Jones, Quincy - Miss Celie's Blues (Sister) Lyrics

You've been on my mind
Sister, we're two of a kind
So sister
I'm keepin' my eyes on you
I betcha think
I don't know nothin'
But singin' the blues
Oh sister, have I got news for you
I'm somethin'
I hope you think
That you're somethin' too

Oh, Scufflin'

I been up that lonesome road
And I seen a lot of suns goin' down
Oh, but trust me
No low life's gonna run me around

So let me tell you somethin' sister
Remember your name
No twister
Gonna steal your stuff away
My sister
Sho' ain't got a whole lot of time
So shake your shimmy
'Cause honey this 'shug
Is feelin' fine

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Jones, Quincy Miss Celie's Blues (Sister) Comments
  1. Sherry L. Cano

    I love this song and this movie... but the book is so much better, only songs.

  2. Erkan Akdag


  3. belle levesque

    This is for my big sister who I haven't talked to or seen for 4 years, she doesn't want anything to do with me or my family, I miss her so much 💕💕💕💕


    From someone who knows that hurt. I'm so sorry. I hope it works out one day.

    belle levesque

    @TheLetaB thank you💝

  4. William Plaud

    My fiance put this as a ringtone for my sisters.

  5. shad the poet

    My audition song for my first musical :-) this song was the first song I really felt confident singing.

  6. 913fafner

    Am I the only one come here because of Fresh Off the Boat?

  7. Vitor Paulo

    2019 O filme me trouxe até aqui 👏💘

  8. gay4vivi

    this song

  9. jenny taylor

    Wow! Best audio around for this belter! Thanks for sharing. x

  10. Nukerra Baker

    I'm still listening to this song years later❤❤

  11. Arnoldhey Tegan Mae

    Did Shug in the movie really the original singer? The description does not say.

    R. F.

    No, Tata Vega does Shug's vocals.

    Arnoldhey Tegan Mae

    @R. F. I see. Thank you!

  12. Maria Maddalena Geracitano

    Beautiful 😊

  13. Zoe Fang

    I cannot stop replaying this song <333

  14. Alex Piva

    Masterpiece. Goes straight to the heart. It makes me happy yet I can't restrain my tears. Color Purple is one of the best movies ever...

  15. Bettina Weber

    It doesn't matter how often I watch this movie, I always know from the beginning, that I must cry waterfalls at the end.
    This film is a masterpiece .

  16. sophie levin

    Chaka kan is singing ? Waouhhhhhh incredible voice i love it <3

  17. sallie siri

    Who’s listening to this in 2019? ❤️🥰

  18. springy100 andy

    I'm just now watching this movie and holy crap is it good 💕

  19. Tamel Thomas

    Sister you been on my mind 😂😄

  20. Rosalia D'amico

    Meravigliosa voce, canzone; film stupendo!!!

  21. Tru Thy

    Grandma I'm applying myself thank you for being you see you soon 👆 in heaven

  22. Alexandre Vasconcelos

    Maravilhosa ♥

  23. Bruno Lopes

    perfect lullaby

  24. Nicolas BARBOSA

    Oriane ❤️

  25. Mary Green

    My sister sings this song to me! Good movie!

  26. J Jesús Ortiz Lugo

    Muchos años buscándola ¿hermosa cancion?

  27. Aimen Khan

    Goddamn, how does someone hum so beautifully and with so much soul?

  28. Alis VolatPropriis

    Pour ma petite sœur d’Haïti. Je t'aime comme un fou et tu le sais! Mwen renmen ou ak tout kè m 'ak nanm mwen! ❤️

  29. Oceane Parreau


  30. Steve Amis

    I think it should be mister instead of twister.......just a thought.

  31. SuperNish ASMR

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! my gavorite movie as well

  32. Pumpkin Bunny

    my mom would sing this to me and my sister when we were little and I just love it

  33. Zoe Fang

    LOVE THIS <33

  34. Crystal Owens

    My sister! Let's shake our thing! Let me tell you, sister.....💃🎤🎶🎹🎙️🎵🎼

  35. Flora Lover

    im writing a bass part of this for a movie trailer im playing at and man i never liked jazz or the blues until I heard this song

  36. Nadie Ali

    The lyrics, her voice 🙌😅

  37. Guadalupe Lopez

    I miss you sista!

  38. Guadalupe Lopez

    I miss you sista!

  39. Psychotic Maniac

    Shit now I wanna play Fallout

  40. 愛打電動的高雄人

    Damn! I cried like a pussy after watch this movie every single time.

  41. Emmily Rolan

    This song has a lot of context to ms celies situation in the movie. Celie was going a really tough time being married to mister and raising his kids. Shug was telling Celie that she had Celies back. #originalstruggle

    Al Baum

    The singer is Tata Vega! Look her up on YouTube you'll find her doing these tunes and more Jesus songs

  42. Carshia Patterson

    Me and Auntie all day song..

  43. Lele Brooks

    My favorite song from color purple yass maam

  44. Sk8board - C

    1 of the best movies I saw & some great songs!!


    Low key. ..where Erykah Badu got her whole swag from

  46. Katrina Walker



    sister remember you name 🍀🌸💐💐🌹

  48. Signalsoldier

    Tata Vega, one of the best vocalist most people have never heard of!

