Joseph Vincent - Bumble Bee Lyrics

No matter where I go
There's always one thing that I'll know
That it's you, this much is true

And no I cannot complain
Cause it's so easy to maintain
The things in my life when I'm with you

And I can't get enough, since you stung me with your love

You're my bumble bee, and I can say right now
We'll fly together, makin' honey with our nectar.
And I can finally see, with my hexagonal eyes
You're fine, be mine, cause you're my bumble bee

See we started off friends but I could pretend
I knew you were for me
And no I'll never ever find
A prettier bumble bee
Oh I can't deny, I'll always need you by my side
And you know it's right, we even got some matchin' stripes
No I can't deny, that we're just friends is such a lie

And I can't get enough, since you stung me with your love

You're my bumble bee, and I can say right now
We'll fly together, makin' honey with our nectar.
And I can finally see, with my hexagonal eyes
You're fine, be mine, cause you're my bumble bee

It is time to realize, that we are more than this, we're more than ordinary
Friends, I'll say it all again you know it's true, cause you feel the same
Way too

You're my bumble bee, and I can say right now
We'll fly together, makin' honey with our nectar.
And I can finally see, with my hexagonal eyes
You're fine, be mine, cause you're my bumble bee

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Joseph Vincent Bumble Bee Comments
  1. Roland Lu

    2019.. Everyone... I'm 11 year's old since the release of this awesome music, and now I'm 19.

  2. C E

    It's 2019 yet I'm still listening to this song over and over again

  3. Margaret Nicole Baes

    This song deserves a billion views

  4. Opang temsu

    2019 anyone?

  5. AsXJames

    Joeseph is hotttt

  6. Aditya Amalo

    2018? Still really enjoying this song..

  7. Predacon Master

    Honestly I think I zoned out out half way through the song cause I was staring at the thunderbird poster in the background XD

  8. Singing Stick


  9. merlon ludwig quebuen

    well this is good song too

  10. Daniel Flavian

    the girl looks like bruno mars sister

  11. U Know What I Mean

    the first maniquin challenge ever before it was popular

  12. Verk Music

    she looks like bruno mars but in a girl version lol

  13. Ra S

    ahhh that's Carissa from Us the Duo!!

  14. eric thie

    he just need 6 second?? 6 year here and still no hope

  15. Lizzie Leon

    I met Joseph when he was here in Hawaii :) he's a really great, sweet, nice, down to earth guy☺Also very handsome and approachable. Please don't ever change! I'll never forget when he called me a Bumblebee :)

  16. Kathryn Laxamana

    did the Mannequin Challenge before it was popular 1:24-1:48

  17. Viktoria Villaflores

    2011 mannequin challenge

  18. Jacqueline Nicolas

    Your song lighten my whole week :) Thank you !

  19. Aerielle Anne

    is it just me or the guy beside him combing his hair is the guy who is in Michael Pangilinan's "Pare Mahal Mo Daw Ako" . is it him?

    Nick Laurence Alcantara

    Me too xD

    Kenniieekun TV

    as in ?

  20. lyann urdaneta

    😱 carisssssaaaa 😍😍😍😍

  21. Vladislav Pricl

    Ohhh! Song, that was posted on my birthday! :)

  22. Christine Leiterman

    *six seconds later* LOLOLOL

  23. Bonifacio Timkang

    wow.....your so nice man...

  24. Celina del Rosario


  25. Just Ignite

    Wait, I see some awkward moment at 4:09 :D

  26. diane salazar

    where is Michael alvorado? From Us The Duo

    Dominique Dahilig

    +diane salazar i believe this was made before they were together, i think.

  27. HollywoodFan21 ( Luis Villavicencio )

    " Bumble Bee " original song from: Joseph Vicent.  :D

  28. Nike Zeuzs

    Just cause you're Asian, handsome fella(no homo), and sing pretty dam good I went and liked all your vids.

  29. Corinne Robison

    ô, Carissa Rae!

  30. jay cayabas

    jeric raval... LOL

  31. Horrifying Stuffs

    Is that Carissa Rae?

  32. natashya ayunie

    carissa rea mayb

  33. V S

    omg is she from Us The Duo???

  34. Ana Martinez

    Most beautiful song ever

  35. zeusdogdog

    He has a great voice. Mahalo

  36. lidi hidmer

    Lo ve this song empeze a escucharte con baby good night

  37. MegaNatasha13

    Love this song and the video. Amazing work JV x :D

  38. piyoo vishwakarma and singing too :D :P

  39. Joni Karuinen

    was carissa whit joseph. I am asking becouse carissa is married whit michael alvarado or are carissa just friend whit joseph

  40. mami0606k

    What dose bumble bee means?

