Josef Salvat - Punch Line Lyrics

I miss you more than I have so far tonight
You weren't joking when you said you'd left nothing behind
Now I'm wandering around the flat and smoking where I like
It's never been as empty as it is tonight, and it's huge
Now I'm alone between its walls
Hard to believe we used to think that it was too small

I did what I thought I had to, to protect you
Did my best to keep my beasts at bay
Too late I realized that you would never pledge you whole hand in
But you delivered on my bluff and went straight back to him

Hard to believe
The joke was always on me
Your punchline was so low
You know just how to hit them all

I miss you more than I have so far tonight
I can't see in out cause you're fucking up my mind
It was far too hard to sleep, so I took myself outside
To screw you out on a summer's night
The odds were good but there's no leaving you behind
So I learned patience and placed on my bed some time

I did what I thought I had to, to protect you
Did my best to keep my beast at bay
Too late I realized that you would never pledge you whole hand in
But you delivered on my bluff and went straight back to him

Hard to believe
The joke was always on me
Your punchline was so low
You know just how to hit them all
You know just how to hit them all

Hard to believe
The joke was always on me
Your punchline was so low
You know just how to hit them all

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Josef Salvat Punch Line Comments
  1. Daniela Paolotti

    Love Josef

  2. Daniela Paolotti

    Love Josef

  3. Daniela Paolotti

    Ti adoro

  4. Daniela Paolotti

    Love Josef

  5. Daniela Paolotti

    Josef Love

  6. zeldya guerra

    I love the song with u👍

  7. Daniela Paolotti

    Anima È Cuore Love

  8. Daniela Paolotti

    Ho letto la traduzione fatta da tè Josef è mi piace sempre di più è la mia preferita ti adoro

  9. Daniela Paolotti

    Per me questa canzone e molto sensuale bella

  10. jodie2909

    J'adorerai tout ces chansons toute ma vie, elles sont toutes sublimes, même si elles sont toutes liées à une partie de ma vie qui font mal, je parviens toujours à les écouter, MAGNIFIQUE <3 .

  11. The Middle

    Why why did i type those words im already there not even on the edge flat footed just caught in the web that refuses to let go...uhhmmmm i am so scared scared i cant take the hurt to wait

    David L Newman

    I totally feel u

    David L Newman

    I can relate

  12. Isaac Sharon

    now you're one of my greatest inspirations! this album is beautiful

  13. Khairul Aizuddin


  14. zeagias scovack

    Arghhhhhh... Where the cave I have been a live till now..!! I don't know bout you at all.. but your voice sound honest as crazy as me right now..!! New fans here and I adore you....❤️❤️

  15. Rebecca May Tierque

    Bought the album just a few weeks ago, this song is definitely one of my favourite... The emotions and instrumental just build up gradually in this beautiful song, to give us an amazing grand finale... Thank you. ❤️

  16. Renee D

    Kinda reminds me of Jon Crosby in VAST a little

  17. Lous photography

    Love this!

  18. M. Nötzkopp

    Greetz from Germany

  19. Kp kp

    Pure talent 🔥

  20. Elen Jaseniene

    Beautiful <3

  21. Nadia Laurent

    Just beautiful

  22. Hiniku M

    Sa voix est juste magnifique ! un véritable délice pour les oreilles !!

  23. Phil Robson

    Fabulous love it

  24. Nadia Cousin

    <3 <3 <3

  25. Poudlardo

    I thought with the title that you've just begun rapping, doin' some "punchline"....

    But that's some shit again, Josef.

  26. Mana Moshiri MUA


  27. Jessica GOURAUD

    Cette chanson est encore mieux en live *_*

  28. Andrew Banks

    best beat drop ever

  29. Shu Thawoos

    You have a fan all the way from Sri Lanka~

  30. Amar

    Quel talent... y'a pas d'autres mots ! il est juste parfait.

  31. Amber Nicole

    You're a musical genius Josef, speechless..

  32. isabelle patoulachi


  33. Inês Foxy


  34. tori Rose

    how does this not have more views!?


    Why is popular music so shit? Because it's popular

  35. Nadia Cousin

    très agréable à écouter avec l orchestre c est sublime :)

  36. Alizée Gutiérrez

    This is AMAZING! love from Mexico

  37. DJ_Dell

    보고잇음 그냥 매혹되는남자..

  38. Dylan Moore

    2:55 is love

  39. Kylie James

    Josef I love your music and can relate to it so much and especially this song ;)

  40. Manon Dlmre

    this music is amazing like all your songs

  41. chris

    que dire j'adoooore!


