Jones, Quincy - Razzamatazz Lyrics

Don't believe those clouds in the sky,
Cause they'll be movin' on and the sun will shine,
If the world's been passin' you by,
Just reach for a star and you'll realize,

Got to put back all the good times that we had,
We can make it better with a little bit of Razzamatazz.

If you feel your life's in a rut,
Just come on out tonight, and we'll pull you up
Ain't no use in dragging your feet,
'Cause something's in the air that just can't be beat

[Repeat Chorus]

Bring out the rides with all those white wall tires
Let's go out cruisin' like we used to do
Get suited down, let's set the town on fire
Jump out your seat and let the music pull you through

[Repeat 5 Times:]
We can make it better with a little bit of Razzamatazz.

[Repeat Chorus]

Repeal Bridge
You can lay your soul on the line,
'Cause we can make it work if we do it right
Got to spread this message around
The people of the world should be getting down

Repeat Chorus To Fade

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Jones, Quincy Razzamatazz Comments
  1. WHAT UP?

    Sounds just like the record or studio version. 1981 good memories, I miss the 80s good times!

  2. Ed Miller

    Is that Cooker LoPresti on guitar?

  3. Ed Miller

    *It would have been nice if Patti Austin had been credited ANYWHERE in the description.*

  4. Burt Lee

    When I first heard this as a kid I thought this was Michael Jackson

  5. Marion V. Brittain III

    I remember as a boy being at my dad's American Legion Installation ceremonies in Chicago listening to this classic.

  6. keith failey

    Superb & sheer classy track !!!

  7. 4n6design

    The vocals, instrumentation are on point. She sounds a lot like Michael Jackson.

  8. disco divo

    wow, this is the best sounding version I've heard of this classic, could you please state the source? or if you remastered it yourself could you please describe the software you used?

  9. licalvel

    I love this song.

  10. Santana Glover

    January 2020! This been my fav since I was 8 yrs old 😊😍❤️

  11. Nils Rohlfs

    The solo is so Fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. KDP

    This song will always remind me of meeting Princess Diana not long after she married in 1981. Nearly 40 years ago. Wow.

  13. Bobby Linning

    Music helps you remember some of the best times in your life

  14. 1980sLover

    Toto’s Steve Lukather on guitar and solo.
    The best session guitarist

  15. Maria Erholm


  16. Garry Crayton

    My favorite Quincy Jones song. Another gem written by Rod Temperton. R.I.P. Mr. Temperton, Louis Johnson ( who's on bass) and Peggy Lipton who is singing background in this video.

  17. stoinge

    uppers man

  18. An eye for two eyes

    Raps N LowRiders brought me here!

  19. Jhamel Wade

    Quincy Jones in the video.

  20. Kelly Jones

    Just. , Magical

  21. Star Mac

    Classic and never old! Work!

  22. Selena Reznik forever

    My friends call me razzmatazz... i youtubed it to see what that was from. I found this song lol

  23. KingKhanAbz

    Imagine if Michael Jackson sang this if he wasn't in disagreements with Quincy Jones.

    INFINITE 2020


  24. DJ. Stereo

    They weren't born yet......

  25. SeeingEye Multimedia

    This album never gets old!

  26. Apostle Tarrance Austin Sr


  27. tripleplonk

    I somehow attributed this performance to Michael Jackson. Weird.

  28. Steven Frost

    Move your feet!

  29. Marcos Navarro

    quincy...quincy... best

  30. Gerald Jackson

    When two gifted musicians come together, it can be magical, this is that, happy 69th birthday for Ms Patti Austin (August 10, 1950) one of my favorite female musicians

  31. Melody Sanger

    PATTI AUSTIN (AUGUST 10, 2019)


    Awwww Look at Peggy Lipton sanging!

  33. Oliver Jones


  34. David S

    A little love to Rod Temperton (RIP) who wrote so many hits in the 70's & 80's.

  35. Dazza

    Louis smacking that bass putting Quincey into an almost trance like state. Genius

  36. black heart

    ~razzamataz までのフレーズはもはや魔法の呪文です♪
    Patty, your song is like a magic !!!

  37. Eric Downs

    Take me back to this era of music.... please!!!!

  38. billy mauldin

    legendary Ms Patti Austin


    Patty Austin's voice made this song a hit

  40. DataThread Sorceress

    This is the music of the summer nightfall drive

  41. Roosevelt McCarter

    What album was it taken from? Sounds And Stuff Like That or The Dude?

  42. Carol Snook

    Michael Jackson could have sung this song.. could have been on the off the wall album ...

  43. Chris Orr


  44. SargeZ1 Oz

    Summer of 1981....woooweee!! ;)

  45. Faz Finisher

    Your still the queen patti.

  46. Paul Moore

    this shit is fire


    I forget how lucky I (we) were to live through an era when this music was being made, just took it for granted.

  48. Bob Watson

    I miss the 80s the music, going to the mall on Saturday's, going to the clubs on Friday and Saturday night's my Jordache jeans...

  49. Lateshia Childs

    I love old school music, I got goosebumps just listening to this.

  50. Talib Akil Bey

    This is one of the toughest jams ever made!

  51. davidrpando2

    How many people realize the music playing on this video track is the original ALBUM TRACK not the video audio???? 

