Jordan Feliz - Changed Lyrics

Let me tell you all my friends
About this joy I'm living in

Let me take the mic, I wanna testify
How I was dead and then I came to life
No more living in the dark of night
Now everything's alright

I've been changed
I've been saved
Brand new day
I've been changed

Tell me why would I turn back now
There's no end to the love I found
Future's bright and there ain't no doubt
I've been changed, I've been changed

All my heartbreak fades away
Like a book when you turn the page

Let me take the mic, I wanna testify
How I was dead and then I came to life
No more living in the dark of night
Now everything's alright

I've been changed
I've been saved
Brand new day
I've been changed

Tell me why would I turn back now
There's no end to the love I found
Future's bright and there ain't no doubt
I've been changed, I've been changed

I've been changed

I put my hand in the air
'Cause I know you're there
(Your love did something magical)
I put my hand in the air
'Cause you heard my prayer
(A transformation, radical)
I put my hand in the air
'Cause I know you're there
(I know it's supernatural)
I put my hand in the air
'Cause you heard my prayer

I've been changed
I've been saved (I can feel it now)
Brand new day (I believe it)
I've been changed (Oh I believe it)

Tell me why would I turn back now (I can feel it now)
There's no end to the love I found
Future's bright and there ain't no doubt
I've been changed, I've been changed
Let me tell you now

I've been changed

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Jordan Feliz Changed Comments
  1. Info Hub

    Jesus said you must be born again.

  2. Happy Face

    3:06 is it just me or did this girl stand out the most out of all these people.

  3. Paula Diana Barrett

    Love love love. My God.

  4. Emma Nsiimire

    Love the beat😀☺☺😊😀😃

  5. Psalm Caguioa

    How much money did they use to hire such good dancers?

    Psalm Caguioa

    Helloooooooo? Am I the only one who liked myself?

    Psalm Caguioa

    i'm actually Psalm's little sister. Hello to the world!!!!!!!

    Psalm Caguioa

    I love unicorns

  6. Hayden Smith

    My dad likes jordan feliz and we saw him at a concert

  7. Noemi Lupi

    This video reminds me of Happy of Pharrel Williams

  8. grace grigg

    can you imagine if one of them had head lice... that would be awkward
    one of my fav songs
    merry Christmas XDXDXD

  9. Débora Costa

    I just loved this song! The wonderful and beautiful truth.
    Thanks God. I've been saved ;)

  10. Franco Godoy

    Los videos cristianos en EEUU son muy creativos y hermosos dios los bendiga!

  11. Luchi Blue

    i love this song

  12. Carolina Nuñez

    Me encanta!! , la letra, el ritmo, hermoso, no puedo dejar de escucharlo 🎶🎵🎶 Dios los bendiga, saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  13. I love Jesus I

    I love this song.Jordan Ferliz please make more good songs.😘❤😍🎆😭🙏👍🥰😂🤩

  14. KittyLove 12

    It's a rocken song selabrating how JESUS saved us and we've been saved.😇😍👏🏼

  15. ember's page

    Ah this is so good!

  16. Let's Talk Health with Heather

    I love this music video - the song, the production, the meaning - it all represents Jesus Christ's Love in a person's life! Great job Jordan - keep it up!

  17. Joa Lumbsden

    I love this video! It is very contagious :)! All Christians should be living 1 Thessalonians 5:16 "Rejoice always" People in the world should see our joy despite our circumstances. Note joy is not = to happiness! Happiness is a feeling that comes and goes as circumstances, joy is there always because it is not coming from our surroundings but from Who lives in our insight, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Truth, and His Promises to us!

  18. Brian Chapman

    Love this ❤️

  19. michell madden

    all dances was so great and that first guy wow that was awesome thank you Jordan

  20. Griffin Stevens

    Praise jesus

  21. Riellelrielle

    1800th comment

  22. MemeBot7000

    how did no one question a song playing only when they have a hat on?

  23. DD little

    Yes awsome song. Wanta get up and dance

  24. RLVmusic canal

    Happy😆 Pharrell W

  25. Sabrina Lima

    Viciada nessa maravilhosa canção 😍😍😍😍😍😍 🇧🇷 brasileira na área!

