Jordan, Montell - Anything & Everything Lyrics

Another, another, another, another
Another number one hit
So get your groove on

Another number one hit
So get your groove on

Ah, anything I want boy
Ah, anything I need boy
Ah, anything I want boy

Another number one hit
So get your groove on

They say that money can't buy me love
But they don't know this Tenderoni
That I speaking of
She's so fly from her head to her toes
And I suppose
That's why I'm tricking off my dough

So if it's diamonds she wants, then I'll
I'll dig into a mine and search until I find
If it's a fur that she needs to keep warm
Then I'll wrestle a bear to keep her lovin' right here

Anything she wants, everything she gets
She wants it all the time
So I'll provide and buy
Anything she wants and everything she gets
Cuz all her love is mine
When she's satisfied

Anything I want boy
Ooh, that's what she said to me
She's a material girl
But that don't bother me
Check books, credit cards, American Express
Financially I'm twisted and addicted, I confess

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 2]

Yo, yo
Hey yo, son I ain't trickin' off, bitch better trick me
Serving grade AD to A and TNC
Something like AK Nell
Better fuck me for free
Cuz when trickin'
I do stickin' like IV's
I told Montell spend your money like your **
If she yells Cristal
Give her double duces
If she wants a mink
Get her ass a goose
She was shady before ya
dropped "This is How We Do It"
Now my MO
Hydro with a bimbo
Da' CoCo got her Cabana's
Out da' window
I get deep like I stuck my feet in slow
You jump out of bed
Boggling, screaming timbo
When a broad want ice
Give her ass a ice pick
And then dismiss like Vibe did Chris
(But diamonds are a girl's best friend)
Yeah, yeah mine too
That's why the 44 cocked right behind you

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]

I'll get your hair, nails, and toes done
I'll trick off all my dough
To let you know that you're the one
You'll like the car you drive
The clothese I buy
Cuz you're so fly
Tell me baby... Can Montell provide??

[Repeat 1 until fade]

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Jordan, Montell Anything & Everything Comments
  1. Jerra Maurice

    This is dope

  2. WhatTheFox

    When R&B was at it's peak and topping charts like crazy. The 90's and Early 2000's had THE BEST music.

    Jeevan Mathai

    You are so right Brother

  3. Ras 34

    2016 still listening.......

  4. Justin Mitchell

    I don't listen to a lot of R&B..a little, but not a lot. I checked out this song for Redman. But, goddamn this shit is smooth.

  5. Farid Benbernou

    So right bro !..

  6. alias47

    Proper R&B, those first 25 seconds are a killer!

  7. TheJulian213

    It's party but it's censored

  8. MasakadosMagatama

    The best song. I love Montell so much xo

  9. Starbuckin

    "I'll trick off all my dough, to let you know that you're the one", Yeah, that's why you're broke now, Montell. Nobody even knows who you are anymore. Money won't buy Love, and any bitch who would try to make you think so, doesn't deserve the air she's breathin'.

  10. Quikster220

    @MiLdO01 slap bitches

  11. Alex A

    @Quikster220 haha actually he got a lil more respect after he slapped a bitch

  12. ThaLoun

    this is RnB

  13. Quikster220

    @user4423 stop hating on Chris Brown, just cause he slapped a bitch...

  14. David I

    Shout out from London, LOL!

  15. Quikster220

    Redman could make a living just being featured on RNB tracks... fits him very well!!! HOW HIGH 2 LETS GOOOOOO

  16. Quikster220

    @LightningStash speaking the truth brother.. Ill be singing these joints from all the way ova herrrrre in Canada... holla

  17. David I

    It seems a lot prefer listening to the Pop/R&B out now. A damn shame really, as this is
    the kind of substantial Soul And R&B that outclasses the 'so called' R&B by a lot shot!

  18. David I

    Every random Thursdays, Fridays, &
    Saturdays when I am coming Home from
    Work, I am either listening to a
    combination of Male, or Female R&B
    Artists. In this case, it will be Kelly Price
    vs Montell Jordan. And I am always
    singing to the song.
    Ugh, a Club R&B song one can dance to
    with meangingful lyrics, tight beats, &
    melodies. This kind of music must return
    to the Industry, & remove the Pop/R&B
    crap that has been going on for too long!

  19. Hedi ADJEMIA

    that's what I call RnB !!

  20. CruzitoRomania


  21. Bunga Lunga

    when i do my daily sports workout i listen to this song everyday...damn just jammin'!

  22. mehdi murphy


    youtuberz only heavy metal listenners sun of beaches