Jones, Quincy - Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You) Lyrics

When the winter came you were not around
Through the winter wind love could not be found
Where were you when I needed you, last winter, my love, my love?

When the winter came you went further south
Parting from love's nest, leaving me in doubt
Where are you when I need you, like right now, my love?

Our love is at an end
But you say now you have changed
But tomorrow will reflect our love's past

When the winter came you were not around
Through the bitter winds love could not be found
Where were you when I needed you, last winter, my love?

I looked but you were gone, you were gone, you were gone
La la la la la la, la la la la la la, oh why

Spring will fill the air, you will come around
But is it summer love that will let me down?
Where were you when I needed you, last winter, my love?

Where were you when I needed you, my love?

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Jones, Quincy Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You) Comments
  1. Clifford Andrews

    Love Love ❤️
    This version of Superwoman,🙂 it depends on the occasion, for Quincy's or Stevie 😎for both works for me👌...

  2. brent young

    ... ... ...walking the ghetto of dallas lake highlands with this spearing my heart of hearts ; moving~grooving in my space, feets don't fail me now ; alone with gods eye on me, 2:19am November 2·1976·2019·2 November: living for the city!
    this is my: disco~soul~jaZz~fussion· ecstacy!
    llove Brother brent! 💘

  3. Lovejazz01

    The flute solo is masterclass, heck, whole song, lyrics, musicianship, arrangement , velvet vocals by the legendary Patti Austin, are pure genius! When Quincy Jones comes calling you KNOW you are the BEST because he demands the BEST!!

  4. Tish Darif

    Salute to the Q.

  5. Raymond Haley

    My music selection is growing by. leaps and bounds, so much great music to listen to and enjoy, I can hardly believe it, right on!

  6. Daniella de groote

    sungwhriter of stevie wonder.....(MJ) one sucks

  7. Ron Lawray

    Have had this album for years, but you have to hear this album wearing ear phones to fully appreciate Quincy's arranging and sound.

  8. Charmelle Cothran

    Superwoman is beautiful song and it is so pretty how it sound

  9. van johnson

    This is my mello morning songs.march2019

  10. Carl Bowles

    Warm, sunny and beautiful. I can't get enough.

  11. mona mona


    BillyJene musiclover

    Patti Austin sings the lead and some of the background vocals on this gem. In my opinion Patti Austin is a greatly underrated vocalist who deserves greater recognition. Her dusky voice is so hauntingly beautiful. Check out her rendition of the song "How Can I Be Sure".

  12. Charmelle Cothran

    ths good music it not like today music and some new music is garbage

  13. Charmelle Cothran

    quincy jones and patti Austin can make good music back in day

  14. Will Rich

    You can always tell the music is done by "THE Q," because it is FULL OF SOUL, RYTHUM, and a dab of BLUES, TINGED WITH a huge helping of JAZZ.
    The "Q" can write, arrange and produce some great nusic.
    And This is one of his masterpieces.

  15. ohd00bley

    Patti Austin was the vocal contractor (and arranger of vocals?) on this album. She (then) enlisted background singers Luther Vandross and Gwen Guthrie, when their fist solo albums dropped without hesitation and not hearing them on radio I bought 'em. (esp. after hearing Luther & Gwen cover of "Takin' it to the Streets."


    Patti Austin is his Goddaughter!

  16. David Richardson

    RIP Luther Vandross.

  17. erica macklin

    Its definitely a beautiful song, but the original will always be my fave, although I do enjoy the Donny Hathaway version also....

  18. TheKoolkanadian

    #PattiAustin is a #LivingLegend ... Seek out her albums!!!!!!!!! 👍🏾❤️❤️❤️🎼✔️

  19. Carl Bowles

    Brings back memories of an intensely beautiful era of my past. I cannot get enough of this incredibly touching song.

  20. Summer D

    This song right here, right here ya’ll is super damn baaaaad..... those strings... and the rhythm change. The vocals, damn...I remember...🌷🌷

    Shafiyq Muhammad

    what ya say'n is the gospel

  21. Lynette Rice

    Who is that caressing the hell outta that guitar?!!! SHeesh!

    Neo Soul

    Lynette Rice there were three guitarist on this album, Eric Gale, Wah Wah Watson, and David T. Walker. I believe the caressing you are hearing sounds like an Eric Gale lick. His style for sure. Peace

    Carl Bowles

    Eric Gale.

    Carl Bowles

    @Neo Soul you're right. He's style is unique

    brent young

    ... ... ...eric gale ; "ginseng women"

  22. Tommy Lovejoy


  23. lotus flowr

    This song just takes me back, so beautiful.

