love with you-ou-ou

    Dindinii Tlau

    Thank you for sharing 😘

  21. MN Armada

    1.25 speed

  22. KatNight97

    Que linda voz y que lindo chico, me enamoré.

  23. Pierina Puga

    Can I use your song pleaaase?


    do a cover The Other Guy by Jesse McCartney please 💕

  25. Rex0680

    "This is for all you lovers out there"

  26. cilla priscilla paul

    I love this song. thank u so much.

  27. Charienna Perdomo

    Just wondering, what's your ethnicity?

  28. Buzoe Zarf

    Cover song of Alec Benjamin ‘Boy In The Bubble’. Or song of Camila ‘Real Friend’.
    Anwy, i love u’r tshirt and i hope you want to sing it ‘Save My Love’ acoustically like this. 👌

  29. ashton a

    More oldies please

  30. Mr Baledin

    Best cover so far imo

  31. Presley Luis

    please cover more 50s music

  32. Turesna Aresta Lamela

    please cover indonesian song again the title is KARNA SU SAYANG

  33. DieL Oficial

    Hermosa ❤️

  34. Grego Ry

    From France, certainly a song to make love, but in repeat, unless mister is precocious =D

  35. it's me

    I love your voice 💗💗

  36. Arthur Schneider

    Nice job! Keep up your work!

  37. kitty purry

    1:26 that killed me I am now typing this from heaven. Thank You JV


    he started killing you @ 1:20 fyi :)

  38. M. Suyudi Alrajak

    Pls make cover "Love You Like A Love Song - Selena Gomez"
    I think dats gonna be great tho

  39. Rexzz

    If you auditioned to THE VOICE with this song, you could have had 4 chairs turn no doubt!!!
    Could you pls join THE VOICE US next season pls?

  40. Chanel Oberlin

    do a cover of Saturday Nights by Khalid

  41. mamah dea

    Bang, aku selalu padamu 😂🙏

  42. Ivy Awely

    sing Christmas song please :)

  43. Sunshine Classic

    Love u baby!

  44. Juancho Malanguis

    Please cover buwan...☺😎😎👊

  45. K- MillZ

    Do you know a guy named happy?

    K- MillZ

    bc im a raper and he said to me at work to look up a guy named vincent or call him bcause he knows a guy naemd vincent

  46. Achmad Subhan

    I'm begging U to cover To Love Somebody or How Deep is Your Love by Bee Gees

  47. Mike The Beagle

    Can u make a cover of high? (Lighthouse Family)

  48. Putri sukma Channel

    Every u sing are song its always have its own soul i like it

  49. Jm Belza

    Please try the ballad song of Madonna Crazy for you please😊😊😊

  50. Kenneth Bermudez

    Can you Please cover better now by post malone ?

  51. Bulat Baradiev

    Very, very, very BIG LIKE. Fou you.

  52. Casey Toda

    More oldies!!! Richie valens - donna, we belong together

  53. Norita Sihombing

    Please 🙏 Purpose~Justin Bieber 💙

  54. Michael Gonzalez

    Cover, I love you - the bees !!!!!!

  55. john mark

    Joseph Vincent Please Cover (Malibu Nights) By Lany😭

  56. moon child

    Hi from Malaysiaa .. love your cover song soo muchh .. can you cover Faizal Tahir Ragamann pleasee ... 😊

  57. Song Birdy85

    Can you cover TLC unpretty ⭐️

  58. Mirai Tonari

    I really hit the jackpot here 😍

  59. Niten Rai

    you are just awesome😍
    can you please do a video about how you record and what are the equipments and yeah any other tips..

  60. eric coppenrath


  61. Darren Malone

    Just absolutely wow

  62. Finn J.

    I really like your voice ❤ Can you please cover Sunflower - Post Malone, Swae Lee ? Thank you!

  63. jessicarpenter

    Put this on Spotify please

  64. Andrew Yang Fishing

    Cover Travis Garland - Didn’t stand a chance

  65. Peter Mukaka

    Great cover, here is a brief history of the song

  66. Silat Boy

    Seperti biasa.. Your voice so smooth, easy listening #proud of you

  67. Vannessa Indah

    Your voice is angelic😭😭❤

  68. Xoxo Savboo

    I was eating pho at a restaurant and they put on your cover "young dumb & broke" I immediately fell in love with your voice! I had to come home and figure out who you were, just discovered you yesterday :)! Thanks to that pho place!!!

  69. Moh Ikhwan

    Selasa 12 November 2018

  70. DarkPulse

    Chords pless masterr T_T

  71. Mikal DeLaHuerta

    Way to take it back to a classic.

  72. febbep

    Shallow by Lady Gaga please!

  73. Anjelica Rbt


  74. Thomas Bourreau

    Superbe voix ! Merci pour ce moment de moment de détente :) Greetings from Paris, France

  75. s00 sannn

    just found out who you are and i'm in love with you already 😭😍❤️

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    can you play love of my life by Queen?

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    Love you from Indonesia!! Pls cover Indonesian's song again

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    when i get a boyfriend.... i'll make him sing this to me

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    Pls song castle on the hill

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    Cover Bottled Up by Dinah Jane!

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    please cover KARENA SU SAYANG BY NEAR ft DIAN

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    please cover "take us back" alela diane

  84. twicey cutesy

    This request came from a comment 2years ago..I remember it well ♥

  85. Andreas Gunawan

    Hello i'm from indonesia plz cover indonesian song again the title is KARNA SU SAYANG

    Marlon Haka


  86. Ella Rose Mendoza

    Malibu nights pls

  87. AquaViTaE

    Your video came up. It bring me back in time. I thought it was 5 years ago when I first listened to your channel. I go though it and found out it was 8 years ago. I just wanna tell you that through all this year, your music still gave me the happiness everytime I clicked. :)

  88. onemartha

    back to the future vibesss

  89. Aye Itshanah

    Please do a cover of smithereens or legend by twenty One Pilots

  90. PrincessRiners

    such chilllll vibes. love this.

  91. penyair tinta emas

    I am from Indonesia, love u beih 😍

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    Please cover gone,gone,gone by phillips phillips!

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    Please cover only you by the platters

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    Please do a cover of "sleep tonight" by december avenue :))

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  96. What's up Bish?

    Back to the future 💛


    Wow, this is heavy doc

  97. Karin Chandra

    To make you feel my lovee -adele
    Your voice make me flyy

  98. A Rere

    Like your t shirt... Where bought it

    Joseph Vincent

    thank you :) you can get that shirt from my online merch store:

    Ludenie Marcellus

    annel joseph

    Factual Fox

    I like your vertical blinds... where did you buy them?