Jones, Tom - Hit Or Miss Lyrics

I was sitting down, all by myself
Listening to everybody, everybody
He ain't be like everybody else
Oh you see, I gotta be me
And there ain't nobody just like this
I gotta be me
Baby hit or miss

But then I looked at you just sitting there
All by yourself
You listening to everybody, everybody
He ain't be like everybody else
Ohh, you see
You gotta believe
And there ain't nobody just like this
You gotta believe
Oh, baby hit or miss

I was sitting down, all by myself
I was listening to everybody, everybody
He ain't be like everybody else
Oh you see, I gotta be me
And there ain't nobody just like this
I got to be me
Oh, baby hit or miss
No there ain't nobody just like this
I got to be me
Oh, baby hit or miss

I gotta be me
Baby hit or miss
You've got to believe
Baby hit or miss
You've got to believe
In yourself
Don't listen to anybody else
You got to believe
You got to believe
You got to believe
In yourself
Don't listen to nobody but yourself
Be yourself
Be yourself
Like nobody else
Gotta believe

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Jones, Tom Hit Or Miss Comments
  1. E.P. R. Bowe


  2. Angelo Giordani

    Quella voce così ben gestita ti fa tremare le vene ....grazie Sir tom
    Allien omg

  3. Señor Sushi

    But now people prefer Jacob Sartorta

  4. Kevin

    Wow, he murdered this track

  5. tm502010

    Gotta love how Tom is still going strong. I never figured out why MANY more folks were not into him. He's been at it for decades - and doing it well all along!


    @tm502010 Heard this today for the first time I really liked it

  6. xXAeon89Xx

    I remember back when sexbomb was #1 ! Haven't heard of him since, but I saw him on Graham Norton show, he's actually REALLY good ! :D

  7. mika

    Tom Jones is a professional pantie dropper with music like this

  8. bombaymatt

    AWFUL like all his music. Hit or Miss? MISS just like most of your other stuff Tom.

    I just wanted to hear his attempt, Odetta is the best version by miles. This is pony.

  9. LadyVienna08♥We are All One Heal The World*♥SJ

    Love this :)

  10. emmacecilia

    Sometimes I just listen to this and pretend im a potato

  11. TheRumDiary

    This song is excellent I love it.

  12. MrSparky148

    Has a sound like the Traveling Wilburys.

  13. timtak1

    I agree. But in this song, there is just a little bit of disgust in his voice and face when he sings the bit about "everybody's saying be like everybody else." Which contrasts with the smile and makes it all the nicer.

  14. timtak1

    It is also interesting the way in which there is a contrast between Jones being "all by himself" separate from the crowd, while at the same time it could be argued that he is mooning after a woman that is also separate from the crowd. In other words, Jones replaces their need for social cohesion with, ostensibly, a one on one bond that is that much stronger for being socially exclusive.

    I say ostensibly because while Jones loves his wife he also had sex with 250 groupies a year.

    Sophie Gafney

    She could have divorced him, but she didn't, I wonder why?!£££££££££££££££££££££££££

  15. timtak1

    A song about individualism. But at the same time, it is a song about being who we are. What are we? We are a Tyger.

    Ubuntu philosophy

    "When you are on your own you are as good as an animal of the wild; when there are two of you, you form a community"

    When Tom Jones owns this song he is an animal of the wild.

    Tyger! Tyger! burning bright!

  16. magicelliotth

    That has to be a twelve string. Works so well with his voice

  17. Lola Twinkle

    Fantastic stuff....and he did it before the Southern Comfort ad, which is also a great rendition.....just a great song....

  18. Russ Martin

    yes i no all about that i hav a big nose my self sum hav sed around my way in liverpool that its like a parrets beek as u can c from my vid victorian times

  19. haxx0rl33t

    this is originally by Odetta

  20. zendegy P

    from the start, when he had the nose nature gave him, and the very fine nose it was!! :-P

  21. Russ Martin

    yes i no what u meen my mum sez the same thing wen i c her shes a fan and rimembers him from the start

  22. zendegy P

    i getcha. he's one of those guys that, in reality, i'm sure i would have loathed as a womanizer, but who i can only love as a fabulous, talented performer.

  23. Russ Martin

    yes he looks good and still going strong me comment is a kind of complement 2 him still doin it

  24. zendegy P

    NEVER!!!!! let's hope!

  25. Tom Grey

    They did in the MGM grand, saw him there in 2010 where he did most of Praise and Blame album. Pure awesomeness

  26. Russ Martin

    wen u gona pack it in tom

  27. TheKenney81

    Southern comfort

  28. bubbarayearl

    Old guys have the shit, outstanding piece Tom

  29. ga keren

    your songs make my world so colorful

  30. Paul Gallagher

    Vocals are to low, his voice should be the prominent part of the song.

  31. daveinespania

    Sounds like he enjoying himself,the best performances are always the ones enjoyed by the performers

  32. lintym

    I think TJ is singing the songs he wants to sing and sod anyone else

  33. lintym

    Love this track

  34. hhmarton95

    Meaning is really nice and it's food for thought! and Tom did a nice work with it!

  35. Steve Birks

    just keeps on coming up with gems !!

  36. MrDavo13

    Someone couldn't put their finger on what this song reminded them of.
    It could be I really Need Love by the The Bees.

  37. KebDrajver

    Nice cover... but Odetta owns this song ;-)

  38. Richard Gilbert

    If only the Welsh could play soccer like he can sing......

  39. 11Thejailbreaker

    Just listen to on gem 106 radio !!!! and it led me here :)

  40. James Stevens

    Great Song Like if You Love this song

  41. sternumagnum

    Tom Jones always sings smiling.

  42. Nicky Jones

    Same here! so annoying lol

  43. Jessica

    like if you got this from the graham norton show :)

  44. Cross Jud

    what does the lyrics mean for you? it fits to Tom!!!

  45. Dani Thomas

    yeah mate, Odetta's got nothing on you

  46. John Foster

    Graham Norton FTW!!!

  47. Dynasty's Edge

    Thank The Graham Norton show for me liking this song.

  48. John Wallis


  49. maharishi3

    He's different to everybody else but we never find our in what way. Who are these people who go round saying you've got to be the same as everybody else? This track is witless nonsense.

  50. Clare Salter

    Once again a fab tune from Sir Tom, he never fails to impress. Roll on Monday so I can buy his album!

  51. weestuburns

    This is a blatant rip off Mix The Allman Brothers - Jessica with The Beatles - The Ballad of John & Yoko.

  52. Babs Hughes

    This is fab.!

  53. lamar9049

    Amazing Sir Tom still knocking out an awesome tune, brilliant.

  54. imajessachu

    Aha, I know dude, I was just saying it's why people are saying it's not his usual genre.

  55. SuperDelphinidae

    good shit

  56. CPGirl

    Love this.

  57. strictlynorton

    Beautiful track. Got it all. Meaningful lyrics = check, killer vocal = check, some great production = check. Keep it coming Tom, you are the Voice :)

  58. imajessachu

    It's because it's a cover of a blues 'rockabilly' track.

  59. hhmarton95

    This style is unusual from Sir Tom...He is not the same, he became old.

  60. Kelly Rego

    Tom never ceases to amaze. He is timeless and I love him to death. I've been a fan since I was 2 and my parents took me to a concert in CA. It was love at first sight. Since then I've seen him a bunch of times and I hope to see him again before he retires. Which he doesn't want to ever do unless he has no choice but he will be slowing down I am sure.

  61. sslindee

    What a great song! Sure starting to sound like a great follow up to Praise and Blame. I just wish Tom would sign on with someone in Las Vegas that would allow the new songs.