  24. perry crumbley

    fun happy mom lady woman

  25. Winner 2016

    smooth and clean. stevie's song. good guys always finish last. so whats the point? charge it to the game.

  26. Russell Mcallister

    Q. 21 years in the military and these golden sounds are what made me the man That I am love you brother.

  27. Robert Turner

    Sorry Jean-Luc, this is the real Q continuum. Many thanks for posting this.

  28. Robert Martina

    Amen BRO , this guy must be cloned.

  29. fnk8833

    one of many of my favorite renditions from QJ.

  30. Yada BenYisrael

    at my lowest point,she wasn't there when I truly needed her.....

  31. Debra Trotter

    My husband's favorite song🎹🎤🎼🎸❤🎻🎷🎶🎺

  32. Marcus Reeves


  33. Gerald Jackson

    Ms Patti underated.

    sean smith



    She still doesn’t get all her props. She’s been contributing class music since her first record at age 5, then as a teen singer, onward. Her 68th birthday is Friday! She’s touring the world and still releasing class albums/cds! Plus she’s incredibly funny, intelligent and humble. #PattiAustin 👍🏾❤️❤️❤️🎼✔️

  34. cell pat

    Q recorded the second half of this song. what happened to the fist half of it?

  35. thejazzman210

    80's Quiet Storm, 102.7 WBMX, Chicago, Illinois. I miss those days. Wonderful memories.

    Daughter of the Nile

    YES.!! I'm from Chicago, too. 😆


    Of course you are. Beautiful women like you and wonderful music like this is what made those days so memorable.

    Daughter of the Nile

    thejazzman210 😊😊😊

    DruElla Partee

    Yes...So do I🌹


    ...for the SF Bay Area it was KBLX.

  36. Gerald Johnson

    Quincy Jones. Patti Austin. 'Nuff said...then bring in Hubert Laws, Tom Scott and Herbie Hancock. All Stars! Beautiful 'cover.' Thanks for the upload, Trent Davis. Blessings.

  37. Uneeda Spurlock

    Beautiful music love it!!😀

  38. D. C.

    I have always loved this cut.....but I must say, sometimes Quincy gets heavy handed and I could have done without the corny background @3:48. It has always sounded unnecessary to me.


    D. C. It worked..PERFECTLY!

    Darryl Aiken-Afam

    I agree dc. I always felt that way even back in 1978 when I was 15 years old.

  39. Sebron Hollis

    his god~daughter Patti Austin has a beautiful voice. very clear voice.


    Sebron Hollis #PattiAustin is a #LivingLegend ... Seek out her albums!!!!!!!!! 👍🏾❤️❤️❤️🎼✔️

  40. ahmad kemet ali

    Q is a manifestation of the genius of God expressed via sounds... Q.

    A true genius!!!

    Frances Tee



    of GOD ? ? no , just an man !

    Muid Latif

    still caught in rapture with the vocals arrangement 03:17

  41. Dee Arroyo

    This is the song that got me hooked.

  42. Ndumiso Mlabateki

    is that Patti Austin I hear in the back ground?

    kazeem koleoso

    +Ndumiso Mlabateki yes it is


    Patti Austin is singing Lead and does Backgrounds as is what she’s known to do. She is a highly skilled singer. This is #PattiAustin

  43. Jeffrey Chandler

    Great rendition of Stevie Wonder's song. Pattie is awesome!


    Jeffrey Chandler #PattiAustin

  44. Sebron Hollis

    love this cut.

  45. Elizabeth Barbosa


    Jacy Ponciano


  46. Deborah Patterson

    Quincy is baaaaaaaad!!!!!!!! He knows how to mix the right voices with his music and jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. dale stuart

    great version. patti is just wonderful as usual


    Quincy at his best love it so good so sad.

  49. Cristina Costa

    Uma das obras-primas do maestro Quincy Jones.... belissima....

  50. Trinity LegacyGroup

    9th Wonder used this on Bladey Mae.

  51. Bella Maria

    Loving this sweet music<3

  52. Dee Chaney

    Cannot believe I have never heard this version!!!!


    Me either!!! Beautiful!


    I'm just hearing this on WDAS in Philly. I had only caught the very end but I knew the Q arrangement had to go find it.

  53. Stevon Jop


  54. Claudia Rodari

    Super Quincy!! Always a master... Genius in the skin of a man... Long live to the KING!


    master in disguise 


    @AnthonyAlvaradoDrums hell yeah

    Claudia Rodari

    Marvelous!!! And made4 Michael Jackson most of what he already had!!

