Jones, Tom - Do I Ever Cross Your Mind Lyrics

Oh, sometimes I go walking through fields where we walked
Long ago in the sweet used to be
And the flowers still grow, but they don't smell as sweet
As they did when you picked them for me

And when I think of you and the love we once knew
How I wish we could go back in time
Do you ever think back on old memories like that
Or do I ever cross your mind

Do you ever wake up lonely in the middle of the night
Because you miss me, do you darling
Oh, and do your memories ever take
You back into another place in time
And do you ever miss the feelings
And the love we shared when you were with me, tell me darling
Or do I ever cross your mind
Oh, how often I wish that again I could kiss
Your sweet lips like I did long ago
And how often I long for those two loving arms
That once held me so gentle and close


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Jones, Tom Do I Ever Cross Your Mind Comments
  1. mick higgy

    I wonder if my lisa thinks of me,been over 30years since we parted but she will always be my true love.

  2. Henry Autocad

    Guitar solo on stereo

  3. Rachel Jacobs

    You KNOW you do.

  4. Ariel Santoria

    Beautiful song which touching your soul you cant avoid not to bring back the memories of yesterday.

  5. Marilyn Callachan


  6. Carl Shotton

    My dad is in a bad way, he's been spilt with my mother for years and he told me to play this song and I can't stop playing cos It means so much! Memorys and songs mean so much! Hopefully someone else feels the same about this song 😊

  7. B. W. Starkey

    Linda Diane, do I ever cross your mind ? ,.... Always thinking of you , Bear !

  8. Linda Haskins

    Darling do I ever cross your mind x

  9. Martina Payne

    John do I ever cross your mind ;;;always thinking of you Tina

  10. Nicola Narcisi

    You’ll never stop crossing my mind, if I’d only known

  11. Joddie Dogan

    Thanks for the upload 😘

  12. Virgina Reuwer

    Simply Beautiful ♥

  13. Kris Cooke

    Thank you Micheal Smotherman.

  14. Irin Vaseeva

    "Do i ever" sounds on my alarm clock in the phone. Therefore, my every day begins with this melody and, sowing in a fresh brain, it plays half of day in my head.:-))

  15. Rosemary Taylor

    Almost every him x

  16. *♥.ღ ~ mwkjdrew ~ ღ.♥* ✿⊱╮

    ❤️ it...Scheduled for sharing tomorrow to my page...Almondjoy coffee music land!❤️🎵

  17. wendy hoyst

    ..............more often than you ya still and always will

  18. wendy hoyst

    ................Almost every day

  19. Helen Davies

    Yes every day I miss you

  20. Emilia Boncheva


  21. marilyn callachan


  22. marilyn callachan

    LOVE THIS SONG!!!! HAUNTS ME!!!!♡♡♡♡😘

  23. marilyn callachan


  24. robert gowing

    This song cause's me great pain at the moment so real in my situation the emotion in his voice is so real

  25. inga robinson

    I have to admit that i never heard this song before it it really touched me !

  26. robert gowing

    would love to have a voice like his he has been given the most incredible gift of voice in the past century and this twenty first century as well can listen to him sing all the time

  27. Cat Ransom

    Written by the inimitable Michael Smotherman, of course. See also, Ray Charles version. Ray Charles and Bonnie Raitt duet as well.

  28. strake750

    Oh how I wish I could go back, things were so much happier back then, you cross my mind daily Jayne Nash.. Your never far from my thoughts, R.i.P my dearest one and only true love xxx

  29. Tonya Brooks

    This song brings back so many memories

  30. Bossman Theseus

    The One and Only Tom Jones. THE Best , SEKI MANN.

    Εleni Αggelopoulou

    Οnly Tom and onle Elvis 🌻From Greece with love .

    Εleni Αggelopoulou

    Only no onle.

    Εleni Αggelopoulou

    Only no onle.

  31. Linda Haskins

    Love this song WM. the galleon at the beginning is an awesome picture,darling do I ever cross your mind 😘 x

  32. sandra abla

    Many many times. G.S.

  33. Luke Hall Sr

    Making me think of a love a long long time ago. But I'm sure i don't cross her mind. But Vicki you still cross mine 40 yrs later!

    Travis Deveraux

    Me too :-(

  34. Casey Blue

    Beautiful post. Thank you.

