Jordan Feliz - Beloved Lyrics

Head full of questions, how can you measure up?
To deserve affection to ever be enough
For this existence
When did it get so hard?
Your heart is beating, alive and breathing
And there's a reason why
You are essential, not accidental
And you should realize
You are beloved
I wanted you to know
You are beloved
Let it soak into your soul
Oh, forget the lies you heard
Rise above the hurt
And listen to these words
You are beloved
I wanted you to know
You are beloved
You are beloved
Sometimes a heart can feel like a heavy weight
It pulls you under and you just fall away
Is anybody gonna hear you call?
Oh, oh
But there's a purpose
Under the surface
And you don't have to drown
Let me remind you
That love will find you
Let it lift you out
You are beloved
I wanted you to know
You are beloved
Let it soak into your soul
Oh, forget the lies you heard
Rise above the hurt
And listen to these words
You are beloved
I wanted you to know
You are beloved
Don't be afraid
Don't let hope fade, keep your eyes fixed on the light above
In the heartbreak, in your mistakes, nothing can separate you from love
Don't be afraid
Don't let hope fade, keep you eyes fixed on the light above
In the heartbreak, in your mistakes, nothing can separate you from love
You are beloved
I wanted you to know
You are beloved
Let it soak into your soul
Forget the lies you heard
Rise above the hurt
And listen to these words
You are beloved
I wanted you to know
You are beloved
You are beloved
You are beloved
Don't be afraid
Don't let hope fade, keep your eyes fixed on the light above
In the heartbreak, in your mistakes
Nothing can separate you from love
You are beloved

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Jordan Feliz Beloved Comments
  1. Jenny Rodriguez

    We are beloved by the one and only

  2. angeles del rap

    Te beeeeest!!!!

  3. Teresa The Cat

    So beautiful! One of my favorite songs by Jordan ❤

  4. Dion Richardson

    God paid the ultimate price for us because we are Beloved by Him!

  5. madison loudon

    Jordan Feliz is amazing singer I like his songs.

  6. Eldana Dawit

    Jordan is the best singer I love all his songs.but the best one is beloved and never too far.

  7. SAPT

    This is the song that saved my life. I was sitting at my desk upstairs, listening to Christian pop music (because I thought it was just awesome music lol) and I was thinking about how I was a mistake. God made a mistake bringing me into this world. I shouldn't even exist because all I do is disturb other people. Then, I was thinking about ways to hurt or kill myself so people wouldn't have to deal with me anymore, and this song came on the Christian pop playlist. I don't know who is reading this comment, but I want you to know that you have a purpose and you are beloved. When this song came on, I realized that I may not have many good friends, and I may see other people as all worth more than me, but I still have a purpose, and even though I"m only a little kid and don't know what that may be yet, I know that whatever it is, it's worth living for.

  8. Sheryl Woleslagle

    In the name of Jesus, with the authority given to me, by Jesus Christ our Lord, anyone that gets on this website shall be healed in Jesus's name. Amen. Beloved.

  9. Lisa Parkhurst

    Thank you for this song. I needed this reminder of who I am and how much HE loves me. Blessings to you always. :)

  10. KR Stanley



    AMEN Jordan feliz

  11. pamela williamson

    MATTHEW 8: 10. WHEN JESUS HEARD THIS, he was amazed & said to those following him, "Truly I tell you, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great FAITH. 11. I say to you that many will come from the EAST & THE WEST, & will take their places at the feast with Abraham, Isaac & Jacob in the kingdom of heaven.

  12. precious payne

    This is nice

  13. Joy Phoebe

    Feeling blessed!

  14. Nightboi 102

    Bruh This AMAZING guy came to my town in MONTICELLO, INDIANA the least popular town like ever, and he was really catchy and his words got to me and made my night. So I bought a hat :)

  15. Chris

    My friend sent me this when my girlfriend broke my heart

  16. Shane Keyes

    nobody cares if you're listening to it in 2020. just enjoy the song

  17. Alessandra Angi

    I just want to thank God for using this brother with this song. God bless you.

  18. Miriam Tsoi מרים צוי


  19. chikita evans

    Faithful Jesus
    Never give up

  20. SuperJohnny

    I heard this song on the raido and i look it up but i thought he was saying you are the love and it took me a long time to find this I LOVE THIS SONG

  21. VIDEO'S 4 U

    Is any one seeing this in 2020😃😃😃😃😃😃

  22. Emmy Ls

    anyone here 2020?

  23. David Pierce

    I went to your consert last year

  24. Wood Deer Animations

    This song caught me Jordan. Thank you for making me listen to this. Whatever we all went through, it's never our faults. *We are beloved by our Father.*

  25. salomao almeida

    quero escutar toda hora linda essa musica💜💓

  26. A Voice

    My friends parents are going through a divorce. I think it’s important for him to feel beloved.