    The video itself is a live performance of the song - your not listening to that audio - they synced the live performance to the album soundtrack using video synchronization tools. Steve Lukather played the guitar solo on the album, and that is who you are listening to. I have no idea who the Puerto Rican is plagiarizing the guitar solo on the video, it's certainly not Steve L.!!

    I have the original album, still in it's pristine sleeve, and I know the nuances of the arrangements and words to every song on it in photographic memory. It remains one of the finest productions ever done by QJ. I learned to play the bass guitar parts of all the tracks by listening to Louis Johnson over countless hours of listening and practicing to this album.

    The music you're hearing is not from this live performance. You can see the bass player slapping away... and the drummer doing drum rolls over the Toms... and yet you don't hear it - because the audio is overlayed with the actual album track.

  52. Amanda Wilson

    Too good

  53. WenD1908

    This song always makes me happy, it's so fun and catchy:)

  54. moko yokomoko

    memorial song

  55. T.J. Smith Media

    Wow! You can hear the Rod Temperton influence on MJ’s album on this record. Almost seems like this was written for Michael. This certainly could’ve been on Off The Wall or even Thriller. But Patti killed it!

  56. AcucarFM3

    Brilliantly Remastered with Video!!!

  57. IRVING Carter

    I was 13 years old in 81 jamming to this classic style of music

  58. Michael Iveson

    very COOL thanks nice music

  59. Aquawatereau.

    🙋 🇫🇷 Un des jingles de l'émmission tv française "Les terriens du samedi", C8.

  60. Selma van Vroenhoven


  61. Rodney Jackson

    133 people did not pass music theory class!

  62. mark willard

    real music for the 80,s

  63. Funk O'Matic

    i thought it was chaka khan singing the song...not patti austin...
    or maybe she did a versionnof her own..??

  64. Joey Scott

    All star cast

  65. The Gemini Man

    Quincy down on this Hot track,,,,,He is definitely a straight up, ICON.... Pioneer".... and Music Genius.... real life artist"😎

  66. Jose Esquivel

    This is a masterpiece,this amazing song has everything,genius composición,oustanding arreaengment,angelical voice,mega Fine musicians,perfect recording.......I really feel sorry for the 9 guys that didnt agree.....piriod

  67. Issere Nijobe

    It is still Fresh as it was back in the day (a classic piece of disco dance music) QJ & Patti Austin on vocals.

  68. Eduardo Rivera

    At times Patti Austin sounds just like Michael Jackson!!

  69. Joann Johnson

    Patti Austin is bad always loved her music when I child.


    meu pai ,era muito bom paty astin quince jones

  71. Tyrone Hooks

    Had this on cassette just bought a 4 speed Datsun 210 car driving to Palm Springs in 1981 , jamming this tune .


    We can make it better with a little bit of razzamatazz.

  73. James Clark

    Total 125 give this a thumbs down, ya'll are aliens from another planet. Ol SKOOL JAMZ at it's best, 2019 and still listening!!!

  74. nyneanderthal

    I wish someone would invent a time machine, I would like to get out in that audience and hopefully get a good seat and then just walk out and forget all about that time machine and have fun in 1981 like I did the first time.

  75. Jean H Pierre

    Patti looks amazing...

  76. ר. פ.

    is there anybetter funk disco more then this?????

  77. castelnedd

    Love this. Good times.

  78. Michael Johnson

    Real Music ,Beautiful People & Wonderful Times....

  79. John Tormey

    Patty Austin such a Great voice, real artists and musicians, backing singers so good too, and BIG UP!! The Brothers Johnson

  80. jojo le rigolo

    Thé dude

  81. jojo le rigolo

    Le meilleur de quinsy jones 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  82. John W

    This song introduced me to the wonderful Patti Austin (and she is Quincy Jones's God-daughter). Thanks.

  83. WHAT UP?

    The back up singers sound just like the ones on the "Give me the Night" song.

  84. WHAT UP?

    Turn up the volume and put on some good quality soundin headphones and this puts u in another world.

  85. Torri X

    This joint STILL MEAN

  86. Desmond Morrison

    I was born 1989 I don’t like today music at all Old School R&B Funk Music is in my blood until I die

  87. WHAT UP?

    Pattie Austin, one of the best female singers of all time!

  88. WHAT UP?

    Quincy Jones in the back ground jamming! That's cool! LOL 3:22

    Torri X

    Lol I said Quincy look like he gettin rey get up n start dancin

    WHAT UP?

    U know that's right!

  89. WHAT UP?

    Take this song over The Crusaders song "Street life" any day.  Sounds like a Rod Temperton  song.  Who was listening this in 1981? I know I was and loved it!   Miss the early 80s, good times.  This is when music was music. With meaning, feeling and upbeat lyrics!

  90. BMG1999 Music Group blueprint1999

    Paulinho Da Costa

  91. Vlaram connamory

    I still love this song here.

  92. Flavio de Mello

    Patti Austin voando com 31 anos. Espetacular !

  93. Nuno Alexandre

    A Master Piece in 2019

  94. Jessica Orona

    The Dude put out some great songs...I will always love this song! ❤

  95. Lesley Carpenter

    This for classy people in 2019, who with me?

  96. Playa R

    To all the 118 dislikers, i feel so sorry for you lmao... Thats crazy...

  97. Ismael Montalvo

    I remember this song summer of 81 great memories