Jonny Diaz - I Can See You Lyrics

Rain falls on a tin roof
Oh but not the angry kind
Such a sweet serenade to slumber
That's how I see you tonight

Wake up early making pancakes
The smell of bacon in the air
Family gathered around the table
And I can tell that you are there

I can see you in the routine
I can feel you everywhere
You don't have to move a mountain
To let me know that you are there

I feel you driving down the highway
Heads are bouncing to the beat
There's nothing coming through my speakers
But you're the rhythm driving me

You're a god of power you're the king of kings
But mostly I can see you in the little things
Like sitting around the fire with those that really care
That's how I can tell you're there

When I wake up in the morning
And when I lay my head at night
Every second that is between
I'm so glad you're in my life

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Jonny Diaz I Can See You Comments
  1. FeelGood Within

    Aww cutest 😍 ❤️

  2. Melissa Green

    This is what every wife lungs to hear from her husband. Pure love of her beauty shining inside out for the love of her family.

  3. Tawnie

    If only men were willing to grow up, get out from under parents, and commit to marriage; while actually loving their wives lol maybe there would be a song for them.

  4. Britt Bee

    😭💔 you didn't even get the chance, Babe. 😭 I hope you're watching down on us from up above. 😭 I miss you so much and I hope I can make you proud

  5. andi li

    hope what u do, i want too.. God please gv me too amin

  6. Shelby N Travis

    This song makes me emotional my baby girl was just born 01-27-2020 via C-section ftm

  7. Carley B.

    Goals 🙌🏼

  8. Medina K

    What a great song .

  9. ScrappingLatina


  10. Lucy's Nails martinez


  11. Cecilia Gomez

    Oh this song is absolutely touching. Watching the momma and action--love this!

  12. Angel Watanabe

    Thank you for the support sissy even it’s my first time in LS

  13. Hayleigh Patton


  14. Hayleigh Patton

    I just love my cat who just two weeks for Christmas my cat got hit by a car 🚗🚗I am so sad that I’m still healing from that since birth Yes I was a little baby when I got that cat I love you sunshine. sunshine was my cat nameI just want to be in heaven with her and my dog king we had to put down seed cancer so like this if you have to pay your dog down or your cat and tell me cat and tell me the name please like this do you have a pet guy or family member

  15. Katherine Akens

    Just cried. 😭

  16. Adele Bester

    This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. It is so precious the way you honour your wife and in turn Glorify God! Thank you for sharing your gift with people in such a beautiful way. You are touching lives in more and better ways that you'll ever know. Stay inspired and many blessings to you and your precious family

  17. bless umbal

    Speechless 😍😍😍😍

  18. Cheyenne Mathews

    I am pregnant with my second child and the daddy for this one took my daughter as his even though he didnt have to. I dont know what I did to deserve this man but I thank God every day for him

  19. Maeve Mallory

    so cute!!!!!!!!!

  20. Maneth

    This song move me even though m a single mom that no husband appreciates my hard work ...

  21. Zip Rose

    Since adam and eve *every* mother fails now and than!!!! It's normal to make mistakes. I'm sure, he doesn't mean to say she makes no mistakes. It's her attitude, that makes the difference. Her loving behavior.

    Sorry if I didn't explain well. English is a difficult language...

  22. Anija Madda

    Beautiful lyrics !

  23. Stealth The Unknown

    Watch you be a broken woman. Single mother if you’re as fucking stupid as I think you just might be.

  24. Robin Johnson

    This was such a good song! love it!

  25. Lego Ma


  26. L RHYMES

    How husband should be💕

  27. Susan Savage

    So many women need to no this is real love not fighing arguing and not see the others good xxx

  28. Jessica McElwain


  29. Our Family of Three

    I love this so much! I wish more men would see the mother of their children like this. We work so hard, and all we want in return is appreciation

  30. jeremy sagre

    So pretty

  31. Riikkoh Salazar

    I just literally sent this to each and every single friend I have on Facebook with this Message"This Song goes out to all of you Beautiful Mothers across the World who always showed us the True Meaning of LOVE. It is your Gift from God and you have showed us Men the type of Strength we should actually Seek even when it makes us Vulnerable😳😉😂🥰 Because that is the True Strength that we really need when we feel like we are Weak!!! Love is indeed a Strength as much as it is a Bond. It is a Characteristic, a Quality, a Product and all together it's an Inspirational Devotion that sets the Foundation to any Friendship 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰"