  27. Ana Beatriz

    Amo essa música!🇧🇷🇧🇷

  28. Ryan Krajewski

    Im not even religious and this shit got me so God damned pumped! Fuck!

    Dominique Novellano

    i am glad to hear it but maybe watch your language

  29. kendra gue

    I first heard this song at a concert I went to, and I find it so adorable that he wrote this for his daughter

  30. Cezary Kwasiborski

    God is with you

  31. Cezary Kwasiborski

    This is beautiful !

  32. Ashton Buckridee

    What an amazing song , God’s love endures forever amen!!!

  33. Lydia Stauffer

    God is good even in the bad. Isn't he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love God with my whole heart and i'm only 10!!!!!!

  34. Pearl Estrada

    I love this song...beyond words. 😇😇💚💜💙💛🧡♥️💖

  35. Hannah Williams

    This is a great and amazing song

  36. Rich E.

    God is great

  37. poonkodi m

    Mass bro

  38. blanca bravo

    Tendré que aprender inglés 😍🎶🙌

  39. Joa Lumbsden

    We are beloved!! It is so easy to forget, it is easy to forget that we are loved not for us but for who is in us: Jesus Christ! 1 John 4:10
    "This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins."

  40. Sheryl Woleslagle

    Jordan, Hello. This is Beloved. I was listening to your song How Long, and you sounded like you needed an answer. Jesus is still collecting aouls, and he says as long as his souls are atill coming home, he will stay out there. Imagine...he will wait until there is no way he could get another one, then its time. In the meantime we continue to go thru tests and trials to measure our Faith and love in our Loving Lord Jesus Christ. I'm coming along. Watch your family close. Lots of bad people out there. Good ones too.I hope that helps a little bit. Keep up your beautiful music. Trust me, it's really something to hold on to when your living life.Jesus says Hello. Hes watching me write to you. Omnipresent. Love, Beloved.0

  41. Pearl Estrada

    I love this song and i hear it over and over again. 😇😇😇💖💖💖

  42. monarkigirl

    Love his voice. He is my chosen one to be in my list of best christian singers.

  43. pamela williamson

    Maybe she's not seeing you or maybe she is; just doesn't like it when it doesn't go her way!🙏🤯♥️😂 because she's that calculating, controlling & manipulating; & you or someone like you likes to be manipulated!!!!! Like a bunch of sheep!!!!!🤯🤣😂🙏♥️ NOT MEANT AS A COMPLIMENT!!!!!!! IN THERE TALKING to herself again...

  44. Christina Martinez

    My hope song :) <3

  45. Herman B Harris Jr

    I love this song

  46. pamela williamson

    She came back to my room in my face threating & terrorizing me! Scarey she was... :(

  47. pamela williamson

    I'm still sitting in my car; in the driveway? After being terrorized last night by my daughter! & ghreatinv me; have be arrested; take my house,; etc.. I'm a little nk a lot hesitant about going into my own house... !🙏🙏🙏

  48. Shannon Sexton

    Head so full of questions!❤️❤️❤️

  49. Micheal G Marrero

    Who is still listening novemeber 2019

  50. miyu hong

    I just find this diamond !! love this song !


    God loves everyone and you are beloved remember forget the lies you've heard and listen to this song!

  52. Lynn Dorado

    the words are so deep and LOVING...the GOD intended them to be!

  53. Shannon Sexton


  54. Sandor Peci

    Yeah you’re believe Jesus Christ son of God

  55. Psalm 136

    Love this song

  56. Abigail Edwards

    I had suicidal thoughts from my friends, they were all fighting and I tried to jump i and stop it all, but then it back fired. One of the bullies I dealt with said "No one likes you, because you back stab them" and I said no I don't. Then it got to me, and then I had these thoughts for about a month. I finally broke and told my mom, then I figured out my mom and my grandma went through the same things as I did. I just started crying, I couldn't hold the fear of losing everyone I loved. I had 3 reasons to live, the first one was my family, the second one was my good friends, and the last one was I wasn't ready to die. So, I used those to my advantage, but I still have depression. So please pray for me, I'm going through the hard times in my life.

    j shays

    Abigail Edwards 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🤗

  57. DomaOverdrive

    God loves all of us

  58. pamela williamson

    C.M. I told you to stop coming to my house for s_x with kw. Cat up all night knows your out there on your phone. He got buried up inside a window. Came into my bedroom at least 10-times screaming... Both of you go get a room or go away somewhere. Like New Zealand or somewhere far away. I'm tired of your non-sense.:(

  59. Hattie Rivers

    bless you brother

  60. Stephanie Dela Cruz

    We love this song!

  61. Isabelle Pietrini


  62. Ray Kehr

    The notes he’s hitting when he sings beloved sound amazing. Tops all that Robert Plant has sang ohhh I just dissed a music legend.

