Jordan Feliz - Satisfied Lyrics

I have stumbled through the darkest of the valleys
And I have climbed upon the highest of the hills
All my traveling has brought me to Your fountain
And all I want is to come and drink my fill
And all I want is to come and drink my fill

My heart, Your throne
This life belongs to You and You alone
Let there be no divide
In only You, may my soul be satisfied

There is beauty that can lead into temptation
And there are voices that would call me far away
But I have found in Your surrender my salvation
And in Your love I've come to find a resting place
Yes in Your love I've come to find a resting place

My heart, Your throne
This life belongs to You and You alone
Let there be no divide
In only You, may my soul be satisfied

The broken, the thirsty, who long for Your mercy
Can run to You, only You
And peace everlasting, beyond understanding
In You, only You

My heart, Your throne
This life belongs to You and You alone
Let there be no divide
In only You, may my soul be satisfied
In only You, may my soul be satisfied

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Jordan Feliz Satisfied Comments
  1. pamela williamson

    Kw seeing David Dunn??? Just a fling to her. She thinks like a guy. Her father...

  2. pamela williamson

    She's in the hallway throwing her little teasy fit right now. Due to because of you & her crap; things not going her way! You can have The Ways of The World! I'M NOT SERVING THEM....❤🙏❤🙏

  3. pamela williamson

    C.M. she's on that time of the month. Your trying to get preg ____?

  4. pamela williamson

    Why don't the two of you just get your own place; & pay your own rent? You just don't want to be the bad guy. You already are. You went with my daughter. Instead you want to play these stupid mind games! Juveniles..

  5. pamela williamson

    My heart. Your thrown. This life belongs to you alone!♥️🙏💒 GOD FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  6. pamela williamson

    Call on me meeeee. Hey GOD you got a tissue. I LOVE YOU LORD!!!!!!♥️🙏 YOU FIRST ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!1111. THANKS FOR YOUR WISDOM......WE ALL NEED SOME HERE!!!!!!♥️🙏💒

  7. pamela williamson

    This life belongs to you & you alone. Let there be no divide. Your heart! Run to you & only you! Oh! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!♥️🙏

  8. pamela williamson

    I will not be shaken! Move on.

  9. pamela williamson


  10. pamela williamson

    Remember that song? IT TAKES TWO BABY? WELL; IT REALLY TAKES THREE; YOU, ME & GOD!!!♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏

  11. pamela williamson

    Remember the story of Moses. Said it was he; not God? :(. !🙏🙏🙏

  12. pamela williamson

    You know why I like listening to your songs? They relax me & make me feel good! Your voice has a really soothing affect on me! Thank you!💒🙏❤💒🙏

  13. Bonnie Fish

    the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. pamela williamson

    Thank You Jordan Felix... Probably most different situation; right?

  15. Angelica Ruiz

    That song touched my heart.

  16. C. Brown


  17. FreeToBe

    my absolute favorite song of the moment..Love you brother ,and thank you :)

  18. Kingdom Things

    Amen. O HALLELUJAH !!! Jesus truly satisfies my soul 😍 Following Him is healing me; one day at a time. I adore You, Jesus, and i thank You, for everything 😙

  19. Lisa Bitter

    He's incredible!

  20. Randy Christensen

    .......Jordan has quickly risen into my "top 3" artists. I love the funk feel, the soul...and now this.... wonderful.

  21. Macy Armstrong

    Hallelujah Jesus Christ

  22. Esther Shogbanmu

    Wow!!! I thank God for you, your gifts..... this song touches my soul; very deep.

  23. Alumita Rama

    Good singing

  24. testimonytime

    I love this song! Great job!

  25. Lisa Bitter

    So recorded this on my birthday in 2017 :-) I like it a LOT! <3 God bless you, Sweetie!

  26. David Valenzuela

    There is beauty that can lead into temptation.. amazing verse!!! Great song🙏🏽🙏🏽

  27. Kozel Nomzamo

    I love love looovvee this song... God bless u Jordan Feliz with more inspiration for greater songs

  28. Clarissa Gafoor

    As well as this there are following, as is youtube's habit, other Christian music videos and oddly a couple about people being catfished and love scammed on line. And it crosses my mind that when we really have the LORD in our lives and the Holy Spirit in our hearts, we won't be scammed or catfished, that He is enough.

  29. Linda Dotson

    So beautiful..makes me want to cry

  30. Jose 2018 Fails./Wims

    Jordan Feliz and For King and Country.😳😳😳😳☺. IDk if they made and Song together. Have you?

  31. Cheyanne Bielefeld


  32. monkeydude3987

    Beautiful song; I got to hear this the first time a week ago at your concert in Oswego.  This is a song that can really minister! :)  Keep up the great work, and I pray for blessings for your family.  Quite a story you have so far, indeed.

  33. Victoria Nguyen

    Jordan, this song brings me to tears
    You are blessed. " My heart your throne this life belongs to You and you alone....only You make my soul be satified" There's so much heartache in me at this time; this song comforts me. Thank you for sharing it.

  34. haisha laish

    His name means happy

    Jose 2018 Fails./Wims

    Yes. Feliz.

