Jonny Diaz - He Would Tell You Lyrics

He is half of the reason
You were born in that November rain
But he's fully the man that taught you to love
And made you who we love today

It's sad that I never could meet him
But I see him in you every day
And if he had a chance to tell you his thoughts
I feel that I know what he'd say

He would tell you he loves you
And he is so proud of the woman once his little girl
You look just like your mother
When she was your age and there's nothing that's more beautiful
He would say that he's near
And promise he hears when you speak to him late in the night
And it hurts him so bad to look down when you're sad
And know he is the reason you cry
And he can't quite promise you when
But he knows that he'll hold you again
But until that time keep your eyes on the sky
And go change the world you're in

He'd remind you of Christmas with family
And that Jesus should always come first
And it's much more amazing he's now celebrating
With the angels embracing the birth

And he can't walk with you down the aisle
But maybe it's better that way
Cause he is so sure that he'd cry like a baby
The day that he gives you away

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Jonny Diaz He Would Tell You Comments
  1. Crystal Munoz

    I was just thinking about my dad when this song come on and made me cry tears of happinesses, like he was speaking through your song. Thank you for this song!!!