  55. Tryphena Major

    i love this song! I have the original vinyl!

    Cristina Costa

    @Tryphena Major  Me too! Thats great!

    Tryphena Major

    @Cristina Costa cool!!!

    Will Rich

    Typhena Major,
    You look like a very interesting woman.

    Jacy Ponciano



    I also have the oringinal. Purchased it in 1978 at Peaches records in Dellwood Mo. (or St Louis Mo.) at the corner of west Florissant and Chambers rd. I believe i paid the astronomical price of $2.98 lol.

  56. Rozlin313

    One of my favorites.  So mellow!

  57. John C. Griffin Jr.

    Right on,That's the power of "Q". Peace

  58. fizzytinki

    Everytime I hear this song, I think of a winter night at Tuskegee - WBLS.

    The vocal melody intro just takes me.......

  59. doc2skate

    It seemed only Quincy Jones could get such eclectic performances from such an eclectic collection of musicians. Notables who have played with Q: Valerie Simpson, Minnie Ripperton, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Bob James, Eric Gale, Hubert Laws, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, Bros. Johnson, Patti Austin, George Benson, Herbie Hancock, James Ingram, Bill Cosby, Lalo Schifrin. I've simply run out of room but you get the idea.

    Moses Marcus

    WELL SAID 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  60. Willard Locke


  61. jjdubs

    Second only to Stevie's original.

  62. Celeste Hill

    Wow...your comment left me speechless..captures and transports the soul..Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  63. Celeste Hill

    Appreciation......Amen.Well Said

  64. Awakenings2014

    Listening to Quincy Jones's compositions really shows the enormous influence he had on MJ's singing!!

  65. Saxiesax 2

    Very, very well said! Leroy, I couldn't have said it better! :)

  66. jh8856

    Great arrangement from Q - only he could do justice to an awesome original. The choir truly flies on this supreme track. Fabulous album, too!

  67. Leroy Jackson-Burgess

    My tears flow freely at the utter beauty and transcendence of this amazing adaptation of Maestro Stevie Wonder's already gorgeous composition.. brought again to stunning life by the ever incomparable QUINCY JONES. Where oh where is music like this today? Music which captures and transports the soul... and send ones imagination soaring. Take note, young ones. THIS is where your thinking should be when creating your music. Focus on the gift.. which is its own reward.

    brent young

    ... ... ...spoken truely by a master mistro for a masterpiece of musical compostion [🎶]
    brother brent! 💘

  68. Laura Thomas

    Luv this.... It's a Fantastic !!!!!!

  69. Soulhead1981

    Nice take on a Stevie classic. I wish he had done a version with the Brothers Johnson. This track is crying out for good old thunder thumbs!

  70. will Holden

    Fantastic, this is proper music from the master "Q"it will never date, his music Knocks spots off todays attempts.

  71. Tam SK

    Quincy's arrangement in this tune is genius. I heard this when it came back in 70's and still today in 2012, years and years later, remains as my most favorite.

  72. Jim Howland

    Very nicely done. So soothing and lyrical. I love it.

  73. Sakeenah Myers

    This is so beautiful!

  74. Scott Strick

    one of the greatest songs put down by quincy..>! memories.>! thanks patty..

  75. Dan0yellh

    Mesmerizing! Is the best of music behind us? I hope not.

  76. Music Styck Arnis Kiyta

    In Quincy's case it would be an "Arrangement vs,a remake"!!!!!:)

  77. orlandoCF1

    The Liyricon is so vocal on this, (Tom Scott) what a masterpiece.

  78. bigboi1953

    is that eric gail on guiatr

  79. James Johnson

    I gave this album to my cousin for a graduation present. He laughed because he was the Atomic Dog and Lakeside type. Today I still have the album, he gave it back to me. :)

  80. James Johnson

    Yeah, Noel Pointer and the blue violin. RIP Some much talent has left us. But they are here on YouTube and we can come together in appreciation the music. Thanks YouTube!!

  81. oRuTRa45

    My younger brother and I used to play this tape out. This is one of my favorite tracks. Such a great version of one of my favorite songs. Haven't really heard a version I didn't like, including the Noel Pointer rendition, which I see my fellow posters are quite fond of as well.

  82. Petr

    great song

  83. princesselushia

    Beauttiful melody indeed :)

  84. berlynn sparks

    reminds me of floating on a cloud.

  85. port2344chester

    TL... man you did it again.... one of my favorite stevie wonder jams. This is such a great tune... thank you bro. Peace & One Love