  63. Duck And Jon

    anyone listenig in 2019?

  64. reallythankful 2

    *Hugs* . Hope that helps folks🤗

  65. Garland Parks

    PLEASED YOU TUBE, Get Jordon's songs back on here, you've got 500 Dagle repeat videos on here, this is ridiculous!!!!Come ON now.

  66. pamela williamson

    People give other Christian's a bad reputation when you do yhis; intentionally!!!!!!❤🙏💒 called INTENTIONAL LIVING*********** THrough Family Life Matters!!!💒🙏❤ 9.03 Radio ...🙏

  67. pamela williamson

    The ways if the WORLD! ; if your going to preach it should probably practice it!!!!!!❤🙏💒 otherwise look like a hypocrite ***********11:11

  68. pamela williamson


    Tayla S.

    pamela williamson okay, this is bothering me. Jordan FeliZ. FELIZZZZZZZ

  69. Lolo Moss

    man i love every song i've heard by this man!! so much talent and praying i will get to see him in concert in March 2020 <3

  70. Kate Laurence

    I sang this for my first middle school concert solo

  71. Eryn Grider

    Love this song bless you

  72. Sharon Imafidon

    LOVE you and the band Jordan and JEHOVAH gave it to you and you saving centillion of souls for JESUS! Continue to be blessed and prosperous!

  73. Iwona Sobon

    Magical voice ❤️ Thank you for this song ! 💜

  74. pamela williamson

    Wish the both of you would just disappear out of my life now!🙏🙏 Go away so I do not have to hear or see from you... both

  75. pamela williamson

    GOD says things are a mess now; due to two very SELFISH Acts of two people!!🙏🙏 ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! & ME. ME..

  76. pamela williamson

    Term don't bite the hand that feeds you. For a planner; didn't think this one through to well!🙏

  77. sharondesi


  78. slgrib

    I’ve been born again for over 35 years, yet this song, telling me that God loves me is one of the most difficult things for me to to believe

  79. Bill Bean

    Jordan Feliz's songs are groovy!😎

  80. Alice Leslie

    The guy has a gift! Love his work!

  81. margaret njenga

    I'll keep playing this to my ears until my heart hurts believes and confesses this. Going through a hard time now in my life God help me.

  82. pamela williamson

    You wake me up when I'm half asleep...

  83. Naomi A. Jones

    So grateful to hear this song makes my mood spikes 🤣👍love it.

  84. AZ F

    So Perfect!!! Awesome thank you!!!

  85. Dorwoan Yleah

    Jordan... I listen to your songs so much I believe in Jesus and good job with your songs I LOVE them!

  86. Philip Tamer

    I saw you in WINSTON SALEM , NC last night , and YOU WERE MY FAVORITE PART !!!!!! YOU ARE BEL💖VED in WINSTON SALEM , NC !!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  87. pamela williamson

    Have to run now. Have an appt with someone!

  88. Alexandru Lasco

    What a beautiful song I want that voice cause...THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL,AMAZING VOICE!!!!!!!❤️💗❣💖💕💘💞💝💓💟

  89. Sylvy

    Cuando biene a Minnesota

  90. Mike Ricci

    i obtained strength

  91. pamela williamson

    Yoga person what state are you in? YES; Sugar takes digestion of veggies & fruits to process from your body in order to digest the sugar! Not good; just lost all those nutrients!❤🙏💒🥀❤

  92. pamela williamson

    C.M. your in a position to be approached by these desperate women ; that throw themselves at you because you are touring... Women are stupid don't stick together like men do! Yes TOBY he has something to trade; right. Concerts...

  93. pamela williamson

    She has a smirk on her face! As_h_le...

  94. pamela williamson

    Jeremy Camp I saw your Artist flash on my phone; but then gone! I'm sorry but not sure how to retrieve it? Is it on an app? What? Thanks..... TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Any previous ones you sent this is WHY? Thanks for your patience***********

  95. pamela williamson

    ONLY JESUS HEARS ME CALL!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  96. pamela williamson

    The sooner your noth gone from my life; the better off I'll be. Selfishness; you both deserve each other...❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏 Sorry; that's what seems to be true... She will not let you go now; anyway.

  97. Shawn 'SSDirk' Schultz

    Uh TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE copy cat much? Good God dude be original and stop copy catting a secular gay song from a secular gay boy band

  98. pamela williamson

    Thank You so so much for these encouraging words JORDON FELIX!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💒💒💒💒💒💒 Deeply encouraging when I needed them!!!!!!❤🙏💒 Thank You GOD!!!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤💒 FOR GIVING JORDAN F. THIS WORDS FOR THIS SONG*********** 11:11

    Tayla S.

    Jordan FeliZZZZZZ it’s not Felix