  26. Ada Montesino

    This is the best song. I love to hear this song.I bet everyone is hearing this song!!!!!

  27. Alan Zuidema

    It is cool that when he touches the hat: it plays music. Cool! I like this song!

  28. Juby Autalice

    This is my favorite song is this your favorite song?

  29. Hayden Fadler

    Such a good and meaningful song! I can't believe I just discover this song recently!

  30. Deanne Evans

    Gotta dance, move to this beautiful awesome song!!!!!!!!

  31. Kash k

    Heard this on the radio today.... thought it was Maroon 5

  32. ItsAn!katv

    ²0¹9 anyone?

  33. anddres castro


  34. GravySword 65

    I LOVE this song it's amazing! Whenever I listen to this song I feel like dancing!!!!!amazing song Jordan!!!!!

  35. Natasha Pruss

    Cool song bra

  36. Brian O'Neal

    I am changed praise Jesus🙏

  37. Alex Arsentyev

    😘😘👍👍Ich liebe dich

  38. Joshua McMillon

    i love his songs

  39. Felipe Sanchez

    Praise the Lord

  40. Isabella Davila

    I’ve been changed

  41. Straykoods Duh

    Devil:leaves chat

    God,Jesus,Mary,and all the saints:opens chat

  42. Rudy Mirelez

    It says Jordan is a principal dancer but I don't see him dancing?

  43. Marilyn Ortiz

    I have been changed by the power of Jesus christ!! And he changed u too!!

  44. Thomas Arvo

    Whoa, this is by far the coolest Christian dance video I've ever seen!

  45. Sarah Howard

    GOD you bless me and my family!!!!

  46. Master Deivid

    Mario odeyssy in a nutshell

  47. TrexTheDino Gaming

    Moral of this song, dance your way out of problems

  48. Rick Miller

    why are dislikes on a Christian song???

  49. G*tr8?ddv 7*#bc

    It sure is!... and its awesome! I love jordans music... and im in my 60’s ... dont stop the music jordan Yah’s/Gods got you working some miracles of the soul and heart with it!!! Thank you and thank Yah/God blessings!🌸

  50. pamela williamson

    Does UNSPOKEN have a 50+ play list? !♥️🙏


    You could have a sad video in the background and everybody would still feel happy watching it

  52. Jen Morales-Correa

    I heard Jordan's music on the radio while I was making a drive home to Connecticut a few weeks ago. Although I am not of the faith, I found this song to be so uplifting and peaceful, while being able to rock out to it all the while. Thank you Jordan for sharing your artistry with the world! Love is love, and you're truly a lovely contributor to the force that unites us all <3

  53. Nelly Phiri

    If only Jordan Feliz knew how hard I danced to this song 🤞🙆‍♀️


    Nelly Phiri lol 😂😂😂😂 Ask me about it!

    ESP PupsnKits

    This is my workout song, y’all

  54. 양서영

    In video, each person faced problem, but as wearing hat, they set free from the situation. Likewise, in any problems, it is okay with Jesus. With him, we don't worry anymore, full of joy!!! Just praise our lord :)

  55. Queen Leah Abdeen yousef

    This happy song

  56. Nini Campos

    i was dead and then i came to life WHOOOOOHOOOO!!!

    My son and i love this song, God Bless you Bross and Siss <3.<3

  57. Storm Alexa

    I love how the music literally starts when he touches the hat!

  58. Katie Stanitis

    I love it so much, I love soft Christian music but, I'm a dancer, I need something to dance to, and that's why I like him so much, I love the concept too!

  59. Angelique Thomas

    God loves you

  60. T Pearsall

    I love this song, and it does make me Happy! Very upbeat Christian song, but needed. Thank you Jordan Feliz! To God be the glory!!!

  61. Norberto Milan

    Say God bless you to 10 people and pass it on not online but where you go

  62. TruthSword

    Love it,dance routine is a 8.

