Jones, Quincy - Turn Out The Lamplight Lyrics

Comin' home is always joy to me
Ain't a place that I would rather be
I need to see the heaven in your eyes
Cause you're the love that's always hard to find
Every dreams that's ever crossed my mind
Only you can make the day end right

So turn out the lamplight
Sit by my side
Love me tonight
So turn out the lamplight
Let's dream for a while
Just you and I
And we'll let the world go spinning by

On a day when problems get me down
It's nice to think about the love we found
All I need is you and I'll get by
And though the years may make me old and grey
Darlin' you'll still take my breath away
'Cause time can't change the warmth
Inside your smile

So turn out the lamplight
Sit by my side
Love me tonight
So turn out the lamplight
Let's dream for a while
Just you and I
And we'll let the world go spinning by

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Jones, Quincy Turn Out The Lamplight Comments
  1. Bhim Lal

    In loving memory of my late wife Resham Lal , love you forever,miss you and never stop thinking of you xxxx thank you Rod ( rip) , Quincy and George Benson

  2. Arief Danardiono

    This song still make me warm and remembering bout a my sweet memories.. , who's still listening at 2019??

  3. LimonFox

    The whole album is excellent, except the title track.

  4. Souperman

    Rod Temperton at his best

  5. Daniel Higgins

    Wow. 💙💙💙

  6. Paul Oates

    What a great song Rod Temperton has left us ,beautifully performed by my favourite soul jazz singer the great George Benson, ⚘RIP Rod Temperton,

  7. Whitney Whitney


  8. World Wide Records , Record Label

    On chill mode on this, almost like jazz and R&B combined and this composition is the result. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. GEHAUT Francis

    Magnifique chanson

  10. Paul Oates

    a really beautiful song

  11. Rodolfo Gramaccini

    MY HEART FLY ✈️✈️ CONTINUE in 2018 💕💕💕
    And 4 YOU? Italiano LOVE

    sona kerimova

    very beautiful and tender music! 💕

  12. Jojo

    To the lady I brought to Logroño, Spain, this song I warmly dedicate. This music played in the back of my mind as we engaged in light banter during dinner and as we walked through the narrow alleys of Calle de San Juan. If you only knew how madly I was falling for you throughout those moments. The velvet texture and angelic harmonies of this song were the perfect compliment to those few precious evenings.

    Futuristic Concepts

    Absolutely beautiful. Her heart will melt.

  13. Jose Iran Gomes De Freitas Morais

    George Benson um ícone do R&B e Jazz.

  14. slick 'n smooth

    This version's got the rhythm... Blues... And it's got the soul... Mr Benson.. You are a genius.

  15. randy haynie

    This has always been of my faves by Mr.Benson ...his guitar sings right along with him , they are one..


    I love this song

  17. Daniel Carlos Mezei - Radialista e jornalista

    Uma música para momentos de happy houer ou em um clima romântico! Sensacional!

  18. Shanell Green- Celistan

    Grown N Sexy ❤❤❤

  19. Vonne B

    I love this song by George Benson - 2nd to Give Me The Night

  20. Frank Smith

    My children were conceived to this song!!!!! Prob to much info!!

  21. mmjaljs

    Great album....mmj

  22. reeelup007BKNY reeelup007BKNY

    So SenSuaL.........

  23. The One

    Folks, let's not forget where this song originated. Heatwave did this first, sung by Johnnie Wilder Jr lead singer. Written by their lyricist Rod Temperton. Although I like Benson's version. Heatwave should get all the credit.

    Frank Smith

    Never realized this, I thought Benson wrote this. cheers

    Futuristic Concepts

    The One ...Heatwave's version was very good I must admit but George Benson's version? Makes your mind wander to a rainy night and the fireplace is lit, candles are lit, the faint smell of incense is in the air. And there you are, cuddled up with that special someone, sipping chilled wine, maybe sharing a tree, talking and grooving to the melody before intimacy gets into full swing. George's music is well known for setting the mood for romance. You become true Stars of the Story. Just my opinion from my own encounters.


    I actually like George Benson’s version better. Why? It’s because it has the Quincy Jones touch. His magic gives this song a velvety texture and a more well balanced sound.

    A I N

    The doubt about that and Mr. Johnnie Wilder Jr falsetto voice makes that tune more beautiful


    Rod Temperton's fingerprint is all over this. I need for Rod to get his props. He was too great not to. No doubt Q is the greatest producer to ever live. But during this period, one of the things that made Q's productions so great was Rod's songwriting and arranging contributions. The best songs on Off The Wall and Thriller were the ones that Rod wrote.

  24. khr rss

    Great Quency and Georges

  25. BorkumRiff

    Still lovely !

  26. Graces Child

    Cudos to Cyhi 

  27. George Prosser

    sweet song thnx. Juliana Jana, 

  28. alvin frazier TV

    Sounds like a late evening overlooking the city under soft lights with that special someone.

    Shanell Green- Celistan

    alvin frazier TV

  29. Lorenzo Garza

    Lisa Baby, the words to this song say it all for me Baby...I love you!!!!!!

  30. Ronald van Dienst

    My knees just gave up

  31. John C. Griffin Jr.

    I dedicate this song in memory of my late wife Janet Elise,I Love and Miss you still.

  32. Kehlog Albran

    Well done...I could feel the music

  33. wilkes bashford

    Juliajana, Thank you very much...