  32. Kayte Barker

    I've raised both my babies on my own without their fathers really being there for them. This song really touches my heart and I'm so grateful for men out there who truly admire their babies mothers. It's precious to me to see. ♡

  33. Thia Lo

    Can my husband dedicate this song to me already? LOL

    This year marks 10 years of us together and we just had twin baby girls 3 weeks ago. This song showed up on my suggestions today and it’s so cute!

  34. Cheyenne Cadd

    We're expecting next month I hope he's gonna look at me like this ❤️

  35. Marie Croq


  36. Becca Baker

    That's how it's done fellas you're supposed love her more with the stretch marks than before the kids came.

  37. F H

    This is my fifth time watching in a row. I sent this to my wife. Great song.

  38. K M

    Mine cheated on me during my pregnancies.

  39. Praphat Kasemsant

    Beautiful song and you have a beautiful family.

  40. Tony Shipps

    This is a music video not just lyric video

  41. my my

    Then step in and be a father lmao sorry it rymed it's a joke

  42. Martha Garcia

    Amazing love it so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  43. I Love Me!

    I'll surely sing this one to my future wife. 😘

  44. Megan Rasey

    Man- this song reminds me of deployment. It was so so so hard. Giving birth alone. Trying to comfort the older 2...I wish I had done it well. But I can't say that I did. They all lived. But it was hard. I'm so thankful for my sweet husband.

  45. R. Margarita

    Beautiful song...finally a song that speaks to all of us who are blessed to be called Mom. Thank you!

  46. Samantha Coetzee

    Wow this made we EMBRACE my role all over again.. full time mom my 7th year being home since the birth of our 1st born.married years having 3 beautiful blessings and a wonderful husband this song really made me appreciate the place i can be at HOME TO CREATE THE ATMOSPHERE OF A HOME ALL BY THE HELP OF THE FATHER..

  47. 23respectme

    Lovely song, but heartbreaking to hear when you feel you’re failing as a mother even though you’re trying so hard. The mom in this song feels like a unicorn to me. Wish my biggest problem was some stained shirts.


    For as long as you are trying, you are good enough....keep at it.


    Be strong, everything will be okay

  48. Lindsey Elizabeth

    This song is beautiful and makes me cry happy tears

  49. Shon Dunbar


  50. Dixie Lynn Music

    Some mothers will only get the adoration of mothering thru this song not those around them.

  51. Jason Fisher

    I love the only way I know how. Giving space to one you love is the hardest thing I've been out through yet - just being honest. Shout out to the valley!

  52. Jenn Bug

    Who puts a thumbs down on this song? I'd love to talk with you and ask you what is wrong with you.
    Great song!!

  53. Victoria Tackett

    Man, I wish someone sat back and saw how hard I work.
    How far I go for my little girls.
    I wished someone loved me like the man in this songs loves. It's just me and my girls

    Christina Armstrong

    SOMEONE does. Its God! 😁😉😄😍🤗😚

  54. Ashley Alvarez

    Beautiful ♥️♥️

  55. Alina Männer

    me: *hears song*
    *eyes fill up with tears*

    Ahhh shit, here we go again..

  56. Justin Smith

    I don’t think I’ll ever find anyone. Everyone just lies to me, and it sucks😥

  57. Hannah

    I needed to hear this message it’s hard

  58. Erica Silva

    I love my mom!! ❤️

  59. forever AJ

    Beautiful song

  60. flores41

    You have a good heart. God loves you. Your wife is your Queen.

  61. Erin Jones

    My husband and I are going on 10 years with 2 kids and this song spoke to me.

  62. Farming Family Chick

    I love this song! 😍😍😍

  63. muanpuia 21

    2019 and still the best song for us❤️❤️❤️

  64. stay calm


  65. mariska rossouw

    I cried the first time i listen to this my heart melts

  66. Maranda Pearce

    I wish my husband loved me this much

  67. Chubby Cheeks

    Am dedicating this song to myself 😢☺️


    Chubby Cheeks YESSSSS!