  35. denise lefeuvre

    Do i ever cross your mind :) xxx

  36. Brigitte De Meyer

    wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Just fantastic , thanks .

  38. Tom Williams

    Master of Voice!!

    Tom Williams

    My Cover of Do I Ever cross Your Mind!!

  39. Ginger Bread

    Yes Sir Tom.  Songs like these make you cross my mind quite often.  :-D

  40. Fraser River Stories

    This is the good stuff right here.

  41. Mary Jean

    I have never heard this song before...its beautiful. Perfect sentiment Deb...I can understand the emotions being expressed. <3

  42. Cowgirl Baby

    His voice is so hot. Cass

  43. Eugenia&Robert

    This song and your video
    Thank you for beautiful share dear Debb

  44. Aneema

    What a great video - perfect feature for Tom Jone's magical voice and the stunning images. "Thumbs up" :))

  45. Luke's Double DD Ranch

    One word. Y E S...You have crossed my mind a lot.
    Beautiful song. Perfect photo's. 5 stars.

  46. ShivaCosima


  47. albrenza

    This is the first time i heard of this song, and wow sang by Tom JOnes! ;D
    Thank you for introducing this to me, Debb, a delight to listen to! ;D

  48. James Bourke jimmydeboy

    great upload, happy Christmas and best to you and your for 2013

  49. Ivan L

    Hello Debb-lovely song•❥ much love and Merry Christmas!!!
    .*¨✫¸.*¨✫ ⋰¸.✫´¸⋰.*´¨✫¸.* .*¨✫¸.*¨✫ ⋰¸.✫´¸⋰.*´¨✫¸.* .*¨✫¸.*

  50. LinedanceOpiAndy

    nice clip

  51. huggie2love

    ❤Good morning my dear precious and beautiful friend ♥Debb ♥ absolutely Beautiful song and video Do I Ever Cross Your Mind - Tom Jones . So enjoyable, lovely creation ! and Elegantly made, the pictures are magically amazing, . So wonderfully done! Congratulations my darling friend! Thank you for sharing it with us! thank you so much for your wonderful channel. "Wish you my dear friend and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013!! ((((Hugs)))) from Huggie xoxo

  52. *★*✬* Mark 019208237 *✬*☆*

    Very nice creation sweet Debbs. its a thumbs up from me. have a wonderful evening. ttys. hugs ~ Mark : )

    Elma Morris

    *★*✬* Mark 019208237 *✬*☆* w

  53. mate moric

    Great song and video, Thank you MsDarlin, I wish you a pleasant day

  54. geoffers47

    Hi Debb
    Not normally a fan of Tom Jones but this song has to be the exception!
    Beautiful video to match my friend!
    Big Hugs


    Magnificent video. So beautiful creation. Wonderful song. Happy Holidays - Dimitrios

  56. Annie GT

    Well, well what can I say?...
    Just Absolutely a wonderful video.... So sweet edition dear Debb
    I'm sending my love to you sweet, sweetheart of my heart!
    Loving your light-:)))


    very cool Deb : )

  58. gary brown

    great song and great vid darlin!!th-up!

  59. skalarek1000

    Super wideo.

  60. MsBertday

    hello Debb first time again for this song but i know some of TJ songs ;p
    always love the simplicity of ur video...its really nice to watch...
    love the message of the song :")
    hope ur having a nice start of the week with the little one :")

  61. Lexi3459

    !!!!!! I love it,,,every frame is breathtaking, really outstanding images. Didn't mind seeing Enrique ;) Beautiful send off ! I love everything about it.

  62. UrMsSandy69

    wow i enjoyed looking at those images, it becomes very flattering on your vid...
    sis thanks for sharing this lovely creation, luvssss:-))

  63. இڿڰۣ---

    இڿڰۣ愛(♥) Beautiful!!

  64. wendrew2006

    Hello my dear friend ~Debb~....I just loved this beautiful video!!!
    Always enjoyed your lovely images...So romantic ...Great singing from Mr,Tom Jones...He is my fave...I'm put it up to share with my friends...Thanks again...Love Wenhsing*hugs*

  65. Rodolfo Gasmen

    Thank you Debb for updating me with your beautiful video uploads such as this one with heartwarming song of Tom Jones; so filled with love & emotions!

  66. Alan alan

    thank you..alan..