Jordan Pruitt - No Ordinary Girl Lyrics

Don't go jumping to conclusions
Draw me into your confusion
Don't you know that you're intruding
so back off for a while

It's never been up for debating
We got something worth the waiting
I can tell your heart is aching
And you want to make me smile

Some girls surrender
But that's not my way
All I can say
Give it time
you've gotta try
If you wanna get
Inside my world
It's no lie
Just give it time
`Cause I ain't no ordinary girl,yeah
Ordinary girl

Baby these are my conditions
I'll admit by free admission
If you make the right decision
You're the one I want

Will you surrender
Don't go away
Oh, I hope you stay
And give it time


It's not that I'm special
Or think that I'm fine
But these are my boundaries
If you want to cross my line
No, oh


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