  49. Tillman Moses

    one of the greatest movies of all time. i was born in 82 so i watch this movie as a little child over and over. from then till now. this song still pretty amazing. quincy jones is the g.o.a.t

  50. Flying Spark

    I just watched the movie, it made me cry and it made me mad.

  51. Iris Arce

    love this song and movie

    Ajanaye Wall

    I hate this song bac

  52. mo xcv

    I can see Karlie red singing this song from love and hiphop LOL

    dallas sanders

    mnique brks

  53. Morris Caudill

    The best movie I saw at the beautiful Keith Albee

  54. Savy .J.

    This movie is so sad

    Teron Arrington

    Yes is sad movies

  55. Tommy Lellan

    Coz honey this shug *slurp sniff* is feelin' fiiiine

    Ajanaye Wall

    sister I got my eyes on yo

  56. R.A D.R

    40 personas con problemas de audición vieron este video

  57. Puteri Balqis

    great movie ... so inspiring .. 

  58. hitchhikingdagalaxy

    miss you mum

  59. Naturally Lala

    "Miss Celie's Blues" Lyrics

    Woh woh ..........
    Uhm uhm ..........
    Uhm uhm ..........

    you've been on my mind
    Sister, we're two of a kind
    So sister,
    I'm keepin' my eyes on you
    I betcha think
    I don't know nothin'
    But singin' the blues
    Oh sister, have I got news for you
    I'm somethin'
    I hope you think
    that you're somethin' too

    Oh, Scufflin',
    I been up that lonesome road
    And I seen a lot of suns goin' down
    Oh, but trust me
    No low life's gonna run me around

    So let me tell you somethin' sister
    Remember your name
    No twister,
    gonna steal your stuff away
    My sister
    We sho' ain't got a whole lot of time
    So shake your shimmy,
    'Cause honey the 'shug
    is feelin' fine

    J Diamond

    Naturally Lala The woh woh uhm uhm lol 😂

    Jr Jetton

    We don't need this

    G E T you T H E M0ON

    @Jr Jetton yeah but yu need a life

  60. Soul Flower

    Beautiful song, classic

  61. Aisha Marie Dominique Cox-Morelli

    love this song so much as much as i love the movie 

  62. Hazzy Payne

    the movie its pretty lovely  

  63. Imran Tariq

    I dedicate this song to my Best Friend-Sister - Love you Catherine - Always and Forever xxx

  64. Just Kerriya

    I LOVE the "Color Purple" my favorite movie if all time

  65. Alain Petry

    The great Tata Vega.

  66. Marsh Q[棉花女王]

    this song stuck in my head!!!

  67. AndromeDa1

    The feelings are real :')

  68. Hainy Rio

    Me to i love dat song .Filme beautyfull forever. miss celie`s

  69. protectorofillinois3

    I love this song!

    Marie Darga

    protectorofillinois3 the

    Marie Darga

    The other

  70. Amanda King

    Oh those unforgettable words, "So, shake your shimmy sister."  Beautiful stuff; love it.

  71. Nerea TE

    best film ever... and great song as well.

  72. Karry mae

    Do you know she is Mary jane's mother on "Being Mary Jane "  fyiii

  73. JahIsh Raalte

    I can't find this song on Spotify .. :(


    Hey Jahish. The song is available in MP3 format on Amazon and it's found on 2 albums there:
    Tata Vega - This Joy
    Music from Steven Spielberg Movies - Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra
    It's just $0.99. I hope this helps :-)

    JahIsh Raalte

    Thanks dude! @protectorofillinois3 


    @JahIsh Raalte You're more than welcome :-) 

  74. Aygun Mammadova

    Love it, love it, love it sister. God bless you my sister.

  75. Sarah St Firmin De Rodriguez

    Miss our childhood sister

    Regan Elliott

    Boy tht took me back....Love tht movie!!!

    Sarah St Firmin De Rodriguez

    Me also

  76. M Simpson

    Seriously? How can anyone not like this song. Must be Bieber fans.

    Sam Jonker

    i love dubstep, but this rocks

    yokai mlp

    I love this song but who in there right lovin minds disliked this video must be crazy

    Léo Remon

    Why would you come here if you don’t know this song?

    Mrs understood

    This aged well

  77. RAMLIA1


  78. Vane Millacheo


  79. nikki wright

    I luv it I was just singing this to my little sister

  80. mundason85

    Thats deep...

  81. Daniel Stride

    I like the movie too its deep , i like the way you think about it x

  82. MrLiTtLeMoNsTeR12321


  83. MrLiTtLeMoNsTeR12321

    This song is a

  84. romina Aybar

    Does anybody have the chords of this song?. Thank you

  85. Andrea Monroe

    this movie is amazing♥

  86. Anthony Canalichio Jr

    Its not Tata Vega...its Molly Johnson singing this as in the movie....Miss Vega did record it...but right now your listening to Molly Johnson..

  87. simon tahmalwash

    My sister!!

  88. Janelle Baker

    This is beautiful!!!!!!

  89. Jordan Barlow

    Love love love this!!!


    My favorite movies

  91. halewich

    Performed by Tata Vega. Wonderful!

  92. chanti harper

    One of my favorite movies <3<3<3<3<3