  35. Tina Barlow

    Absolutely beautiful ❤️

  36. Anna

    I love this song so much. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

  37. jesus is King

    Amazing singer!

  38. Kristi Phillips


  39. Rachelle Sang

    <3 <3 this song is Amazing!! My life belongs to you Lord!

  40. Snowing leopard The Guardian of light.

    God bless everyone!!!👏👏👏❤️💕❤️✝️❤️💕❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Jose 2018 Fails./Wims

    God Bless you.

  41. Nika & Thilo

    my favorite song!

  42. ZipdeClaire

    Great!!! Jordan Feliz is my new favourite musician :)

  43. Natalia Benoit

    My new favorite song to sing to my God thank you this is wonderful

  44. Cynthia L. McClintick

    Thank-you Ferrill!!!

  45. JayeAnna Self

    This song is beautiful!! I love this song! I love all of his songs!!!!! Whenever I here one of his songs I am like o this one's my favorite! :) ❤

    Jose 2018 Fails./Wims

    #True dat

  46. emma blanco

    do you play minecraft

  47. kajulah kajawu

    This is beautiful

  48. MRZDEB7

    My heart, Your throne... simply beautiful Jordan, keep singing for the Lord. God bless.

  49. Magic Chips

    What a Beautiful song. So inspirational. I really love it. ;)

  50. Maxi Paul

    I saw Jordan at YC (youth convention) it was amazing! I even got a picture with him. Glad to see him back at it!

  51. Eunice Mugambi

    soooo good! could you collabo with Hillsong-Young & Free??

  52. Beautiful life

    Satisfied beautiful!

  53. Isabella Alves


  54. Katie Henstock

    God is amazing and you are helping not just me but everyone see how perfect and amazing he is thank you and god bless you ✝️✝️❣️

  55. BreDan Williams


  56. cinnamon slice

    Wonderful lyrics.. great vocals..👌

  57. Vivek Prakash

    GOD bless you man!!!

  58. edythe lease

    This song was so sweetly sung. It gives all who view it  the chance to soak in the message. I cannot imagine any other artist but Jordan singing this!

  59. HoustonAstros l 13

    I wasn't satisfied when I heard about Chester beddington

  60. Chase Rodriguez

    God bless your voice !!!


    your songs are amazing!

  62. Helen Beauregard

    Love it!!  All Glory to God through JC our Lord!!

  63. Maryana Canto

    I love Jordan Feliz 😍 Beautiful Voice .

  64. RobynSaintVeronika

    gorgeous man gorgeous song 😍

  65. Smorez

    that's why they played you so much ......but you are very good I loved you at the fish fest I got bless you for what you do your giving it your all

  66. Silvana Andrade


  67. Ellie H

    We saw you in concert a couple weeks ago and it was AMAZING! Me and my mom listen to your album several times a day... :)

  68. Jimary Cruz

    🙏🏼🙏🏼Amén! God Bless you!

  69. Mel Girl

    I don't why but I thought this was a Satisfied (from Hamilton) cover. But instead I came across this beauty! ♡

    Big Cahoonah

    Mel Girl It's a lot better than the Hamiltom version in my oppinion. Wouldn't you agree?

  70. Ayumi Alicea

    so real and true 💗💗awesome worship song. love ya jordan!

  71. Matt Ainsworth

    Beautifully done. God is glorious as are his gifts.

  72. Manuel Ramos

    Wow Jordan what a beautiful song God bless

  73. Trent Carmon

    god bless you

  74. Gianna & Sofia

    Love it! see you at soulfest next month!

  75. Melanie Scott

    beautiful! See you in Oct. for Ocala's comcert

  76. MRZDEB7

    May the Lord continue to bless you as you bless others...such a beautiful gift you have been given.

  77. Gocha life red and Diy's

    love it

  78. RenaRendition

    Thank you for using your talent to glorify Him. Been a huge fan for a while. Loving what you're doing. God bless!

  79. Courtney Worthington

    Beautiful song. Amazing voice!!!

  80. Dina C

    I really love this song!!! God bless you :)

  81. kelly myers

    Absolutely Beautiful, God's Blessing on you

  82. Melanie Steward

    doing this shows off how good your voice is. so calming and sooths your soul. God bless you and your family. keep that voice going all for Gods glory! Amen!!


    Though both are good, I like this version more than the album version.  Just vocals and light piano - awesome.  :-)

  83. Desiree Sanchez

    Love U Jordan.

  84. Genesis Marroquin


  85. Joice Angelo

    Perfeito louvor. Que letra

  86. tkstutz

    beautiful, praising our Lord.

  87. Everton Brayner

    beautiful song... God bless

  88. Veronica Foster

    What a blessing it is to hear you praising The Lord. Thank you.

  89. ISMAEL LC.


  90. Rodrigo Barron


    JoJo K

    Loved it! 😉

  91. kimberly prosper


  92. Braeden Culver

    Love your work bro keep it up!!

  93. Betzy R

    amazing great job 😄

  94. Lídia Joyce


  95. okaywen

    Beautiful... God bless

    Jacob dlc

    okaywen yup!