    Anyone in London want to go to the March concert together?

  43. Ely Ruiz

    Me encanta tu.voz :3

  44. Gustavo França

    pew pew pew

  45. Fressineau Manon

    Tout l'album est incroyable !!! J'écoute toute la journée ses chansons je les adores tellement !! Josef Salvat est vraiment un chanteur exceptionnel !!

  46. Fressineau Manon

    AMAZING SONG 💖💖💖💖💖 I'm so fan to Josef Salvat

  47. exolith87

    I still don't understand how you aren't known internationally as a household name. You are my favorite artist by far; every one of your pieces is a work of art, one of your own conception, and sung from your own passion and experience. I am lucky to have ever bourn witness to the artist that is Josef Salvat.

  48. claude andre

    la voix la musique cette chanson me trouble me boulverse

  49. Samantha Madjene

    I fell in love with all of your song, keep going on lovely man.

  50. Cé. L.

    Josef Salvat : la définition du talent

  51. Ludivine- b

    J'en ai eu des frissons au Trianon 😄 magique encore et toujours 😊

  52. mimi

    honestly yet another killer track!!

  53. Twisted Animator

    Your music can induce goosebumps, draw a tear, inspire and connect... One of my favourite parts of being human.

  54. Copernic

    les français sont là ??

    Nina Rnd


    Alizée Gutiérrez

    moi je suis pas française mais j'adore quand il chante en français. .. 👌

  55. thevulcanway

    Fucking flawless, AS USUAL.

  56. Malissa Tasneem

    Josef you absolute beauty, this is amazing <3

  57. Gat

    Tu fais toujours des chansons aussi puissantes et magnifiques.... Bravo à toi je suis une grande fan de ce que tu fais !

  58. Noor Zainab

    _the joke was always on me_ *cries internally because I didn't even know I needed this

  59. Nadia Cousin

    A nouveau une très belle chanson belle musicalité instrumentale :)

  60. Stéphanie Jourquin

    Love love love 😍😍😍

  61. Shadoya Osman

    want it in french

  62. Josef Salvat

    Punch Line is here today. You'll get it instantly with pre- order:
    Enjoy x

    Claudio Cruz

    Josep desde México te mando un gran abrazo y saludo, tu música es diferente y eso es increíble me sorprende tu música y es muy buena te espero en México eres mi mayor artista que e escuchado tu música transmite emociones y pues mucho éxito. Gracias te agradezco por hacer buena música, i like music, me encantaría que me respondieras

    Jimmy Decatsye

    +Josef Salvat you are amazing

  63. Natalie Cardall


  64. Sandrine Vargiolu

    Il me file la chaire de poule

  65. Cezar Picasso

    this is awesome

  66. Estefanía Bedo

    Just amazing. Come to Mexico soon!

    Pauli Patmar

    Pienso lo mismo seria genial

  67. Flo rence

    Juste pour la sincérité ...

  68. Any Leo

    Elle est géniale! *_*

  69. Kunal Nema97

    your music just gives me the chills!!..great work

  70. hendra bp

    Sooooo beautiful !!

  71. Luana Oliveira

    Bateu uma bad ouvindo essa música. Linda <3

  72. Shaun Ireland

    i agree with u alec evans

  73. Shaun Ireland

    i cant wait for the video ,and him to sing it in french!😃😄😊

  74. Sebastião St.

    Maravilhoso! *-*

  75. Lucas Brasil

    mt bom!

  76. embo

    Beautiful song ✨

  77. groovy kam

    I love your music best male singer in my opinion

    The travel of time

    Yes one of the best along with Lewis capaldi, dean Lewis and Rhodes

  78. Georgia Hargreaves

    siiiiiiiick tho

  79. Gaalvaoo

    thank you for this amazing art <3

  80. Jose HL

    One of my favourites, no aguanto la espera por escuchar la version de estudio de in the audience y secret :D

  81. hannah w

    This song makes me feel things that i didn't know i felt.

  82. Анастасия Худякова

    Awesome ! Magnifique !

  83. Alec Evans

    Josef if u see this you are just awesome i love ur music !!!!

    David L Newman

    Same here bro!!!!

  84. Thom

    Your music arouses me.

  85. cali mari

    new favorite song omfg this is amazing

  86. avatarn3


  87. Rubens Junior

    Meu Caralho!!

  88. cali mari


  89. samir ben

    j'adore 😃😃