  41. Heng Kesorkol

    this video u too young 

  42. Adrianna Mitchell

    The Bee was a liiiilte creepy lol

  43. Caryn Lim

    Niga higa should try making vid with this guy. So alike!

  44. Harri Torreon

    I honestly thought Joseph was Ryan Higa on thumbnail haha

  45. darlenedoan

    0:29 DAT FACCEE DOEE ^____^

  46. Tan Sunli

    6 second later... LOL

  47. MegaWeezy3

    6 seconds?? ur making the wrong videos man! lol

  48. Tory Kay

    this is ridiculously adorable! <3 :)

  49. Cathy Dee

    soooo cuuuteee :3

  50. Akii Ahmed

    Joseph, you need to make a short film. The beginning was too cute.

  51. Maknoy Gee

    Making honey with our nectar. If you know what I mean >:)) huehehehe

  52. Steven Nguyen

    Hahahahaha the guy at the end doing the carlton just made it :')

  53. ชุติมณฑน์ ดุมแก้ว

    lovely ><

  54. El Balunsat

    i love you ; ]

  55. vintagekisses99


  56. Laura Q

    lol yeah, very symmetrical

  57. waterdiamond9

    I thought the exact same thing!! omg how funny!

  58. Tan Mary

    CArissa RAE!!!

  59. Tawnya

    The guy at 1:29 has the most perfect lips I have ever seen.

  60. Gina Quito

    The girl looks like bruno mars

  61. Yesy Rodriguez

    it's supposed to be a cigarette box. Back in the day, it was very common that they would roll up their shirt sleeve and store their cigarette box there because their pants were too tight.

  62. HamburgerBudduaGuy

    The girl on the left of the main girl though!

  63. Charlee-Dee Glover

    That is to resemble cigerettes.

  64. Em-Em Sugabo

    this song will never gets it!..JV!

  65. Anike16

    omg, if only Joseph vincent would look at me that way. i would melt.

  66. pxfrancisco

    Im really impressed! You sing really great and i love all your original songs! :-) Hope you'll be even more popular! :-)

  67. Elegance

    OMG I just saw "A" from Awkward Black Girl. Random,LOL.

  68. Kaung Myat

    the gurl must be Bruno Mar's Sister @[email protected]

  69. Angel K

    I've seen you commenting on his videos. So shut up. He sings a trillion times better than you. I'll ask this again, are you an immature girl thats 13 or younger? Because the last time I read one of your comments, it said that you liked 1D and JB. By the way, Joseph sings better than them too.

  70. trent bell

    that girl looks like bruno mars!

  71. Maikul

    It's where they put cigarettes a while back

  72. lovelaughlive1Dream

    "hiding" lol

  73. lovelaughlive1Dream

    What... how...? lol

  74. Ethan

    they're cigarettes.

  75. Jaebbee

    Eeww he sings so bad

  76. mellythemelon

    thats the guy in michelle's video

  77. YTK1231

    BAP brought me here ;3

  78. Xanderelle

    cigarette box. my dad used to do that

  79. rusramolete

    Ay, what happen to the library?

  80. sommui123


  81. April Edquiban

    its how they used to carry their cigarette boxes

  82. Ku'ulei Yamamoto

    Carissa rae alvarado!!!!

  83. Gina Yang

    Carissa Rae Alvarado!<3

  84. Raysita James

    Ryan also can sing :D 2chainz,nickiminaj,skrillex hahahaha

  85. grace ajoejo

    He looks like Ryan Higa. <3 singer version of Ryan.

  86. Sakata Gintoki

    The girl looks like the female version of Bruno

  87. Leonora Smith

    Filippino are beutiful ;)

  88. howtopasstime

    That's called Filipino. Yup we're the people who look like spanish chinese lol

  89. Caoimhe Carrie


  90. Offbeat Tv

    This was really cute!

  91. daddyland

    its probably a cigarette box or an attempt to look like one

  92. Erica Hernandez

    That's where people used to keep their cigarettes. It was a style that made you look cool.

  93. Nicole Kay

    He's like the asian version of Jason Mraz. (:

  94. Alexis Mabey

    also including a white t-shirt with rolled up sleeves with the cigarette pack in the roll, biker boots, and slicked back hair.

  95. Alexis Mabey

    The box in the shirt sleeve is a cigarette pack. This was part of the greaser style in the 50's and 60's, a type of bad boy look. He used it to represent that they were in a dinner late at night like what happened in the 50's and 60's.

  96. Annabel

    thee girl at the end 2nd farthest to the right .. obvioussly eyeing joseph vincent lololol.

  97. B V

    Oh my! You are seriously talented. I hope you make it really big cuz you deserve it.