  68. Tina Brunson


  69. Vanlalruata Wakauh

    She is so lovely, are they are really family?

    oPi ralte

    ni chiang ee an duhawm thlawt...april khan fa pakhat an neih belh

  70. Angui palacios cebrian

    Oh my goodness! I love this song. I am listening in 2019, October. I remember my mom when I listen this song. Now I'm young but I will never forget that my parents did for my when I was a child. The best for you. Grettings from Peru. Blessings!

  71. Saoirse Stark

    Highly. Underrated.

  72. justaGoddess 434

    Such a beautiful song❤

  73. andile647

    I love you my Wifeeeee!

  74. Tess S

    If I had to explain what I picture marriage like this is it! He loves her for something so many take for granted.

  75. renagin stars

    Hey future husband, I promised when I got to meet you oneday in God's perfect time , I will be the best wife and the best mother to our children ;)♥♥

  76. Niti 007

    Such a beautiful song

  77. Ravi Kumar

    Luv u brother..from INDIA..Nice song loved it...👌

  78. Elgenia Etheridge

    OH MY! There are actually men out there like this?!! My husband and I have 4 kids and married for 17 years,....I did not think men could be this amazingly sweet! Well that has to be the sweetest thing a husband could ever say to their wife! I didn't think I would cry watching this, but ok lol.

  79. I Love Me!

    Beautiful song..........

  80. Carel May

    My left ear is not amused as my right ear. 😅

  81. Emmanuel placid Mhango

    its a song!!! me too i wanna date a wife not a girlfriend.

  82. Kimber Farmer

    This song sucks

  83. Jenn elaine

    Aww i love this one!!!:):):) i cant wait to be a Mama

  84. T Williams


  85. Eva Kanyagia

    Woow....and I am not even a mother yet. So why am I crying....

  86. Adinda Sri Lestari

    His words are soooo good

  87. S J

    What a sweet family! Keep it up! Love this song

  88. Sonii Naaz

    Wow so beautiful song 😍😍😍😍

  89. Kevin Cummings

    Wife material, not girlfriend material

  90. fun movies

    This makes me rethink my decisions

  91. lallonq rassi

    you do it all, you always have
    ten years in and two young kids
    you wear so many hats
    i see you’re patient, i see you’re kind
    but i see you in a new light
    how you love those kids of mine

    and you ask me do i love you like i did at 24
    and i just laugh because i don’t know, i love you more

    you’re a giver, you’re a lover, you’re a friend
    you’re a fighter, fighting for this love to win
    so many roads that you cover and you claim like no other
    but i think that i love you the most
    when i watch you be a mother
    when i watch you be a mother

    your white shirts have all got stains
    and whether holding kids or healing wounds
    you spin so many plates
    and how you do it, i just don’t know
    but there’s a million ways your loving grace
    make our house feel like home

    yeah you say that you don’t look quite like you did at 24
    but if i’m honest right now, i’m attracted to you more

    you’re a giver, you’re a lover, you’re a friend
    you’re a fighter, fighting for this love to win
    so many roads that you cover and you claim like no other
    but i think that i love you the most
    when i watch you be a mother

    when i see the you cover them with prayer from your knees
    and i see the way you lift them up above your very knees
    and i see the sacrifices ’cause you love ’em like no other
    i can’t take my eyes off of you
    when i watch you be a mother

    you’re a giver, you’re a lover, you’re a friend
    you’re a fighter, fighting for this love to win
    so many roads that you cover and you claim like no other
    but i think that i love you the most
    when i watch you be a mother
    when i watch you be a mother

  92. Kiarna Lench McHenry

    This song makes me want kids so my partner can sing this to me 😂

  93. Mary Ann Liwag


  94. Adiya Alfonso

    Nice music John thank you

  95. Lashorna Washington

    Yes I will with my future causian husband

  96. Euis Ittauli Malau

    I never see so many love like on this comment section ♥️

  97. Happy Life

    I love this song! Thank God I found this song! I'll sing this to my wife! Even if im not a good singer. Haha!

  98. monkeydude3987

    We only have our daughter (so far???) But this song is 100% accurate for us, I can't believe this was put on here a year ago and I'm just finding it!!