Jones, Quincy - Stomp Lyrics

The summer heat, the drummer's beat
Listen to rhythm of the coming of a 1000 stomping feet
The dip-diver, old school soul survivor
My sound is gonna hit ya like a drunk driver

Stomp-step down with it
Put your feet where you're feeling it
Stomp-you don't wanna quit
Put you head where you're feeling it

It's like 1 to the 2 and straight to the 10
Turn up the sound cause the Q's back again
With a whole new set, here to make you sweat
Put on ya stompin' boots if you love to jet, son
Call up [?] George, [?] too
And tell them Q got the funk to make ya move that New York
Should I say that body? Welcome to the party
A little somethin' somethin' for each and everybody
It's Coolio loc representin' West Coast
So raise up a toast, Mr. Jones is ya host
From the top to the bottom and the back to the front
Everybody on the side go slip in and slide
Just stomp


Guess who? The one and only Yo-Yo dammit
Bet you can't stand this track that's slammin' (stomp)
Catch the vibe from the West side
The one and only Bonnie without Clyde
I'm stomping through your town
In your hood up your block
Giving props to hip-hop, 'cause it don't stop
Stomping with the humps in the back of the trunk
'Cause all that funk makes me wanna bump

In the mountains, in the valleys
In the backstreets, in the alleys

Party people this is what you want

[Shaquille O'Neal:]
Aya aya, mama mia
Mercy me-a, things ain't what they used to be-a
Stomp opposition, stomp competition
Stomp like frat brothers, step to this
Let me mention Quincy Jones is butter on toast
Superman of rap, Shaq, is feared to most
Brag and boast about my steelo style
Kick your butt for a mile and smile as I (stomp)

Stomp the pedal to the metal in the ghetto
Struggle with a top notch hustle
Time to scuffle

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Jones, Quincy Stomp Comments
  1. alsandro fai

    This made me a fan SHAQ ! His big crazy ass


    I need to know all personnel on this . . . .

  3. Alessio Roma


  4. Russell Regan

    Qs jook joint is 1 of my favorite CDs of ALL TIME

  5. Meshalle Kimble

    As a 72 yr old ex Marching Band mama, this is my favorite on the whole CD.

  6. Ganymede, Jupiter III

    My mom liked this version and I liked the original Brothers Johnson version. Go figure.

  7. Quint S Ence

    This man is the story of music production. A FREAKIN GENIUS

  8. You Are My Life Pictures

    The beginning always reminds me of Michael Jacksons "They Don't Care About Us". Both songs are 1995 so I think someone copied the other.

  9. Tara G

    Q's Jook Joint album! My childhood, year 1995 I was age 10 going on 11. I still love this album today now I am age 33. My late Mommy had the cassette tape album, I used to listen to it as much as I could in the car. Memories!! Thank you for posting. :)

    Elliot Brownstein

    I was 5 when I first heard this, thanks to my mom, she has alzheimer's now. Sorry about your moms! much love

    Tara G

    Elliot Brownstein Thank you, and for sharing your experience. And the same for you with your Mommy.

    Brennan Huff

    @Elliot Brownstein was also 5 but remember listening to this through 96 and 97 in the car regularly

  10. Jdawgwatchr56

    Been looking for this song a long time.

  11. keenan kayh

    I would like to mix it back and forth with the Brothers Johnson... an hour or so...

  12. keenan kayh

    still got the power of those days - still moves you!

  13. GSU2004

    Excellent tribute to the Brothers Johnson with this!

  14. Jorge Mattos

    Mükemmel müzikal tercihleriniz için Murat'a teşekkür ederiz.


    Ben de sizlere teşekkür ederim.

  15. Carolyn Franklin

    I just had to AMEN the comment that Terrell James posted. I agree whole heartedly!

  16. Terrell James

    Q, Coolio, Yo-Yo, Shaquille O'Neal, Luniz, Uncle Charlie and Chaka= A great remake!!!

    Damian Christopher

    Absolutely!!! :-)

    Talkin' & Grubbin' Media

    Terrell James Melle Mel from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five was on here too.

  17. Chris Sweeney

    Chaka Khan OMG.

  18. Chris Sweeney

    Wicked .

  19. Chris Sweeney

    JR The baddest ass drummer ever!

    Chris Sweeney

    His Hi hat pattern!

  20. Kevin Silva

    only he could get all these people together

  21. Terry Nelson

    Love this!

  22. jason rodgers

    If only Michael Jackson had added a verse.....

    Daniel Pedroso

    Quincy wrote several songs for Michael Jackson: Man in the Mirror, The Girl Is Mine feat. Paul McCartney, The Way You Make Me Feel, Bad, Don't Stop Til You Get Enough, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', Billie Jean, Beat It, Rock With You, and Thriller. Any of those songs sound familiar?


    @Daniel Pedroso Actually Quincy didn't write ANY of the songs you mentioned. He Produced or Co-Produced them with Michael.
    The Girl Is Mine, Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, Beat It, Bad, Billie Jean were all written by Michael Jackson without Quincy. The only song of Michael's that Quincy co-wrote was P.Y.T.

    Quincy is a great producer and arranger but he didn't write a lot of hit songs.


    @Daniel Pedroso Michael also wrote Wanna Be Startin' Something and The Way You Make Me Feel.

    Siedah Garrett and Glen Ballard wrote Man In the Mirror, while Rod Temperton wrote Thriller, Off The Wall, Rock With You, Lady of My Life, Baby Be Mine, and Burn This Disco Down.


    Almost all of which were made great by Louis Johnson.

    Shonda Price

    You are so right because Quincy Jones had an impact on Michael Jackson and the Brothers Johnson. I still like the original one better, but if Michael Jackson was on this verse, it would have been magic. God Rest his soul.

  23. いす

    This song is great!

  24. Jorge Mattos

    Thank you Murat for your excellent musical choices.

  25. dinibell

    Aww yeah, now this is the remake I remember - with that infectious driving rhythm. Still sounds good after all these years!


    +dinibell I'm glad to come good.


    +Murat MORSÜMBÜL You did indeed :-)


    +dinibell :) My english is low ;)