  63. The Bam

    My jam!!!! 😍😍😍😊😊😊😘😘😘😘😃😀😉😃🤩😍😘


    Love your song😘

  65. Nina Dexter

    i listen to this song in church

  66. Beatriz Ramos


  67. monique Frank

    This video is super rad!

  68. Gabriela Cimino

    Wow closing credits on a music video with the dancers name first... pretty dang awesome!

  69. Jack Gilmore

    Just what I needed to hear after school

  70. Alan Zuidema

    This is an awesome song!!!!!!!


    Que vídeo tan lindooooo! Nunca te había escuchado, me encantooooo.......

  72. Grace Schnelten

    I love this song

  73. Alan Zuidema

    This is an upbeat song!

  74. Jennifer Chappelka

    We saw you in Ocala Florida, Many , Many Blessing

  75. bradenevans514

    Dance like David did.

  76. Abigaile ward

    I got babtized on August 25th 2019 & Now my mom is getting re babtized tomorrow. I'm so excited for her & I'm so proud of her. 😊❤😁😇😌🤗🙂☺😃😀♥️

    William DeLeon

    I'm happy for u 😀

    Abigaile ward

    @William DeLeon Thanks 😊💜

    Brian Port

    Good for you god bless

    Sweating from my Eyes

    Congrats! Jesus can do amazing things, let's not give up

    FartingBubberG _

    S9 ffhj o sc xc WY ty 79feet.

  77. Katherine McCleary

    What's not to like. Good stuff. I Wish we could all flash mob like this!

  78. Cade Schaeffer

    Like if Jordan Felis is the best Christian artist in the world.

    ESP PupsnKits

    Cade Schaeffer he’s in my top 5

  79. Norma Gilmer

    Wow,LOVE IT Feliz is so Good Good Praising Music.🦋😎🎊⚘🦜🐦

  80. MyKindOfCrazy

    This is reminiscent of Pharrell's happy

  81. Miles Morales Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

    Now this is a real christan music just keeps getting better


    Agreed 100%

  82. Rebekah Ambrose

    This is great! I loved it! Some very talented dancers here!

  83. Lucy Speaks Her Mind

    Who says the helmet of salvation can't be a pimp hat!! Pass it on!!


    That's right!

  84. Darrell Johnson


  85. Irene K

    Yes! I found it I heard this song this morning on my Spanish Christian radio station. Beautiful song!!

  86. sharondesi

    NICE!!!!!!! Luv it !!!!

  87. Facia Best

    Everyone when Jesus comes!

  88. bdrmongoose78

    I really like the song, but I think this video is trying to be cool, but it's just cringe cheesy.

  89. Pua Odegard

    Love it!!!

  90. daya rode

    sounds like pharrell williams's "happy"

    Yhorthin Toro

    Is true!!

  91. Kyo

    What drive me crazy is my friend saying that she doesn’t believe in god she is an atheist and pansexual . I want to turn her Christian.


    Hi good girl jo another thing happened that happened a few days ago. I was in gym class and our teacher she is so kind and nice she makes playlists while we were playing nitro ball. And I heard a CHRISTIAN song I was so surprised because teachers aren’t supposed to show favoritism to a religion. I hate using the word religion. The song was Lauren Daigle you say. And I think my teacher snuck that song into there and no one else noticed.

    Good girl Jo

    Takeda that’s great. Is your teacher Christian?


    I don’t know that’s what I’m suspecting

    Good girl Jo

    You could probably ask her about it if you’d like. Maybe you guys could have something in common

  92. Vessel 4 Him

    I'm confused. Some of the people that started the fights did not get the hat of change, they should have gotten the hat, not the victim.

    Kennedy Ndwiga

    It's good the victims to get the hat too they learn act of forgiveness to those who have wronged them.

    Vessel 4 Him

    @Kennedy Ndwiga. Oh.. Yes, ah, that is so true

  93. Julia Castillo Canales

    like si es tu sombrero

  94. Isaias

    I need that hat, right now!! 😂

  95. Aciya Jenkins

    Your love is something magical? 🤔

    Subakalaivani Rathnasamy

    Aciya Jenkins the word should be removed, in love of Jesus there is magical but Miracles. I love love love this song